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  1. Next up another half-orc, and purposefully so this time. Derek the Dim, from Tre Manor's Red Box Games. He was an accidental acquisition, sent by mistake. Tre was kind enough to let me keep him. He wasn't on my radar at all during the Kickstarter, but I fell in love a little, honestly, when I saw him in person. More of my home-brewed orc-ish skin tone on this, though I left him unwashed (heh). Only real thing with which I managed to tickle myself on this one was the rope (him and on Dirk, soon to be posted, both). Don't think it shows in the crappy pictures well, but it actually turned out
  2. Ullr the Red, sculpted by Tre Manor. Red Box Games. Njorn faction, if I'm not misremembering. One of my favorite minis pretty much evar. Had a ton of fun with him, was really happy how he turned out. Thanks for looking. Suggestions and so on welcome.
  3. Hjordisa Ymirsdottir from Red Box Games. One more Tre Manor sculpt. I struggled to get a good photo as the figure is quite small. I'm really satisfied with the paintjob.
  4. Hey friends, I haven't posted any completed pictures of figures in at least a month, but I've been busy working and doing WIP stuff in the GROUP Red Box Games thread. I decided to go ahead and post some 'finished' pictures. Included are (not sequentially): 1) Ingvar the Brash 2) Grim Garrett 3) The Bastard Hughbert 4) Shadowblade Reyviande 5) Bad Betty 6) Red Meghan Reyviande, Betty and Meghan are going to be in a diorama that I bring to ReaperCon; these will all be there.
  5. Brynjar Thorir from Red Box Games. Another atempt to cure my "tre-manor-indimitating-sculpts"-phobia. I'm trying to finally cure it this year. I'm not sold on my coloring but overall I'm satisfied with the result.
  6. Boldverk the Bold from Red Box Games. I struggled to get good photos and eventually had to settle for these. Lately I’ve been trying to move away from my mandatory use of black lining. A strange thing is that I noticed today that a part of the face had been smudged with sealer. I'm trying to restore it but I sadly I think it's a lost cause. On the bright side it's a good excuse to buy another RGB mini :)
  7. THE BATTLE OF THE CHAMPIONS Figures: Unarmored Hordesman & Armored Hordesman Manufacturer: Red Box Games Base: WoldStand Material: Trollcast (Resin) WIP Thread Located here. Here's the Gallery to see what everyone did Here's the Poll - Vote for your top 3 and only vote one time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They stood staring each other down in the middle of the bloody and muddy battlefield, rain pouring and slicking everything in sight. The two champions, their armies spread out behind them screaming a
  8. To stay within the new Forum rules/guidelines for WIP threads, I'm starting this one up for a vignette I'm working on as part of a RBG contest sponsored by Tre Manor on another forum. These are made from "troll cast" which is a resin-like material as far as I understand it, both detailed extremely well, but the material is very very brittle. I've broken 2 ankles so far, so I'm being extremely careful with them. Anyhow, here we go with the Unarmored Hordesman and the Armored Hordesman! At this point, I decided I wanted the Unarmored to have African American skin
  9. While Red Box Games is my favorite miniature line the trend is that I just buy the miniatures without painting them. Frankly because they scare me. The detail is smaller than what I'm used to and I'm afraid to screw it up. It's much easier to pick up and paint other miniatures because it doesn't really matter as much if I do screw them up :) But every once in a while I do gather enough courage to pick one up and finish it. Like Birgir the dvergr. I painted this for a DnD one shot at the local gaming store. I didn't know if it would be using miniatures (and it didn't) but if it did I wante
  10. While Red Box Games is my favorite miniature line the trend is that I just buy the miniatures without painting them. Frankly because they scare me. The detail is smaller than what I'm used to and I'm afraid to screw it up. It's much easier to pick up and paint other miniatures because it doesn't really matter as much if I do screw them up :) But every once in a while I do gather enough courage to pick one up and finish it. I painted this one because of the same reason I painted Birgir. I was going to participate in a DnD one shot at the local gaming store. I didn't know if it would be usi
  11. I took a break from Bones to assemble, prime and paint these astoundingly beautiful undead boogeymen. Assembly was a pain because, while it was actually very simple, Tre sculpts smaller than I can SEE. As a result there was some ham-fisted smooshing, and two of these guys got Bones swords just to make it easier. These were all primed with a medley of Reaper Black Primer and Vallejo Airbrush Black Primer, all brushed on. Currently I prefer the Vallejo, just because it goes on with no thinning, quick and easy. Armour was lightly drybrushed with API Greedy Gold, trying for a bronze or gil
  12. Finally completed this diorama I've been working on. I'm pretty well pleased with it, though I've debated adding some more wild grass to the setup to make it more wilderness. I had a lot of fun making it, the only downside is I had so much fun with it and now I'm eager to start another project but I'm not sure what to paint next! I wish I had a better camera than my smart phone and a better place to take photos, so these will have to do!
  13. So after my efforts of 17 minis in March I'm off to a slow start in April just because of a week's holiday in Middle Earth (aka New Zealand). Finished minis: 89012: Lem, Iconic Bard (Reaper) 1x CSM-026 Lemures (Center Stage Miniatures) 77092: Elquin, High Elf Adventurer (Reaper) The Girl (Bombshell Miniatures) Gnome Priest (Stonehaven) 77173: Terezinya, Bonepander Wizard (Reaper) 77160: Judas Bloodspire, Vampire (Reaper) 77196: Familiars 2 - Fire Spirit (Reaper) 3 Bones Lizardmen (Reaper)
  14. Hi all, here's another WIP that I've started. These are two miniatures I received from two separate Red Box Games kickstarters. A barbarian and an orc. Here they are primed and ready for some paint. Front view Skin Base Coat and Fur Base Coat on the barbarian, and the still drying skin on the orc The orc brute is a slight conversion, I used one of the spare heads from the orc warlord on the head of the orc brute for a more menacing look. I can't wait to get this orc painted up because I can just envision him dragging that cruel and jagged blade on the ground as he appro
  15. Here's Svetlana, a limited edition Kickstarter mini from Tre's first KS. My first attempt at a more display like wood base, also my first use of grass (blah). Bark rocks, might be cherry, not my usual ash (I just hunt around the woodpile mostly). Very enjoyable sculpt to paint despite the casting issues. WIP here.
  16. I've finally been able to make a small dent on my pile of unpainted Red Box Games miniatures. RGB are by far my favorites but at the same time I'm kind of intimidated by the detail so when it comes time to paint I pick up a miniature from another brand. But once in a while I do finish one, and yesterday was one of those times. I finished the miniature Ragnar of Utherby and I'm quite pleased with the result.
  17. Well time to start collecting minis for the month into a thread again! Finished minis: Water Wyrd by Centre Stage Miniatures 77079: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin by Reaper Minis Townsfolk: Strumpet by Reaper (Bones) Zombie by Red Box Games Automaton by Stonehaven (weapon swap conversion). Familiar: Entling by Reaper (Bones) Lamia by Centre Stage Miniatures Hellhound by Centre Stage Miniatures 6x Lizardfolk by Reaper (Bones) Ebonwrath by Reaper (Bones) Helsvakt Hordesman by Red Box Games Helsvakt berserker by Red Box Games
  18. Well I finally got some painting done again. 3 Bones Zombies 1 of Tre Manor's Zombies from his first KS Tre's Zombie beside the Reaper ones
  19. I painted these three for the Rotten Harvest contest http://namelesspainter.blogspot.com/2013/11/rotten-harvest.html EDIT: another unofficial contest for Reaper fans - there's one part of a Reaper mini here... find it and specify the source
  20. FINALLY finished up one of my own minis last week. Happy to say it was one of Tre' Manor's! Love his work.
  21. My finished miniatures for the month. The goal is to paint at least 20 minis this month. Comments and Feedback are always welcome, just keep in mind I'm painting for tabletop not competition (unless the post says otherwise for the mini). Finished Reaper 02514: Kang, Half Orc 02033: Sir Falkirk Nobleheart 02008: Garath Hawkblade 02253: Water Elemental 01501: ReaperCon 2004 Reclining Sophie Finished Other Ral Partha: Rikus (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set) Ral Partha: Half-Giant (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set) Studio McVey: Vanguard Samaritan x5 Studio McVey:
  22. My show off thread for March. Comments are always welcome. Finished Reaper 77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger x4 Finished Other Brands Unknown: Harpy AEG/Valiant: Clan War Unaligned Shugenja GW: Wraithguard GW: 3 Empire Spearmen (2 regular 1 hero) (2000 WHFB starter.) GW (Citadel pre-1990): Fimir Noble Ral Partha: Thri-kreen (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set) GW LotR: Ringwraith x5 Ral Partha:Gith (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set) GW (Citadel pre-1990): Dwarf Adventurer (Bandit) Ral Partha: Anakore (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set) Bonenami: 134
  23. Sorry Tre, I think I've forgotten the true name of this mini again Anyway, here's a mini I painted for a Mini Exchange at the Chest of Colors forum. I need to participate in one of the ME's here again it's fun
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