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Found 5 results

  1. Well, it took me long enough but I finally finished painting an entire board game's worth of minis. The final minis I painted were a cluster of Space Bugs! Thematic paint used - Hazard Yellow for the eyes. And, since I finally painted all the minis, here they all are (well, at least one of each) for a group photo. Time to get this to the table.
  2. I actually painted these up a few months ago but finally got around to photographing them. I wound up using the camera on my phone because I was having a difficult time trying to get the focus right for my real camera. I debated long and hard about doing their eyes, but since these are for a board game, I decided to leave well enough alone. My skill isn't quite up there yet. Thematic paint used: Punk Rock Pink on the Yeoman's space suit Only some space spiders left, and some touch up work on some other models and this game will be complete!
  3. Allright. I finished 32 Saucermen in about a month, which is pretty intense painting for me. They aren't all perfect but I played a game with some of the painted ones and they looked fine on the table. I probably just shouldn't worry as much. I experimented a bit with various color washes because I think the black was a bit too harsh on the outfit, but in the end I stayed with Reaper's Black Wash. The Flesh Wash wasn't too bad up close, but from far away you couldn't tell it was there. Thematic paint used - Pumpkin Orange. It was October when I did most of the painting so it still counts. Focus on the four different poses. The crouching, single pistol Saucerman was a pain in the rear to paint because he was blocking his chest. The "lightning" design was already tough enough to do without access being restricted. Group shot!
  4. I managed to finish off my set of 12 thralls for the Space Cadets: Away Missions game. These guys are mind controlled humans who effectively act like zombies until you cudgel them over the head and rip out the mind control device. I am not too proud of these paint jobs, mostly because the washes were too uneven. Hopefully I can improve on that when I tackle the aliens. Thematic Paint Used - Alien Flesh...on the helmets. Yeah I know. Next time I'll do better.
  5. Brains in a Jar from Stronghold Games "Space Cadets: Away Missions", a dungeon crawl style cooperative board game set in the classic sci-fi movies of the 50's and 60's. The original concept of the Brain in a Jar was, sadly, lacking a glass jar. The final version is a two part mini with a removable "glass" top and it looks much better, even unpainted. NOTES: I didn't paint directly underneath the brain because I was afraid the jar wouldn't fit back on or be able to be removed again if it did go back on. However it is much more visible than I thought it would be and now I'm debating if I should try to fix it and risk messing up the brain or leave it as is. Also, there is a painting error as I accidentally got some Beacon Yellow on the base of one of the brain cases. Thematic Paint used: Braaaaiins pink, for the brains Bonus thematic paint: Beacon yellow, for the beacon
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