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Found 16 results

  1. Satheras craved more power! He spent hours, sometimes days submerging into fel magic.... until the ground started burning beside his feet.... That is all for my "rich" lore 🙂 Now on the serious note. I kind of feel I tried to bite too much with this figure. My first ever attempt at OSL. I thought I can redo this much better, but I try to stick to the philosophy of not redoing, but moving forward - this way I have things to refer back to in the future. The ground burning effect and the overall style and color palette were inspired by World of Warcraft cinematics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlVSJ0AvZe0&t=92s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBHL_-biMrQ&t=132s As always, let me know what you think! The more feedback, the better!
  2. Hi All. Getting in a weirdland here 🙂 Can someone please tell me what the hack is this? 🙂 I see some people treat it as a boot-top. Others make it into a ribbon with a pendant hanging off of his calf. Either way seems weird to me. Thanks! ~Z
  3. painted up 77040 Satheras, male warlock as a Drow and used it as an experiment to test out Coal Back and Styx purple. really happy with the results though the purple ended up more like dragon red at the end. Also was the first time with the Dark elf skin triad, really liked it. also on the scroll I looked up an eldritch font and wrote out Cthulhu fhtagn
  4. Just finished painting a copy of the Bones version of Satheras using two hues plus black and white: I started him during our last paint day as an example of how you could use a single brown to get quite a few different looks. After I got home, I decided to keep on with a very limited palette. Paints used (all Golden Fluid Acrylics): Burnt Sienna Dioxazine Purple Zinc White Carbon Black Not intended as a competition mini, but it was a really interesting exercise and the result, I think, has some virtue as a piece of art.
  5. Painted this guy last weekend. Highlighting is still a problem for me, but I still like the way he turned out. I plan on touching up a lot of the paint next weekend, and eventually going over the parchment again to update the writing, but for now it will do. Any tips on doing small runes or letters would be appreciated. Thanks as always!
  6. Take it easy on me, this is just my seventh mini to paint with three of them being a set of identical orcs. First time trying green stuff any tips for improvements or things you think I did well would be much appreciated. Trying to figure out what worked and what didn't. This is Archon the Aasimar Warlock and his familiar (which has yet to be named). He was taken as a youth by a fiend for his celestial blood. On the brink of corruption he was rescued by a paladin of the Raven Queen. The Raven Queen then took over his pact and he now serves her hunting those who would defy the natural process of death.
  7. Howdy, I did this one for the quarterly facebook contest... Kev!
  8. this is a rescue mini, occasionally I get a mini from a friend or evilbay that needs to be repainted before it can be used. this one came from me. I painted it to be used as a mage using stoneskin spell. then it was used to represent a alchemist that was too fond of his own potions, he was "stoned". I realized what a great sculpt this was and saved it from me, maybe I will give it to a friend. table top warlock. I really like the cloak, I think this could be converted to a witch hunter if one had the will.
  9. "When a powerful spellcaster with a strong personality, a lust for life, and a remorselessly evil soul dies and is buried in a graveyard infused with eldritch magic, a strange phenomenon sometimes occurs. The flesh of the decaying body fats and instructs the very worms that gnaw, and these graveworms quicken not only on corruption but upon the spellcaster’s memories and magical power. The spellcaster’s very soul is consumed in this vile process, only to be split apart to inhabit each of the individual chewing worms in so many fragments. The result is a hideous hive mind of slithering life known as a worm that walks—a mass of worms that clings to the vague shape of the body that granted it this new existence, and can wield the powers and magic the spellcaster had in life. A worm that walks retains memories of its life as a spellcaster before its death, but is not undead—it is a hideous new form of undulant life." --Pathfinder Bestiary 2 WIP thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64949-the-worm-that-walks-satheras-elf-warlock-conversion-project/
  10. So, here's my first attempt at a "conversion" project. I've been on the lookout for a decent mini for a Worm that Walks for a Pathfinder adventure path that I'm GMing, and I've not found any that I really liked. Therefore, I've decided to (attempt to) make one myself. I've obtained a Satheras metal miniature from the Dark Heaven Legends line, and I'm going to doing some Greenstuff sculpting of worms over his face and hands. This is a whole slew of firsts for me, so we'll see how this whole thing turns out. Update: Greenstuff is simply amazing. It took no time for me to figure out I could roll it out to almost thread-diameter which would rope up on itself nicely over the hands and face. I smooshed a thin layer of Greenstuff over those parts first to make it easier for the "ropes" of Greenstuff to stick, then rolled out about 3-inch long pieces as thin as I could then looped and coiled them over the base layer. I think the results look pretty good (or at least, as good as a mass of writhing worms can look).
  11. Here are the latest PC models chosen by my players, painted quickly to get them ready for the game. They are all escaped slaves in the Underdark. I don't recall what names they gave them, just the class. 77047 Goldar - Fighter 77149 Damien - Sorceror 89014 Seltyiel - Druid 77061 Kord - Barbarian 77040 Satheras - Warlock
  12. I wanted to have a more impressive necromancer figure for my D&D character and decided to start a new project, converting 03381 Satheras Elf Warlock by Bobby Jackson (my new favorite sculptor). I also used the staff from 03247: Nanuranidd, Dark Elf Sorcerer, and the skeleton from 02043 Undead Rising. I also used part of a Malifaux base (the 'marsh' collection). I'm a couple years out of practice, but I don't think it turned-out too badly. I ordered the bits directly from Reaper and loved the off-green paint sample that came with them. I took the top of the staff from Nanuranadd and pinned it to the top of Satheras's staff, for something suitably necromancery. I also put the skeleton on the base to be the Necromancer's pet rising from the ground. the Necromancer's basic color scheme is blue and blueigray shades with black gloves, boots, and brown pants. the skeleton has a tatterd blue and red shirt. I used Epoxy Putty to finish the top and bottom of the staff (which was also re-positioned away from the Necromancer's robes). The base also has a fair amount of epoxy putty to make the skeleton base work into the malefaux base. Yes, those are pizza-box spacers. I think the final result is quite dramatic.. It stands out nicely amongst the other player's unpainted Bonez or store-bought D&D characters.
  13. Since my receipent has received and unboxed his gift I am now posting them for you vireiwing enjoyment. First up is : 14588: Dhulrekk Thulfinson, Rune Warrior Followed by the bones: 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock His scroll actually contains words written using a mage font I found online. Feel free to guess and if you wish PM me and I will confirm if you get it right.
  14. Posting more of the things I painted over the last two months or so. A friend of mine started up a new game, so I wrote up a half-elf Dragon-Blooded Sorcerer (Pathfinder) and painted this guy to fit: I actually based this guy a while back - I was playing with cobblestone bases and this was an experiment. I cut all the broccolli off of him but left the area beneath his feet and skirt, glued him down to a fender washer (1") and built the cobblestone base around him with GS. Keeping the sides from bowing out took a bit of work (I didn't prevent it entirely) so I did most of my scuplting when it had firmed up a bit. Next time I think I'd cut in a bit more around the skirt, but all in all I'd call it a sucessful experiment. Bit of trivia - the top word of the scroll reads "Hwaet," which is Old English for "Hear" (the implication is "listen to me") and is the first word of the poem Beowulf. My local SCA group did an event where we performed Beowulf in its entirety (over 20 people doing the various parts,) we even dressed up the hall to look like an Anglo Saxon meadhall. It was fun. :)
  15. Finished up the month with Bobby Jackson's Satheras, Elf Warlock. This is the metal version. I'll be using him as an NPC in the Pathfinder Game I'm running--Gerinnes Lefelen, an elven wizard who's the de facto ruler of a town and the PC's benefactor . . . for now. Mwah ha ha. I'd had this mini on my to-get list for quite some time, having wanted to paint it since the moment I saw it, but I must confess that once I started getting into it I found the robes a little silly, regarding what's part of what and what's not. I just kind of winged it, in the end, hehe, without being altogether sure how it should go. But it was still pretty fun. Thanks for looking! Comments and criticism are always appreciated.
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