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  1. Finally finished this one off. Colors just would not work the way I wanted them to. I am still not entirely satisfied but I am okay with how things came out. There is a lot more detail and fiddly points in this than the original ponies They are still cute though. C&C always welcome
  2. Here are my Oathsworn ruined walls, from their first Burrows & Badgers kickstarter. They were sculpted by the excellent Jo. The details she put into these are fantastic My favorite is the oven wall. Because it's an oven! Instead of making grey stone bricks I decided to go for tan, as though they were made from sandstone. I also resisted the urge to add plants, sand, dirt, or any other basing materials, because they're going to be used for gaming, so they need to work in any environment situation. I'm not really pleased with the way the final wash of brown over the plaster bits turned
  3. And i will just keep cranking these out on occasion to get them off my desk and into the hands of little girls all over my home town (my younger son has Issues with me displaying them at home ) As usual, cute anime like. I probably should have dropped 2 or 3 coats of sealer across the lenses to make them smoother but oh well. It still looks pretty. and now on to other things...
  4. This is a 1/12 scale bust from Heroes & Villains Miniatures. It's my first mini larger than 32mm, and is both very fun (lots of detail) and frustrating (lots of detail). I'm beyond impressed with the casting quality. There were no bubbles at all, and I could barely even tell where the seam on the mold was, there was so little flash/lines. The face and skin are more or less completed, besides a few touch-ups around the edges. I wish I had gone with a much ruddier skintone; he's much too fair to have been out in the sun and salt all day, but it's too late now. Maybe he just got out of pr
  5. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mp-co-by-golem-miniatures/x/893194#/story MP&Co: Monster, Pretty Girls and Company For our very first campaign, we offer you to finance the edition of three pretty chicks. Eva, Lucy and Jess are available in three versions: naked, in swimsuit and fully dressed. Why 3 versions? Well… Why not? Sculptors and hobbyist customizers would be interested in naked or anatomical version, whereas pretty nice curves’ lovers would enjoy the bodysuit one… As for the dressed ones, they’d make perfect recruit for any zombies, aliens or
  6. I'm interested in hearing people's experience in painting on resin (which is to say two-part polyurethane resin, used for many detailed or larger miniatures). I've only painted a few resin pieces, mostly terrain, and while some were fine, some have at least in parts a slick and slippery surface which repels water and is extremely difficult to get paint to adhere to. These are the ones I'm having difficulty with. I scrubbed them multiple times with hot water and detergent, and they still have some surfaces that feel, I would say, almost soapy in slickness and on which paint beads up ex
  7. For my exchange partner this time around I was assigned Traxia. So if you are reading this and haven't opened your package, stop now! When going through Traxia's answers to the questionnaire, the moment I saw "Chronoscope" I knew what I was going to paint even though it's not made by Reaper. Maow makes affordable resin minis in limited runs and I just so happen to have a few of them. One in particular is the awesome steampunk figure "Johnny Rocket." There were only 400 made, but if you want one there are still a few left out in the wild. Better hurry though, before another forumite g
  8. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/giant/sku-down/03519 I feel confident I recently saw the above miniature or one like it with a whiteish resin body in a shop. Is that possible? At the same time I saw this guy with a grey resin body: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/resin/sku-down/03625 Help me please, or I won't be able to sleep. EDIT: it was 14599 Boerogg Blackrime. Saw one on ebay.
  9. I'm technically sneaking ahead a bit, but I'm going to start painting one of the Hearthstone Redcaps really soon (the guy on the left with the sword). He broke in two pieces right at the knees (end of tunic), and instead of trying to glue him back together, I decided to try a water effects base. [PLACEHOLDER for photo] I've started on the base today, because I had some painting time for the first time in forever (I also did some other basing stuff that I'll post elsewhere in show-off when done. This weekend probably). I decided to try my heavy body gel from Liquitex as my water effect.Be
  10. My first attempt at a resin mini. This is from Fenryll Miniatures in France. She's part of a set, but I haven't painted the others from that set yet. My skin tones appear to be dying as her skin looks a little bumpy up close in the pictures , still I'm happy with how she turned out, particularly with her face. I'll try and take a better picture of her face tomorrow. Resin is intersting to work with since it's so light wieght and you have to be careful not to snap off pieces. since there is not much flex or give. Linked for Nudity Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6
  11. So I went to Reapercon last year for the first earlier this year. Had a great time, learned a lot and hung out with some of the coolest people. What I didn't do was enter the paint contest. Remember the picture or all of the forumites holding their trophies and certificates and medals? I wasn't in there, I was taking the picture. So klarg and Cash and Monkeysloth bullied me and had me swear upon pain or stealing my booze (they said they would release my Kraken) and made me promise to enter something next year. So I will. But me being me, I don't intend to make it easy on myself. Oh
  12. So while doing a few other things I painted up these walls my husband gave me last year. I'm afraid I don't know who made them, only that they are a fairly lightweight resin with an annoying number of bubbles to deal with. They seem to be based on repetitions of roughly one-inch squares. I've spotted repeating patterns of rocks in various places. The smaller one has two mismatched, broken columns at the front. Since the bases didn't match, I treated them as entirely different columns, perhaps put there at different times. One is meant to look like pink marble and the other like red
  13. I am currently following a kickstarter for the remaining models from this company (Wasteman) and decided to purchase some of the current line to evaluate the models up close. I have to say I am really impressed with the quality of the resin models. There were no bubbles to be found on these. I was so impressed I decided to paint them the same day. This is the first time I have undercoated a model in black and worked back up to colour, and this way seems to be a lot easier for a number of reason, in particular the shadows are already in place. These two were g
  14. Getting started a little late this month on my resolutionary challege figures due to illness and a vacation. So because of that I am going to try to do what I think will be be easier minis. First up is the Chibi Wizard from Impact miniatures. I was a little nervous about the paint sticking after hear some of the stories about the resin that Impact uses. I cleaned it with Dawn dish soap and thankfully I didn't run into any issues. I want to break out of my usual blue/grey/white color schemes that I tend to use for wizards so I am going with green robes. Still haven't decided on a good
  15. This is my other type of Large-Hatted dwarven mercenary/evil dwarf. He came out really well. Basing is cork, with the lava itself being liquitex matte medium, with a drop for the bubble. And yes, I'm well aware that he should be dead standing there. I don't mind. He doesn't seem to mind, either. His intent is to be the leader of the "Betrayal of Fire" evil dwarves working against the classic GW Chaos Dwarves and other Dark-Sculpted monstrosities. I'm very happy with him.
  16. I'm about to actually start tackling my Hearthstone Minis, and I know there are some safety concerns with resin. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but it seemed not horrible location wise. I just wanted to have more info about when I would need to stop worrying about resin dust. Is it safe to remove my particle mask after priming? after a few coats of paint? I've seen some people mention doing cutting or sanding/filing under water, and others just talk about having a very sharp blade for cutting. Outside of the mask and gloves, I'm also planning on doing some basic stuff outside
  17. Here's a quick and slightly nasty photo of some sweet sweet resin mecha. The Big guy there has some fairly bad blemishes on his left leg, but the rest was beautiful. All the weapons are modular and available individually, so might be worth a look for conversions, find 'em at Gangfight Games.
  18. Here is Meloda, from the Darklands range of minis. I've painted up a few Darklands minis, and I find that I am very fond of their sculpts. I normally think of them as a line of monstrous minis, but their human barbarians look quite good too. Here is meloda:
  19. Although I question the $389 price tag
  20. This may have been asked before, probably has a few times I would wager, but my basic search didn't find anything, so I may not have gone back far enough, but is there a good way for priming resin suitable for a couple of decent sized pieces? I tried just washing with soap and water then going straight to paint, as I do with bones figures, but that didn't stick well. I do have MSP brush on primer, but I am getting a little low on it, so while I am going to order more, it will take a while to get here
  21. I am doing a WIP for this one because it is my first experience with resin and these have a few obvious challenges. I also have the Shisa Lionturtle and I really want to nail that one, so this will be sort of a trial run. So far I have him cleaned up and put together. No big deal there. The arms matched up quite well and only required minor green stuff to fill the gaps. The next part will be the hardest, I think. The master models were printed on a 3D printer. The detail is good and they cast well, but the lines from the layers of the printer showed up really well on the casts. I am think
  22. I've been working on this guy for a while, but am giving him his own thread under the new WIP guidelines. I base coated a few more bits, but now I'm stumped. I want to make some of the metal bits of his gun NMM brass, but I have no idea what colors I should use. Any suggestions?
  23. Just curious. I've seen some mixes of metal and resin on larger models. As I had to transport more heavy metal models to game night I find myself wishing they were a plastic. Alas softer bendy Bones is not nearly as appealing as a better material. Sure I do buy some now and then but I'd rather a high detail resin model for things like giants and dragons.
  24. After attending Reapercon I now have a selection of resin miniatures. I have never worked with resin before so I wanted to know if there is any concerns I should know about or any tips to preparing a resin mini for painting as compared to metal or bones.
  25. I am so jealous of those of you who have $199 to spare! A full-size Nethyrmaul is available in the booth, in resin of course. They've got an assembled version hanging out at the checkout counter if you simply want to gawk.
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