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Found 4 results

  1. I had lots of fun trying out some new things on this guy!
  2. Crappy conversion time! So, my FLGS has a contest this month with the theme of "desert." I wasn't sure what I wanted to do until I saw the GW River Trolls package. They normally look like this: Decided I would convert them into horned toads. One of these beauties: Oh, the folly of man. It took way longer than it should have, and I was only able to finish one. Note the blood squirting from his eye. I snipped a bit off of the fish vomit that comes in the kit and glued it into the eye. If you're familiar with the trolls, you may notice a few extra spikes on the head. That was most of my conversion work right there, making spikes out of greenstuff and gluing them on. Cow skull is from the Malifaux ghost town basing accessories. It's really not the greatest shading/highlighting job ever, but for the first half of the paint job, I was convinced I had utterly wrecked it and would need to strip and start over. I could not get the brown and the tan to blend neatly, until I kept going with different mixes and eventually got to the point where it blended smoothly. So, not the greatest spikes in the world. I tried, guys, but I don't work with greenstuff very often. The cactus is from the same kit as the skull. You can't really see it here, but there are bits of orange tinting on some of his back scales. Base was basically just a thin layer of greenstuff so it wouldn't be flat, painted with a dark tan, and then with sand glued to it. As an aside, I'm not sure why he's so greenish in the pictures. In real life, he's varying shades of brown and tan.
  3. So, here are the three (well, four, really) things currently in front of me (in addition to my Galleon, which has made a little progress, but not enough to take pictures of). 14440: Vincente, Onyx Chevalier Captain 14391: Onyx Phalanx (Converted into a dismounted Vincente) 14213: Lady Devona, Crusaders Mage 14044: Uru, River Troll Chief (painted as a Swamp Troll for proxying in my Trollbloods army) Feel free to shout comments, color suggestions, encouragement, jeers, sarcasm, jibber-jabber, or unintelligible gibberish as you see fit. And thanks for watching!
  4. Hey folks. Been awhile since I've posted anything again. Been working on commissions for Center Stage Miniatures and private clients. However I was able to get the new Bones River Troll finished this week! So I thought I'd share him with ya since I haven't seen one posted yet. I know one person was working on him, but I'm not sure if he was done yet. Any way here he is! His back scales basecoat was Ceramcoat Deep River Green. Then a wash of GW Drakenhof Nightshades (dark blue wash). Then I started highlighting up using yellow in the Deep River Green. His chest, belly and underside of his arms are in this order; Basecoat: Ceramcoat Leaf Green, Wash of dark blue and GW Agrax Earthshade. Reestablish the basecoat. Start adding some Oyster white to the basecoat as first highlight. I made the paint as transparent as possible and really blended the colors together as best as I could. I kept adding oyster white to the mix until I was using straight oyster white. His clubs basecoat was GW Bestial Brown, followed by a wash of agrax earthshade. Highlighted with several browns. Skraag brown, snakebite leather, bubonic and then rotting flesh with skull white as the highest highlight. Leathers were Scorched Earth (basecoat) then highlighted up with some Ceramcoat Golden brown. The fur is scorched earth with overbrushing of bestial brown, snakebite leather, vomit brown, and rotten flesh. The skull is bestial brown, oyster white and skull white. The head is scorched earth, RMS rosy flesh mixed with sky blue. I kept highlighting the sky blue with some more rosy flesh until I got the desired look I wanted. His hair is black with bright grey highlights. The underside of his wrap is Scorched Earth, with Golden Brown as the next highlight. I then added in more white into the golden brown for the following highlights. The scales of his wrap are, scorched earth, bestial brown, skraag brown, deathclaw brown, bubonic brown, rotting flesh, and then a touch of white on the very edges. Teeth and claws are bestial brown, ushabti bone, oyster white and skull white. I used tentacle pink for the gum line around the teeth. The base is black with overbrushing of charcoal, charcoal+bright grey, bright grey, skull white. Then I glued on some GaelForce 9 marsh lands and dead static grass mixture. Hope you like him! I'm looking forward to seeing the looks on my gaming friends faces when they see him on the table.
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