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Found 398 results

  1. Here are some shots of the bones colossal skeleton guarding the dungeon entrance in a dangerous canyon. I was very excited to spring this surprise on my players
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/608725473/dungeonmancer-the-next-level-in-forged-28mm-gaming-0?ref=category_newest
  3. Here's a batch of heavy hitters I've done up for an upcoming Warhammer 40k: Kill Team campaign. The Obliterators and Terminator are a mixture of GW parts, and the scatter terrain is Deadzone and the Starship Engine from Reaper Bones.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/reign-of-terrain
  5. I decided to build some terrain on a a snowy day. It started as a cave for a monkey spirit: 10:38 am A few hours later I expanded it to a tower with battlements, Nathvarr came out for a look-see. 3:23 pm Then some princess finally came out to help. With more occupants some expansion was necessary. 4:20 pm Then I had to go make dinner. The princesses took possession, later inviting a young prince to help. The castle survived their occupation. 2 days later:
  6. Hi every one, I play this game called Heroscape, its been discontinued since 2005 but there is still a decent following over at heroscapers.com A while back we started talking about and started a few threads on conversions and terrain that could be used. The only differences is that Heroscape is played on hexes and most of the figures are around 28mm tall. When converting it is really easy to just skip the hex part of the tutorial and apply this for any miniature game. With a bunch of pirate figures in the reaper line plus the pathfinder pirate and water themed figures, I thought it would be a good idea to share this over here. I have converted several ships and misc. terrain, I will start copying some of my guides and tutorials here and modify it so it makes sense for non Heroscape use. So any suggestions or comments are always welcomed. Now lets go drown some minis! First, a mini project. These boards are dedicated to a hobby that's all about massive retrofitting and repainting, but most people in other board games like very simple easy projects. for this purpose I did the following two tutorials that where supposed to be simple and done in under half an hour or so. Canoes
  7. I decided that a wall would be a quick and easy way to break up some line of sight and make for a more interesting table for gaming (such as Frostgrave which my daughter and I are gearing up to play). Therefore, I took some Sculpey and worked the basic wall shape, then I put in rocks that were used decoratively on a potted plant and set them in as if they were the rocks from which the wall was made. The first picture shows my first cast of it next to the original piece. I have done 2 so far and got them painted today. I'll probably add an additional wash to the lighter areas as I only put a wash of black on the stones, but thought it would be too dark for the "mortar" areas. Hope you enjoy the wall!
  8. So, not too long ago, I was GMing a table of Pathfinder's Silverhex Chronicles at a convention called GameCon. I had a plain map on which I'd drawn with marker and I had my minis ready to go. Meantime, two tables down from me, there was a fellow who had props of Sphinx-like statues, statues of Horus, 3-D buildings, a multilevel building, and generally, a while lot more than just a map. I stood there (I'm one of those standing GMs) waiting for people to come play while he relaxed and watched everyone who came by at least look over his table and his table had filled up and started a good half hour before I had my first player. Decision time came. I need props! Terrain pieces, to be specific. The Silverhex Chronicles start in a cemetery, so that's how I started. The first shot will show all the pieces I made yesterday. Following this, we have close-ups of the 3 burial plots, the tree (I was going for a baby Womping Willow) and the sarcophagus that opens, the 4 fence posts, and then a random crate that isn't actually part of this, but something that can come in handy as a terrain piece. I'll still be doing some smoothing and sanding on it which I think will give it more of a "used" look. I'll be using Green Stuff to add more embellishment to the sarcophagus and possibly the tombstones. I'll also use my mold-making stuff to create additional fence posts and burial plots. Enjoy the photos and feel free to offer compliments, comments, and critiques. EDIT: Just glanced over the pictures and realized how lopsided the fence posts look. They're on my daughter's hoodie (the red background) and I guess it wasn't sitting level. They do sit flat :=)
  9. I have been collecting cheap terrain for a while now and recently found some modular shops which was one of the last things I needed to get. So I finished up the shops and some caves and thought I would share. I print them on 110lb cardstock and use white glue to attach them to some cheap foam sheets. First the caves. As you can see there are plenty more ready to go as well. I just slapped some together quickly for the picture. The caves did warp a bit because of the glue, but it was no match for some heavy books. Next the modular shops. I ran out of ink(and foam) or I would have setup the streets I found as well. and a close up of one. They really have great detail. and with that it is time to spend some time with the family. Maybe I will post the trees/bushes I made next time, and by made I mean flocked/based.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1446285098/black-maria-designs-steampunk-western-terrain?ref=category_newest
  11. So, I have shots of this in my Silverhex scenery thread, but it's kind of become its own beast. I've never worked with foam board before, but loved what I was seeing done on this forum and figured I could try my hand at it. In the first encounter of the Silverhex Chronicles, there are two mausoleums (in addition to graves and such). I figured those could be my first two foam board efforts. At this point, I have the first mausoleum put together and am now working on painting and then a roof. Figured I'd include some of the WIP shots that got me to this point. For the second, I have the walls cut out and the piece I'll be using to make a dome. I'll be showing those later once I actually have something worth showing. Hope you enjoy my first foray into foam! Comments, critiques, and compliments are always welcome :=)
  12. Asteroid terrain using what appears to be some variety of vesicular igneous rocks.
  13. Hi, I made my first HS project, bricks are really great and its fun to build with them.
  14. Nuclear Plant is the first piece and series of pieces I will be making for my wargaming endeavors. The idea of my pieces are that they will have multiple pieces: So instead of, "The building is now destroyed" and you remove it from the game board, you replace it with the completely destroyed version. On top of that, the constructed piece will have removable bits so it shows a change-over-time. I like a good atmosphere when I play. This piece I had in the back of my head during Thanksgiving last year. My sister-n-law made these desserts that came in these squarish cups. I turned them upside down and the follow is what I saw. Supplies: Squarish dessert Cups Cologne Sample bottles (from Mary Kay) Plastic card from an Electrical sign off a construction site Old plastic sprues from Gundam model. Woodland Scenic Realistic Water. and finally, the top antenna piece: a flow control piece from a faucet.
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1104585808/quick-land-0 Hlleo Wlord, I could really use some vocal support... I don't want anything to do with anything other than mass producing the ground everyone needs under their games. I just re-launched after some very helpful constructive insight from BZLeebub (thanks brother). I just lined up a game store as well.... its a brand new game store with brand new owners, im going to demonstrate how quickly I can do what I do. Ill be documenting everything that happens and using it to boost the kick starter... (hopefully) -Nomad Jack (thanks for your eyeball)
  16. Had this video in my FB feed. Figured I'd post it here for anyone who hasn't seen one. Seems a lot cheaper than buying one of the commercial cutters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=720&v=N2n_EbRzZ0g
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1104585808/quick-land Hlleo Wlord, I could really use some vocal support... Its more important to know what I'm doing is right rather than actually trying to make any sales right now. I don't want anything to do with anything other than mass producing the ground everyone needs under their games. I'm in the process of lining up a recently opened game store so I can show how quickly I can make that happen for people.... -Nomad Jack (thanks for your eyeball)
  18. I had to go to Walmart to get a couple of things earlier. While I was there, I spotted some aquarium stuff on sale. I grabbed what you see below. I didn't know what for at the time, but it was cheap, and I could use it for something. Looking at it more closely, (and putting a figure next to it) I figured it would make a pretty cool cave mouth. Except I don't have any foam to make a cave/cliff face with. So I put it asiude and began working on other stuff. A while later, inspiration struck--an evil shrine!! Here is what I'm working with: I'm probably not going to do much with the paint job, maybe some touch ups here and there. Most of the WIP will be adding bits and pieces to it (those will be painted, of course). At this point, all I've done is remove the plants that came with it. ETA--aw, jeez. Did I just pull a dumb move? Should this be here, or in the terrain section? If a mod sees this, put it where ever you think best. Sorry for the extra work...
  19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/day-night-reversible-deluxe-city-rooftop-tile-set
  20. One of my Friendly Local Game Stores, which has largely dumped its stock of miniatures gaming supplies (awww!) still carries various products that have a "reason-to-exist" in that they're tied in with BOARD GAMES. That the board games in questions happen to utilize MINIATURES to work their magic is just an added bonus. I really know nothing about Mantic's "Dungeon Saga" game, except that there are dungeon tiles involved, and apparently, after the fashion of the old Milton Bradley / Games Workshop "HeroQuest" game, there are some furnishings here and there. So, with two packs of doors and two packs of dungeon furniture, I've decided to try painting them up a bit to help out our current GM as generalized props that might or might not be useful for his dungeon. \ The doors pack seemed like the best place to start, since it would be the most generally useful. The pieces come in a hard plastic (not the least bit Bones-like), in a deep brown color. As-is, or with some light dry-brushing, they'd probably look decent on the table, but I opted for spray-painting the pieces white, then painting the edges "denim blue" (a faintly bluish grey), with some light brown for the door faces, and then I applied a light wash of darker brown to the middle, and some lighter grey dry-brushing to the frames. There's a lot of detail and touch-up yet to be done, but the 3D details do most of the work, so the pieces already look pretty decent with minimal work. The pieces come in a clamshell-opening plastic case reminiscent of an old VHS video cassette case. There are two each of 5 designs, for a total of 10 doors: 8 1"-wide doors (about 1.5" tall) and 2 2"-wide double doors (about 2.5" tall). They have just wide enough of a base that they stand effortlessly on a hard surface, but they're lightweight enough that they might wobble or topple of anyone bangs the table, or if they're set on too irregular of a surface. The pieces have a very tooled and precise look about them, making me certain that the originals were designed in some sort of CAD software rather than sculpted. Each plank is clearly denoted, but there are no organic details such as wood grain in the planks or cracks in the stones. With some light washing and dry-brushing, however, enough random elements are introduced that the "machined" look doesn't stand out much (in my opinion). The raised details on the doors have nice, sharp edges, but they're also very shallow. This makes it a bit of a challenge to paint the filigrees and hardware on the doors without splashing paint on the adjoining planks; a bit of back-and-forth touch-up work is probably inevitable. I still have some work to do in finishing up the detail work and cleaning up the splashes. I'm undecided as to whether or not I might try to darken the "grey stone" areas with some sort of wash. The doors have a nice, solid feel to them, and seem to be reasonably durable for their size. They can be stowed together in the box without much fear of the paint "dinging" off -- but I think I'm likely to put some foam inserts in the plastic box all the same, just in case. ... The furniture box (pictures to follow later) comes in a similar container, but consists of several "furniture" pieces after the fashion of the old HeroQuest. There are 4 treasure chests (separate lid and body pieces, two slightly different designs), 2 barrels, 1 bookshelf, 1 bookcase, 1 throne, 1 well, 1 weapons rack, 1 small tomb, 2 wooden tables, and a lectern. (The box and online details of the set seem to indicate that there's supposed to be an open book piece that goes with the lectern, but I didn't find one in either box, so I'm a bit concerned about that. I can probably proxy something from one of my Warhammer Fantasy Flagellant sprues.) Somehow I didn't notice it until after I'd sprayed on the first side of base coat, but the plastic of the furniture pieces, while the same dark brown, is NOT the same texture as with the doors. The furniture pieces are very slightly bendy (less bendy than regular Bones, but less rigid than the Dungeon Saga doors for certain) -- and as such, when I sprayed on base coat, they all felt noticeably tacky even after the paint had apparently dried. Fortunately for me, procrastination-out-of-frustration paid off. I let the pieces sit for another day in the garage, and when I checked on them again, the paint seemed to have dried, and the tackiness largely has gone away. Still, I feel as if there's at least a little tackiness still, so I'm certain that when it comes time to matte-seal everything at the end, I'll be using brush-on matte sealer, NOT the spray on variety. Right now, all the furniture pieces are just grey-and-brown, like the doors so far, but I plan on putting a bit more work into painting in individual details (especially with pieces such as the bookshelf and bookcase).
  21. A thousand years ago, before the Time of Ice, in the city of Felstad, there stood a most unusual statue. Bein' as it was built a millenium ago, no one today is sure what it was used for. Some say it was a place for dark and evil sacrifices. Some say it was a place where prophets and evil counsellors held court. Some say it was a place where the wizard kings, bloated in their self importance, sent their heralds to issue forth the day's commands. At least one thinks it was a thing for displaying rather large tea lights, larger than manhole covers and thicker than Italian wedding cakes. No one knows for sure. But today, it is called by those who have seen it, the DRAGON PULPIT (or so it is called by the men of today) stands brooding over the Square of Long Sorrows... and while none have ever successfully drawn forth its jeweled eyes (each the size of a man's head!), more than a few battles have been fought in its shadow... It began with a gift from a coworker. A gag gift, at that. A dollar store find, a sort of heavy metal tea light holder. But it was a dragon, and she knew I liked dragons, and she flat out said, "Maybe you can make something out of it." Well, that was a challenge. But, then, I've made things out of weirder things. What COULD I do with this bizarre dorm room decoration thing? I inquired of the wise and the learned at the Forums of Reaper, and durned if I didn't get some ideas. It also helped that I've developed an interest in the Frostgrave minis game, a thing I didn't know existed when I first got the candleholder. Hm. Ancient city of wizards and magic, now a frozen ruin of bizarre buildings and ruin and statuary that would confuse Cthulhu. Surely, this would not be that out of place in Frostgrave... I set to work. First, a coat of black primer. For the life of me, I don't know why they painted the thing silver, but that shiny patina was going to have to go. A simple stony grey would better suit me, and would be simple enough to do quickly and easily -- just go with black, and then drybrush in progressively lighter shades of gray, maybe with some blue here and there, and a touch of white on the corners. The barbecue gargoyle observed impassively as I worked... TO BE CONTINUED!
  22. So, I'm working on my sculpting and have lots of little projects I'm doing. Therefore, it seemed to make more sense to just do a running journal of my work rather than individual posts on each piece as I go. Please feel free to offer any input, advice, constructive criticism, or praise. The first piece I'm showing is an inquisitor gal I did for a character I use when my daughter practices GMing Pathfinder games. I went with a corset around the cliché inquisitor robe as I wanted her to have some of the expected look, but with her own twist on it. I also went with a skirt under the coat to give more layers to make the sculpt more interesting. Next, I have an in-process sculpt of my kineticist, Paco Bumblekins. as all he does is shoot blasts of water, I always have him do finger guns for it, so that was a big part of the sculpt. Also, he doesn't wear armor, so he's got a strange hobo-themed attire going (which will eventually include a long coat which seems to be made of billowing waves). Finally, I have my "Sweet and Stabby" character. She's fashioned to look like a sweet, innocent young girl (maybe a farmer's daughter or some such), but hiding a readied dagger behind her back. Maybe she's just townfolk, maybe she's the party rogue, maybe she's a priestess of Calistria. I like the flexibility of the character. Anyway, enjoy!
  23. I recently picked up the Dragons Don't Share boxed set, and was really taken with the terrain pieces. So I decided to undertake a hefty terrain project. The Bones pieces and slate were glued to a cork sheet, which was then glued to the back of a metal pizza pie plate. The ground was covered with small tallus pebbled, and then with a sand mix. Many different grades of static grass, flock, tufts, wildflowers, climbing ivy and moss covering were used to finish off the base and rubble. Hope you like it. Kevin in Edmonton http://www.mageknightkevin.blogspot.ca
  24. Hi everyone! I just started a second Trash Bash Bits campaign on Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/847163926/trash-bash-bits-part-two Trash Bash Bits were created to make the crafting of wargame buildings faster and more fun by eliminating the need to scratchbuild doors and windows to add to projects. The first Trash Bash Bits Kickstarter campaign was very successful and helped to create five designs of science fiction doors and windows. Trash Bash Bits 2 will add to this collection with five new designs! The castings of the first TBB campaign were enthusiastically praised by backers for being sharp and clean. The detail on the final castings actually looks sharper than on the prototypes! Plus they are lightweight and have flat backs so you can glue them easily to plastic, foamcore, styrofoam, or any other common modeling material. Don't throw away your time. Use Trash Bash Bits!
  25. This year the minis I manage to paint will all count towards the resolutionary challenge. As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. With the refurbishment of the old house complete and it now up for sale, I have at last some time to paint a miniature or two. It has been more than a month since I touched a brush smaller than two inches wide, and I have come to the conclusion that I utterly detest redacorating houses, especially everything that involves masking tape. So anyway, here goes: Oathsworn Miniatures have made a series of resin scatter terrain pieces to go with their Dwarfs and their Burrows and Badgers Kickstarters. They have done everything by themselves, making moulds and casting at home on their dinner table, and sharing the entire process via their excellent updates. Here are the first two bits I have done, the Burrows and Badgers Tents. Keeping it simple. These are well made tents for the discerning adventurer, and a place for the dormouse to sleep when the teapot is needed for tea. When all the bits are done, they will make for an interesting campsite among ruins for a furball fight. Two Tents Burrows and Badgers KS1. Oathsworn Miniatures Resin Integral base
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