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Found 5 results

  1. I started a D&D campaign for my son and some of his friends, and using it as an excuse to acquire and paint some new minis. Here is my son's Tiefling sorcerer (sorceress?)The plan: We don't really like the "combat bikini" on this one, so I am going to attempt to add, well something to it. It won't be great, probably wont even look good, but hey I'm only trying to get better, so please comment, critique, advise, instruct, and what not. Going with a light purple skin because its for a Tiefling character, and I think purple is an interesting color to paint. Turquoise colored garments as a complimentary color, and some yellow gold metal for some contrast. And some color after the nip tuck. I went with blue for a base cause I'm guessing it will work better with the purple skin. We decided to chop the staff and try for a glass orb for the arcane focus. Any recommendations are appreciated. Finally to end the night with some Green stuff. I started with a "sheet" of it for the Front and Back panels. I'm going to try to add some detail tomorrow after this dries. Overall I don't think the cloth is laying quite right, or the size is off. Either way I hope I can fix it in the next session.
  2. Ok so this is an old miniature that I put together a couple years ago. The original thread has photobucket links in it. Sadly I do not remember which picture goes where so I'm going to re-tell the story here. So lets begin. The idea was to see how well bones and metal would mix together. What I found out is weapons work but anything else is problematic. So we have Bones Sinessa, a metal dagger, and metal Wings. The base pictured is metal. This was to help with the weight. All in all this was NOT a cost effective mini to make. Cost about $12 in metal to make. I drilled and cut a lot out of her back to get the wings to fit flushed against her back. I didn't want to use greenstuff as at the time I was extremely unconfident about my greentstuff abilities...now I'm just unconfident lol I angled the pin downward. Because the mini was very thin and my thinking was that it would hold better if I did so. As I anticipated, The wings were far too heavy for her to stand. I leaned her against something and ran into another problem. The wings tilted back too far. So I double pinned the wings to help with this. This basically did not help much though.... So I decided to create a base for her. After cutting her from her Bones roots. Ran into a new problem....She leaned back BADLY! I fix this leaning problem Later. I begin painting her Here are some shots I have to brush on primer for the base and wings but used blue liner for the rest and the hair was direct color no primer. More skin She came out a little rough when I finished. Where wasn't much I could do about it sadly... Now as to how I fixed the leaning problem. Well a small pebble basically. I positioned it under her dress and it made stand a bit straighter. I condensed this from the original thread as the pics are a bit large (data wise) So I didn't use all the photos I took. The only reason I'm redoing this thread is for education purposes for those that want to do their own conversions with bones. I do not recommend this method to anyone.
  3. I didn't paint my Bones for a long time. I started yesterday with Danar and will hopefully post more Bones soon. 77030: Danar, Male Assassin
  4. Yesterday, I posted one of my first. Today, one of my latest. At first I was a bit intimidated by her tiny tiny clothing. I love bones minis but sometimes detail can be a little soft (I'm looking at you Yephima). This was not the case with her, she was a joy to paint. Tried to work on contrast, glazing, transitions, and skin. Also, my first real attempt at scuplting a base, inspired by Baugi. Comments and criticism always welcome
  5. Here is bad boy Damien and his adventuring companions, all bones: Damien (77149), painted for the bad boy contest: Sinessa (77119), here modified to be less evil looking, I will paint my second copy as the evil Sinessa. Vaeloth (77120) Tiviel (77118) They were a fun group to paint up
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