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Found 158 results

  1. Having decided to construct my farmers market & renaissance fair open air booths as vignette gaming pieces; listed below is my (new) projects check list...each to be built as a standoff vignette piece...This should keep me busy for most of this summer. I will post these as they are completed. 1. Sign (Livestock Pens)... 2. Sign (Privies)... 3. Sign (Gypsy Camp)... 4. Entrance arch & billboard... 5. Beer & Sausage booth... 6. Rugs & Fabrics booth... 7. Potions, Lotions, Herbs & Candles booth... 8. Curio Shop booth... 9. Produce Market booth... 10. Weapons booth... 11. Kissing booth... 12. Puppet Show booth... 13. Scribe booth... 14. Small Dancer stage... 15. Eve's Garden booth... 16. Small Art Gallery Display booth... 17. Guard Shack... 18. Bread, Cheese, Turkey Legs & Ribs booth...w/lg side table... 19. Exotic Birds booth... 20. 2 Door Privy... 21. Livestock Pens...
  2. I posted this photo per request of a couple of members who wanted to see the shire pieces all together to see what the shire would look like. Sorry that it took me a while to get to this request. So here are the (9) shire pieces (7 complete & 2 WIP)...as they would look on the tabletop game board. Pictured are as follows from the back row across: 1. Watch tower, mayor cottage, barracks & town hall meeting building. 2. Livery farm & stables. 3. Undertaker & Blacksmith shop & cottage. 4. Barber shoppe & Hot Spring Bath. 5. (EMPTY SQUARE)...Will contain the inn (The Crossed Lances). 6. (EMPTY SQUARE)...Will contain a pond, trees & wooden bridge...(or)...Possible open market square (idea from Darsc Zacal)! 7. Bell/Clock Tower central square. 8. Sporting House, Jail, Sheriff cottage. 9. Pawn shoppe, Rooming House, General Store. 10. Sutter Hotel. 11. Crossroads Shrine & Hilltop well. 12. (EMPTY SQUARE)...Will contain the artist cottage & shoppe & the fortune teller cottage. Once the (12) shire squares are completed...I will start on (spacer terrain squares without buildings to enlarge the shire)...but will contain the connecting roads.
  3. This is another section of my (3D) shire for (RPG) fantasy tabletop gaming. This is the (Hot Springs Bath & Barber Shop)...(16"x14")...scratchbuilt in my standard way using a ceiling tile base...The only thing left to do on this piece is the (water casting...it will be casting resin...on both the water fall & pool water area).
  4. I don't know if this is the correct place for this posting...if not, please forgive me (and tell me where)... My (RPG) adventure group (The Seekers) have reached a milestone. They have completed (30) tabletop fantasy battle adventures without suffering a single death to a group member (have been playing for 4 months). The game is a basic D&D type of game; but completely designed and created by me. It has a lot of actual (RPG) play to it (in the taverns, the inns, night time camps, etc). The last game session was a (6 hour) marathon (2 days ago). They were successful in leaving their home shire (KRONT) and going to a small seaport (TELFLAMM) to get a wagon of much needed supplies and returning to their home shire with all supplies intact. The trip took (4 days) each way...(8) days total (that is 8 tabletop battle operations). They were attacked by human bandits (4 times)...goblins (8 times)...orcs (3 times)...wolf pack (2 times)...skeletons (4 times)...cultists (4 times). Elmdar (the elf ranger) filled the air with his deadly arrows...Bandar (the human duelist) cut down enemy after enemy with his on target pistol volleys...Draco (the Norse Warlord) wielding deadly blows in close combat with his (2) hand weapons...while Lorna (the spellbinder) went through healing spells & fireball spells like a wildfire blown by heavy winds. The other 4 members of the adventure group also spoke very well for themselves. Drinks for all at the inn and gold coin for their success...all is well...not exactly! The high sheriff of (KRONT) had secretly hired the bandit groups to attack and steal the supplies. Since that plan did not work; and it seems that the high sheriff is sending out dispatch runners to collect (6) professional killers & bounty hunters to now secretly try to kill the adventure group members (one-by-one) during coming adventure games.
  5. I have never painted tabletop armies. Would it be okay to paint them not uniformly, but still recognizably on the same side? I have contemplated painting up some historical army figures. In my experience between the vagaries of natural dyes, sun fading, washing or not washing, and luck, not one soldier is likely to have had a uniform whose colors were exactly identical to any others' (at least before the twentieth century, and maybe not even then if Bill Mauldin is anything to go by). I see painters agonizing to remember what colors they used so all their soldiers will match, and I remember how dramatically differently different dye lots can color fabrics. I think a close-but-not-matching color might make an army look more realistic, not less. On the other hand, as I have said, I have never painted a tabletop army, and I might be being fussy or making things too complicated. May I ask experienced army painters their opinions of the wisdom and sanity of this idea?
  6. D6s in different metals. The real draw here is supporting this great young entrepreneur. "Help me create precision Dice machined from various solid metals such as Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Tungsten and more!" http://kck.st/VmKysd
  7. Tabletop quality paintjob on some reaper (non pathfinder) goblins. Tried to be a bit extreme with the orange/yellow so they are readily readable on the table. You'd be surprised just how much goblins are thrown around during my combats.
  8. Kit said I should introduce myself so here goes, I or should I say we , are a small group of gamers that are in the development phase of a new kind of modular terrain for use in any game system that uses minis, we will offer our terrain in every scale we can produce it in. As of right now we are designing for six different genres, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Horror, Urban zombie apocalypse, and Ancient Rome. We are seeking the involvement from the miniatures gaming community to help us produce a line of terrain that is truly designed with gamers in mind. Please send us any questions , concerns, ideas, or advice you may have. Yesterday we released issue 01 of our terrain newsletter, in it you can find info about the terrain we are designing, what you can do to help, info about contests we are holding and much more to come. If you are not a subscriber it is not too late. SUBSCRIBE today by sending an email to [email protected] About the contests: ~The mini painting contest will be a recurring type contest scheduled for twice a month. ~Entry is absolutely free, all that we require for entry is your Name and email address Submission Rules ~ Submissions must be painted by you, no outsourcing please ~ You may only submit one entry for your submission ~ A entry may consist of any miniature that fits into the current theme. ~ Limit your submission to 5 or less images. ~All submissions should be made through a facebook message or via ouremail listed above. Reaping the rewards ~ whomever wins the bi-monthly contest will get their miniature and a short bio featured on our facebook page and in our newsletter in the miniatures section. ~ All winners will also receive a voucher for free terrain , which will be delivered after production before it becomes available to the public The theme and cutoff date ~ For the first theme we will be doing " A gnome illusionist of evil alignment " This is to be a miniature to represent the tavern owner from our article " A brief introduction to the tavern and its owner" which you will find in the image of our first newsletter below ~ The cutoff date to submit for entry into the contest will be August 30th @ 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time To find pictures and more information be sure to visit us at: http://www.facebook....tpropelledgames Feel free to message us via: http://twitter.com/RPGstandard Best Regards and happy painting, Rocket Propelled Games [email protected]
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