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  1. It is a time of uncertainty in the galaxy. The Rebel scum continue to flounder at running things. Corruption is rampant as Imperial loyalty surges. Rumors abound. Of Mandalore. Of leaders falling. And of a great leader's return. Long live the Empire. Plans for this year are to continue with my Imperials as my main focus, with my CIS to work on when I need a break from painting white. Or when the Geonosians come out in a couple weeks..... I'm not sure how much I'll get to play Legion this year as the local group has gotten rather small and a couple of those are taking a bit of a break, but I'll keep painting at least. So after a bit more of break from painting than planned due to illness, I finally got back to work on my Death Troopers. I finished basing the weapons with AP Matt Black on the 9 that were left. Next will be the metals on the weapons. As I had a little time left, I pulled out 18 bases for these guys and did a first pass with some AP Matt White to lighten up the markings I use for squad indications. None of them will end up white as they are units 2-4, so will be blue, red and probably green. I also did some white on the pipes on the bases with those. They also won't stay white.
  2. So I normally don't post on show off unless I based them, too. Today I'm making an exception because of how dang cute they are. So. So.so. small.
  3. Just a quick paint job I want to sneak in, before the year ends: My original plan was to paint him exactly like he looks in the movie. Didn't work, because In the movie there is just a quick backlit shot of him. Apart from his golden eyes you really can't see a thing. He still gets a full backstory and a home planet though. That's what I love about the Star Wars lore. 😄 Ok, so then I tried to paint him like he looks in the action figure version. Didn't really work, turns out he's wearing something different... So this is just a rough "inspired by action figure" speed paint version. Enjoy!
  4. Yay, I got something done! At the moment, I just have time for some quick paint jobs, but at least it helps me to not completely lose the routine. Here's Tessek, a miniature by West End Games, probably long out of print. I had a Tessek action figure as a kid, and that was the coolest thing ever. Now I have a painted Tessek mini. Maybe not the coolest thing ever, but I'm always happy when I get time to paint (and finish!) something. He's really tiny:
  5. Hello you cross pollinations of Reaper Lovers and Star Wars addicts! So my wife is not a big fan of miniatures, but she does happen to like baby Yoda quite a lot, so when this came out, I knew I had to get it and paint him for her. When I pre-ordered it, I didn't realize it was going to be so small, he's really petite. I'm guessing maybe about 18-20 mm in height, it was also really nice because he's such a simple figure, it only took maybe four hours to paint. No weapons, pouches or Dingly Danglies, was very simple and the eyes were large enough to work nicely with them as well. I did his little jacket a little darker than it shows up in the show because I wanted some contrast between his cuffs and fluffy lamb skin fur about his head. So anyhow, a slightly belated merry Christmas to you all again!
  6. It has been a dark time for the Galactic Empire. Strong meta for the other factions have lead to few victories, and the faith of many Imperial commanders had been tested. But now, when all seemed lost, and new RRG has emerged. Unit costs have decreased. Changes have breathed new life into nearly abandoned Imperial troops. And leading the way, mighty Lord Vader's Sith training has made him even more powerful and devastating. Now is the time, for the Empire to strike back!! So, a new year, and a new Star Wars Legion painting WIP. Last year started strong but then I almost completely stopped painting for quite a while. Instead I focused on getting a bunch of units assembled, as I was playing fairly regularly. My back going to crap probably had some impact on my painting too, all those meds aren't helping with my focus or energy levels. Regardless, I've finally felt like painting again the last week or so. So I'm going to go with it and hope to settle in to a schedule where I'm getting a few hours of painting in a week. My goals for this year are to get back to painting Empire forces, but also to finish up painting my CIS army. For the CIS I still have to paint two more units of B1s, and base them and the 2 units I've just finished up in the old WIP. Then there are 3 units of STAPs, 3 units of Droidekas. 3 Spider Droids. 3 boxes of Magnaguards. 3 boxes of Bx commandos. A bunch of commanders and specialists. Oh, and 2 snail tanks, and two AATs.......so a bit...also 1 more unit of B2s if they ever come in. But, as soon as I get through the 2 units of B1s (they take up too much room on my desk to work on anything else at the same time) I'll start moving in some Imperial units to mix it up. And get back to painting white......
  7. I bought this Yoda pack from a local hobby shop when i was on a work trip. I got it for my friend who's a massive Yoda fan. This is the second one from the same box. Came out pretty good. I am very happy with the fade on the saber.
  8. We've had some cool kitbashes on here lately, which got me to thinking about this guy I put together a few years ago. The head and arm are from an Oathmark dwarf sprue (with a mustache added to the face and a bead added to the top of the staff). The body is from some Star Wars miniature of the Emperor's Royal Guard. Not sure about the exact line (it was prior to the Legion stuff and originally had an oval base). If anyone knows the exact line, please clue me in. Anyway, I was going for a very archetypical wizard. I think I hit the mark (my working name for him is "Generico"). I do feel like he's got some personality, though. He seems like a stern old coot. I could definitely see him painted on the side of a sick 70's van.
  9. Printed this one off a few weeks ago. Was a pretty quick paint up, that might be due to him being mostly black though. Took me longer to get around to the base than anything else. Over all I am pleased with it my only complaint would be the lightsaber, there is just no good way to do one, that and my light effect skills are in need of work. So without further ado the Chosen One (as listed in the STL) AKA Darth Vader. And for scale we have a brave but gravely outclassed 28mm Perry miniatures knight volunteering to provide a comparison. only one problem…. Now I want to do more Star wars stuff. Thanks for looking!
  10. Buried deep in my stash I found an old blister of Star Wars Minis by West End Games - specifically the "Aliens of the Galaxy 2". Right now I'm trying to figure out who they are supposed to represent. I'm pretty sure the guy on the left is called Tessek. I had him as an action figure when I was a kid and he was the coolest thing ever! But the other two? I have no idea. I've never seen them in the movies. The devil and E.T.? 🤔 Thanks for your help, maybe the wisdom of this forum can shed a light on their identities?
  11. Picked up the New Yoda miniature for star wars legions and had to paint him up. Love the sculpt but had to add some floating rocks to the Force using pose. I'd love to hear what people think. https://www.instagram.com/p/CZJb0WCulRw/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. And now, the moment you've been waiting for (and by "you've" I mean "I've"): The completion of strawhat's Imperial Assault journey! Unfortunately, almost all of my games are still boxed up from the move, so there won't be any story time tonight. But, truthfully, after nearly a year and a half I am just happy to be at this point. Although it's a bit bittersweet. I've been painting Star Wars minis for so long, and they're what got me back into painting! I've been thinking of starting Legion just so I'll have more Star Wars to paint. So, what does Tyrants of Lothal bring to us? Two heroes: a "retired" clone trooper, and a Devaronian. The Devaronian is a cyborg and a close combat monster. The clone trooper is a bit trigger-happy. And with the name "Lothal" in the title, who else comes along but the rest of Spectre Cell! The minis are really a bit all over the place. Kanan and his padawan/apprentice Ezra are clearly from the later seasons of Rebels, while Sabine mixes elements of her appearance from Seasons 1-3. I'm not certain where Zeb fits in. Kanan and Ezra are pretty straight forward. Ezra should be wearing green gloves, but I missed the molding on his hands, and I didn't really like that look anyway. Kanan's visor should be olive as well, but I liked the raw metal look. Sabine was, frankly, a nightmare. Anyone who has watched Rebels knows why...she's definitely the free-spirited artist and her armor and hair show it. The breastplate has two diagonal stripes on her right side, and a small Rebellion phoenix in the right corner. One pauldron has a 5 (as she is Spectre 5), the other has a Mandalorian "owl" of some sort. These actually vary in the show. In the latter seasons, her pants and shirt are matched grey/black, and her breastplate and pauldrons are different colors with different symbols. The mini has hair from Season Three, boots from Season One, gun belts from Season One, gauntlets that more closely match Season Two or Three (but not really either of them). AAA-aaa-rrgh! So, since the mini is all over the place, I just kind of picked and chose what I was doing. I didn't even attempt all the paint-spatter she has over her gauntlets and greaves. I also skipped the checker pattern on her right pauldron and just kept the stylized 5. The left pauldron has the Mandalorian owl design (really just a light blue blob) from later seasons. The purple guy is Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, one of the last surviving Lasat (design based on some of the original concept work for Chewbacca). He shouldn't be quite that dark a shade of purple, though. I used the Dark Elf Skin triad, and should have modified it by starting with the Dark Elf Skin instead of Dark Elf Shadow. There should be some darker tiger striping on his arms and legs. I've got no excuses on that one. I just forgot. There also should be a stylized animal face on his left shoulder armor, but I just didn't feel up to it. Which brings us to the Scum & Villainy...which are just Loth-cats. Who aren't really scummy or villainous. The Loth-cats in the show generally resemble bobcats or lynxes. But I decided to have a little fun with it. I painted a cheetah, a tiger, a black panther, and a generic lion (without a mane, though). The "Elite" cats are based off our old tortie and calico cat, our current medium-hair, and a Russian Blue (for the fun of it). We'll get to the last Scum and Villainy character in a bit. He lives up to the title as he is both scummy and villainous (typically in an entertaining way, though). On to the Empire: Not much to say here. Death Troopers wear shiny black armor, carry shiny black guns, etc. A nice, thorough drybrush of Adamantium Black helps with the shine and keeps definition. Which brings us to the last two characters. Both villainous, one slightly scummy. Admiral Thrawn and Hondo Ohnaka. Hondo is the scummy one. A thorn in the side of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars, Ohnaka manages to make a nuisance out of himself on Lothal as well. I kind of wish it was his Clone Wars costume (the one seen in the Disney Parks, too), though. I tried to lighten Thrawn's shade of blue a bit, but didn't quite get it right. Like Zeb, I should have started a shade lighter. But that's it. That's the last of them. All 176 (175+1 Additional Dewback) painted to what I hope is an acceptable tabletop (or maybe even a little better) standard. It's been a journey, thank you for accompanying me!
  13. Once I started painting Star Wars minis it was only a matter of time before I tackled one of the most iconic characters. Again I'd love to hear what you all think. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXtt8W1uY0M/?utm_medium=copy_link
  14. My latest starwars miniature. A very challenging paint job but a great opportunity to practice my freehand skills. Very rewarding project, even if her helmet gave me fits. I'd love to hear what you all think. https://www.instagram.com/othikent/p/CYCmeCYulsK/?utm_medium=copy_link
  15. I bought this little model at a local game store that had it in the clearance bin. I thought it looked cool, I love Star Wars, so why not buy it? However, a year ago, I wasn't at the level to paint it. I primed it. Based it. And then let it sit for a loooooong time on the shelf without touching it. Today was the day. BATTLE REPORT! This was a great model for me to test layers on. Over the last 4 models I've painted, I've really picked up a new rhythm and life for painting, which feels so good to get some wind back in my sails. I still have to finish the desert-ish base for Greedo, but I think his paint job looks solid. Wins: * Keeping my palette of colors out and planned helped so much! I've picked my layering colors, laid them out in the wet palette and am saving time. * Mixing colors is also much easier by keeping similar tones. In his vest, and arm/pant panels, I used leather as the base. In his pants and jacket, I used a stormy gray to highlight up. * Alien Flesh!!! I've been sitting on this color, I don't know how long. I was thinking, "Gosh, if only I had a light green that would work with an alie...OH MY GOD! * Learning my own recipe of water-to-paint ratios to allow for washes feels great! Gives my painting more flexibility. * Eyes. When they are that big, it makes it pretty easy to do them. I need to work on the reflections still, but I am happy with them. Using Indigo Blue and up to Rich Indigo then mixing in white up to white. Works. Misses: * Got sloppy twice and ended up swiping leather color over my pants and jacket 2 times. Thankfully I could catch and fix, but it was a few 'choice words' I may have said when I did it. * Used a blue tack for the handle I was using and unfortunately, it didn't stick as well to my homemade metal base. It nearly fell into the paint palette. He nearly ended up as messy as my shorts. I nearly crapped myself. Also followed by more choice words. * I tried using brown liner around the jacket and separation in the pockets on the vest, but it just didn't work like I had hoped. I need to learn how to darken in a similar color without going too dark and stark of a change. Would love to hear your feedback. Let me know what you think can be improved or worked on. I appreciate any and all comments. Here's my process photos and my inspiration image.
  16. So my son and his friends have asked me if I would run them a "Star Wars D&D game". They were thinking that I would use 5e, but given that there are Star Wars specific RPGs out there, it seems picking one of those up would be a better idea. Went to the local FLGS thinking I would just pick up whatever the latest version is, only to find out that there are apparently several different versions now available? I got seriously confused as to which was which (the FLGS shrink wraps their books) and just left with a couple of minis. So what are the various versions? And in your opinion, what are the pros and cons of each version?
  17. Up next is another unit of stormtroopers and General Veers. Since I already shared one unit of STs, I'll just share Veers here. The face has been base coated, washed, highlighted, and I picked out the eyes. The body (after experimenting with a few colors) got a coat of grey and then the armor was washed.
  18. I've been painting up a lot of Starcadia Quest. It only seems fitting to start out with the Star Wars characters. For most of my Starcadia Quest, I went with a Borderlands style- with lots of black lining against bright colors and even black hard edging to create that Borderlandish look. I plan to convert a few Starcadians into Borderlands characters as well. Also, it just seemed right to start out with the Star Wars inspired characters.
  19. Painted this one for a friend who is obsessed with the Child from the Mandalorian. It’s a 3D print that I got from a shop on Etsy.
  20. No fancy setup. I'm getting lazy. Or maybe not, because these aren't likely to be used and I still got them done. Rebel Lineup: Biv and Saska. Widely regarded as the two worst heroes in the game. Saska's outfit is green on the character card, but I'm not very fond of green. I also kind of wanted to paint up a Rebel pilot. She's a techie, not a pilot, but the look is similar. Wookiee Warriors. These were some of the first minis I painted for IA. That seems like forever ago sometimes. Alliance Smuggler (although I think he looks more like Sarek, Son of Skon). His character card has somewhat garish colors, but I chose to rein it in...Oddly going with a green jacket (you can't really tell from the front with the over-exposure). But I believe I achieved a very grounded, realistic look. Lastly on the Rebel front: These are the droids you're looking for! I'm a little disappointed in the gold on C-3PO. It should have been brighter, as should his lower leg. But, overall, I am pretty happy with the Droid Duo. On to the Scum! Lots of Terran Khaki. Lots of Uniform Brown. Just lots of brown. Well, there are two banthas...NO, NO, NO! There is only one bantha, thank goodness. The closest thing to "color" on it is the blue edging on the saddle blanket. And now I see a spot where I bumped some of the rigging ropes with another color. I might fix it later. I tried running a couple vertical black stripes down the bantha's flank so give a little variation. A couple Rodian bounty hunters. The red-shirted Rodian has a "blind" eye that I thought might be fun. It didn't work out as well as I had hoped. And now! The man (dalorian)! The myth (osaur rider)! The legend (who was taken out like a punk)! Shown here in a scheme reminiscent of his original Holiday Special and Droids appearances. I enhanced the brow ridge with kill marks (like his movie costumes). Hot Toys has a really spiffy 1:6 model of this costume, which is what I used as a reference. The cartoon "blue" is a little more "sky blue," but the Hot Toys looks more teal (to my eyes). So I went with the Marine Teal triad. I was really on the fence about it, but I'm starting to enjoy it more and more. I kind of wish that the knee-pad launchers had been molded into the figure, but I've tried to represent them with a couple stripes of silver. You can't see it in these pictures, but his breastplate is also yellow. Heavy Stormtroopers (which, I believe, most of us know as "sandtroopers"). Not much to say. Lots of white. Lather, rinse, repeat. Although I probably should have hit the backpacks with a drybrush. I might have to do that one these days. I have to admit, that I found my batch of troopers a little soft on the detail and some of the arm placements. Maybe the molds were wearing down, maybe I just got a set of bad casts, maybe they're all like that. And just when I thought we done: More Stormtroopers. These are the expansion pack, and have a slightly different pose. I wanted something a little more than that, though, and since these can also be used for Elites, they needed to stand out. I decided to do that by painting the pauldrons blue, and declaring them part of the 501st--Vader's Fist. Which means: ONE...LAST...STORMTROOPER! Kayn Somos. Commander or Captain, or some other non-specific officer-type. The orange pauldron means he's in charge. One more set (16 minis) to go! And no Stormtroopers! Just four Deathtroopers.
  21. I don't mind telling you guys, some days it felt like I would never complete the core set. In part, no doubt, to my haphazard manner of deciding what to paint...When I first started playing, the Imperial player had his favored units and he seldom deviated from them. He kept winning, so it's not like he really needed to... Again, I don't have my stuff together enough to do a little story and diorama. It's time to make some calculations for the jump to hyperspace! Jynn Odan and Fenn Signis. Jynn is a smuggler of no small repute who specializes in not standing still. Fenn is a veteran of many battles who specializes in "boom!" Jynn is pretty much straight off the character card. I went with a grey "urban" outfit for Fenn instead of the classic brown. Gideon Argus and Mak Esh'karay. Gideon is a Rebel Officer and tactical genius. Mak is a Bothan sharpshooter. Gaarkhan and Chewbacca (what a wookiee!). Gaarkhan specializes (in my limited experience) in getting trashed before the halfway point of the game. He's supposed to specialize in beating things to an icky pulp. I could have done a little better with Chewie, hopefully he won't pull my arms out of the sockets because I need them to paint! I should have base coated his fur a little differently instead of just drybrushing up from the base black coat. When I was looking at some of the animated shorts on Disney+, I noticed that his fur had a light/dark pattern that I tried to replicate instead of just hitting it with "whatever." From the animated short, Chewie has what I call a hat, bolero, and shorts where the fur is darker leaving the sides of his face, the forearms and lower legs lighter. Dialla Pasilla. This is an old picture (cropped to cut out Davith Elso from The Bespin Gambit). She's one of my favorite heroes to play. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. I'm actually pretty happy with Solo. I even got a half-way decent blood stripe even though you can't see it in this picture. I do wish they had used Luke's costume from the end of ANH (yellow jacket, brown pants, black shirt) as that would have been more fun to paint than white, off-white, slightly-darker off-white, and light khaki. Rebel Saboteurs. I went with a more uniform look to these two Duros. It just seemed right that they should be Rebel regulars. I had forgotten that they had visors when I was planning colors and was disappointed when I realized I wouldn't be painting the glowing red eyes that Duros are known for. Rebel Troopers. Not much to say about them, really. They hang out with Gideon a lot. Nexu. Originally brought to us in Attack of the Clones, Nexu are ferocious feline-like creatures. The black variety is supposed to be more rare, and even more vicious. I was originally planning on altering their coloration to be more like the cats Mrs. Strawhat brought into the relationship (the black is our 20+ year old tortie, the white a Siamese mix), but I think I will do that with the Lothcats in Tyrants of Lothal. Which means I should tiger-stripe these Nexu when I feel like it. The pictures were taken before I ringed the bases in green. Trandoshan Hunters. It really stinks being the Rebel player on the receiving end of these guys. When I first started painting all these, I planned on painting the figures to match the colors on the ID tokens (blue, red, purple, black). IG-88! This blasted assassin droid really knows how to bring pain. The paint is pretty simple, though: metallics, red for eye sensors, and a couple yellow wires. Stormtroopers! Stormtroopers! More Stormtroopers! I've been asked a couple different times how I get my troopers so white. I start with Rainy Grey, follow it with Ghost White, and finish with Pure White. It's also why I'm not looking forward to the last eight (the last 25% for the game). Imperial Officers. Some people use the fleet grey scheme, but I went with Stormtrooper officer black for the regular officers. The white tunic is the elite...it just made sense for the elite to be part of the Imperial Security Bureau. You can spot the occasional ISB representative in the Death Star (I) and high ranking ISB officers in the conference room with Vader and Tarkin. E-Web Engineers. Scout Troopers are manning the cannons. The Scout Trooper armor actually is slightly a mix of hard armor and some soft-armor pieces. I varied the recipe a little, using Leather or Linen White (I don't remember which), for the soft armor to give a little different look. It doesn't really show in the pictures, though. Imperial Probe Droids. I had them done to a standard I was happy with, and then decided to add a wash. Which I then had to go back and fix. If you look carefully, you might notice that the elite IPD has a red reflection in one of the lenses, the blue IPD has a blue reflection, and the white marked droid has a grey/white reflection. The original intent was to use the reflections to ID them, but that's just too hard to see (and darn near impossible if you have some beer to "help" you game). Royal Guard. I think these guys are some of my favorite work from all that I've done, and they're also some of the first! Too bad we never really got to see them in action in Return of the Jedi. I have seen part of a deleted scene, though. The ID dots (visible just in front of the guards) have been painted over. They were ready to throw down against Vader.... Darth Vader! Not much to say here, either. Black, Nightmare Black, Shadowed Stone/Stormy Grey, more black... The Royal Guard Champion was done mostly the same way as the RGs, with a slightly altered scheme from the art. I guess the armor would normally be black, but went with brown to match the gloves and because brown is more in line with the red (in my opinion). His base has since been fixed and is now ringed in black. Which brings us to: The regular AT-ST and General Weiss. The general's AT-ST is an experimental model and a much lighter shade than the standard. Now that they're done, they'll probably never hit the table. But they're done! And that brings us to a close on what we usually use. There are still two sets to go: Twin Shadows (which is partially complete (25-30%) and Tyrants of Lothal. I will now be taking a brief, and well-earned, break from Star Wars.
  22. My LFGS had a painting contest on its FB Star Wars Legion page a bit ago. 2 weeks to paint up a squad of at least 4 figures. As creativity counted, I decided to set my white and black paint aside and paint something besides Stormtroopers. I took a look through the Rebel scum I'd acquired and really like the poses and sculpts for the Rebel Veterans. I'd planned to do the whole box of 7 figures, but (as anyone who's seen my WIPs knows) I'm not the fastest painter. I'm lucky if I can get one figure done in two weeks. So I quickly decided to just do 4 figures for the contest. I liked how they came out, and they did get "best painted" in the contest, so I guess they are alright. It then took me another 6 weeks to finally finish the last 3 figures (see? Sloooooow.) But the whole unit is finally done. Should probably read the rules on them sometime soon..... Now back to all those Stormtroopers.
  23. So, as it turns out, I...uhhh...misspoke...when I said Jabba's Realm was complete. Well, I mean it was/is but I forgot to include a couple minis: BT-1 and 0-0-0. Two droids of ill intent. Basically, they boil down to a trigger happy astromech and a sadistic protocol droid. Mostly black with some accents. The "glowing" spot on 0-0-0's hand is meant to represent its electric shock attack. On to Coruscant! Clawdite Shifters. First one up is modeled after The Punisher. That's supposed to be a mythosaur skull on it's chest. It almost resembles it. Not a bad attempt, I guess, but it misses the mark. He was for funsies: the boxed set gives you four minis, but only three cards...so one of the Shifters is a "bonus" that you really can't use in the game. I had a relaxed attitude toward the rest, no real plan. And Maul. Yes, that Maul (it's all explained in the Clone Wars tv show). No longer a Sith, he's no longer referred to as "Darth." This is, I believe, his look from Rebels. On to the heros: Drokkatta, the trigger-happiest wookkiee you'll ever meet! She's a blast to play. I figured that she needed to be a redhead, for no reason whatsoever. She bears no similarity of temperament to any redhead I've ever known. Not a one. Jarrod Kelvin. He's cool, I guess. I mean, he's got knives like Wolverine! Ko-Tun Feralo, is a Cerean Rebel quartermaster. She brings the goodies to the fight. Last, but not least, Ahsoka Tano! I wish I'd seen her in Rebels before I started painting this figure. I liked her costume from that show better than her Clone Wars one (which this more closely resembles). Those facial tattoos are not great. Tiny work, and I figured it was better to do what I did and not louse it up further. The markings on her crest aren't great either, but like Maul's tattoos they get the job done. I tried to pattern them off the Black Series action figure. On to the home team (Boooo!): Elite Sentry Droids. Regular Sentry Droids. Regular Riot Troopers. Elite Riot Troopers. Emperor Palpatine. AT-DP. I am not happy with this one. But as it won't see much play time, it's not really worth the effort to properly fix. The blue is mostly "ok," but the round pods on the side of the cockpit were supposed to be another shade or two darker than the rest of the walker. The base color (Rainy Grey) wasn't covering well, and was taking forever. I didn't like the look of it afterwards (thought it was too light), and figured a black wash would get the recesses done right...It didn't quite work out that way. Still, it's done. I also need to remember not to use a white background. It's washing out the photos. I am at 97% for the sets we regularly use! I have seven Rebels (including Han Solo and Chewbacca) and an AT-ST to complete for the Core set...and the Nexu need some finishing work, but they could go as is. Then on to Twin Shadows (Tuskens and Boba Fett)!
  24. I finished Hera a few days ago, then Chopper earlier today, and finally the Dewback Rider this evening! I'm not feeling up to writing out a little story or dragging out the tiles for the game, so it's straight up pictures. Even the pictures are lacking in quality tonight with too much light and bad focal ranges. Still, you'll get the idea. Regular and Elite Jet Troopers. FFG sent two flight pegs with each base, but honestly that's a lot of height. Although I admit I thought about having the Elites on two pegs. Regular and Elite Gamorrean Guards. I varied the colors on the fur pants and through their skin tones. Weequay Pirates. Again the skin tones and uniform colors were tweaked a bit. The rifles are a bit flimsier than they look. I just about broke one by accident. In order: Onar Kona (an Aqualish bodyguard), Shyla Verad (Mandalorian bounty hunter), and Vinto Hreeda (Rodian gunslinger). The art has Onar as green, but I defaulted to blue and by the time I realized my mistake it was too late. Onar is one of the rarer four-eyed Aqualish. I used the Twilight Purples for Shyla. I'd been looking for an excuse to use that set. Her cloak is grey-white and the Beskar shines brightly. Vinto was a bit of a splurge in terms of colors I wanted to use. A little louder than most Rodians we see, but I don't think it's outlandish. I'm going to have to get back to "regular" green for Rodians pretty soon when I get back to "Hired Guns." I wanted one Dewback for each configuration, so I've got the regular rider and Captain Terro. The regular dewback is a little lighter than I wanted, but I think it works well enough. Captain Terro's dewback is based on a lizard I saw in the central part of the state. I originally dropped the first Terro torso and snapped the tip of his flamethrower straight off. I was not happy. The Jawa Scavenger (or Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight) might well count as my first speed paint! Only about an hour and a half on it, and I think it looks like a solid enough job for tabletop. Jabba the Hutt. We saw him back in The Bespin Gambit, but this is his home. Easy enough job, lots of drybrushing. I started trying to highlight, but quickly realized that the skin texture would lend itself to the drybrush well enough. Alliance Rangers. I was surprised when I realized that they were women (you pretty much have to look up from under the arm or straight down from the top to notice). The rifle gets in the way of the painting. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight. I used Muddy Soil to bring up the black on the jump suit. The tunic is a grey. The lightsaber blade is too short, and the handle too long. Nothing I can do about those things with my current skill set. Luke was another speed paint, or close to it. I tell you, finishing two minis in under five hours made me feel like a king! C1-10P (aka Chopper, aka Spectre 3) and Hera Syndulla (aka Spectre 2). I'm not that into Rebels...It's kind of fun and fluffy. And that lack of engagement has hurt my ability to focus and get things done on these two. Plus there was more green, and as a rule I do not much care for green. I used one of the bone triads on Chopper as I felt his age and general bad attitude would keep him a bit dingy. Hera's not quite the right shade of green, and I should have really worked some freehand circles for the designs on her lekku, but I think it works. Which leaves us at the Rancor. This thing's huge. The base is a little undersized at about 2.5" x 1.75" (instead of the full 3"x2" that it should be). It went faster than I thought. I used two different brown triads on the Rancor, one for the "armor" plates and the other for the flesh. It's tough to see in the picture, but it's more obvious in person. Up next: Ahsoka Tano and the AT-DP from Heart of the Empire or the nagendra from Bones IV. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for stopping by! PS: I forgot about BT-1 and 0-0-0. They were done, but even though I actually picked them up, I forgot to include them. D'Oh!
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