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Found 400 results

  1. This is my first time posting stuff online. I am still fairly new to the miniatures hobby, but I dove in head first and started collecting and grabbing up all the minis (old and new that I could). This is my first big non-gaming use piece. I am still learning different terrain techniques, but I thought it would be a fun use of some old Kings of War white metal minis that I didn't plan to use for gaming. Sorry I am not a great photographer. I am sure that is something I will get used to as I photograph more of my projects. details, details (mostly done with repoduced bitz)
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2075845336/pre-painted-flat-packable-sci-fi-buildings-by-hexa Preprinted MDF buildings/terrain suitable for sci-fi wargames. At least one of these guys was at ReaperCon this year at the Hangar18 booth.
  3. In an effort to clean off my husband's painting desk ( I am guilty of using it for my storage space, which helps keep my desk clean), and after seeing Buglips and many others tackle this piece, I took to painting these up today. After receiving my Bones II stuff I unpacked the terrain pieces from one of my DDSII and it sat untouched until today. Luckily sitting on a level surface for such a long time it fixed the bottoms at least well enough for some warmachine terrain, so I simply washed them in soapy water, glued the one piece together and got to it. Here is where I started. Just a bit of cork and clay litter added to hide some problem areas. Attached them to a box for ease of airbrushing. Then I used my airbrush to hurry this process up a bit. I used two shades of gray, followed by a purple and then a green. Basically to keep it gray but color to give the stone some variation. Then it was just a bit of drybrushing, glazing and a touch of pigments. Oh and a little flock and I called it good enough. (After a break then I painted the treasure). So here are the best pictures I could capture some individuals and a group that is a bit washed out. Overall I am happy and feel quite productive for the day and now have some more terrain for warmachine night. And I satisfied June for the RPChallenge, if only I could paint this much stuff everyday.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vorpaliagames/instant-dungeon-tactical?ref=category_newest Interesting take on the dungeon terrain topic ... I'm probably set concerning steampunk and dungeon, but the forest might interest me - and some add-ons.
  5. The logical place to begin when one is constructing a mom and pop grocery store in 28mm is with one of those horsie rides that goes out front. In my youth, you could not find a mom and pop grocery that did not have one. So upon my visit to the Mythology exhibit at the museum, I purchased several little tiny dragons and unicorns... and from a unicorn, I began the construction of a horsie ride, the kind where your immediate ancestors would seat you atop a plastic horsie and drop a quarter in the slot, and you were delightfully entertained for five minutes or so. For some reason, you can hardly find any of these things any more. As far as I could tell, it used to be a LAW that everyplace that sold food had to have at least one of these things on the premises. Nowadays, you can hardly find them anywhere. I had to drive clear out to Parker to find one to use for a model. It resembled this one, although in shades of brown, and the horse was depicted in a galloping position; rather than repose the soft rubber unicorn, I said the hell with it. Construction includes toothpicks for the column supporting the cashbox, and for the piston that makes the horsie go up and down; it's mounted in a bead. The pedestal is shaped basswood. And now that there is a horsie ride, the actual construction on the convenience store can begin. More on this as I get it...
  6. Prepainted modular terrain system. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/georgepanopoulos/pedion-modular-prepainted-terrain-system-for-rpgs?ref=discovery I'd probably get in on this for a 4x4 river board if not for Bones 3 coming next month, and shipping to the US is really pricey. There's also the concern of the guy fulfilling a really ambitious project his first time out. The boards sure look lovely, though.
  7. These are Naloomi's Workshop NAW7000-R, "Ceremonial Standing Stones" in resin. They seem like they will be useful. The obelisk seems round and blobby, like something I could sculpt myself with my fingers and a toothpick. But the other monuments were nice and monumental. Anyhow, as the Doctor once said, "Oh, look, rocks!" Reaper 77134: Hajad, Pirate, included for scale. One quarter turn clockwise in each picture.
  8. So having finally gotten most of my Dwarven Forge and Dungeonstone Dungeons tiles (including the dungeony stuff from the second Kickstarter for Dwarven Forge), I've started in on my Caverns stuff. Like some others, I've split the stuff into two groups - a set of tiles for the Underdark, and a set for more surfacey-type caves. The first part I'm working on is the Underdark stuff. I'm liberally borrowing from Undel's excellent work, but with my own twists on the subject matter. So here are the results so far - these are just proof-of-concept tiles, done primarily to figure out what I was going to do, and how they would/should look - Before doing drybrushing (round 1) ... and after. Now it's time to start calling out details, and such. (I made a set of step-by-step panels for other environs - I'm including them in the spoilers, but be warned, they are Very Large).
  9. From this tip I decided to make some cages since I'm running A1 then possibly A2. I went with smaller rollers to make the cages, just under an 1" wide so a good number can be used on tabletop. Made 2 normal height, 8 dwarf height and 8 heroic (lack of) scale height. Had some game counters (some sort of 18.5mm tiddlywink) that fit the rollers perfectly. Painted them black and glued those into place. Mixed some metal paints together in varying amounts and drybrushed. FInished with a light drybrushing of browns / reds to make them look like they belong in some undercity sewer turned slave storage chamber. My slavers sure are not going to be giving their slaves a 10x10 cage apiece!
  10. This year my husband got me some resin terrain from Itar's Workshop, including some sci-fi pieces. One of these is IWS-IND-003, "Engine" and one of them is IWS-IND-001, "Power Generator", but I can't recall which is which. Here they are with Reaper's Dee Dee, Astro Girl, for scale. Please pardon my ignorance. I don't know know if these are true-to-life or pure fantasy, so I decided to paint them how I liked. I didn't take pictures for the earliest stages. First I primed them with titanium white (Golden matte fluid acrylics) with a very little flow improver added. Typically I wash over this with burnt umber to bring out details before painting. But for these pieces I wanted elements to glow as if lit from within. I have found that lighting effects work better over a pure white base, so I added them before the umber wash. One of them is going to have a cold, green glow, like fluorescent lights. The other has a shaded violet glow from above. Both have a bit of warm gold light. The mixes are simple. The green was just a touch of phthalocyanine green with titanium white. The violet is the same with the addition of some quinacridone magenta. The yellow is simply yellow iron oxide with white. (Reaper colors = Clear Green (almost), Pure White, Clear Magenta (probably), Palomino Gold) Anything painted on white looks deeper than it is. These colors are pretty light, and to show how light, here's my half-painted Reaper frost giant next to one of the resin pieces. For the last preparation step I washed some burnt umber over the pieces, brushing only lightly over the lighted areas to leave the recesses brightly colored. I may have missed a cranny here or there which I will fix as I go along.
  11. These are two Itar's Workshop terrain pieces. The coppoer coiled steampunk-looking one is IWS-IND-003, "Engine", and the squared-off dark futuristic one with the inner green glow is IWS-IND-001, "Power Generator". There's a WIP thread here. They are painted with metallics and straight colors. Here's the power generator with an old Ral Partha Shadowrun troll to show the scale.
  12. Alright I want to see what everyone's working on base-wise, even if it's some simple, basic (ha! see what I did there?) stuff. Let's share the bases we are working on. First, I'll show you a couple of the ones I did recently. This was nothing special but one of my first attempts at sculpting any kind of base. Attempted to be some sort of stone/cobblestone street. Just some flattened out milliput then with one of my little clay tools carved in the stones. After it dried, filled it with some white glue and some GF9 grass. Next, I was trying to make some appropriate bases for the cultists I'm currently working on. After finishing all four of these, I decided they weren't "evil" enough and am trying other options. Also, it took me about 3 different iterations of various peoples marble tutorials to get anywhere with painting marble. Not sure if links are okay, but you can search for centerpiece miniatures painting marble bases. I translated the colors they used from citadel to the MSP and am fairly pleased. These were certainly a lot more realistic and a lot more consistent than the multiple attempts at marble I had made prior. Of course, now I have no one to put them on, but I'm sure something will come up. I also struggled to find the appropriate coating for them. Initially a tried a gloss coat thinking it would make it look like a nice shiny marble floor but the coating still dried 'too thin' as in it didn't seem to have the depth I wanted, and also just crazy shiny instead of looking polished. So then I sprayed them with testors and that's why they look all flat now. Alright, now your turn! Show me what you're working on!
  13. So while doing a few other things I painted up these walls my husband gave me last year. I'm afraid I don't know who made them, only that they are a fairly lightweight resin with an annoying number of bubbles to deal with. They seem to be based on repetitions of roughly one-inch squares. I've spotted repeating patterns of rocks in various places. The smaller one has two mismatched, broken columns at the front. Since the bases didn't match, I treated them as entirely different columns, perhaps put there at different times. One is meant to look like pink marble and the other like red sandstone. I painted up the larger wall as if it were built in three stages: The base of yellow sandstone; then later architecture over and steps in front of the base wall in grey rock; then at some point the doors were filled in with redstone. And then, because I never get tired of this, here's the smaller wall with Verdewrath to show the scale.
  14. I am having some issues finding Sci-Fi wall and floor panels for a diorama I am planning. I have found a few but they are complete systems and I don't think I need the quantity that they offer. I was looking at the Battle Systems Wargaming Terrain, it is very nice but in order to get wall panels i have to or the £70.00 complete system. I am looking for just wall and floor piece that i can order in smaller (3, 4 ,5, 6) piece sets as I dont know how much i will need i just know I need them. I will also be converting and kit-bashing so I think I may need the flexibility of smaller quantity and pieces. Anyone have some good suggestions? Additionally, I have ordered some terrain pieces from warsen.al and as I was looking at their site and notice that A LOT of their stuff is photographed on some unpainted wall/floor piece that are just excellent in style. When I emailed Customer Support about it the man didn't have any idea what it was or how to get it... Anyone have any idea's what that is?
  15. So for my RPChallenge this month, I went a little light (but much bigger and better things in store next month) 3x of the Dragon's Teeth and 1x Jersey Barrier from expansion set 3. I probably had the most fun "battle damaging" them like they just took a hit from some sort of larger gun. Each of the dragon's teeth has the damage done slightly differently.
  16. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1679800548/ravenfell-28mm-fantasy-village "RAVENFELL features our exclusive FOLD-FLAT terrain system which allows you to create fully modular 28mm scale village buildings for your RPG or wargame. The buildings are comprised of separate, stackable components, which can be mixed and matched between models for even greater variety, and folded flat for easy storage. Each village set is delivered in a downloadable PDF format ..." Looks interesting.
  17. I've been having a little trouble focusing on a single project since bones 2 arrived, but there is one mini that got finished quickly, the dumpster! The perfect place to ambush people? a back alley near a dirty green dumpster mutants can hide in it. You can fling it at mutants! Best of all it is easy to paint when you're being indecisive about whether you should finish the IMEF, or start painting the burrowing horror.
  18. In addition to the full-blown Dragons Don't Share set, we also picked up a few of the extra bits of ruined walls, because who doesn't like terrain? Over the course of an absurdly epic combat session of D&D last night, in between preventing a TPK with the help of the Goddess Mishakal*, I painted up these walls. There are a few things I need to tweak, and I plan on adding some flock and talus and so forth, but I'm pretty happy with where this is right now. I've posed my modified Sir Forscale and some Gremlins to model the terrain. I used tube acrylic from Liquitex' "Basics" line. This is the first time I've used artists' acrylics, and it's a pretty interesting experience. Here's a quick color breakdown, keeping in mind that the Basics series is pretty student-grade, so I don't know to what extent some of these are just the names on the tubes, as opposed to actually the genuine pigments used. Regardless, I was pretty astonished by the vibrancy and coverage on all of these. Basecoat overall: apx. 50/50 Burnt Sienna/Primary Yellow (the rest of the table thought I was painting walls on Mars at this point, very orange) Then I took that mix and used a variety of washes with varying additions of Burnt Sienna and Primary Yellow to create some variations in the orange. Next, an overall, pretty thin wash/glaze of about 50/50 Burnt Umber/Phthalocyanine Green went over everything. A touch of the P.Green to thicken the wash back up then went over all the grassy parts and was stippled heavily into the shadows of the stonework. I then started drybrushing the original Burnt Sienna/Primary Yellow mix, stepping it up through yellow several times, onto the higher points. Finally, a really fantastic grey mixed from Dioxazine Purple and Pthalocyanine Green went onto the rubble and into patches on the stonework. Some white went into that mix to hit some highlights. At this point, I still want to put a few more highlights in on the really tippy-top bits, and the ground needs some work as I mentioned, but ultimately this was a ton of fun to play with. I'm looking forward to putting these on the table for a game! A footnote: although I haven't entirely broken myself of the habit, Pingo and like-minded individuals will be glad to know I refrained from using the back of my hand as a palette while using things with names like "Phthalocyanine." *I do mean epic, and I do mean TPK. There were minotaur, a dragon, and bear-riding walrus-men. Walrus-men, I ask you**! The enemies numbered in the dozens, and my cleric was running back and forth between unconscious party members like a madman. We prevailed, but it was a near thing. **The "goo-goo-ga-joob" jokes petered out after the first party member lost 30-odd HP in a single blow.
  19. 3 more to boost my February total. These were very fast paint jobs, possibly too fast , looking at the pictures.... And all together:
  20. While opening up Expansion Set #2, I came across this very nice piece. I don't see anything about it anywhere in the KS pictures, nor do I recall any mention of it: http://chris.heismann.net/IMG_1425.png What's the story?
  21. I am thinking of starting a Hirst Arts terrain project. I lean toward the Advanced Gothic Dungeon since I already have all the molds needed for it; but the Modular Inn also looks interesting although I would have to order the new inn accessories molds. Then there is always the option of building another of the Descent board sets. See www.hirstarts,.com for pictures of the projects. Since I live in a rural area, I have no opportunity to play any RPGs although I have a great time painting miniatures and making stuff out of the Hirst Arts castle blocks. Given I haven't played a RPG since the old pencil and paper days, I have no idea of how miniatures and terrain are used. I would appreciate suggestions on which of the projects is likely to be of interest to RPG players as well as any suggestions for modifications to make them more useful. I don't have any notion of selling the finished project, but would like to be able to find a home for it just to get it out of my work area when it's done. I hate the idea of just trashing a finished project almost as much as my wife would hate the idea of it sitting the house around indefinitely. I figure I can ask around at a hobby shop when it's done to see if anyone wants it, Also, any suggestion for what types of painted figures might be appropriate to throw in with the project would be appreciated.
  22. Stonehavens Terrain Kit Kickstarter is now live. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2087444096/pop-up-miniature-terrain-kit It's a little different as it's for "pop up" style terrain.
  23. Here are some cool PDF files for basing: News Papers, Magazines, Beer Cans, Waning Signs On page 55: more News Papers, Magazines, Cans, DVD's and others Oh, important, on page 54 you can see how you can make Coke Cans with a Q-Tip!!!! Different Police Lines and Warning Signs (does not work anymore) If you do know more similiar Documents or Pictures, please post them!!!
  24. So LittleBluberry and I both got bags of Crap from Secret Weapon. She posted on the randomness thread that she had gotten very few bases (which she was looking for) and had a very very large modern terrain piece. I offered to trade her some of my bases for whatever it turned out to be. (Because we all know I never use bases ) Here is what showed up in the mail. Given the Darksword Red Panda showed up in a lot of people's swag bags recently, (and I don't have Sir Forscale) I decided to drop him on top to give a sense of scale. (Also, this Gen Con Speed paint was sitting on my desk getting touched up, because I was testing out the Army Painter Strong Tone, but I digress). As you can see the right corner is a little rough. I've already cleaned up a bit of it, but I think there is a little more cleaning to do. There was a purple rubbery material in the cervasses, that makes me think it was part of it's mold. (This model has some very serious undercuts). Also there are areas where the resin doesn't feel like it cured properly... but I am not too familiar with resin or mold making! I really really really freakin' like this piece. It's got tires, coolers and propane tanks, all sorts of fun! Great for modern hurricane, civil unrest, zombies, or just one hellacous party. Which gave me the idea on what to do with the rough areas in the right corner... I'm gonna set them on fire! Or at least paint them as if they are on fire.... Haven't decided if I am going to model flames on the model or not... or just leave them looking blackened and scarred. Well what ever I do, I invite you to join me on this adventure.... Since this piece isn't on Secret weapons site... I'm wonder how many of these exist... So if any one knows what is up with this piece please spill the beans.
  25. In a different thread Vince put out a call for terrain assistance the night before ReaperCon. He needed a big hill. (A table was planned that called for a graveyard on a hill.) A link to that thread. I saw the thread and a few PMs and text messages later it was determined that there was a hill hiding in my rather disheveled workshop room that might do. It looked like this: It was an unfinished slab of pink foam (the top had a basecoat on it). This shot was originally sent via phones to [give] Vince an idea of how big it was. That is a Storm Giant from the KS 1 batch along with a paint bottle for scale (I lack a copy of Sir Forscale).
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