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Found 400 results

  1. Due to circumstances beyond our control, some of the terrain for the Warlord tournament appears that it will not be ready in time. I'm working to keep the existing scenarios (as opposed to writing new ones at the last minute), but I have limited space to bring items to the con with me, and even then, I don't have everything I need. So, this is where you can help. If you have access to wargaming terrain, and can get any of this to me by the time the con starts Thursday afternoon, please let me know. The wish list is as follows: Dirt road sections (far less important, but it'd be nice) Large hill sections If you can help, please PM me. ~v
  2. I have just started work on (2) tabletop terrain game pieces...(1) Is a small jungle waterfall (8"x5")...(2) Is a small secluded nook (4"x4"). Waterfall piece...will be the standard piece where the adventure group/characters...tend to their needs...taking their baths...resupply their waterskins...water their animals (if they have any)...wash their clothes...etc. I am working on the major construction of the piece...the small details will come later. This piece also shows my usage of ceiling tile (to construct my terrain pieces); in this case...you can see the multi-layer rise...you can also see my usage of the plaster rocks that I cast myself...as well as the wide assortment of ferns, twigs, branches and ground grasses. Secluded spot piece...will be a small grass & flower area for private interaction...(remember that my game/realm is an all adult game). Hope you like these first photos of this/these two terrain projects. Paul (Catdancer)
  3. Hello everybody. While I am waiting (and waiting... and waiting) for my minis for the Here be Dragons! Diorama, I started working on my Infinity minis. Now, the idea is to get back into gaming, and also to pull back into the hobby my wife, my brother and my best friend. I started working on the minis, but then got caught up with making a nice looking table. I got inspired by the internet, but a lot by Dadcube's recent thread (here!). Scratchbuilding terrain (and stuff, in general) has always been a passion for me. I cannot match the great paintjobs out there, but I can build nice looking stuff that looks great, because it is original and one-of-a-kind :) After some weeks working on it, I thought I would share. Perhaps this can inspire some of you, and feel free to also share ideas and tips. All pics are from my cellphone and under yellow, household light. Sorry :/ Another note: I work with centimeters. If you need to do a conversion, think that an inch is about 2.5cm So 25cm = 10 inches, and 1 meter = 100 cm = 40 inches (I know this is off and only for you to get rough measures). We started thinking about a 1.2x1.2m board. This board would be made out of 16 30x30cm pieces that could be arranged in different dispositions. These will include streets, modelled in the middle of the pieces. This is a sketch I made on a little piece of paper to share with my friend over the phone: The "theme" of the board will be futuristic-clean-oriental. If you are familiar with the Infinity background, we are thinking about making this with touches of YuJing, sorta like a merge of ultra-modern Japan and touches of cultural China. We will see where this takes us... The board: Being in Argentina we don't have a lot of materials available; or at least no big stores like Michaels, or hobby stores. This means we have to use our creativity to find stuff that works! That being said, my friend works in design so he is familiar with a lot of materials and techniques. He suggested a certain foam type that is dense... upon inspection I believe this is very similar if not the same that is used in the US for insulation. It is called "Polifan" foam here, and is used to carve out letter for signs, 3D logos, etc. I got a 60x100cm board for about 10USD. The minimum thickness is 2cm. We cut the 16 squares out of this foam board. We also got some plasticard for later detailing (probably the most expensive thing yet). I also got a big plank of "grey cardboard" as it is called here; it is the kind of stuff architecture students use here for their scale models. Cardboard plus some supplies (white glue, craft paints and clear acetate sheets*) can be seen here: * the clear sheets, intended for windows and stuff, is actually a pack of "clear plastic A4 covers" that was laying around the office; they used it as a clear cover when spiral-binding reports. I don't think they will miss one pack, plus they haven't bound reports in a lot time with PDFs now). (next post with more!)
  4. aka All Your Base Are Belong to Us! This tutorial will teach you some basic and some intermediate ways to use Sculpey to create custom bases for your miniatures. First, some basic information. Sculpey is a polymer clay which does not self-harden. It must be cured at 130 C/ 275 F, baking time based on thickness. After it is baked it is rigid, can be sanded, carved and painted. There are several types. Fimo, Sculpey, Super Scupley, Scupley III, Premo, etc. It is less expensive than some of the other sculpting materials available, making it great for basing projects! It is similar to standard ceramic clay in terms of workability, but a bit more elastic. It can be stored for years, and only requires a bit of kneading to soften it again. You will need: Why super sculpey, you ask? Because I have some! The same thing applies to the tools- you can use just about anything to shape sculpey. Wooden tools, pins, flatware and especially fingers! But for the projects below, I specifically used the tools above. The pin tool is from a standard ceramic set and the other two shapers from a wax carving set. We need to start by waking our sculpey up. It will come in an easily separated cake of cylinders. Break off a piece, knead it in your hands, warm it up, roll it around, etc, etc until it's nice and pliable. If you've never used it before, play around with pushing different textures into it. Rocks, sandpaper, pinebark, plastic wrap, canvas, and cork can all create interesting patterns. Plus, you'll get a sense of how much detail the sculpey can hold. It's not as much as some of the other sculpting materials available- which I think of as a plus. It won't really hold a fingerprint for example, so you can safely pick up what you're working on. It makes it a very forgiving medium for beginners! And you'll quickly realize it has the best quality of all- it does not stick to everything! Now, what can we do with this sculpey? How about cobblestones? Those make great bases, right? So here we're using the thin shaper to carve stonelike shapes and smooth our edges. That sort of pattern can be created very quickly with just the single shaping tool. I like my cobbles to have curved edges, making the stone looks more 3-dimensional. Bricks, or a brick pathway is another option. Here's an example of how to use the pin tool (like a thick needle. A small nail would also work if attached to a handle) Using our trusty Canadian Sandpaper as a guide, the pin tool creates a brick layer. Then we go back and add the individual brick shapes and add some details. Cracks, slightly curved edges and the sandpaper texture can all be used to make a more realistic brick. I also used the thin shaper to curve the edges of the brick. I've only added details to the top bricks to illustrate the process. But this is boring, you say! Bring on the fancy bases. We want props! Ok... for this next project we'll be using twigs from the garden. Here I've stuck a few twigs in a slightly carved lump of sculpey. I rolled out some little coils to make roots and pressed them on. Now I smooth the edges of the roots with the larger shaper. Then add texture to the roots with the pin tool. ...and we have terrain! In our next installment I'll go step by step through an entire base! Stay tuned! Let me know if you all want more detail or clarification on anything.
  5. So I had mentioned in my WIP thread that I was working on a new massive board for my last Iron Kingdoms RPG session. I don't useally make things this big due to the time it takes to asseblme these and the fact I can't store them as assembled due to lack of space. The last time I made a board near this size was 2012 and it was about 25% smaller. Here's a shot of that from my WIP thread. Starting off this we've been running Privateer's Iron Kingdom's RPG (started of with the d20 and them moved to the much superior custom system they released) playing a modified version of their campaign the Witchfire Trilogy that deals with the city of Corvis. The image in my WIP is from the first time the city was invaded (by undead) and the climax is when it's invaded by a deposed king and his army of Skorn (humanoids that up until this time in the setting were unknown). to wet your appetite for the long write up. Because this was a defend the city type of thing I decided to build up the board in two parts: Inside the city wall and outside the city wall--but the city was the most important part. I decided to use two different materials: Terraclips for the city and Heroscape parts for the wall and outside the wall. I also decided that since this was a city invasion that I was going to play it out as a control point based battle where all the buildings were worth points and gave bonus if you controlled them for a certain number of rounds. After so many points were scored then we'd move back into the narrative and have the main boss fight. Ok, first off, as so many people have asked--this is made up of 3 Streets of Malifaux and 4 Buildings of. I also used somewhere between 7-8 packs of the connectors as well and actually ran out of connectors before running out of building materials (specifically the straight flat connector) as I planned another 6-8" of city that I wasn't able to build. I do apologize for picture quality, I'm using a mix of photos from my phone and friends phones and some pics just didn't come out as well as I would have liked. Now, without further ado, I give you Corvis: This is obviously a microcosm of the actually city itself and only has a few buildings (some pulled from different parts of the city whole). There are several that are important and I'll list them off here: 1) The tall tower is a cathedral and gave the controller the ability to buff map wide. 2) The building in the back of the board with the park around it is a wizard's school \ inquisition headquarters (depending on who controlled it) and it granted the ability to have a wizard added to squads. 3) The building along the upper parkway between #1 and #2 is the city watch garrison and allowed for the players to get reinforcements. 4) the building at the opposite end of the parkway from #3 was a player's house and granted a damage buff. 5) Across from #4, towards the gate, was another player's inn. It granted an attack bonus. 6) The small square building near the wall (on the same side as #4 and #5) is a workshop and granted the use of a warjack. Everything else was just for points only. ---------------------------- Play report -------------------------------- This was a big undertaking for one person to run so my friend Larry came down to run the Skorn. He also happens to be the guy who write's all of Privateer's Skorn fiction, when you have a ringer you use your ringer. * Note that all plastic minis (D&D minis) represent undead that the players had control of. The main NPC of the setting was a necromancer that joins forces with the players and she was raising everything that died as undead allies. All the blue metal minis represent city guard. At the start smaller Skorn forces were already in city with a larger force advancing to the gate. The players quickly got control of the church and brought out the head priest father Dumas (you can see a clean shot of him here. While the players were doing this the Skorn were attacking the garrison. The fight here never ended through out the whole session as it was a very important control point. One of the players grabbed a group of guards and ran to secure the gate (which started open). The players started to cut a safe zone around the garrison while the scorn were setting up a defense around the inquisition headquarters And started attacking the wall One of the things players could do is trigger special appearances by NPCs. This one was the arrival of an old player's character (the player had to move out of state for a job) which is a gobber sniper that liked to hang banners to taunt people. I don't have the original mini that I painted up for that friend (as he took it) but you can see it here. After a few rounds of battering the gate the Skorn warbeasts broke through! (the darts are cannons) A group of players and their thugs from the thieves guild took back the bar and moved onto the apartment while fighting against Skorn Ancestor statues. While another group fought off Gatormen and bog trogs that were coming up from the sewers (already dead in all the shots I have). When a Cygnarian General arrives to take over the defense of the city. Cygnar is the country where this takes place. Little did the players know this is an ally of the deposed king, Magnus the Traitor. Magnus attacks the players (this is the aftermath after the dead have been risen) While the Skorn rampage through parts of the city and destroy the church. Finally the players score victory in points and the main villain Van Oberon appears. You can see a better shot of him here. Thanks for reading through. This ended a year and a half of my friend's and my lives and I had painted a decent amount for this (which I'll have bellow as soon as I collect all the images).
  6. An early look at some of the prototypes from Renaissance Miniatures upcoming Caribbean pirates terrain kickstarter expected later this year. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/renaissanceminiature/east-asian-village-for-28mm-gamers/posts/738775?at=BAh7CDoMcG9zdF9pZGkD10ULSSIIdWlkBjoGRVRpAxViJ0kiC2V4cGlyeQY7BlRJIhgyMDE0LTAzLTA1IDA0OjA3OjM2BjsGVA%3D%3D--1c724e544c16329be3ad7e390546b2f1577743de&ref=backer_project_update These are the folks who brought us the Medieval Village and East Asian Village kickstarters, so this should be good.
  7. Antenociti's Workshop have announced on their Facebook page that they are planning to launch a kickstarter in early 2014 for 28mm scifi resin scenery, mdf structures, vehicles, and figures. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=592884427415869&id=153539898016993 The sweet spot is expected to be £100 and represent about a 50% saving off retail to start. I don't own any of Antenociti's stuff... Yet, but I am waiting on pieces that they contributed to Mantics Deadzone and Mars Attacks kickstarters. The photos I've seen of their previous offerings looks great and all reviews I've read and watched on their products have been very positive. I believe this is going to be one of those "can't afford to miss" kickstarters. There have been requests for them to include fantasy and modern day lines, but so far Antenociti has stated scifi only. EDIT: link added.
  8. This is an old piece of terrain I made years ago (from mid 90s, I think) that I've recently rebased (on a CD) and repainted. Just a poliestirene menhir with a runic mark. Truely easy to do.
  9. Hi all! Just wanted to let you know that Impudent Mortal has developed an entire 28mm table top city designed for use with any 28 sci fi / modern gaming system is now on Kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1141913215/impudent-mortals-28mm-near-future-sci-fi-tabletop This is our 3rd Kickstarter and we are already funded so you are guaranteed to get your terrain. Any questions let us know.
  10. The trees are from Woodland Scenics and the stones are made of quartz shards. Hope you like them!
  11. I just came across this one: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1680924898/tabletop-castles It's fold-up, laminated artcard castle pieces. The detail looks pretty and after backing Dwarven Forge before asking myself "where am I gonna put all that?" the idea of fold-away terrain is appealing. This is the sort of thing I'll take to the FLGS to put on the war gaming table and then pack up and take home easily.
  12. Disclaimer; I don't own any of these pictures and trees. Just want to share my growing interest for Bonsais. Has anyone of you ever tried that as a terrain piece or on a diorama? I like the idea of including a bonsai tree to a diorama and I hope to do it in a future work. Any tips on the subject?
  13. Herein lies a pictorial review of the life cycle of a Gazebo... Normally dormant, the Gazebo spends most of it's time lazily napping on grassy knolls and in gardens. Often times Gazebos are attacked by selfish player characters, out for a thrill what they think will be some easy XP... until they awaken the Gazebo and feel its wrath that is! While virtually immune to arrows and piercing weapons, many Gazebos fall to predatory player characters with fire based abilities... Thus is ended the life of another innocent Gazebo and the circle of life continues. Please note that you will not find 2d10 x 100 gold worth of gems and treasure in the ashes of a fallen Gazebo. That is a lie perpetrated by Gazebo poachers...
  14. When it comes to terrain, what is your biome of choice? When you play, is it fantasy, sci-fi, gothic? I'd like to know what terrain types are most popular: - Wildermess - Midieval - Contemporary - Victorian/Steampunk - Sci-Fi - Post Apoclaypse zombie infestation - anything else that is front and center with your game group?
  15. I haven't posted something here in this WIP forum in...so long I can't even begin to remember. I just sit and think and smoke comes out of my head and gears rattle around and nothing. But anyway. I started a WIP Tutorial type deal on my tumblr and blog *once it's done* and figured why not here too. This project is the Chapel from the Warhammer scenery/terrain line. I'm doing a full buildup from start to finish and showing every step and paint along the way. So here goes. (Tune in daily except weekends as there will be new updates until completion, this is my morning before work project.)
  16. So got my Kickstarter stuff a few weeks ago. While most of the vampire stuff is still in the baggies, I emptied all the small cardboard boxes that the paints and a few of the minis came in. After I had dry fit all my dragons and Cthulhu I was pondering what to paint first. Then it hit me, I could use the boxes as Quonset hut style buildings for modern or scifi terrain. Sprayed them down with brown primer as I planned on doing a little rusted metal effect to them. Also marked lines on the roof to ad some detail. Grabbed some black puff paint left over from another project to add some 3D roof seams. At first I was upset my unsteady hands made the lines uneven but then I remembered that tar seals are anything but even. So instead of overlapping sheet-metal seams, they are tar seams. White stuff is salt for the rusted metal effect. For step by step instructions follow the link in my signature. Don't have any pictures yet but the roofs are chrome. I'm now accepting suggestions as to wall color. Right now I've got grey, olive or brown. Don't want to go camo as it would contradict the shiny chrome roof.
  17. Colonel Kane requested that I put up my CAV stuff up ASAP so it's going first. (From left to right:) Dictator-B, Vanquisher, Tiamat, Weasel, and Ronin Attempting to do some rusting on the Ronin. Need to do the detail and touch up the rest. Weasel next to some Infinity terrain I'm painting for The Covenant FLGS. Yes I realize I inadvertently made Iron Man with my paint scheme. Vaquisher hunting prey. I normally won't play with partially painted figs (encourages me to not stall) but I had some itch left from ReaperCon. Wyvern down! Linkinatutu made the mistake of running his wyvern ahead of support fire and it got wreaked by missile salvos. We house ruled that since the model could fit on the catwalk it was legal terrain but it was rough due to the extra effort to keep it from toppling off.
  18. Hi Guys! In case you missed it, Impudent Mortal Terrain Kickstarter is live and already funded (so you know you're getting your stuff). http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1141913215/impudent-mortals-tabletop-gaming-terrain-part-deux Also, I manufacture the pledges in the order they are received so to get your stuff sooner, pledge now
  19. Tattoo & Piercing tent vignette. This is the (8th) of 8 vignette pieces that make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (5"x5") vignette built on ceiling tile. This completes the basic tent work (vignettes) for this small Gypsy vagabond group...Next will be the building of a few Gypsy wagons. Prior to the start of that project; I will have to spend some time doing research on the small number of and types of wagons that I want included in the final view of this project. I hope that the members enjoyed my work on this project so far. I thank all of you who gave me comments and ideas.
  20. Central Bazaar vignette. This is the (7th) of 8 vignette pieces that will make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is an (8"x6") vignette built on ceiling tile.
  21. Open Air Art Gallery vignette. This is the (6th) of 8 vignette pieces that make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (5"x5") vignette built on ceiling tile. The art panels depict; 1. Gypsy camp life views (interior panel)... 2. The Gypsy dancer (interior panel)... 3. Gypsy legend with wolves/werewolves (interior panel)... 4. The Gypsy witch (exterior panel)... 5. The Gypsy female (exterior panel)... 6. Gypsy legend with beautiful horses (exterior panel)...
  22. Gypsy witch tent & vignette. This is the (5th) of 8 vignette pieces that will make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (5"x5") vignette built on ceiling tile.
  23. Several people were asking about brass foliage in DKS's thread in the showoff forum. I didn't want to hijack the thread. There are several sources out there, but the one I am most familiar with is Hasslefree Minis. http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?category=accessories~etched-brass-%28foliage%29
  24. Ale Wagon & Food Table vignette. This is the (3rd) of 7 vignette pieces that will make up the traveling Gypsy market. It is complete except for the edge ground cover work and the addition of some ale mugs sitting on the table...and the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (4"x6") vignette built on ceiling tile,
  25. Gilded Lily Cat House Tent & vignette. This is the (4th) of 7 vignette pieces that will make up the traveling Gypsy market, It is complete except for the base edge ground cover work & the final seal spray of the whole vignette piece...The piece is a (4"x4") vignette built on ceiling tile.
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