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Found 6 results

  1. Here is the 4th of 5 party members, done and painted! I would have added more color, but I was working off of a picture reference, so this guy is the "man in black".
  2. Here are the latest PC models chosen by my players, painted quickly to get them ready for the game. They are all escaped slaves in the Underdark. I don't recall what names they gave them, just the class. 77047 Goldar - Fighter 77149 Damien - Sorceror 89014 Seltyiel - Druid 77061 Kord - Barbarian 77040 Satheras - Warlock
  3. Hi, I had few free days from work and witcher 3 and finally i finished seltyiel. It was hard project because two new effects: light (i made light only once before with piór result) and nmm. Its not perfect painting but very good lesson:). I hope you will enjoy him. All comments are welcome, especially about oSL and nmm.
  4. Here's the first mini that I started and completed in January. His painting scheme is to match the art for the character. This was only my second experiment with fire. I feel like I should've used more midtones and orange on his flaming bird but for my 2nd attempt I'm okay with it (and as he is one of many I have multiples of, I need to just start to get stuff done not be a perfectionist). I tried to take a lot of the advice from prior show-off threads in which people were extremely helpful and told me I needed more contrast in my layers. I did feel a little limited since I was trying to stick to his typical pathfinder color portrayal, but in the end I'm okay with him. Thanks for reading and looking, comments and criticism appreciated!
  5. Seltyiel is a typical Werner Klocke miniature with tons of minute detail like buckles, studs and other trinkets. Because of the amazing amount of detail, I felt like he was an excellent candidate for a Bones vs. Metal challenge. Goals for this challenge included: 1) Paint all 5 figures at a very high level so as to demonstrate the differences between the figures. 2) Paint all 5 figures at a very high level so as to highlight the similarities between the figures. 3) Boggle your minds. 4) Work on some complicated painting techniques to push my comfort level. 5) Not try and replicate DKS' legendary paint job. Each figure got the same treatment, and the figures were routinely varied in terms of which one got details painted first to last. Every figure had mould lines removed, based, primed with Reaper brush on primer, and then a base-coat wash of blue liner. Ironically, both the metal and Bones versions of the same figure helped me to pluck out details on the opposing surfaces. For instance, there are metals rings hanging off of studded leather straps that appear in exquisite detail on the Bones figures, which were all but nonexistent on the metal version! By comparison, the bracers on the metal version were better defined than that of the Bones version. Artistically, my goal with using OSL on this particular figure was to create a flow of transition from cool tones to warm tones across the miniature. The cool tones being cold firelight cast from the fire spell manifestation, while the warm glow of an ally's flickering torchlight glows off his other shoulder. I opted to also work toward a dramatic dark-light effect from the front; essentially a more neutral third source of light from the front. If the gold appears to be a little flat, that was a choice so as to not diminish the fire OSL effect on the sword hilt, etc. I realize that some of my transitions are not as smooth as several figures I've recently posted. Painting five figures with this level of detail with the mental considerations I was factoring stretched me very thin and I find at certain times my patience just wasn't what I normally have. I opted to make things even more difficult on myself by making the sword blades of each Seltyiel crystalline instead of metal since crystals are also not my strongest. Each base is different and gave me an opportunity to keep figures straight with respect to which ones are metal and which ones are Bones. I've never painted water before, so I got to practice water effect with 2 of the bases, and then decided to paint up a swamp water looking base on a third. The dungeon flood and swamp terrain bases were my own sculpting. The rock base and two water bases are resin from Dark Age Miniatures. At ReaperCon 2015 I will be showing all 5 together. Brad (chaosscorpion) and Terry (Bonwirn) will each take one home with them. The colors I used were all Reaper MSP paints and each figure was painted with the same Reaper #1 Round brush: Blue liner, oiled leather, blue sapphire, maggot white, burgundy wine, dark elf shadow, dusky skin highlight, light blue, worn navy, midnight blue, nightshade purple, bright turquoise, ultramarine shadow, emerald green, black green, carnival purple, rusty red, pale saffron, sun yellow, tusk ivory, nightmare black, fair skin, mahogany. Conclusions: 1) Bones figures are far more forgiving than metal figures specifically because the depth of features isn't so dramatic and some of the more shallow features actually make it easier to paint at a higher level. 2) Loss of detail happens in any mould, metal or plastic. 3) Own the metal and Bones version of any figure and they will help you paint one another up better. 4) Pushing your abilities as a painter and posting your work is the only way to get better. 5) Bones vary by batch with respect to softness and firmness of the plastic and sharpness of features; firmer Bones tend to be very close to the metal version.
  6. Man, there's a lot of details on these minis. Every time you think you are finished you see a buckle or something you missed. Some of the detail gets a bit muddy in the Bones material, but overall these have been fun to paint. Nice to not have to make color choices sometimes... Related note - how the heck does everyone pronounce Seltyiel? I love me some Pathfinder but the names sometimes... Damiel Seelah Ezren Seltyiel
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