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Found 75 results

  1. R2D2 and C3PO surely need no introduction. These are from the long defunct Grenadier Miniatures Star Wars line. I went on a kick a while back and bought up most of the line (which really has fantastic variety). of them I have completed a handful as a fun interlude to more serious painting. I completed this pair, who are arguably the most iconic duo in science fiction media, after learning the actor who portrayed R2D2 had passed away.
  2. For those of you who want the REAL Rogue One story -
  3. Here was my next batch of completed figures for Imperial Assault. I watched Sorastro's Tutorial on You Tube, and tried to follow his steps. However, it is all with Reaper paints. Also, when I went back and watched episode IV, the officer uniforms seemed a sort of gray-green to me, so that's what I went for. I made the rank bars different for each. The highest rank is the red-based "Elite" deployment card. He's the one with gloves on and gray hair. You can see the eyes are a little wonky! Sort of too big. The sculpts had very tiny eyes, shallow, and the detail was obscured a little from my primer. During the painting of all this Imperial Assault stuff, I just have to keep telling myself "Tabletop!" so I don't get too bogged down with trying to get closer and closer to perfect. The final pic is the middling officer. I gave him a 5 o'clock shadow. That's a first for me, and I think it came out OK. If interested, here are the colors: The boots have a little Liquitex High Gloss Varnish on them. Comments welcome. Enjoy.
  4. A friend and I made some Star Wars (Sun Battles) comedy videos on YouTube using action figures. I build the sets myself. If you have a good sense of humor check it out. Ben is a cranky old man who lives with Luke the man child in his desert home. Vader connects with this son once in a while to Ben's annoyance. The next door neighbor, Keith, is a slob and literally a pig. (Gamorrean) On the flip side, Han, Chewy, and Leia all live together on the Falcon which is broken down in a swamp. Leia is fed up with her husband and his freeloading friend. Han "skillfully" avoids that whole confrontation and does Han stuff. And Lando! There's much more involved but you just have to watch. It's funny. I promise. I can't seem to put a link here, but you can find my page by simply searching Werewolvians. Which is my name here. That link button up there just freezes my computer.
  5. So how will all you Sith be celebrating the 5th? No lava baths one hopes! I think I'll take a blaster and practice my 'precision' shooting so I can join the Stormtroopers!
  6. Ok, take my money now please!
  7. Eric Bauerfield(93), the voice actor behind Admiral Ackbar died in his home in Hollywood on sunday. He allso voiced Bib Fortuna. May The Force be with you, always.
  8. So in my long and endless planning of a Star Wars campaign I thought of crime syndicates. I want a run in (or two, or a dozen) with the Hutt's and I would also like some with local gangs, space pirates and what not. I have been looking around for a while at different miniatures for such things. It's time to throw the net out to this fine Reaper Community So the campaign takes place WAY after the new Jedi Order. The Jedi are fully establish again like Episode on One/Two. (About 20 years BBY*). I have found two miniatures in the Reaper catalog that fit the bill. I like the look of these but they are not enough. I would really like an alien. I have also considered Infinity Miniature armies. Mixing and matching. If y'all have any recommendations please share them here, I greatly appreciate it! *BBY stands for Before the Battle of Yavin. The Battle of Yavin is the battle at the end of Star Wars A New Hope when the Rebels fought the empire and destroyed the first Death Star. __________________________________________ Figure Finder Catalog: Part 1: Styx: Master of Shadows Part 2: Jabba Mod/Gang Boss Part 3 TAKE COVER!
  9. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-35724496 I was just going to email his rep about coming to MarCon next year..
  10. When I first saw this sitting on a shelf at King Soopers, I laughed. I immediately envisioned opening the can to find a mess of nuts, bolts, gears, and computer chips floating in motor oil. What kind of soup was this supposed to BE? "Star Wars Soup?" "Droid Soup?" A nearby can had a picture of Yoda, which took my mind suddenly back to the first time I tried turtle soup, which is green and has a rich meaty flavor, which is not really a mental image that's psychologically compatible with a can with a picture of Yoda on it. A more careful reading of the can indicates that it's basically chicken noodle soup, but with pasta shapes from Star Wars instead of boring old noodles. But you have to read the fine print to even find out what you're eating. I usually find this rather offputting, and so I did not buy the soup. So Berni stuck a can in my stocking for Christmas. "Even if you don't want the soup, you want the can," she said. "You're just going to turn it into another brush holder for your workbench, like the Bruce Campbell's Cream Of Darkness soup can, or the Romulan Ale, or the T-Virus antidote." And I had to admit, she was right. Either that, or I was subject to a Jedi Mind Trick. She's good like that. Today, she's out at High Tea, and so for supper, I was left to fend for myself... and the Robot Soup presented itself. Why not? I opened the can, dumped it into a bowl, and microwaved it for a minute and a half while I washed and dried the can and carefully reaffixed the label. It did indeed include pasta shapes of a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, R2-D2, and ... Yoda. I tried not to think of turtle soup. My review? Less great than I would have liked. The soup is in fact chicken broth, but if there was actually any chicken MEAT in there, I must have eaten past it and missed it somehow. Campbell's puts little chunks of chicken in their chicken noodle, chicken and stars, chicken alphabet, and so on... but this one can of Star Wars Soup seemed to have gotten past the machine that actually inserts dead bird bits. There were, however, tiny bits of carrot; I counted nine fragments. And several pasta shapes, dense enough that they wouldn't fall apart in the broth, but would hold together and be recognizable. First time I've ever had to chew my chicken noodle soup. The flavor was acceptable, but upon reading the label, I noted that they seem to think that one can is two servings, which taken together doesn't TASTE particularly salty, but has enough sodium in it to blow the top of your head off. Altogether? If you want the can label, grab it now. Not sure there's going to be a lot of repeat business on this stuff...
  11. No word on what the actual scale on these is, but it looks like soon we will be able to buy a bucket of little white Stormtrooper army men and one black Darth Vader. http://toyland.gizmodo.com/a-death-star-filled-with-plastic-stormtroopers-is-a-bet-1741121325 There are pictures of them on a table (follow the links in the story) and they look roughly in the ballpark of gaming scale.
  12. Just posting this to show the asteroids I made a few years back, sculpted from plaster and worked with a knife and drill bits. I'm putting it here so I don't hijack the other thread. The point here is to show how the drill bits make great craters. These you see here are resin casts made from my own molds, but the masters are plaster. The craters come from drilling by hand, with finger-power only, into the plaster surface.
  13. I took a trip out to visit a friend while she's in the States. One night we sat down and painted some Imperial Assault miniatures. She loves Star Wars, so I introduced her to the hobby. She was pretty discouraged because her hands were shaky, but I thought it was a great start, and I'd like to share them with you.
  14. Another quick star wars PC. This time a duros scoundrel, in bones. Body, stone. Head, alien commander. Hands guns space marine bits. Please C&C
  15. Well, everyone. Arc724 made the following comment in his guidelines for his exchange mini: "I'm starting a Star Wars RPG Campaign, so if you can paint me a Sith or Jedi, you'd have a new friend forever." Challenge Accepted... As soon as I saw this figure years ago I thought "He'd make a great Sith." Now I had the chance to prove it. I call him Bel'Rheol. That was a jumble of the letters in Hellbore (which is the only name on the blister card). He has a weird spiral hat, so I Ret-Conned that to make him a Twi'Lek. In reading on the Wookieepedia, I came across a Headmistress at a Sith Assassin Academy named Darth Traya who was pale with black eyes from "seeing with the force." I used that idea. I originally envisioned short sabers (Shoto) like dagger length, but they ended up like long short-swords. I modified his toes to be less "Jester-Like" and more Sci-Fi acceptable, with little green stuff soles. He is on a Secret Weapon 30mm Tau Ceti base. The shoto are sewing needles. (see WIP when done). I'll get into colors, thoughts and ideas more in the WIP, which it looks like will be later since I just got paged to go in to work... WIP http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63010-02782-warl-hellbore-assassin-wip-for-summer-2015-exchange/ Fiction: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63011-from-the-personal-holocron-of-master-bel%E2%80%99rheol-force-assassin/ Enjoy!
  16. OK everyone. Not sure how best to post WIP after the fact. So, I'm going to post a few pictures at a time. I was paired to paint for Arc724 in the Summer 2015 Exchange. This was my first time, and his. Here's the link to the Show Off. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63001-02782-warl-hellbore-assassin-exchange-mini-for-2015-summer/ And here is the Fiction: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63011-from-the-personal-holocron-of-master-bel’rheol-force-assassin/ Here are the starting supplies: A few angles of the mini. The base is a 30mm Tau-Ceti base from Secret Weapon. The Shoto (Short Sabers) are sewing needles I picked up at Hobby Lobby.
  17. Show off related to this piece: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63001-02782-warl-hellbore-assassin-exchange-mini-for-2015-summer/ WIP related to this piece: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63010-02782-warl-hellbore-assassin-wip-for-summer-2015-exchange/ From the Personal Holocron of Master Bel’Rheol, Force Assassin Transcripts of His Address to the Grey Brotherhood on Ziost …to do so, you must release yourself from the hold the galaxy has on you: My parents should have known I would be their undoing. The archivists told me that an albino Twi’Lek born to two red Lethan Twi’Leks was a one-in-a-million birth. Everyone was right to see it as a bad omen. My parents should have disposed of me as a babe. I severed my ties to this galaxy by severing their heads. You will be called upon to do this too, initiates. You must cut ties with your prior lives, and you must cut deeply. You will learn quickly, initiates, that you are entering into a legacy at the very core of the persistence of the universe. We are not Sith. We are not Jedi. We are the force-wielding agents of the balance. Law? Chaos? Good? Evil? These are all the abstractions of the inhabitants of the universe: Men and women with goals and agendas. The balance cares nothing for their goals. So, although we are often called on to assassinate Jedi, we have also assassinated Sith for as long as our brotherhood has survived. We are truly neutral, intent on making sure the scales of power never shift too far in one direction, and in doing so, we make sure the galaxy will endure. We have pursued this goal since our betrayal on Malachor V all those years ago. I remember it vaguely, because a piece of my will was there. You will learn these secrets, young ones. At the height of your power, you can absorb some of the life essence and will of those you defeat. In doing so, your knowledge grows by countless bounds. We have also mastered the techniques of force-siphoning: You will have no fear in battle, as the stronger your enemy is, the stronger you become by drawing out and draining their power to bolster yourselves. Jedi may be content with turning into a blue ghost upon their death, but we endure. Slain Sith haunt isolated caves. With training, you can impose your mind and will into your destroyer. If you overpower them, your mind lives on in their body. Masters have done this for centuries and millennia, living on undetected and with borrowed memories from the poor souls they possessed. Don’t become overconfident. Know your place: Five Grey Brotherhoods on ancient Sith worlds, each with a Master, two apprentices, four adepts, eight novices, and sixteen initiates. We have been hidden here on Ziost for millennia. Sith and Jedi have scoured this planet for trinkets and baubles, but we remain hidden. This concealment is your greatest defense. With patience, you can hide yourselves in many ways: For the gullible, we borrow the “mind trick†of the Jedi to fool someone into seeing us differently. I might appear not as an albino Twi’lek, but as a wookiee. This little trick won’t fool more force-savvy opponents. To do so requires first masking your ability with the force: Force Concealment. Clever Sith have done this throughout time to hide in plain sight. You will also be taught to use the force camouflage and force invisibility to disappear completely; not with some hocus pocus potion like those witches on Dathomir or a primitive stealth-field-generator. No, your mastery of the force will allow you to walk next to someone unseen, unheard, unfelt, and unheeded. The force will also be your guide. Many of you are gawking at my grey eyes. When you reach out with the force over and over, you eventually see and hear the galaxy so clearly that you don’t need to use your eyes. With time, your eyes will cloud over: Jedi eyes turn white, Sith eyes turn black, and ours turn grey. Because of our mastery of stealth, we don’t use full length lightsabers. We use shoto. These versatile weapons allow us to capitalize on our dexterity rather than brute strength. They can be adjusted in length from fifteen to sixty centimeters. When shorter, they make excellent thrown weapons. When wielded in pairs, our Jar’Kai style of Ataru (Form IV) is nearly unstoppable. The quick leaping strikes, augmented by the force, are difficult to anticipate. One shoto can be thrown while the other defends. One can be deactivated and reactivated while the other traps your foes lightsaber in the vicious Pass the Blade attack. Using the Shoto-Swarm, you can quickly unbalance and confuse your enemy. Trispzest allows you to force back many foes while leaping to safety. All of this is fine, but the best strategy is to sneak up behind your target, and only activate your shoto once the emitters are within an inch of their neck. That way, their reaction to the sound of activation will be too late. The blades are already driven into their skull-base. Once again, welcome initiates. Study hard. Practice often. Respect your superiors. And above all, maintain vigilant secrecy. Only with anonymity may we continue to do the will of the universe to maintain balance.
  18. Well I'm glad that I stopped buying X-Wing ships, b/c Armada is stupidly fun. When it was first announced I told myself that I wasn't going to buy it. I'd play it, but only using my friend's set. Well after playing 2 games using the core set fleets, I'm made the decision to buy in. I'm not sure that I'll buy a ton of expansions, and I know that I'll probably only buy expansions for 1 faction, not both, but at the very least I want to have enough ships so that my friend and I can play a full-sized game on the big map (which requires 2 core sets). What really makes the game shine IMHO is the scenario system. You never play a straight up fight, there's always some scenario rule in effect and ALL games only have 6 turns. At the end of the 6th turn you total up the Victory Points you gained from destroying enemy ships and squadrons, plus any VP you earned for completing scenario objectives. For example the game we played last night was about out-maneuvering your opponent and the scenario rule was that you gained 15 VP every time you scored a hit on an enemy ship's rear hull. My buddy should have lit me up on this b/c he was playing the Rebels and they're more maneuverable, but it was his first game and he was still trying to figure everything out. His first lesson was not to park a small ship in front of a Star Destroyer. I one-shotted his CR-90 thanks to some bonus dice and good rolls. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-armada/
  19. Hey all! Here is just a super quick Y-Wing conversion (additional armor plating) and repaint. I've been having a ton of fun playing the X-Wing Miniatures game with my brothers and wanted to have my own unique Y-Wing to use. Thanks for looking!
  20. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-29144135 Photographer Matthew Myatt was taking aerial photographs at Greenham Common, Berkshire, a former RAF airbase, to be used as publicity for a flying school. Once he returned home and was checking his photographs, he was stunned to recognize a full-size half-Millennium Falcon and an X-wing fighter in one of the shots. Who knew they still built these?
  21. The Sith Revolt He walked calmly into the dark chamber, the Emperor's Throne Room and saw his master, Lord Vader, standing before the throne deep in thought as he stared out at the star that his space station had just made into a super nova. Darth Cerrak quietly pulled the light saber from his belt and unleashed a powerful blast of the force at his master! Darth Vader was ready for the blast and had been expecting his apprentice to one day try to destroy him, he wouldn't be a Sith if that wasn't part of his personality and how Vader trained him. He easily deflected the blast with one of his own. Laughing through his mask, Darth Vader pulled forth his red light saber and proceeded to try to force-choke the young upstart... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my entry into the Spaceship Superstar Contest! Figures: Zargun, Assassin from Guild of Harmony with Karick-Dar's right hand and Darth Vader from West End Games Star Wars Miniatures Materials: Metal Diorama Materials: Poster board Emperor's Throne: Scratch built using Super Sculpey Firm and Greenstuff. WIP Thread can be found here. Thank you to everyone in the WIP thread for your advice, comments, compliments and critiques. I couldn't have gotten it done without you all! C&C are welcomed and appreciated. EDIT: I fixed the diorama to lessen the open spaces after comments below. I also removed from the removable bases and placed directly into the scene. I think it works better and looks cleaner now, but will still appreciate any C&C that you fine artists have for me. Thanks!
  22. Battle of the Sith Diorama Project Figures: Zargun, Assassin from Guild of Harmony with Karick-Dar's right hand and Darth Vader from West End Games Star Wars Miniatures Since this is a Sci-fi entry and I'm going to go pretty in-depth with my work here, I decided that it needs its own WIP thread. First off is the theme for my little diorama, it is going to be Darth Vader vs his upstart apprentice (Darth Malice). Here are the primed figures. I found a window to the Emperor's Throne Room on the Deathstar and resized it to be the right size for this scale. After cutting out the picture's windows over plasticard, I then used a pen and traced in the areas which I'll need to cut out with a sharp hobby knife. This is where I'm at right now as I'm writing this. The plan is going to be to get the windows cut out, then find some thicker clear plastic to put behind the plasticard as well as a small picture of some Empire ships and stars. I will also construct the throne itself to go before the window such as this: As I go through, I'd appreciate comments and critiques to try to get it looking really good for the competition here. Thanks!
  23. This is a diorama I created. Last year, I got to talk to Jeff Grace (he's responsible for a lot of great minis from Dark Sword, Privateer Press, Reaper and others). We talked a little bit about how easy it would be to make some of his Dark Sword minis into Star Wars characters, and how cool it would be if someone made a diorama of a dueling Jedi and Sith and entered it into the painting competition. Naturally, I agreed that such a thing should happen. I'm not totally sure that he meant it as a challenge. I think sometimes people get surprised when I run away with an idea like this. But here is the result. It received an honorable mention in the Masterclass competition. I have posted this to Coolmini for anyone who cares to vote.
  24. For the other Star Wars fans out there, the full cast has been announced for Episode VII!
  25. Aaron Allston, game designer and writer and fairly prolific author, died Thursday at the age of 53. He was getting off the plane to attend Visioncon, and collapsed, and later pronounced dead; it looks like massive heart failure. He'd had one heart attack in 2009 already. Aaron was well known for a variety of works. He helped design the Mystara setting for Dungeons and Dragons, and did work for TSR back in the day; he was influential in the development of the game from "original boxed set" to "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" and into second edition. He also worked for Steve Jackson Games, working on their publications "The Space Gamer" and "Pyramid," as well as doing some work for the GURPS roleplaying game and "Car Wars." More than one game designer has remarked that if you needed background fluff to support your game, Aaron was your go to guy -- talented, prolific, and FAST. Aaron was also a prolific and talented author, well known for "Galatea in 2D" and "Doc Sidhe," among many others. He was perhaps best known for writing many licensed Star Wars novels, including something like half of the "X-Wing" novels. Aaron lived in Round Rock, Texas, and was active in the Austin convention and gaming scene. And I'm gonna miss him.
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