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Found 10 results

  1. A Merry Christmas and Happy holiday season to you! Here's an ornament I painted for our tree. It was 3D printed (Resin, on an Anycubic Photo Mono). I primed in White with Dupli-Color sandable primer, then inverse zenithal primed again with "Hot Rod grey". I've largely left the primer untouched to retain the powdery look of the snow. I painted the clothing and eyes with Reaper "Coal Black." The hook and scarf trim were painted with reaper "Clockwork Brass" metallic. The rest of the sash and the hat ribbon were a craft paint metallic with the black undercoat. The carrot is two coats of Reaper clear orange. Best wishes to you and your family. Stay safe out there!
  2. While it's still winter, I thought I should finish up my last ReaperMas order: The MONSTROUS SNOWMEN!
  3. So apparently Japan has had some heavy snow this year. And apparently when Japan gets snow the snowman builders get creative. http://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-42817627
  4. This resin beauty was on sale for only three bucks during CMON's BF sale. As I paint slowly (<1hr day) and Reaper's holiday minis didn't go on sale till the 7th, I figured this would be my Santa dwarf I paint up this year as the Reaper ones won't get here in time. Day One... Partially assembled (axe head isn't glued on yet), and partially basecoated. Nothing fancy...
  5. This is one of three snowman I am posting in homage to the season fast approaching! Snowman one from the 3 Monstrous Snowman set 03296 from reaper. This snowman has a big stick to help him patrol th streets .. yah thats it patrol...surrre! Feel free to add comments, likes.. throw snowballs (batter up) or any other form of expression you might have!
  6. And the last of the snowman from the evil trio.... My favourite of the three wearing grandmas old bathrobe.. the candy Snowman! I wonder are those red stripes candy or maybe something else... better stay out of reach! alright let me have it! comments, suggestions for improvement etc (I should stop painting is not an improvement suggestion...well.. maybe..)
  7. The second snowman in the evil trio is the one with the broom. Here he is cheering on the neighbourhood kids as they play in the streets! (sure he is) again comments critques etc are welcome
  8. So, as is my tradition of sorts, every winter I paint up a Winter Sophie. This year we take the wayback to 2001 and this fine example of Klockenbooty by the legendary master Werner Klocke. Here we see the legendary Sophie the Succubus proving that she can make even a Snowman blush Comments, Criticism, and questions all appreciated.
  9. My plan is to use 4 Ice Toads in my Icingstead army for ReaperCon; however, I like to use unique sculpts for my Warlord armies. There is currently only one Ice Toad sculpt, so my plan is to use the wonderful Jason Wiebe Monstrous Snowmen as proxies. That also poses a problem, since there are only 3 snowmen sculpts. Enter the Jason Wiebe Pumpkin Horrors. They are similarly shaped to snowmen, and with a little work could quite closely resemble one. So, with quite a bit of filing, greenstuff, and brush on varnish, I managed to turn pumpkins into snowballs. I also added a bit of greenstuff around his neck and connected it to the vines on his body to make a scarf. And here he is with the rest of the snowmen.
  10. Here are my Holiday Mouslings. These adorable models were sculpted by Gene Van Horne and were a real pleasure to paint. Their coats, toques and scarves were all good areas to practice my freehand technique. So I went with diffrent patterns and I even added a knitting effect on the green toque. I used Army Painter's Snow Flock on the base and completed the scene with dry herbs. I hope you'll like it! Comments and critiques are very welcome.
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