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Found 28 results

  1. Okay, so I redoing Warhammer Quest. I'm adding classic DnD monsters, wrote a program that does all the event and monster generation and tracking for me, handles custom treasure, and helps keep things fresh. I'm painting minis for the dungeons like mad, even getting to things I never bothered to paint before, like Snotlings. I don't expect to be ready to play for a while yet, but in the meantime I thought I would add one more project to my load - redo all the tiles and add some new ones, and give them custom cards. The tiles I'm making with a variety of methods, but they all use half inch cell foam (similar to Styrofoam) as the base, then have various things glopped on them to harden them and give them a smoother or rougher appearance. The cutting is all being done with a hot tool that's mostly designed for wood etching I guess (about $35-40 at a craft store), but works great for melting ruts into tiles. I'll go over a step by step on my next piece, but here's some of the ones I have done so far. I looked at a ton of different methods for this, but I think a lightweight Styrofoam style appealed the most to me, I didn't want to get into casting and dealing with being limited to whatever molds were available. Obviously, I'm getting my feet wet with the more flat rooms first, but my next room is the Well of Doom, which has some depth to it (though small). I have the basics cut out and will take some pictures tomorrow when I work on it again.
  2. Hi everyone, Here are the first pictures of a Throne Base I've been working on lately. I wish to use this same base to display different models. So, I'll be casting resin models out of the original model I'm creating. After the silicon mold is made, I want to cast a copy to use it as a base for my Cinder. Then, I'll cast some more throne base for the Swine Prince, Van Storme the Vampire and so on. The tiles are one inch wide, to suit regular miniatures bases. So, the top surface of the base will be 3 x 4 inch and about 7/8 inch high. The peice of wood I'm using was not totaly parallel and wide enough. I had to fill one side with Milliput. I screwed a stick on the plank to help fill the gap and hold the putty in place. I hope you'll enjoy and it will be useful for some of you. I'll be glad to receive your comments and learn your personal tricks on the subject.
  3. Every Friday night the family ... Grandmother (my mother), my family (me: 44, the fiancee, and my two kids: 22/20 yo), and my Sister's family (her: 42 and possibly her two kids: 19/10) ... get together and play board games (or dice games/card games). Last week after a two-night Talisman event where everyone was duking it out for the Crown at the end ... I decided to take the figures from the game home with me and set to work on them. So first, I dipped into my bucket o' tiles and ensured all of the figures were stabilized. Each of the included bases were warped in some fashion. So super glue and a few minutes resulted in: I left the original bases attached because these miniatures while nicely detailed are no where as sturdy as Bones and are smaller of scale. Hmm. I best get out Garrick of Scale for a comparison shot. Once they were all settled on their new plastic plinths it was time to merge original and new bases. BRING FORTH THE SAND AND BALLAST AND GREEN PUTTY! All of the bases received some sand to cut the distance betwixt base levels. The Ghoul who had a nice textured base received ballast to match the original base. Some will stick with sand, the Sage, and most will get at least some green putty to bring the bases more even. For most of the figures I plan to give their bases the look of their starting places. The Troll and Dwarf will have some larger rocks sticking up for the Crags. Most will get painted with grass mainly. Some few will have "cobbles" or similar treatments for the village or city. Perhaps a keg and a stool for the Tavern. However, whatever their scenery, I must keep in mind that the figures will be in a board game box and not treated any differently then before. Thus begins the journey to the Crown of Command. We'll see where it leads and which of these figures will fall to Death. Speaking of which ... where's the Reaper? *looks about* Damn, he's sitting over at mom's on the game cabinet. Yeah, we have the Reaper expansion. Figures involved: And of course:
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