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Found 7 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/cmon-presents-the-animation-collection? I checked out the Scooby Doo cooperative game play looks like something fun to play with the kids (since he will probably be 10 when it delivers )
  2. The Mystery Machine: American pop culture's most recognizable crimefighting vehicle, with the possible exception of the Batmobile. So recently, I availed myself of Hasslefree's excellent Postapocalypse Survivors Who Are Not The Scooby Gang, and I painted them up as the Scooby Gang, because I am a wastrel and a poltroon with no regard for Hanna-Barbera's intellectual property rights. I was reasonably well pleased with the results, enough so that I found myself wanting to expand on it. I like zombie apocalypse games, and have several "teams" I've used over the years, notably Not The A-Team and Not The Guys From Left 4 Dead, in addition to the substantial (and growing) Elvis Force... the Not Scooby Gang just seemed like a no brainer. But... as fine as they are... they needed something. Just like the A-Team had BA's van... the Scooby Gang would need their unique transportation. So in a fit of needy and ill considered acquisitiveness, I bought the durned thing. Armorcast swore the thing was exactly in line with 28mm, more or less, and they did not lie. It did require considerable prep work -- it's resin, and resin never does quite what you want it to in the mold. ALWAYS needs some trimming, sanding, and grinding. The wheel wells in particular were a bear, but I can forgive, considering that most of what's in there will wind up concealed by the wheels. It came in two pieces: the van proper, and a sprue with four wheels. The lines seemed accurate and the scale was right... might need to buy another one... but I digress. I sanded down the rough spots, stained the wheel wells, pinned and glued the wheels, and primed it. There is no axle hole, although with a long enough drill bit, you could make one. I just stuck it together; it's likely going to wind up on a base anyway. ...then came the color tests. My ultimate plan is to simply paint the thing up to match the cartoon, and then distress it in such a way as to Mad Max it entertainingly and to hide my most obvious screwups. For some reason, I remembered the main colors as being cornflower blue, pea green, and a pumpkiny orange... .....aaaand I didn't like it. I remembered the 1/64 scale Johnny Lightning model I had floating around, and it occurred to me it'd make a great reference for when I have to freehand the decal work on there... and the colors were not what I remembered. Not cornflower blue, but more of a Laguna California sort of greeny blue... ...aaah, there we go. More on this as I get it.
  3. I'm not quite happy with these; I was using a limited palette to evoke the cartoon show, but the figures kind of demand a bit more. Perhaps I'll go in there and tweak the skin tones a tad, do some more highlighting and shading on the clothes. And Fred's eyes need help. The facial expressions are awesome. Minis by Kev White and Hasslefree.
  4. These are from my year-end shelf of half-finished figures, which I am working on finishing. Hasslefree has many fun little nods to pop culture. These are some of my favorites. They are, of course, the entire Scooby gang from Scooby Doo. I couldn't quite bring myself to paint the great dane with Scooby-Doo's coloration, since apparently it does not occur in nature (As my husband said, "And of course authenticity of coloration is of utmost importance on fantasy figures."). This is probably my first attempt to glue props to bases. The candelabrum was a little too fragile, so I glued the snapped-off piece down flat instead. Here are the informal group shots from the WIP thread: The formal portraits were bigger than I thought, so I've put them in spoilers. HFN005 "Barney" (Fred) HFN003 "Felicity" (Daphne) HFN004 "Wolsey" (Shaggy) HFN002 "Louise" (Velma) HFN024 "Hamlet" (Scooby Doo)
  5. http://file770.com/?p=26177 People have occasionally talked of taking a toy van and customizing it as the Mystery Machine. Someone on Long Island did it in real life.
  6. These are older pictures. Few more modifications are made and I will proceed soon with pictures together with Scooby Doo and Friends.
  7. I love these minis. They are from Hasslefree Minis. I choosed a Daphne version with mini-gun instead of a baseball bat. They have also normal versions like in the cartoons of these group.
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