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Found 177 results

  1. Perhaps my favorite for uniqueness from the recent Hammer and Forge Kickstarter for Song of Blades and Heroes from Ganesha Games, I painted up a group of their Undead Dwarves. I never thought I'd say I painted a Dwarf Vampire or Dwarf Banshee, but now I have!
  2. Here are some shots of the bones colossal skeleton guarding the dungeon entrance in a dangerous canyon. I was very excited to spring this surprise on my players
  3. Hey, folks! I'm brand new here, though I've been lurking for awhile, and brand new to miniature painting in general. This is my absolute -first- attempt at painting a mini. I tossed around whether or not to post, but why the heck not, eh? The earlier I get constructive criticism, the earlier I can put it to use! I've been wanting to try my hand at painting for awhile now, and finally decided to get a learn to paint kit. I set right to it after receiving it yesterday. He's by no measure great, but I'm fairly happy with him for a first attempt. At the least, I was never tempted to strip him down and start over. :P If anyone has any constructive criticism or tips, they'd be greatly appreciated. The most trouble I ran into was with dry brushing highlights; I seemed to either go far too light or far too heavy on it, with no real middle ground. In any case, if I had any doubt about sticking with this as a hobby, they were long gone last night. Down the rabbit hole I go! :P (Edited to correct the absolute mess that my image uploads were.>_<)
  4. Mr Bones, kind of what you think he would look like. Enjoy guys :).
  5. The famous 'Chicken Dragon'. He's a fun and easy paint job plus he looks good on the table. Once you get past the fact that he looks like a chicken skeleton with wings.
  6. This is one of the first batch of miniatures my husband got me after I got back into painting them. It's a fun, weird little set, with something like a lecturer or doctor and a useful anatomical skeleton specimen. The skeleton comes with its stand only so I glued it to a penny.
  7. So I got my Reaper Order a couple of days ago and inside was a "treat" from Reaper for their Ghoulie Bag. The treat consisted of a Giant Spider and a Sword/Board Skeleton. I figured, I needed a break from serious work for a few hours and decided that the skeleton was a perfect size to fit on the spider, so I went to work sculpting a saddle/seat for the skeleton to be placed on the spider so that he was mounted. I then thought to myself this is for grins and giggles, so that's their names! I present to you a very quick (for me) tabletop (didn't worry about mold lines) modification of a spider riding skeleton! Figures: Skeleton 77242 and Giant Spider 77025 Manufacturer: Reaper of course Materials: Bones Sculptors: Gene Van Horne for the spider and unsure for the skeleton as it's not tagged. A quick WIP spoiler here as I don't feel like doing a whole WIP thread for this, but if people have questions I can answer them: C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated, thanks for looking!
  8. This year the minis I manage to paint will all count towards the resolutionary challenge. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. With the refurbishment of the old house complete and it now up for sale, I have at last some time to paint a miniature or two. It has been more than a month since I touched a brush smaller than two inches wide, and I have come to the conclusion that I utterly detest redacorating houses, especially everything that involves masking tape. So anyway, here goes: Starting easy with a bare bones miniature I posed this one to be wailing in its' existential pain, being somewhat of a pretentious poseur even in death. I have to look into building a light box, as the lighting I currently use (one desk lamp and the blitz on the compact camera) is far too harsh and serves only to highlight all the flaws. This one actually looks great in the flesh (oh, the Pun! The Pun!). Not so much in the picture. Might also have something to do with the mini being about an inch tall, and the picture magnifying everything, to almost filling the screen. This is one of the original Wargames Factory skeletons, from before they retooled them to have slightly thicker contact points. The skeletons are really nice, but are a pain to put together as the contact points are only a fractions of a millimeter wide. This also means that they are extremely brittle and often fall apart. Skeleton from the "Skeleton Warriors" box set Wargames Factory HIPS plastic 25 mm round base by Renedra.
  9. Ok, time to attempt another WIP. As you can tell from the title I plan to paint up Bonesylvania Chibi Morty and Cal. Along the way I plan to paint up my remainder Bone 1 and Bones 2 skeletons. All these hopefully by the end of July. Where I stand with my Figures at the beginning of July. Morty: Cal: 1 of my 3 Bones 1 skeleton archers: My Bones 2 skeletons:
  10. I came back from a dark place in April with the help of my family, and one of the things that kept me going then, and now, is sitting down with little lead people and some paint every evening.... Now I didn't start on the forums until the last day of June, but in April, May, and June, I painted over 50 minis, mostly Reaper. (That bit of Figmentius in me kept me from needing to buy much....) The Reaper ones are In the Inspiration Gallery, because I knew about that.... The pics will be marked Old Work in the titles, and were done with GW paints, because that was what was here, as well as a few decent brushes. No wet palette though... Since Old Guard Posted an older work I decided to do the same with some of my older stuff from this time.... (Shut up and post MY PICTURES! No one wants to hear your biography!) So I give you Dragoth, the Defiler! Some close ups: The extra base is from a Grenadier Dragon Lords set called 'Encounter at Khomar-Lolth' that had a similar figure that went where Draggy is. The red liquid in the 2 'braziers' is water effect with some GW Blood Red mixed in. So thanks for looking! 8) George Edit- See, even the undead are talking to me....
  11. This is a pretty old fellow (you can see that the paint have flaked off some places due to tabletop use) that just got a new base. I never liked the "invisible man" look, so I once upon a time gave him limbs from a broken warhammer skeleton:
  12. Here is my attempt to paint up Mr Bones from KS1 in a similar color to the artwork. Basing is rather simple. I thought I would have him walking a path like he did in the KS. My Dullcote must be almost gone as there still appears to be a shine that kills the shadows, especially on the back. Well time for a shopping trip to pick up some more. If I feel the need I'll hit is with another coat of a new can and retake photos. Thanks for looking. As always C&C are welcome.
  13. Yes, I finally managed to get another in my progress to finishing last year's Boneslyvanian Chibi's. I present Morty. Overall a simple paintjob, but I like how it turned out. Morty: Thanks for looking, and any C&C you feel like posting. PS:I really need to get my Boneslyvanian's based some day.
  14. Three more skeletons, this time with one in blue. These are in addition to the skellies I did earlier this month. I realized that with this group, I've now painted 65 minis in all since I've started about two years ago, not counting one test mini I did.
  15. Here are 2 quick photos, individual photos to come. Started on my computer because the phone is taking some getting used to.
  16. Working at this guy...getting kind of frustrated with him, so thought I'd post for opinions i'm going for a grungy, 'just got out of the grave' dirty look for him. He will have trees growing out of his back. Going to add more roots in his ribcage his base is in the mail and should be in soon
  17. Here's a little fellow I painted as a warm-up: Well, what was supposed to be a warm-up ended up taking three days. First, the sand for the basing material ended up getting messed up during application, meaning I had rinse it twice and start again. The I noticed the paint was getting rubbed off the high areas (it's not quite waterproof), so I had to repaint certain areas. Finally the matte varnish I put on frosted a bit, so even after reapplying gloss and matte varnish again, it looks dusty. At that point I called it quits and skipped the grass flocking. Still I like him, and he's good enough for tabletop. My son now wants me to let him play as a skeleton in an RPG session, with this as the figure.
  18. I just want to show off the non player minis I painted for my Dungeons & Dragons club over the past year. Today: everything undead Starting with zombies, I got me some that could fit in a fantasy setting: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/zombie/sku-down/06135 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/zombie/sku-down/03598 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/03601/sku-down/03601 next up are skeletal warriors. I love these figures, they remind me so much of the old Ray Harryhausen movies. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/06133/sku-down/06133 Then we got Dragoth, the defiler http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/02056/sku-down/02056 The ghost king http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/02991/sku-down/02991 And the whispering tyrant who - being quite a snap taller than average human - makes a pretty good level boss http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/60060/sku-down/60060 ...hope you like them
  19. Bought myself transparent glowing colors. From now on, every miniature I paint will glow in the dark.....every single one :) front back in the dark I will redo the sword. That's my kryptonite....among other things :)
  20. Whipped up a couple more skeletons while I was working on some character models. I continued with the same colour scheme and techniques as the axeman, plus took advantage of having several models completed and snowed up a bunch of bases. I'm still getting the hang of placing the snow, and I think I need a smaller junk brush for applying it to those hard to reach places. So, here's the skeleton crew so far. Ugh. Forgot I hadn't blacked the edges of their bases yet. Also I think I should leave the photography to my wife, these aren't the best pics.
  21. Not to long ago I found my various board games from the 80s and 90s and sadly some of the cardboard stuff was to damaged to continue. DragonStrike from TSR was one such game. VHS VIDEO INSIDE! LMAO! But I still have the plastic miniatures. And recently I grabbed EVERY skeleton I own to paint up. This included the Death Knights in the board game. There are three included with each board game and this is #2 of them. 1 and 3 are nearly completed and will be posted as well. They are painted the same way as this one with a couple of color exceptions. Reaper: Walnut Brown Spattered Gore Garnet Red Honed Steel Pure Black Vallejo: Panzer Aces Stencil Amarantha Red Dark Sand Bronze Neutral Grey Chocolate Brown Privateer P3: Cryx Bane Base Here's the photos: I didn't clean up the mold lines. These are all for gaming. The effort in painting the skeletons will vary as I work to add them to my gaming box. I painted the whole thing with Pure Black as a primer/basecoat. Then started in on the Stencil color for the bone color. Hitting the right side and the face as exposed bone. The mini has "sagging" bits of flesh or cloth or bandages so I decided to treat them as a former uniform and made the ribs of the figure the same color, originally Amarantha Red. I didn't realize it was a glossy paint when I acquired it so I mixed in some dark sand to lighten it and kill the gloss. The leather across his chest is Dark Sand, the shoulder pad is Cryx Bane Base. The helmet is bronze as is his gauntlet and left knee pad. The "skirt" is Spattered Gore. The scythe is Chocolate Brown for the handle, Cryx Bane Base for the blade with Honed Steel highlights. Spattered Gore was used on the spike on the helmet. Selective washing and glazing of Walnut Brown dirtied him up and shaded various spots. The base is a 1-inch plastic square with the integral base surrounded by toothpick pieces to make it flush to the edges and look like other bits of stone. While I like the paint job, I wanted to keep the base pretty simple. C&C welcome.
  22. Couple of bones. I tried to make the freehand on the death knight's cloak match his shield. I imagined him as a paladin in magic armor that still held it's shine. The Cloud Giant was my first attempt at tartan. Also, i thought his base looked cool (and it was easy!) Both are shaded metallics (still working on improving that) Hope you like.
  23. I painted up a few of the Bones 2 skeletons. Simple paint jobs. Group Shot: The Spearman: The Swordsman: The Archer: The Axeman:
  24. Batch of skeletons from Bones 2 77325: Bone Devil 77237: Skeletal Guardian Archer 77238: Skeletal Guardian 2H Sword 77239: Skeletal Guardian Spearman 77240: Skeletal Guardian Sword 77241: Skleletal Guardian Axeman 77201: Dragoth Didn't manage to get any decent close ups of the smaller skeletons =/ all the pictures came out blurry
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