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Found 13 results

  1. Okay, so I'm probably going to go either this afternoon or tomorrow and pick up a wooden oval base and cork [to be sea rocks on the base] to put Coraldrax on. I had a few questions, as I've never constructed a cork base...is hot glue okay to use? Should I use a different glue to hold it together? What do you recommend to cut it? Xacto knife? Figured I should ask this before going to pick up supplies haha Coraldrax: Main thread with more pictures: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/54577-coraldrax-sea-kaladrax/
  2. Picked this up at my FLGS on clearance. Did a bit of reading, apparently was released in December 2003 and is discontinued now. I figured it was old when I saw it, because the package is quite faded and worn. From the Exalted line I guess? I'm going to modify another Secret Weapon corpse field base into a snowy scene And I think I'm going to try and imitate Wren's wonderful wolf pelt color from her recent barbarian on those luxurious locks this mini has [look at that TEXTURE, he looks so soft and cuddly!!] oh, I also bent my horns back a bit because I didn't like the straight up in the air point they had. Figured it'd look more natural for them to be swept back a tad
  3. Finally finished my Iron cobra, painted up in a partially rusted style
  4. So I got my rat addon from the Dark Hold goblin Kickstarter =P Figured I'd start up a WIP because i want to start painting him right away, he's really cool! I thought about classic rat colors, but decided I didn't want to do that. Firstly, because he's so big and has so much area of fur that it'd be a shame to paint it all one color. Secondly, I figure he's semi-domesticated and domesticated animals usually end up with patterned coats. So I'm going for a variegated black and white rat similar to this:
  5. i volunteered to paint up a replacement for Sanael's summer exchange
  6. My Fall swap for Auberon! I painted my mini of this guy almost exactly one year ago, so I included a side by side photo. The base is the Corpse Field base from Secret Weapon [same base I used for my undead crab, Scuttlebones], with green stuff and some other embellishment The exposed wood on the legs has a lot of free hand painting, i tried to get a good photo
  7. So I bought some of the animal carcasses from Mega MIniatures. THought they'd be fun and different to paint and could potentially be used in a diorama or game some day They're 28mm, so rather on the large side, though for the smaller animals it's hardly noticeable. However, the buck, doe, and moose are HUGE...so uh...Dire Moose I guess? I used 77094: Trista the White Wolf [WIP] as a size scale in there with them. The cat, boar, fox, coyote, and vultures seem fairly properly sized. The rooster and rabbit are a bit big, but the moose, doe, and buck are just gigantic! Oh well, they're turning out fun to paint The moose had some rather sad nubby antlers, so with green stuff and wire I gave him antler extensions The last picture is P60048B: Fox from Reaper, and I put it next to the dead fox from Mega MInis. They're actually fairly close in size. The sheer size of the large deer compared to the more normal sized critters is boggling haha
  8. This henchman is a awesome sculpt. He's actually one of the very first minis I picked up [he's pewter, before Bones came out] and painted when I frist started learning to paint minis. I stripped his mediocre paint job and am re-painting him, because a awesome mini like him deserves a better paint job The camels I'm painting up at the same time because I'm using lots of the same colors =P They're a bit sloppily painted because I'm just toying with color placement right now. Once I'm happy I'll go back and clean everything up
  9. Familiars completed for my Coraldrax basing project! [found here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56564-basing-coraldrax/ ]
  10. The extra figures sent to me by Oneboot with her exchange piece! I see the Loremistress in a sunny, airy dress so I'm doing my best to paint her up with that. Not sure about what color to make her little dragon buddy on her hand, but I decided on a gold-red dragon for the mini dragon
  11. 77038: Hell Hound 77184: Spirit of the Forest 77111: Rauthuros Demon Just a grouping of three recently finished Bones. I dislike making a single thread for each mini I finish when I'm just churning out table top quality *shrug* so here's a small batch. The tree spirit is a requested color scheme from my husband and was actually one of the first minis I ever painted, but I figured I'd share him now
  12. The Gencon 2014 mini. Mine has 1531 written on her package? Got her today, getting started on her. I like the wolf pelt especially
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