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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/terrain4print/ulvheim-stl-files-for-a-stone-city?ref=discovery_category_newest About This project aims to expand the Ulvheim ruin into a full-featured ruin city for your home 3D printer. You can already download the first two releases from Thingiverse for free. There is also an earlier release with smaller houses, also available for free. Click the image to see them. Previous Ulvheim releases The pledge rewards are STL-file downloads. I will share the files using Dropbox and the download will be available for years. If you have access to a 3D printer you can print as many copies of the models as you like. You can also vary the scale for more variety. Any type of 3D printer works but FDM is the most economical. Most models will fit inside a 120x120mm print bed. Printed parts can then be painted. The separate pieces fit together using a clip, also printed. This way you can build several different configurations with the same printed parts. You can, of course, glue it together if you need extra stability. I have been making 3D printable terrain since 2016. I have done one Kickstarter before. All files from that kickstarter are available in my store. But read on to the pledges before you buy anything there. I also have a Patreon page and all models done for that is released for free on Thingiverse. This includes the previous three Ulvheim releases. All my designs on thingiverse Follow our journey to Ulvheim and beyond. After a smooth trip across a calm sea we arrive in what is left of the port of Ulvheim. The promised guide is nowhere to be seen so far. Where will we go now? Be aware! I am showing you estimates of pledge costs in USD and I try to keep a margin. Kickstarter will show you the exact cost. It might be a slight bit more, but probably a little bit less. Click image to reach my shop Click image to reach my shop
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1240892696/nomad-a-28mm-anthropomorphic-post-apocalyptic-mini?ref=discovery About We want to start a anthropomorphic post-apocalyptic miniature line Its based on a small 1:56 scale (28mm) range with a post-apocalyptic touch. In the far future our domesticated animals have developed into sentient beings just as humans did so long ago. These anthropomorphic citizens has evolved or perhaps where created by a since long gone dying old world that was ruled by humans alone. This is only remembered by the new civilization through legends, stories and myths. As we have seen before in ancient civilizations a ruling class often need a lesser class to stand upon to “rise” above the masses. For the Mutants of the working class the struggle is real, and many takes refuge to the wild. The dream to explore ancient ruins and the possibility for a life in luxury and ease after just one successful expedition draws man and mutants alike. Group shot (not to scale) These are our heroes, because regardless of heritage these creatures will take on the roles as explorers, outcasts and even monsters. We are going to follow them out in the new dawn in a world rising from the abyss that was before. This is NoMADs in the making. Meet the future and most likely perish in it. Our Inspiration for this range is amongst others some classical Swedish RPG games as well as recent Post apocalyptic games and games in the Steampunk genre. The first miniatures will be a small series of the following creatures in one pack so you can not buy them separately. It's all or nothing. 1. One hamster, this one comes with a name already, Beerjeer, he was a soldier before he became an adventurer. Beerjeer 2. One wolf. Woffie 3. Three rabbits, one female, armed to the teeth and dangerous for all meat eaters. Rubbits 4. One robot armed and hostile. Does not compute 5. Two monkeys loaded with recycled tech a bit like steampunk. One is the captain of the airship and the other one is a crew member. What does this button do? Just hanging around 6: Bear Where is my honey? 7. Mutated Duck. Not Donald 7: Wild boar. oink oink And one large really awesome airship. This is a kickstarter exclusive and future kickstarters might have accesories to the airship as add-ons. Airship We will give you better pictures of all the miniatures and the airship as they are done and we will have the first sculpts on the 20th of December and we will of course give you pictures of them. For now all the images are work in progress and the miniatures might differ from the sketches. If you are curious about our sculptors skill, some of us has worked with him before and here is an image of previous scuplts. And you can check out his Facebook page:
  3. About Miniature lights for all shapes Grimlight are tiny magnet-controlled light circuits for miniature gaming, dungeon mastering, model trains, LARP:s and whatever else you can think of. Grimlight has the following features: Magnetic control – switch on and off without touching the miniature Easy to hide – 0.2 mm wiring laid either inside or on the miniature Switchable effects – fixed, pulsating or flickering chosen by magnet Convenient – easy to use and install Small circuit – 21*2.4 mm fits in regular 28 mm miniature bases Small led's – 0.6 mm fits in a drill hole Battery operated – using a CR1216 clock battery Long stand-by time – over a year Flexible – 2 led's per circuit Any colour – paint or cover the light thinly in any colour SHIPPING INCLUDED, WORLDWIDE! How about that? Stretch goals SEK 140,000: We add additional effect settings to each Grimlight SEK 150,000: Produce a guide for how to modify the software to change lighting effects. Publish all code under an open license. SEK 200,000: We add some fiber optic cables with every physical Grimlight reward, perfect for added variation. To be continued.... Rewards To keep it simple there are only a few different reward tiers. For different amounts of Grimlights, just pledge in multiples of the chosen non-"early bird" tier. The regular one that we believe will be what most want is the 250 SEK tier simply called "five grimlights". For ease of handling and due to shipping cost it is only possible to get Grimlight in multiples of five. If you would like to get 15 for example, just pledge 750 SEK. The reward level "5 Grimlights with larger battery holder" are Grimlights that are modified to operate from three AAA batteries instead of from one CR1216. If you want to add lighting to something big and think it would be good with extended time (about 50 times the capacity) before needing to change batteries this is for you. If you have some special needs and ideas for the lighting you need there is also a tier where we can program custom effects for you (within the constraints of what is possible with the micro-controller we are using). What it looks like What our current Grimlight prototypes look like before installation Example of what can be done with a Grimlight and optic fiber Our first prototype from Conan by Monolith Prototypes leading up to final version, left is oldest.
  4. About STL files for 3D printing a modular dungeon system for RPG games. Create your own versatile dungeon for 28 to 32 mm miniatures. The wall sections have slots for D3x3 mini magnets so they stay firmly on any metal surface. Doors and chests do not have slots for magnets but magnetic tape works fine. Prices in Swedish but 10 Swedish is basically one EUR an I use this rate in the text. Actual rates may vary. I started designing these for when playing role-playing games. I wanted something to represent walls but did not want to print a large base or floor. Floor means more to print and you need many different types to make different size rooms. More to print and hard to find all pieces when gaming. So how to make walls stand by themselves? Well I had mini magnets for my minnies and decided to use them in the walls. For a base you can use a metal sheet that you paint/glue paper on or maybe a magnetic whiteboard? Then you can attach printed paper for different floors or use as is and do notes. There will be STL files for, straight walls, corners, bends, doors, a stair and chests. See the pictures for what is included in the different pledge levels. Walls have a height of 40 mm and a depth of 10 mm. Lengths vary from 30 mm to 120 mm. Doors are 30 mm wide and 45 mm high. The minnis shown in the pictures are from various games and are only there for scale reference. Other 3D print models are from thingsverse. I only will provide the STL files for download. Other components you have to source yourself. Print quality depends on your printer. Samples in pictures printed using my da Vinci miniMaker from XYZ. Base set 15 Euro What you need to get started building your own dungeons. Straight walls: 30, 60, 90, 100, 120 mm Corners: 60x60, 100x100 mm 90 ºBends: R60, R100 (outside Radius in mm) Doors: Standard door, Standard door with barred opening and torch. Chests: Round lid Complete set 25 Euro Base set + all extras Straight walls: 30, 60, 90, 100, 120, 140 mm Corners: 30x30, 30x60, 30x90, 60x30, 60x60, 60x90, 90x30, 90x60, 90x90, 90x120, 100x100, 120x90, 120x120, 140x140 90 ºBends: R30, R60, R90, R100, R120, R130, R140 (outside Radius in mm) Doors: Standard door, Standard door with barred opening and torch, Barred prison door, Opened door. Chests: Round lid, Flat lid Circular stair D98 (called D100 since fits inside the outside R60 bends) 360 ºbend D120 with opening for door. 90 ºbend R60 with integrated door. Bridge set 10 Euro A model bridge for 28 mm war-gaming. Built as assembly kits for landing and middle sections. Concept pics
  5. About this project We will make 20 highly detailed science-fiction spaceship maps. The maps will be a great inspiration for your adventures in any galactic empire. Higher resolution variants (see rewards) can be used with virtual tabletops (VTT) or printed in poster size! We make these maps with Adobe Illustrator, using a unique technique creating vector based maps. This way we can produce maps of extremely high resolution. The maps can also be made as layered PDF's (see below). The example maps you see here are from the kickstarter "Dungeon of the Day". The pdfs are in 300 dpi resolution. Suitable for printing and screen use. They are layered so you can hide or show room numbering, grid, furniture etc. An example of a spaceship PDF can be downloaded here: Note: you need to open the PDF in a stationary computer to use the layers. Showing layers in a PDF. These are well suited for print, screen or virtual tabletop use. These are all without grid and numbering. 100 pixels per square grid. High resolution example These maps can be printed in poster size. If you use it on a screen you can zoom in extremely deep. Up to 10200 x13000 pixels! Super high resolution example 3000 SEK (about $380) - UNLOCKED 8 extra spaceship maps from our Kickstarter project "Dungeon of the Day". The quality of the maps matches your reward level (low res for Scavenger reward level, PDFs for Gunner reward level etc). 4000 SEK (about $500) - UNLOCKED We will team up with the Swedish retro-rpg "Sci-Fi!" and make five ships together with them. The style of the spaceships will be about the same as the other maps as "SciFi!" is a fairly generic game. The added colorful descriptions will be an inspiration and guide for your games. 5000 SEK (about $620) - LOCKED One additional map! 21 in total. 7500 SEK (about $950) - LOCKED To be announced!
  6. About this project Ideal for tabletop role-playing and war gaming! I love tabletop role-playing and 3D, so it was only natural for me to want to combine the two. In addition to playing a lot of fantasy tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, I spend a lot of time playing sci-fi games like Star Wars and Traveller, and very soon Starfinder. However, I noticed that there are limited options when it comes to Sci-Fi themed 3D printed tile sets, especially for spaceship deck plans, which I love! NOTE: These are STL files only – you will need to print them yourselves, either with your own 3D printer or via a printing service. Useful for both tabletop roleplaying and war gaming, you can use these tiles to enhance your gaming experience in a modular fashion. Pricing is in SEK (Swedish kronor), and around 80:- is equivalent to $10 USD. Pledge Video in HD If you want a better look at the models, view the higher quality video on youtube below. Where Does Your Money Go? I've spent a good while modelling and printing everything you see here in the rewards and a good deal more. The proceeds of this kickstarter will go back into creating additional content in the future, as well as to 3D printing equipment and software. Pledges You can pledge for the various ship ranks below at discounted rates, or purchase items individually as desired. Pledge the total amount you wish to contribute. At the end of the campaign, a pledge manager will be made available where you can adjust your final pledge.
  7. About this project An epic board game of strategy and conquest. Build your very own feudal country in a dark fantasy world. Establish a unique nation: be it a territorial empire, an economic giant, or a small and secluded duchy. Eliminate other players, or force them to become your vassals. Nocturn is a big strategy board game for 3 to 5 players set in a horror-themed underworld. Gameplay lasts from two and a half to four hours. Players create customized nations and fight to expand their empires in a brutal and unforgiving race for supremacy. The rise of Death threatens the very best of plans, as he attempts to reclaim his lands from the living. Designed specifically with replay value in mind, Nocturn introduces several new game mechanics never seen before. Delivering a unique experience, Nocturn allows you to make varied and critical decisions, both short and long-term, as you reign over your kingdom. Will your nation rise to glory as a mighty empire? Or will it be swept into the shadowy annals of history, vassalized and humiliated by a stronger and more devious rival? Nocturn’s main goal is to immerse players into a world that they create by their actions. Each gameplay tells a different story then the previous one. Players stay active and involved until the very end. Even if you become someone else’s vassal, you can still pursue your freedom or focus on revenge. This is a relaunch of the Nocturn’s campaign in February. Due to popular demand, the base game has been updated with miniatures for an enhanced gameplay experience. We’ve also updated Nocturn’s art and graphics where financially feasible, with the potential for additional improvements as funding and cost may dictate in the future. *ADDITIONAL COPIES: Additional copies of Nocturn can be obtained by adding 700 SEK, per copy, to your pledge.
  8. Link to the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1192053011/tales-from-the-loop-roleplaying-in-the-80s-that-ne/description From the Kickstarter: "In 1954, the Swedish government ordered the construction of the world’s largest particle accelerator. The facility was complete in 1969, located deep below the pastoral countryside of Mälaröarna. The local population called this marvel of technology The Loop. In this pen&paper roleplaying game, you play teenagers in the late Eighties, solving Mysteries connected to the Loop. Choose between character Types such as the Bookworm, the Troublemaker, the Popular Kid and the Weirdo! Everyday Life is full of nagging parents, never-ending homework and classmates bullying and being bullied. The Mysteries let the characters encounter the strange machines and weird creatures that have come to haunt the countryside after the Loop was built. The kids get to escape their everyday problems and be part of something meaningful and magical - but also dangerous. The premise of the game and background is interesting, but I have to say it's the art that I find is outstanding. Amazing images.
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