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Found 110 results

  1. Marvin

    Hurin of Anhur

    Another day, another attempt! I'm not happy with the pictures I was able to take AT ALL lol. I was fairly pleased with the way this turned out, at least in part. I base-coated with a bluish gray (all the armor), and then dry-brushed highlights with a metallic silver. I left my homemade wash off this time. Also, big news as per everyone's previous advice: I took a shot at lining. Just used black and hit edges/boundaries. Hopefully it's noticable. He doesn't feel AS dark in person (the purple of his under-shirt-skirt deal isn't coming through at all here, I don't think), but I'm wondering now, looking at the pictures, if I should try a round of lighter dry-brushing. I did a little white, but I'm not sure it worked out. This was my first time using metallics really, too. Once again, advice for improving is supremely appreciated!
  2. So, yeah, hey. I'm trying to figure out how to up my game. I don't know if I'll go back on this guy right away, but I can apply to the next mini, for sure. I figured I'd post my latest and then I can take whatever advice anyone has and build on it in the advice/etc. forum and elsewhere. Hope this is okay. This is the fourth mini I've painted since I fire up again last week, after a flat ten-year layoff from painting (and then I had no techniques going at all, but anyway; I'm basically learning from square one): I primed with flat-white Krylon primer. I mixed all my own paints, basically from primaries, black, white, a couple browns, a gray, a green, and a flesh tone. I'm using a homemade wash concoction (I have the Reaper washes in the mail), and I'm unsure how much good it did (don't think it's sticking well enough, for whatever reason). I'm trying to learn to shade and highlight--I really want to figure the whole washing and dry-brushing thing out. I think maybe I needed brighter highlights or something. Also, if you can see with the lousy pic, does the paint look clumpy or something on the clothes inside the robe? I'm wondering if I'm not watering the paint down enough (I really think this but still haven't managed to stop doing it). Possibly related, my face seem to come out smudged much too frequently (though this one less so than others). Just bad brushwork, maybe? At the same time, I'm childishly super-proud of this! I'm getting better as I go along, and I'd be happy to sete this guy on the gaming table if I still played D&D. But I still want to improve! So any advice/tips/lashings/exhortations anyone has are most appreciated!
  3. Today I finished up another PC for the current D&D campaign we’re playing. This one is for a friend and the scheme is his choosing. He’s a cleric of Pelor. The base is a ruins base from Micro Art (I think?). The cloak’s symbol is supposed to be like this: This is the symbol of the deity, “Pelor” in D&D (strictly fictional). I attempted to free paint this on the cloak, as was asked by my friend. It’s not as bad as I thought it would come out I’m pretty happy. Enjoy!
  4. I just entered this into the Here Be Dragons competition, and I thought I'd post him here for commentary too. This is Viszeralyn, the Oracle dragon that I decided to paint up kind of like a Balrog. In my mind now, he's Charsaug- a magma dragon from the Iron Kingdoms setting. Oh, and I've also posted him to Coolmini for anyone who cares to vote.
  5. Dresses in Red, Sneaks into Houses at night, Has a list of all the naughty and nice, and has a penchant for hot chocolate. Yup, it's Sophie WIP can be found here http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52609-2002-christmas-sophie/
  6. Well, I wasn't going to do a WIP. Wasn't even going to start this until Monday, but like in a lot of things, I blame Buglips. More than that, I blame how his was coming which is why I went ahead and after primer slobbered on brown liner in a very Goblin-like fashion. As I said, I wasn't going to do a WIP, but the sun was getting in my eyes at my work table so I had to take a break anyway, and decided to snap a few pictures
  7. I'm painting up 77026: Young Fire Dragon as a white dragon for an upcoming D&D game, and I was feeling a little frustrated and wasn't making very much progress, so I thought I'd take a few pictures and toss them up here. I still plan to give special attention to his eyes, mouth, and base. I am considering doing the little wing spikes and tail spikes as boney protrusions in a warmer white, shaded to a pale warm brown? I would especially like opinions on the wings: is the shading reasonable? Are the transitions smooth enough? Also, is there enough contrast on the body? His little cheek-flaps seem especially hard to pick out at a distance. Lastly, does he actually seem to read as white, or just pale blue? Colors are Snow Shadow, Ghost White, and Pure White, so far. (And I acknowledge the double challenge of both painting and photographing white is working against any useful advice I might receive.)
  8. JackMann

    02700 Tox

    Okay, finally got a mini I wouldn't be ashamed to bring to the gaming table. I still have a ways to go, but I think I'm definitely on the right track.
  9. I asked some friends what I should paint next, and wizard was the unanimous choice. I chose Tox, 02700, because I felt the robes would give me plenty of practice actually trying to get the colors to blend for shading. For once, I'm actually pretty happy with the eyes. Those I'm going to have to be very careful about not hitting. The orb in his hand I'm going to shade down to red. The one in the staff I'm less sure about as yet. The staff itself will be getting an intense brown drybrush (it's currently painted walnut brown, not very different from the black primer). I'm mostly satisfied with the basic look of the sleeves, though obviously I'm going to have to do a lot of clean-up there. Sorry the picture's not quite as good here, but you get the general idea. The dragon on the back is a slight metallic; I mixed a dab of copper in with some carnage red. I'll work some highlights in. I was thinking maybe a heavier copper mix for the highlights. Anyone tried anything like that before? Is this a good idea? The dragon on his shoulder is carnage red, and it's going to get some black mixed in. Any thoughts, recommendations?
  10. Presenting the base coat of one of my winter break WIPs. This is for a player of mine's halfing paladin of Sarenrae. Sarenrae's colors are red and gold, thus the prominence of those colors. By the way, that's Christmas Wreath on the base. The gold bits, armor and sword are all metallics. (Also, I can see a few spots I missed on his left side (our right)) I knew I'd screw it up if I tried to modify his shield, so I left the hedgehog intact. Here's the best blazonry I came up with for his shield: Argent, a saltair cotised gules, a hedgehog rampant reversed tawny and a crown or Does anyone know enough about blazonry to tell me if this description is correct? Next steps will be to fix those spots I missed, then add shadows.
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