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Found 3 results

  1. I originally posted this on a Battle Games in Middle Earth forum, but I thought I'd share here too. These hints are abridged and quoted from "One Hour Wargames: Practical Tabletop Battles for those with Limited Time and Means" by Neil Thomas. This is a fantastic book for all wargamers, especially those who like their rank and file. I highly recommend if for anyone, especially those looking to develop their own games or scenarios. Solo wargaming doesn't have to be a drag. You can reenact historical battles, (whether real-world or Middle Earth's chronicled legends) and see if you can do better than the historical generals. These simulations, while interesting, probably won't entertain for long. Here are the suggestions the author makes: throw a randomizer into the mix. Dice rolls are at the heart of wargaming, but you can use cards as well. In his fun solo wargame, Rangers of Shadow Deep, Joe McCullough does just that with playing cards. Each turn the player draws a card, which is referenced against a table to determine random effects. You can make these global effects like nasty weather impacting shooting, or only affecting one unit, like a bad portent. Many scenarios feature reinforcements or not putting all your units on the table first turn. Roll a randomizing dice to determine when and where they appear. Split the table into a grid of nine like tic-tac-toe and roll for a space. Most units can't fly, so they will enter from one of the edges and you can use a d8. You can also use a dice to randomly determine which unit will enter. The aforementioned book has 30! scenarios, all of them generic to play in any time period. Some of them are based on historical battles. While these battles are for figures in trays a la War of the Ring, there's no reason not to try them with warbands not in neat rows. As suggested in the title, these are little games to be played on a 3x3' board. Try them for yourself and let me know what you think.
  2. So, i recieved an unexpected update for Sedition Wars for some progress on Solo Play Beta rules. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coolminiornot/sedition-wars-battle-for-alabaster/posts/872802?at=BAh7CDoMcG9zdF9pZGkDYlENSSIIdWlkBjoGRVRpA8jnMEkiC2V4cGlyeQY7BlRJIhgyMDE0LTA3LTEwIDIxOjA5OjI0BjsGVA%3D%3D--c51041c1dc64b06b9f26fcefb1b5b21ad6dec823&ref=backer_project_update This was one of the things i was hoping for as i seldom get a chance to play with a group and also like to use solo rules to get familiar with a game. Yet i am "ho hum" about this update. Is anyone excited about this? How is Sedition Wars doing in the market...my impression is that it is dying. If so, will this help? Hmmm.
  3. I was linked to this a few days back on a G+ community I follow. Then someone in one of my rpg circles posted about it to his wall (or whatever it's called... profile?) and so I bookmarked it. Today I started playing with it since it was too noisy to edit the story I'm working on (tonight's to-do list), I had no games going, and my bff was/still is at work - so no gaming there either. http://www.rpgsolo.com/play.php Below is the beginning of my work (and the reason why I posted it in this forum - I fear the mod bat). The blue text is the RPG Solo prompt. I have a login, so I set it at "Superhero" as my genre. (I was going for something paranormal/urban fantasy since I've been playing Monsterhearts lately and am still in the mood for it and superhero seemed like the best fit for the sort of story I wanted.) **** The setting is ghost town involving magnifying glass and parking garage. Your quest is to explore the instillation. Trying to stop you is the altered human skilled in dodge. You are currently at the mental institution. It was another of those oddly worded requests. "Go to Star Town and see what's in Starfall Mental Institution's basement." Of course, I knew what they really meant. "See if there's anything weird there. And kill it if you can't contain it." That's what I do. In another time, I would have been called a monster hunter. Maybe a werewolf or vampire hunter. But no one in our business uses those terms anymore. You don't want to sound like you're acknowledging the paranormal. In many cases, that gives it power. My business is full of couched terms that sidestep and dance around even naming the source of the problems. Most of our clients are cagey bastards too. Usually because they don't want to have any sort of paper trail admitting they had anything to do with the world of hurt that's probably going to fall on someone like a ton of bricks. Creative Solutions Co. was comfortably generic. It looked perfectly unexceptionable on billing statements, on the sides of our dark vehicles, and on the subdued offices in the cities we based ourselves out of. It was also short-handed this week (the plus side of being one of the few companies in the industry is that we get a lot of business - but that also means we get called in for more jobs than we can handle sometimes, especially if there were injuries on a call), so I was on my own as I finally stopped sipping at my coffee, crawled out of the van into the empty parking garage with a faint groan, and went around back to gather up my equipment kit. Thankfully, I was uniquely suited to working alone. Without that assurance, no one in their right mind would send a solo operator into the field. Especially not even knowing what they were up against. The kit was heavy, since it's tough to pack not knowing what you were up against and you'd hate to find out that - for instance - if you'd just had a magnifying glass to read the faded 10-point font of some documents that would have warned you, you wouldn't have lost that arm to the hungry bog monster some rogue scientists were playing with. Not that I ever used that example in front of Jim. I did a last minute check to make sure I had everything. That I didn't have to go to the bathroom. That everything was secured. At least this time I didn't have to worry overmuch about anyone seeing me in action and looking sideways at my get-up. Star Town had been abandoned these past five years. One of those little cities that builds up around something and then gets abandoned for one reason or another. Officially, the reason was an improperly built sewage system that was causing all sorts of problems - from deadly sewage gasses to building collapses. But you start to get a feel for these things after a few months taking on clients and we were pretty sure that someone or someones had been experimenting on the patients at Starfall and it'd gotten dangerously out of hand. They must have missed someone to call us in. I headed out of the garage and crossed the street to the mental institution. Clearing. Starfall Mental Institution had one of those long, wide front lawns marred only by a wide, elegant front walk, a circular fountain, and flowerbeds around that fountain. In its heyday, it would have been safely pretty, with the soothing sounds of trickling water and perhaps the wind in the trees that lined either side of their property line - presumably to block noises from the rest of the city. This wasn't its heyday. That would have been maybe five years ago. Now, the walkway was cracked, with angry weeds doggedly crawling through the gaps and defiantly turning their seedy heads to the cloudy morning sky and demanding it rain for them. The lawns that were once probably so well-cropped that they resembled golfing greens were now choked with those same angry weeds and had grasses that no landscaper would allow to grow together to strangle each other into submission and then left their battle-scarred children left to straggle amongst the debris of their battles just to survive. And what was left of the flowerbeds was a pathetic gaggle of plants that drooped like unadorned spinsters at a debutante ball. The fountain still worked, for whatever reason. But five years of neglect had left it cracked, the up-reaching nymph missing an arm at the elbow, and the basin stained in an array of disturbing colors. If you dropped a coin into the muck that had collected in the bottom pool, it would probably sink slowly before being swallowed and nearly devoured by what was probably protean life. I skirted the fountain with a wary eye and continued up to the front steps. I had the keys to the great hulk of a building, but it didn't look like I'd need them. The front doors were open. It stood to reason that urban explorers, homeless, and kids out for a lark would invade and be careless - but it still felt like I was expected. I didn't like that feeling because they had the nasty habit of turning out to be true. Smart phone. [To be continued - but not here. And not without editing and adding bits. I'm considering this a teaser/excerpt for a larger work that I now want to write about Creative Solutions Co. - or whatever it ends up being called.] It's late enough now I need to stop procrastinating and get my work done. Though it pains me to leave off because I'm having fun. If you guys have fun with it - post or link here too?
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