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Found 7 results

  1. This is Hakar the Horrible, a champion of the Helsvakt sculpted by Tre Manor for Red Box Games. I painted him up to represent a character in our Skulls & Shackles Pathfinder game, and he will thusly be hitting the gaming table alongside my own character Thula who I painted a while ago and Tyrax who I also just painted. This character is Fidrak the Bloodrager, a pirate with a lust for life who can sometimes get more than a little angry because of the demonic blood coursing through his veins (demonic blood tends to do that to you... trust me, I know). I'm really struggling with photography here, so I don't think it shows, but he is actually rather pale skinned; I wanted him to look more like a really buff guy who ripped his shirt off at a heavy metal concert, rather than your standard tanned-and-oiled barbarian. Recipe for the skin was shamelessly stolen from bailey03 here although I didn't achieve nowhere near as spectacular results. Anyway, hope you like him, C&C are always welcome! Like almost all my bases, this one is from Dragon Forge Design (their Desecrated Lands series):
  2. This monster is something known as a Nether Beast, and comes from Tre Manor's Red Box Games. However, I painted him up as a Trollhound (it's a Pathfinder monster, and I have use of one for my game), so went with pretty much the same color scheme as for the troll I just painted. Hope you like him, C&C are always very welcome! And here he his, out for a morning walk with his troll master!
  3. Here's The Keeper, sculpted by Tre Manor for his Red Box Games. I love this figure, I think it was one of the first from Red Box that I saw and it really just blew me away. Anyway, we're starting a new Pathfinder game after the holidays, taking a break from Kingmaker which I'm running to switch DM's for a bit (so I get to play, yay!). It's going to be the pirate-themed Skulls and Shackles campaign, and I painted this guy up to be my character (I'm playing a Witch). This miniature was fun to paint, but a bit of a challenge for me. Especially the skin; I worked and worked on that skin until I had it at a point which I think looks alright in person... and then I of course had to go and take pictures. Those muscles were small though, and I'm even more impressed by people around here who can paint this kind of stuff so smoothly. Anyway, I hope you like him, I'd love to hear your opinion; especially what I could have done better!
  4. Time for some evil canines! Tre Manor of Red Box Games sculpted the mighty Fenris wolf, a really nice resin miniature which was just a joy to prep, assemble and paint. I mostly followed this tutorial which I thought was quite nice, but substituted with Reaper paints. Hope you like the way I painted him, I'm happy with how he turned out, but am actually tempted to at some point get another of these and paint up in black with glowing red eyes for a more nightmarish look. To accompany Fenris I also painted up the six dire wolves I got from Tre's second Kickstarter, here are two of them: And all of them together with papa Fenris: Lastly, a scale shot showing the poor Sir Forscale out in the wilderness trying to secure a wolf pelt for his lady, but probably biting off a little more than he can chew:
  5. The Old Dwarf rubbed his back as he trudged deeper into the dark wood. He had not ventured this deep since he was but a lad, but game had been scarce, and winter was coming. His loyal companion Topaz yelped and started off deeper into the wood. What would they find? Hope you all like this little vignette I've been working on since uh, February I think? I had finished the dwarf and most of the diorama base then, but I was waiting on a suitable hunting dog and I was searching for a good solution for a big tree to put on the mound of earth. I settled on the dog from the companions of the Stonehaven elves kickstarter, and then just bit the bullet, bought some sculpey and tried my hand at sculpting a tree. I think that it came out pretty well for a first try! I obviously still have to clean up the wood base, but I finished everything besides that this evening and wanted to share it with yinz guys and gals. Sadly, my camera is only an iphone from my job, so they're not the best photos. But maybe the Old Dwarf will find a camera for me around the Winter Solstice.
  6. I picked up a pack of nine of these shuffling, twisted undead from Red Box Games, and just finished the first four of them. I really love these sculpts, probably the best zombies I've seen, and they were a joy to paint. I was thinking of maybe experimenting with some blood effects on them, but I'm not sure if I want to or not and will just leave them like this for now. Photographing them made me notice that the highlighting is pretty rough; I do think they look a bit better in person. I also think I may have used a too bright background for the photography, apologies for that, I'm kind of experimenting with that as I go as well. Anyway, hope you like them, and comments and criticism are always welcome! As all Red Box miniatures, they are rather small and very delicately sculpted. However, as gaunt, shriveled corpses, I think they work quite well with other stuff on the tabletop. Here's a shot of them swarming up on my Goldar. I couldn't quite decide how to do the eyes on these guys, so I tried two versions. Which do you prefer? The milky white dead eyes? ...or eyes painted normally for a more alive look?
  7. Hi all, I'd like to share some of my work in progress shots of a diorama or vignette I'm calling, "The Old Dwarf and the Dark Wood." I've been taking sporadic photos of my progress along the way (thought not every step because I'm bad at documentation) First up, I'd like to share an in progress picture of the dwarf. You can see at this point the dwarf is pretty near completion. Next up: Photos of the completed dwarf on his holder, a binder clip courtesy of work. Although I think I need to go back in and shade the bindings of his bedroll D: To make this not so image heavy, the next post will be featuring what's going on with the diorama so far.
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