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Found 21 results

  1. Hey everyone, here's 02953, Cyclops sculpted by Tim Prow. It stands on a 25mm base and is 40mm tall to the top of the head. I've wanted to paint this model for a long time, it's been patiently waiting on the shelf for months. I finally found time to complete it last night during a late night session. I painted the grass on the base so it would look like orange tundra moss instead of regular green broccoli. What do you think?
  2. Hello everyone, here are pictures of the 60142 Golden Guardian I painted for the Pathfinder painting contest. This model was sculpted by Tim Prow. It was the perfect miniature to practice my nmm.
  3. Good Friday everyone, here are pictures of the mini I'll be using as a necromancer in my upcoming D&D game. 14060, Leisynn the mercenary mage is one of my top 5 favorite model. It was sculpted by Tim Prow for the Warlord game.
  4. Hi everyone, here are pictures of the first model I painted this year. Seems like I'm having a busy January... 02789, Talarand the Blackguard was sculpted by Tim Prow. It's one of the top five favorite model I painted so far. This suit of armor is astounding.
  5. When I came across this mini he was missing his sword and shield. I dug through my bitz box for some replacements and I'm pretty happy with the results.
  6. Did a (relatively) quick workout in this guy. One paint day at my flgs, and a few hours two months later to base him and touch up.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diehardminiatures/diehard-miniatures-law-and-disorder?ref=discovery About
  8. Bones Ghost King. WIP thread is here: WIP Another one rescued from my shelf of shame (leaving 28). He has a very twisted body that couldn't be fully realigned, even after heating him in boiling water which is why he has the weird base. He's just attached to it so he will stay level while the pictures are taken. I'm trying to improve my blending and lighting effects so any criticism would be appreciated.
  9. I started painting this guy as a speed paint for a D&D game, then discovered interesting complexity of his armour and body position. I stared at him quite a bit trying to visualize how I would paint him. I decided on light coming from in front of and below his hand, started, then gave up. He is rescued from my shelf of shame and hopefully will be the first of many I complete this month. Comments and criticism are welcomed. I am going to try to illuminate him as though a bright light (like maybe a paladin's aura) is striking him. Light direction picked, base coats, initial guess at the nmm highlights marked, black wash. Cloak shaded and highlighted. Bones shaded and highlighted Darkest greys and mid tones added on the armour. Brightest highlights on the armour added.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/kev-adams-tim-prow-oldhammer-goblin-miniatures/description
  11. Hi all, I keep true to the undead theme I have going on at the moment and decided to paint Tim Prow's Ghost King to get a bit of variety while converting the Necromanceres. He is slightly converted, I exchanged the skull and one of his hands. I wanted him to cast a frost lance with the outstretched hand and preparing another spell with the hand pointing up. I already added a small green flame to the hand, the frozen lance will need to wait until the fabric is done. So far only the face and the armour pieces are finished, even though I might enhance contrast on the verdigris, depending how contrast rich the fabric turns out. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.
  12. I painted this guy a few weeks ago. I spent maybe 4 days off and on on him. I'm much happier with the front than the back. C&C welcome and appreciated! Also, I'm not sure if I like the grey background, I have a white and a black as well but I'm not sure if one of the others would work better.
  13. This is Janna the Wanderer aka Janna the Barbarian from the Warlord line. When I picked her to paint I was sure she was an elf, but as I got to the hair I noticed, no elf ears! Her armor was a bit of a pain to paint, getting skin color down between all those straps and plates was a bit of a challenge. She is also painted with strawberry blonde hair, with the base color of the hair being pink.
  14. My first finished Bones mini. So far I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the material. Several things on this one I'm not happy with, in particular the sword. I was going to redo it, but decided to keep it as is to remind me how not to do glowy effects. Good enough for tabletop. I need to re-read Buglips Bones Threads to remind myself to paint these for joy and not get hung up on display or mold line issues. Anyways, enjoy. http://www.coolminiornot.com/367610
  15. Okay, this paint job actually has kind of a funny story behind it. I'd slathered Brown Liner all over this mini and the two others I'd planned on working on that evening, and I was working on one of the others when Mr. Boot wandered in and kinda watched me for a bit. Actually, lemme back up a little. Mr. Boot was looking for a few minis to be used in an upcoming session in our Pathfinder game, and initially he asked me if we had any minis that looked like an Enderman (a monster from Minecraft: a tall, skinny, black humanoid creature with glowing purple eyes and a terrifying scream). I was like: "Uh...noo...?" Then he was like "Well, how about something kind of wraithy?" And I said "Um...well, I think we have a kinda skeletonish scarecrow, I'll see if I can find him." While I was poking around looking for it, he continued to look through our Bones bins for inspiration. By the time I returned, he'd pulled out a small assortment of wizardy types, and asked which looked the most evil. After considering, I picked Darkrasp out. And then he asked if I could paint it "pretty much all black." And I asked "You mean, like an Enderman?" And he was all like "Noooo, just kinda wraith-like." And I couldn't help but ask "With glowing purple eyes?" And he responded with . And I . Fast-forward back to the actual painting. Anyways, so he wandered in, spotted Darkrasp with sloppy Brown Liner all over him, and got all happy and excited and was like "Yeah, this looks great!" And I was all "I...haven't actually done anything with him yet, that's basically just primer." And he was all "But this is just what I wanted; with it all blotchy and uneven, it really makes him look ghostly." And I'm like "Uh, okaaay..." But I could not in good conscience leave it in such an unfinished state, so I got him to clarify a few things, painted the chains, his beard, the scythe, and the bone holding the scroll in HD Solid Black to try and help them stand out a little bit (not sure how successful that actually was). I also, at Mr. Boot's suggestion, did a drybrush of Solid Black all over to "make it look blacker." Which predictably did absolutely nothing, lol. So instead I grabbed a gray at random and did an all-over drybrush of that, which helped. Then I decided that he needed something more, so I gave him scary red eyes (which...you can't even really see because of the hood, but I know they're there), and some red runes on the scroll. Without further ado, here's Darkrasp the wraith-y guy: The lovely yellow bits that appear to be on his cloak and robe are not, in fact, a beautiful first attempt at OSL. That's just a reflection from one of the desk lamps I use in my ultra-deluxe photography studio: Super high class, you guys, you have no idea. I think I might need to replace my Brush-on Sealer; it definitely didn't go on as matte as usual, which I think really affected the final appearance of this figure, given that the color distinction between the Brown Liner and Solid Black areas is minimal enough to begin with. The shininess kinda makes it all blend together. I'm going to see if my FLGS has a decent brush-on matte sealer; I don't have anyplace I can really spray stuff. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  16. For the Secret Sophie Exchange, my partner this year was Corporea. She asked for something fun and colorful (specifically blue, purple, and green). So it took me a while to come up with this idea, but one night in bed while I was mulling it over, the idea struck me that I'd use the surfer dude I had and the coral mermaid I had on hand. With him on a beach and her on a sandbar, a modern meets fantasy type of scene. I purposely left the figures shiny as they were (or are) in the water. Used iridescent medium on the mermaid's scales to give them a glittering/shimmering look. All the marine life is sculpted by me except for the turtle, which was sculpted by Mad Jack and I took from the box of goodwill to paint up like a sea turtle. Anyhow without further ado... I present the SFW pics of this piece with links to NSFW pics (since the mermaid is topless). Figures: Surfer Dude - Reaper SKU # 50099 Coral Mermaid - Reaper SKU # 03554 C&C are welcomed and appreciated! NSFW Pics - [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [image]
  17. This is Reaper's 50065: Rex, Dark Future Hero by Tim Prow (there's also a Bones version). As part of my year-end cleaning up of half-done minis, he's a simple tabletop job (given when I started him I cannot lay any claim to this being a fast job). WIP FWIW here.
  18. Blocking in some spectral colors on this bones figure, initial step. It's my second shot at this sculpt; the first one ended in a muddy mess. :)
  19. I painted this couatl for OneBoot for the Summer Exchange. The couatl comes with a 1" square base, but I upgraded it to a 2" round base to make it the appropriate size for Pathfinder/D&D. First time doing a jungle base. Someone on the forum mentioned getting plastic plants from Michael's to use their leaves to make plants, so that is what I did.
  20. I think this was my 6th completed mini. Done in October last year. I love this scuplt. Love. It. I want another one. It's hard to make out but the drum is made of bone and flesh. He looks so happy about it to. His name is Gary and he would like to thank that poor hapless bard he murdered for the awesome maracas. He was done with craft paints cause that's all I had at the time. Comments and constructive criticism welcome
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