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  1. Tenebrae - Fate of Asteria A whole bunch of resin, or you can pick up a full set of Kimera Kolors.
  2. Chained Coffin I don't remember where I got it from. Part of my Children of the Night Project WIP: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/page/28/#comments
  3. I got a bunch of stuff in the mail for scattered and basing. Aloe, a few kinds of cactus, grass, ferns. Smaller than lots, but realistic for game purposes (1/48) . It was also very cheap, being about the same $$ as one pack of paper plants locally (which also doesn't have choices I want available). ThIs seemed like less work and better value for my needs. Pics soon. I don't expect to be done thus year.
  4. Fairly happy with this one. Its my first resin pour and it came out ok. A few bubbles but I really like the concept and execution. Hope you like it too.
  5. Painting this set as a Christmas present for a Niece and running out of time to finish the final bunny, so I'm going to send her this, and send the rest after it's finished. Don't know if I'll be able to get them to send good pictures of the whole ensemble, so I wanted to show off what I have gotten done. Really fun figures to paint. The cleanest resin castings I've worked on to date. A tiny amount of filing on some of the plugs to get them to socket together properly, but otherwise no flash and no seam lines. Had a good time coming up with a "grass" camo pattern for this guy. Anyway, hopefully she likes it and some of y'all will find it amusing. Here's the card that came with the set, showing the original art of the whole ensemble:
  6. Darklands: Brutal Beasts I don't really keep up with Mierce Miniatures anymore, but it looks like they just launched a new KS.
  7. Had to put the other rabbit on hold to try an get this squad done as a Christmas present for one of my Nieces. Over the last few years I've painted a number of oddball rabbits for her. This will certainly be my most ambitious project! Limbo Division typically does Kingdom Death style cheesecake, but for some reason they put this set out earlier this year. Missed getting it from them but I follow the artist on Instagram and he pointed me to a store in Japan that still had some and I was able to get a set - yay! Have to say these are impressively clean casts! No mold seams or pour stubs to clean up and I've only had use a tiny mount of putty on one pieces. My sister-in-law sent me pictures of my Nieces bunnies so I'll eventually be trying to replicate them in miniature form on these. Anyway, spent a couple of days getting the base done, and now I'm working on the BIG bunny. Got the camo on and spent a big chunk of time stippling the straps to try an imply some texture. Might go back and glaze over with the base color to try and blend it all together. Got a couple of weeks to go, so hopefully I can get everything finished!
  8. Hello Rotten Friends! If you liked the last campaign, I think that you may be interested in the coming one -> The ROTTEN MMXXII! A lot of new cool cooperations, new miniatures, and awesome projects to come! Please remember to sign up for the coming project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rottenfactory/rotten-mmxxii And to keep an eye on rotten social media to be up to date with all the news. :) FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER Cheers, Pawel
  9. Another project from Westfalia Miniatures, this time it's to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and is mostly centred around some gender-swapped Lord of the Rings characters (Plus skeleton pirates). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/the-dark-ten/description I get their argument that they needed to run an anniversary campaign while it's still their anniversary, but I wish they had cleared their backlog first (Although they only have two unfulfilled projects now). Nothing really jumps out at me with this one, I do like the face on old lady Gandalf though.
  10. Has anyone backed this creator? They have three KS fulfilled, the last one with resin prints. Wife/husband team from Germany. SG's look pretty substantial, and a base-only pledge is available. Free sample prints available in the updates. Shipping is included in the pledge! 🤑 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diohistory6mm3d/war-of-the-teddys/description
  11. Domination I like the concept, but it has been a bit since I paid that much for a single mini.
  12. Another little Kickstarter from Westfalia Miniatures:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/the-heroes I'm interested in the big dude, but I'm not sure I'd get around to painting him. Plus I'm a bit worried Westfalia are turning into another Mierce Miniatures, they do have a bit of a Kickstarter backlog and they're already planning the next two.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/signumgames/kitsute-clan-of-the-scarlet-forest https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/signumgames/kitsute-clan-of-the-scarlet-forest?ref=e6h3pj&token=183f8402 Story The unique miniature as a gift to all who back us in the first 12 hours once the campaign is live! (Starter Box+) It's time to add a new page to the Signum chronicle! Meet the Scarlet Forest Clan - a brand new faction for the skirmish wargame with miniatures "Legends for Signum". The Cataclysm hit the Eastern islands really hard. After earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis, which enough shocked the island inhabitants, bunches of muggers from the continent struck the lands. As a result of this terrifying period, the Shogun power has been weakened, and the clans themselves started internecine wars. But some looked beyond their own ambitions. Being a wise, standing out race, Kitsune have always considered themselves the chosen of the gods and the keepers of ancient knowledge. The sorceress princess, the new chosen one of the goddess Amaterasu is now willing to reunite the country again, calm the nature spirits, and fight back greedy foreigners. Every day more and more warriors, inspired by her message, decide to join the side of Princess Fumiko and the whole world will feel the power of swords and the secret magic of Kitsune very soon. Go ahead and join the battle thus creating your own legend in "Legends of Signum". We introduce a completely new side in the never-ending series of fantasy conflicts of the Signum World. The starter set "Kitsune Clan of the Scarlet Forest" includes 4 highly detailed resin miniatures of characters plus a set of support cards and game components - everything you need to immerse in the fantasy clash in the skirmish wargame "Legends of Signum".
  14. Looks like these guys are back, with a pretty huge collection of new options (all resin). The usual suspects (orcs, elves, goblins, adventurers), but a fair number of unique sculpts (these were the guys who had an entire set of orc villagers doing domestic tasks their first go round). Also some terrain pieces, and some models offered at 75mm scale for painters (mostly $36-38, which is pretty good for cast resin at that scale). Their first project delivered good quality models that matched pretty closely what the renders showed in terms of crispness and detail. I backed them then and am doing so again. Sounds like this time they are much further along in design and tooling as well. Looks like they’ve pared down the size of the groupings this time, with individual humanoid size figures coming in around $6-7 before any volume discounts, which seems pretty reasonable when compared with other high quality resin. Posting a few sample images below, but there’s a lot more. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/firstlegion/the-siege-of-amaldorus-lethy?ref=profile_created
  15. Black Crab 5: Necropolis Mercenaries Almost over. I thought this had been posted here already, but maybe my search-fu has failed me.
  16. Tabletop World's Houses of Altburg- 32mm Resin Cast Terrain Cast resin terrain looks nice, but pricey.
  17. Sundered Union: American Civil War 1861-1865 Stl or resin option for those without a printer.
  18. Bag of Dungeon 2: The Cursed Forest The game has a resin minis option.
  19. Valhalla II Miniatures The resin pledge is just a reservation, which I find an odd way of doing things.
  20. I received this bust for Valentine's Day of this year. I have been so busy I have not had a chance to sit down and start it. I've decided that now that I'm done with my commission I'm going to take a break and work on something for me that should, hopefully, be relaxing. I was going to save this until I "get better." If anything this hobby has taught me one of the big things is to just go for it so that's what I'm doing. The bust is Dziewanna from Ignis Art. She is gorgeous. The quality of the resin is top notch and looks like it doesn't need much if any clean up. I /want/ to figure out how to attach a bow string but I'm not sure how I'll do that off hand. I also have a plinth for her that I'm not totally sure how to go about attaching her to.
  21. I went all-in on Greebo Games "Fang and Hood" Kickstarter they did at the end of last year, One of the items included is a bust for Grandma Wolf that I couldn't resist working on. It's one BIG chunk o' resin! Here's a picture with it next to a Young Miniature 1/10 scale bust and a Scale 75 1/12 scale bust from their kickstarter: Greebo Scale_02 by Mckenna35, on Flickr I was trying to figure out how I was going to hold this thing while I worked on it. Finally I cut the heads off a couple of nails, drilled holes in the base and glued them in with 5 minute epoxy: Red pin_02 by Mckenna35, on Flickr Then, to hold that, I cut a couple of 3/4" thick x 6" lengths of 2x4, drilled a couple of holes, and clamped together with a pair of carriage bolts, nuts & washers: Red clamp by Mckenna35, on Flickr So far it's worked out really well and been quite comfortable to hold.
  22. New Kickstarter coming from Durgin Paint Forge for a set of large scale (75mm) resin minis:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/durginpaintforge/adventurers-of-inneath Launches on the 14th I think. Unfortunately, I can't back it (Can't use Kickstarter anymore), so hopefully it's successful and I can get the couple I want at retail!
  23. This one is almost over. It comes in either resin or .stl flavors. The Party
  24. Your choice of stl or resin. I backed one of the previous projects and while they were nice enough, I thought that quite a few of the figures had too much detail for the scale they were cast at. YMMV of course. The most interesting for me is the Digital Colonel EB, which grants a minimum of 30 stl files from their back catalogue. Heresylab - Heresygirl 3.5
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