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Found 14 results

  1. So here's my February resolutionary challenge completed in one fell swoop. 1 unit of Nurgle (god of disease, rot, and decay in Warhammer) devoted chaos warriors. The unit is 15 strong including a musician, champion, and standard bearer. They may eventually (hopefully) see the table as part of a Kings of War army, or they may just add to my growing chaos horde as a long term hobby project. Time will tell. The unit is composed of the older 'hunchbacked' plastic warriors with a few way old school metal figures added in. There are a fair number of conversions present as well. This marks my first serious attempt at freehand (shields and standard). Full disclosure: I did not assemble, paint, and base these guys in 12 days. They were already built and spray primed green when I started back on them. The basing isn't that awesome, I may revisit it at another point in time. The whole unit: The front rank: The second rank: The third rank: Shot of the standard: C&C and/or questions are welcome. Thanks for looking. ETA--Hmmm...The pics are clickable, just in case the paint jobs didn't scare you enough in the smaller size. Interesting....
  2. This is a group of wraiths made by Grenadier figures many, many years ago. I know that the wraith on the round dirt base is Grenadier; his base says so. The rest I'm not certain about, but they look the same, so I'm making an assumption. If I'm wrong, please let me know and I'll correct this post. There isn't much to say about these guys, there's not really a whole lot there. I tried to make them more interesting by putting more effort into the bases, especially the 'floating' guy; I think that worked out very nicely. Tabletop paint; please let me know what you think.
  3. This is an old RAFM dwarf warrior released in 1989 if I remember correctly. He was released for the 'Death in the Dark' miniature skirmish game that RAFM produced way back in the day. I never played the game, but I do have a few of the miniatures in my hoard. This is one of them. He's a little short by today's standards, so I decided to give him a little 'step up'. C and C is very welcome. ETA---and I can see the mistakes, now that they have blown up a gajillion percent.
  4. I've just started watching the TV show Black Sails (yeah, I know it's been on for 3 seasons already, you hush ) and it put me in the mood to paint some pirates. This is an old Mage knight figure; it was called Xandressan Captain. She certainly looks like a pirate to me, so she got a quick makeover. Tabletop paint as usual; I think the most interesting part about the figure is her base. I made the ship's deck from toothpicks, which I first stained and then used several different inks to try and give it an interesting appearance. The base took at least as long as the figure; measuring, cutting, and placing the 'boards' took forever! I like the way it came out, though. I hope you like her.
  5. This is a quick little conversion from Reapercon last year that I finally painted up. (What? I have figures older than you are that I still haven't painted yet. This is fast by comparison). The little familiar is riding on the spider, which is mounted on a base from Secret Weapon miniatures. Tabletop paint,as usual. As an experiment, this figure was done almost entirely with inks. Please let me know what you think.
  6. So, really late, these are actually for April's challenge. Nothing special, just some boxes and barrels. As a side note, these items are a nice quick paint job; pretty good for busting out of a painting rut, though.
  7. A few zombies I've been working on for a while. You'll all recognize George (77053), his two friends are from Black Orc Games, which I think is no longer in business. George, Black Orc Games, Black Orc Games: Since when do zombies use weapons?: Aside from the lousy pictures, what do you think?
  8. I finished up my unit of skeletal archers. They won't win any awards, but they'll look just fine on the table top, I think. Basing was small bits of scrap glued to the base, with Liquitex modeling paste applied over it; I think this did a pretty effective job of hiding the integral bases on the Grenadier figs. I tried a different method of doing skeletons with this unit; I went over them with Army Painter strong tone. I'm not entirely certain it was a success; what do you think? Bones skellies: Grenadier command group: Mage knight: All together: Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
  9. I painted this guy for a friend of mine in a d&d game. I wish I was a little better at filing/green stuffing, then I could have evened up his face a little. My copy may have had a stroke on that left side. :) He's not the best job I've ever done, but it's tabletop quality at least. C&C welcome! Enjoy!
  10. So, life is crazy right now, but I painted this guy. I haven't had a chance to get good pictures yet. So, these are what we have to deal with. ;-) I was practicing ageing, I wanted him to look like he had been there for a while. Let me know what you think! Updated photos... in hindsight, I think the fletchings should have probably been done a different color than green...
  11. I decided to call this one done. It has served it's purpose as a practice figure. I think the cloak and the face came out pretty good. The sword and dagger could use some work. I originally tried to practice some NMM on them but after repainting them 6 times I gave up and just tried to shade them a bit. I need to practice cleaning up Bones figures (mold lines, making sure swords have and edge...etc). Working with the soft plastic is still fairly new for me.
  12. First up, a little lady from my shelf o shame. Shes been sitting there mostly finished since last year. I reworked her skin, skirt, and bodice. I'm calling her done, despite that she could use some better highlighting. I plan on picking up another sometime so I can give her another try. Next up, some magical dungeon treasures. These were a ton of fun. Especially the yittle rattie on his scrolls. So cute. A group shot. And a close up of my favorite Thanks for looking and as always C&C welcome
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