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  1. At ReaperCon I noticed that a number of instructors and others stored their paints in clear plastic boxes that had dividers. Anybody know which ones they are?
  2. While fixing up the hobby room for the fiancee we came across the age old problem of Not Enough Places to Put Things. She likes to do acrylic canvas painting and I like to use the craft paints for terrain so we have a bit. We both like seeing what colors we have available as we work on a project and I wanted something that wouldn't clutter the work table or take up valuable shelf space. We've got several big windows in the room and while the natural light is great, the limit the amount of shelves we can have. I opped to try and make use of some of the dead space created by the window frames. 1-1/2" standard Schedule 40 PVC pipe fits the standard 2oz bottles well. I used a band saw to cut the pieces quickly. I used a fence to make sure all the pieces came out the same length. (marking it out >150 times would have been a pain) While quick, my saw left some debris. A quick twist with some 60 grit sandpaper took it right off and put a very slight bevel on the edge. All sanded and ready to go. Did a quick test fit with a bottle of paint and tried a few layout options. My goal was to fill the trim board on either side of the windows with storage tubes. Since we may sell the house some day I didn't want to mount the tubes direct to the trim. I opted to attach the tubes together, letting most of the weight sit on the table and then use a small metal bracket in the top side of the window trim which is often unpainted because nobody looks up there. I wanted something that I could pop off easily if I got sloppy with with the glue so I laid everything out on a piece of concrete board siding. It had the added featured of it was flat, had a straight edge I could line the pieces up on and I could draw out my trim dimensions so I knew what area I had to fill. I used the same glue that is used to glue the pipe together for plumbing. The stuff I get for work happens to be grey. You get what you pay for when it comes to glue so don't scrimp.Just don't get the stuff that is for wet or submerged pipe. It will literally push your parts around. Since I knew we were going to paint the whole thing I didn't care what color I had or if the printing on the pipe was visible. I made marks with a sharpie to show where the pieces touched so I'd know where to apply the glue once I picked it up. It also made sure I had the glue covered portion in the right spot when I put it in place. Got all my ducks lined up, Just gotta let it dry over night. I could actually pick it up after an hour but I wanted to give it plenty of time to fully set up. I ended up adding one more row after this picture to get it close to the top of the window trim. After everything was painted I screwed a small strip of metal to the top to let me screw it to the trim. If you look at the top of the center organizer, you can see the metal bracket. It is bent in an L shape so the screw is in the top of the trim, not the front. The larger units are done with 4" drain pipe (Thinner wall=cheaper per foot) One coat of glue made them stick together but I had to do several more coats to get some structural rigidity. I just used standard pray paint to cover them.
  3. Just seen this on kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859660495/magnetic-boxes-20/?fbclid=IwAR39qYfiFMx0UteZAhJsVz_XT1E5K0_2aYeG5Kzrx2IQCxOly66nzacolh4 Sounds like quite a clever solution for transporting minis safely. From Poland, so P&P will not be cheap
  4. So after too many years of painting with my bottles just in boxes or standing around on my shelf of shame or in various drawers, I have finally at much cost of labor made paint organizers! BEHOLD! I made these to hold up to 204 Reaper dropper sized bottles (Army Painter and Vallejo fit too). They aren't the only ones I use by any means, but they're the bulk of my paint collection. Wasn't the hardest thing in the world, but honestly I might try another method if I do this again. Right now the units are loose, probably going to lean them on the wall--eventually I would put supports on the backs so they can stand up at an angle (think picture frames). The insane super duper bonus feature is that I can put the two together and transport, or more importantly, SHAKE all my paints at once! The main purpose was organization though and being able to see each of my paints and, when I've organized and sorted them, see the spectrum at a glance rather than digging through a drawer as I have been doing. For the chromophiles out there I'll post pics when they're sorted and in their proper places. To make them, I sized the bottles and figured out the hole size and spacing (bottles are about 1" diameter, I used a 1 1/8" hole saw (paddle bit blew out the back side) and drilled 102 holes (sandwiched the 3/4" boards together). It took hours as my drills' batteries kept dying and the saw lost its good edge by the 60th holes or so. I used the "holes" I drilled out as supports (had to chisel the middle supports in half) between the silver parts and the 5mm (yes, civilized world, in the US we know how to use proper/metric, and certain sizes of wood are specified in metric!) plywood base (black, not really visible). I carefully glued and screwed these together. Decided to use up some spray paint I had lying around. Enjoy and be inspired!
  5. Recently some of the games I have acquired come with so many boxes of extra figures that I don't know what to do with them all. The game boxes themselves have the plastic tray inserts in them that are made to hold just the base game figures which is nice but... It poses the problem for me that if I want to use an expansion or anything I have to carry multiple bulky boxes. How do you folks deal? I'm just running out of space for all these game boxes.
  6. Hey Everyone, first let me say thanks to all the great people who visited us at ReaperCon. You guys definitely made it our best Con yet. We sold out for the 3rd Straight year. We always love coming to ReaperCon! Now it is time for us try again to restock and continue to make the best storage and display solution for miniatures on the Market, No Foam required. Our latest Kickstarter has launched, and this version of the Clear XCase will be better, stronger, faster...OK, maybe not faster, but definitely better and stronger. These units are able to withstand pretty much any normal usage scenario that you might throw at them, for, what should be, years to come. Also, you will have a chance to get your hands on the first wave of organizational inserts we plan to offer for the XCase. The shelf and tray inserts that are add-ons will allow you to display your miniatures even more prominently during travel or will hold your dice, tokens, cards or whatever components your game has... except the board. This is a relaunch as our September campaign came up short. We did quite a bit of marketing this time and we are doing better but we could still use your backing I hope you will come check it out. XCase 2.0 Kickstarter
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/portablewarfare/the-sergeant-20-miniatures-storage-bag? A minis/painting station transport bag from Portable Warfare with modular selection of foam insert trays. I'm interested...though I've never been one for the rigid transport cases (personal opinion) and hey mobile paint station possibility too.
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/732737466/miniatures-vault?ref=discovery About Miniatures Vault Great for all Metal and plastic Miniatures, as used in RPG systems and table top WarGames. Medium Miniatures Tray We have already made several test samples that have been sold. This is an opportunity to lower prices and mass produce these boxes for anyone who would like one! Small Miniatures Tray Holds up to 114 Miniatures! Very Compact 12"x 9"x 4" Design High quality, much like comic and trading card boxes.
  9. About Want to upgrade your game storage from merely functional to multi-functional? From bearable to beautiful? From disposable to indispensable? That's why we designed the Cabinet Game Table! It’s a Game Cabinet The storage is specifically for games. Shelves designed to hold game boxes on their edge for easier access. Six smaller drawers for dice, cards, and other accessories. A bookshelf for game books (such as RPGs) up to 11” tall—with extra depth so the spines are protected in the interior. Two larger drawers for anything too big for the smaller ones. And double doors on the bottom open to large storage spaces for bigger games. It’s a Table The leaves of the table stow away on the sides of the cabinet. The trim on the front converts to the legs and a support stretcher between them for maximum support and stability. Simply connect the leaves, attach the legs, and fasten to the Cabinet to transform it to a three person table. It’s a Game Table And when you want to play a game, the top is reversible. The flip side has a one inch lip to keep dice and game pieces on the table. The 29.75” x 40.5” fabric–lined play area has enough room to handle a 24” x 36” game board with space to spare. A few seconds of your time could make the difference in growing support for our community. Help unlock Social Media stretch goals by sharing and using #cabinet #gametable! See Stretch Goals, below, for more information. $3099 YOUR CHOICE Cabinet Game Table One Cabinet Game Table stained with the finish you want and upholstered with the fabric you want (from our selection of Options, see below). See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199. $2999 CHERRY + BLUE Cabinet Game Table Our most popular combination for game tables is Cherry finish and Dark Blue fabric, and we predict it'll be the same for Cabinet Game Table orders! That's why we're offering this package at an additional discount. This reward level is for one Cabinet Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199. $2999 EARLY BIRD YOUR CHOICE Cabinet Game Table Shop early and save! The first ten backers can choose their finish and fabric (from our selection of Options, see below) at a discounted rate. See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199. $25 Carolina Game Tables Coasters! We appreciate your willingness to help our campaign! Pledges at this reward level receive a set of 6 leather coasters imprinted with our logo. Kickstarter will prompt you to add shipping before confirming your pledge. $2 Stay Connected! Pledge at this level to stay updated, then please share the Kickstarter using the links above! We have a Social Media stretch goal (see Stretch Goals below) which should get you a little something as thanks!
  10. Hi all! I haven't posted here in a while as I had to take a break from painting to do some remodeling on my house. That was two years ago. Finally able to get back to this hobby I love so I wanted to organize my paint desk some. I designed some paint racks to store my mini paints and figured that someone else might benefit from them as well. I posted them on Thingiverse for all to use. Totally free and open source!! I am adding to them as people ask for additional brands of paint and other configurations. If anyone prints them and needs some changes or additional options just let me know and I will be happy to see what I can do. Looking forward to getting involved again in this great community!! Without further blabbing here are the links to the units: Large Straight - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2531450 Small Straight - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2549451 Inside Corner - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2543779 Outside Corner - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2588073 Happy Painting!!!
  11. How do others carry their minis? For my Reaper and other brands I use a 6 tray tackle box. My 40K figures I use a different style case. I however I love the trusty tackle box. I disassembled mine and lined the trays with foam sheets.
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rwgdesign/hardwood-storage-solutions-deck-boxes-dandd-board?ref=category_newest Double Dice Storage/Rolling Trays, Bit Boxes, Minature Storage, Card Storage for 3600 Double Sleeved Cards, Game Accessories, Mix/Match About this project About this project Introduction Hey there guys and gals! Roger here again to talk to you a bit about your personal storage needs for all of your games and components. What I've come up with this time around is a series of hardwood boxes in several sizes, with a variety of uses (Not just for cards this time! Ok, a couple of them are!). I'll get into the specifics of each box further down the page. But first, I just wanted to thank you for checking out my Kickstarter! Take a moment and appreciate the fact that you are awesome! As some of you already know, and the rest will find out now....I'm pretty new to the online world for woodworking. Not that I'm new to being online, I mean I still remember dialing in to old BBS's on local phone lines with my 2400baud modem and my 386DX266 (Awesome at the time PC). But I've never actually put my work online beyond a simple FB page until now. However, in recent years, I've noticed my back starting to fail on occasion. Which, for a construction guy, signals the end of the line. I can't count on my game store to cover my bills (It's a game store after all.). I had to find something else to do. So, I opened my woodworking shop and have been pushing it mostly online. I specialize in game related items. I've also started a YouTube channel and stream there almost daily. These 2 tools (Band Saw & Drum Sander) will help me increase productivity and reduce prices. This cute little box will make sure you always have a place for all of those tiny little bits that keep getting misplaced! And at only $25 for Standard woods or $40 for premium woods, it won't break the bank to look good! Here are the bands I ordered to keep your bit box closed. The color you receive will be random unless you message me directly and request a specific color. PLAY The Dice Tray to keep all of your lucky dice in! It even splits so you can share with a friend. $35 for standard woods and only $60 for premium woods.
  13. I'm just getting into painting and have outgrown the little chessex box that I originally purchased - that and I now have a few that are just too big ( 02599 - Frorigh Frost Giant, 03749 - Succubus, 02263 - Trezzna and 03184 - Varessh, Female Demon so far) for the 'standard' sized little storage slots. Also, there are a few that I want to be able to display and without having to go crazy trying to keep them all dusted. I have a spare chessex dice box that seems to be about the right size for the average mini, but some have longer swords, or like the Succubus, wings that need more space. So, the question .. what do you guys use for storage and display?
  14. I will be building 2 custom 12*9*1 foam storage trays for my metal minis, using foam, felt, foamcore. Yesterday I applied felt to the first side of the foamcore base. Today I will apply felt to the other side. This will give a sturdy base and something soft for the minis to rest on. Second side is so that I can layer them and worry less about scratching. Total cost materials glue, 5$ foam, 1$ felt, 1$ foamcore. Bonus, I have trays that will fit in my fancy Muji storage boxes. Photos later.
  15. The future of board game storage. A space saving, easy traveling, super affordable, board game storage solution. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/game-ovations/bitbox-space-saving-easy-traveling-board-game-stor?ref=friends_backed
  16. Almost unlimited storage possibilities from one basic set. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/opticalpower/game-store-pro?ref=category_newest
  17. I decided it was time to upgrade the shelving system: Those aren't finished, I plan on getting one more sand shelf. The old storage for these has been put to use for board games:
  18. I've been looking at various paint racks and their costs. After looking around a bit I decided to try my hand at making one. I'm intentionally trying to do this without power tools to make it as easy as possible for people with limited resources. Tools: 2" C clamp Ruler Razor Knife Coping saw Hammer Components: Wood Glue 2 boards 1/4" x 2" x 48" (actual 1/4" x 1.5" x 48") for outer box 1 1/4 in. x 3/4 in. x 96 in. Pine Moulding 8 fet 1/4 x 1 1/8 Pine Lattice Moulding 1 sheet 1/4'' x 12'' x 24'' Aircraft grade birch craft plywood Brad Nails Cost (excluding nails and glue) $15 I started off by cutting the outer frame pieces, and gluing and clamping them to the plywood sheet: Then I cut 2 pieces of the pine lattice moulding to the proper height for my shelves (3 1/4" for Reaper dropper bottles) and the shelves. I put glue on the three edges of the shelf that match up with the plywod and frame. I use the 2 height pieces and place the shelf, clamping the ends in place. As you can see with the first shelf, you'll get 11 bottles per shelf. I'm expecting to get about 66 or 77 bottles on a rack Next up: finishing the shelves, adding the front moulding to keep the paints on the shelves
  19. So I'm currently using one of these for storage of my Bones, D&D Minis, and Pathfinder Battles miniatures: I find it very difficult to keep things separate and safe; currently I just separate everything by way of Ziploc baggies or homemade cardboard dividers in the drawers. Some of the top drawers are so full that I don't know what to do when my Bones 2 arrive (and they sometimes get stuck when I pull/push the drawer), and several of my Ziploc baggies are close to bursting with the amount of minis inside of them so I'm out of space with my current storage idea. I'd really like a more elegant solution. I don't have a closet in my gaming room so I can't keep my miniatures there, and I want a permanent solution (not tackle boxes, etc) where I can store my minis. 99% of my minis are plastic, so I'm not too worried about breakage. I want to keep the minis categorized (undead, elementals, kobolds, demons, etc.) and price is an issue, but I'm willing to spend a little more if the storage solution feels right. (For example, I just bought some Alex (see below) units from Ikea for my Dwarven Forge terrain; not cheap, but not terribly expensive.) My wife would like something that doesn't look "ugly" either. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  20. I am moving to another city to look for work, and can't take my paints because there isn't enough room in my sister's apartment to store or use them (plus she would kill me if paint got on anything). I am planning to store them with my other things at my parents' house until I get myself settled, which could be between 6-9 months, possibly longer in a worst case scenario. I've got a mix of paints, mostly Vallejo, P3, some RMS, a few Coat d'Arms. Right now they are being stored in the basement, sealed tight. I am anticipating at least one trip home during that period, and I intend to give them all a good shake at that time. Are there any further measures I should take so they remain viable? Thanks!
  21. I took a night off from painting to get myself organised a bit. See, I have one of those 4 drawer plastic carts (without the wheels) that I use for most of my art supplies. All of my mini paints are tossed in one of those drawers and every time I open the drawer, they fall over. On top of that, all of the lids look basically the same so it's hard to tell which brand I am grabbing and don't even get me started on how hard it is to find my brown liner when I need it. So, I took a trip to my local dollar store and bought some supplies and made something to help organize my paints so that I can find what I need. Hopefully this will help someone who has similar issues. Supplies List: 2 Foam core boards (got mine from the dollar store. they can be any color you like, I got black ones) Hot glue gun hot glue (I used about 3 small sticks) Hobby knife or box cutter straightedge would be helpful tape measure TOTAL COST $3 and I'll just put this disclaimer here... HOT GLUE GUNS ARE HOT, KNIVES ARE SHARP, AND FOAM COR COULD GIVE YOU A PAPER CUT. USE THE SUPPLIES CAREFULLY AND AS INTENDED! I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PAIN! Assembly and cutting took about 4 episodes (without commercials) of "Once upon a time" (3 hours ish) To begin, here is a pic of my paint drawer before all of this started. You can see my frustration. Start by measuring your drawers perimeter and decide how high you want your foam core to go. in my case the perimeter was 19" x 12" witha 2" height. I then cut a bunch of 2" strips from the foam core. since none of my measurements were longer than the width of my boards, I cut along the width leaving shorter pieces and more of them per board. I didn't count how many I cut and your size and amount may vary based on the style of drawer you use. Here are some of the strips and the perimeter set into the drawer to show how it fits. I did intentionally leave space at the front of the drawer. Now, using your hot glue gun, lay a bead of glue on the edges of your sides and glue them to the front and back pieces giving you a square/rectangle. fit it into your drawer to make sure it fits to your liking. Now, set a row of paints along one side and cut another strip to fit along side them like you see in the pic. If you glue the edges of the sides to the front/back then your dividers should be the same measurement as the side pieces. In my case, I needed 12" strips between each row of paints. Put hot glue on the edges of the divider then set it in place and press it against the paints and against the front/ back pieces. The hot glue dries quickly so it won't take long for it to set. You'll also notice the smaller divider to the left. i originally was going to give each pot its own square spot to sit. However once I got the first one in place, I noticed I could easily get 12 pots in each row with only once small divider in place. This allowed more paint post to fit in my drawer. Sadly, id didn't realize this until after I had glued the first one off-center. the rest of the dividers have a small one set in the middle so that each section can hold 6 pots of paint I should mention that for the most part, many of my paint pots are about the same size diameter. So Reaper, Vallejo, Secret Weapon, and army painter should all fit in each others slots. These will net 6 pots per section. P3 and Tamiya and possibly GW paint (not sure as I don't own any GW paint) are larger bottles and need a wider space. Keep this in mind when setting up your dividers. Here you can see how each section can hold 6 pots and each row hods 12 (2 sections). Just keep hot gluing the strips and dividers in place. at this point, I was getting ready for the larger paint pots. And finally, here is the finished piece with all of my paints organised. In my configuration, I can hold 132 pots of Reaper, Vallejo, Secret Weapon, or Army Painter and 30 P3 pots and 8 tamiya pots. I also have room in the front to hold my super glues. I may even figure something out in the front to hold my most used paint brushed horizontally. Due to height issues (my pots barely are short enough to shut the drawer) i didn't put a bottom on this, I just used the drawer bottom so I can't safely remove this and carry it around, but if your drawers are taller than mine, then you could feasibly put a bottom on and have a carrying caddy. You could also double stack them this way if you needed. If you were so inclined and had the space, you could add more small dividers as well. really you could make this however you wanted, this is just how mine worked out. And for a total cost for about $3, it was worth it. Now I need to go organize my basing drawer....
  22. Recieved april 11th, finished unboxing after only 2 days! I sorted out all the minis I wanted to painted that would fit in the case. after about 2 weeks: Here are 2 of my early heroes. I love the scroll, and folds in the robes, but hate the faces. after about a month: koboolds, goblins, 10 adventures are painted. At least a few are on a shelf of shame, waiting fixes Goblins the goblins seemed very paint friendly, with large eyes, protruding eyeballs, and interesting details, but something went wrong. advice is welcome.
  23. So, I am trying to organize my painting area better. I recently made a new box that has room for over 100 bottles of paint, organized by colour, so the first problem is sorted out. The second is my brushes. Are there any tips on how they should be stored to prevent problems, and still have them at hand?
  24. Okay! I'm not a gamer, and I'm starting to see that I'm creating a monster... I'm about to have these wonderful (in my eye at least) miniatures that I've poured blood, sweat, and tears into, and I need a way to keep them hail and hearty! I have a 6yr. old, a 2yr. old, a Main Coon Cat, and a new Beagle that thinks everything in the house belongs to him. What methods do you guys use to display/protect your miniatures when you're not messing with them? I've seen the large (and expensive!) gamer cases used to bring minis to and fro, but I really wouldn't get the use out of it to justify the price. I found this at Michael's the other day, but it was $60, which seems a bit much. http://www.michaels.com/Shot-Glass-Display-Case/fr0527,default,pd.html?cgid=products-framing-giftideasforfathersday Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) it was buy one get one free until today, but my budget did not allow for that purchase this weekend. It was very nice, as it had a hinged front and large bays for storing minis on well done bases. However, it does seem at that price that you'd be well on your way to purchasing a large curio cabinet if you saved a bit longer... So to review: 1. I need a case to protect my hard work. 2. I'm not a gamer so I don't need to transport them. 3. I'd like it to be affordable so I don't have to file bankruptcy. 4. I'd like to look nice. Thoughts?
  25. I figured out that I am now over 100 paints, 83 unique, from Reaper. So, I bought the paint caddy and stuffed all of them in... Took them out, arranged them by number... Took them out and arranged them by color.... Now, they are back on the work table... Taking up a ton of space, which was the reason to order the caddy... I already have vertical storage for the 2 oz and 4 oz craft paints I paint terrain, and I am not pleased with that. Maybe I am being too finicky. How do you store your paint and still have access to paint. Ultimate goal is to be able to multi task the space I have beween painting miniatures and painting terrain.
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