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Found 2 results

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of All Ages, Creatures of Every Type, Shade, and Hue, and buglips*the*goblin, I give you.... My Human Form! So after Much work, toil, and tension, My Dark Majesty's Human Avatar is complete.... WiP here True Form Here And a B&W The Base is a plain Secret Weapon round that I put her base into, and filled with GS. Then added my Silflor tufts, Green Turf, Deadfall Debris, and a Static Grass Mix. The last thing was to touch the tops of some of the tufts with a brush off Elmer's White Glue, and sprinkle Inkadinkado (I kid you not) Royal Blue Flocking Powder on them to simulate some flowers. (I have the Blue, Lavender, and a Sky Blue of these that I picked up on clearance from AC Moore's....) Comments and Critiques welcome! George ***I debated slaying the minion so that he could not bring anything else to my level of Beauty, but that DREAMY Hunk of a Ma'al Drakkar is coming, and he will need painting.....*** ***Help me!*** Edit---> Adding Higher Angle Pics: Minion
  2. So now that The Dark Lady is done, it was time to decide what to do next. After all, I haven't put paint to anything else for over a month... So I got out the figures I had started before my push to get Herself ready, so that She has the maximum amount of time to primp and preen for you know who.... Looked up their Wips from December, so I could remember what colors I used, and suddenly, everything went ploin shaped... It started with a feeling of being watched, didn't help when my son came in to the room, touched me on the shoulder, and practically launched me into orbit! So I sat down again, after helping him out with his issue, and heard a sultry voice in the back of my mind... Knarthex, please take me out from behind this horrid plastic.... I looked around wondering wha???? Started shaking paints, and heard it again, Oh minion, I need you to let me out... I crave paint... Now only one being has ever called me 'minion' so I looked over at the wire rack of blister packs, and one was quivering. Want to guess which one? So, after getting dirty looks from a Nosferatu, a Vampire Wizard, and a Gnome wizard, she came down off the rack, and I commenced working on Takhisis again..... This is the first time I paint a Dark Sword mini, and I must say that I am impressed by the clean casting. 2 very small, mold lines, and a few small vents to clean up, and that was it. She comes in 2 parts, the main body, and the right arm from just above the elbow down to a scimitar. The nub on the arm for pinning was very small, as was the hole in the upper arm, so out came the dremel and pin vice for pinning. The arm wasn't much of a problem, just had to be careful with the pin vice because of the small size. The body proved more, interesting. There was no way to get the bit into the right place at the right angle without the dremel chuck, or the pin vice hitting the base. I finally put the least amount of shank into the chuck as I could, and drilled in as far as I dared. I then went a little further with the pin vice. After clipping a straight pin to size, I glued her arm on, attached her to an old 35mm film canister full of sand with some hot glue, and put on primer coat 1. (P3 White Spray can. I love being able to use sprays in the house due to my airbrush station!) Of course I found a mold line, and had to take care of that, and then noticed that I had done a poor job on the vent line on the sword hilt. That got fixed, and then primer coat 2 went on. And that is where we are right now. Having burnt myself out for the past few weeks staying up late to paint, I am to tired to paint now... Pics: George
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