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Found 100 results

  1. I have really enjoyed working on this mini. If you read the WIP you will see the biggest hurdle in painting him was the sword arm ! Sir Kay didn't reach the Ripe old Noble age he had; by being ignorant, nor learning a few treacherous tricks of his own. As he walked past the old monastic ruins the Goblins Attacked ! He grabbed his walking staff and with a swift twirl; he had the hidden sword in hand. He dropped the staff at his feet, and protected himself. Here is Sir Kay. Comments and Critiques are always Invited and appreciated!
  2. I've selected Sir Kay standing as my next Miniature. Bare faced so I get to practice face painting, and this is a tough one. Mustache, and face is blocked by that right arm. Right off the bat I see some major challenges. So lots to conquer here, in a one inch miniature. I think Sir kay is going to be a mixture of purples, and silver, maybe my beloved Gun Metal also for contrast with those Purples. I've already started on him. Primed, lined, and rudimentary face on him. I also am painting as a senior knight (isn't that nicely politically correct)..LOL. He's Old...His armor says that about him. Here he is:
  3. I finished Guinevere the Queen from Thunderbolt Mountain a few days ago. Thought I would post her here now. This is a small mini, so I included a photo of a 28mm to let you see the scale. I adore working on Tom Meier's works, his sculpting is amazing; and he has this habit of putting a little surprise in his miniatures, that you discover when you start washing the figures. Once you start doing his stuff you get addicted real fast. I made the figure a bit darker since I was loosing her face in the photographs. Photography is such a pain when they are this small ! So anyway, here is Guinevere the Queen.
  4. Has been an Extremely busy weekend. Got up this morning, then cleaned and primed Queen Guinevere from Thunderbolt Mtn. Spent a lot of time with files, and x-acto knife. So after all the Frogs, I will be taking my time on a 25mm sculpt. So, The adventure Begins.
  5. This is an incredible amount of fun to paint. The details on this miniature are a sheer joy to encounter. I got playful with this one, it called for something to set it off. I took my time, and got some wonderfu suggestions along the way. So this piece can be quite the challenge for your brush control ! Trying to push the color scale up a bit. I highly recommend painting the Frog King, I think I spent a major amount of time just laughing as I got into it. It reminds me of Jackie Gleason actually. Here is the Frog King. C&C, as always, is appreciated.
  6. This is the last of the Frog Series that I have to work on. I have NO idea what direction I will go in on this one. He just looks hysterical, and a fun Sculpt from my favorite sculptors Tom Meier. It is 28mm, not his normal 25mm. So I'll just begin painting him up. I intend to have a blast along the way, no matter how long it takes.
  7. Give me a rainy day when I have had the chance to prime a Miniature, and I am OFF to the races. I was lucky that the Norwegian news had a whole lot of stuff I was interested in, or I would have gone nuts on this Miniature. The Froggy Queen is sculpted by my favorite sculptor, AND it is 28mm. Kathud. So I have the best of both worlds, Tom's sculpt and a larger size to play with. I am thinking of doing a Norsk Bunad style gown on the Queen. (I think I have gone insane).. but we shall see. Here is where I am at with the Froggy Queen. I am just going to play, and enjoy this piece of incredible.
  8. I have spent the last two days doing "clean-up". I found out why I got all those strange looking files in my file set, and what some of them are good for. I got a miniature lineman's pliers set that has proven really good at taking off some of the casting/mold flashing. So I am going to paint the Emperor Lucius and his mount. I am going to try and avoid painting any more miniatures with helms on for at least a month. Feels good to put in a face again. I also am looking at some other Tom Meier works that are more whimsical (but extremely challenging as well). So I will be getting in a few different miniatures to paint (besides Kickstarter II...drool, slurp..be calm my soul). I am painting this a bit differently than normal. He'll be in two parts until I can get the upper body done enough to glue him on his mount. No way I could do his left side glued to that horse ! So here is Lucius. I will probably change colors with the exception of the black shield and golden Eagle.
  9. This has been one of the Great Fun Projects to paint. Since I took a break from Painting the Arthurian pieces by Tom Meier, I discovered that he had sculpted these larger 28mm pieces. The Frog Queen is a lot of challenge, and you can really push yourself as far as you (and your funny bone) can stand. I hope you appreciate my efforts on this Miniature. C/C is always welcome ! Here is my interpretation of the Queen of the Froggies !
  10. I was rather amazed that I finished The Emperor Lucius today, usually it takes a least a week to finish one of these for me. Think the hot weather contributed to my speed this time. This was a great Mini to paint. I kept the shield color's the same, but did change the color scheme from the Green on the standing version. The big challenge here is painting and then assembling the miniature. Once it is glued you loose access to huge parts of the sculpt ! This took some patience and planning. So here is The Emperor Lucius. I had a blast doing this one ! Jay
  11. I thought that I would finish this tomorrow and then post. I kept on looking at it sitting on my painting desk and said..DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is Done. I can honestly say that this miniature blew my socks off, this one has fantastic Challenges, incredible details,and it will make you work and concentrate like you never have before. I don't think I have been happier painting a miniature than this one. so, here is the completed Emperor Lucius, Hope you enjoy him as much as I do.
  12. Having finished the disco Torch Goblins; I dug out the Emperor Lucius by Tom Meier. This is the Standing version, then I will do him on horse. Shield is very complex, as is that crown, and scabbard, with the pattern cloak and surcoat over the armor. That chain mail isn't much of an issue, but the rest of it is. Black Shield golden eagle, or do I go Deutch, Green Shield, Black Eagle, or Gold shield Black Eagle. Decisions decisions. I'm thinking white and gold trimmed surcoat, maybe Emerald Green cloak with Gold on Trim, to match the surcoat.. Anywho.. here are two photos of what he looks like on his binder clip !
  13. I have finished the last Red Knight Miniature I had. This was an awful lot of fun, and a lot more of a challenge due to all the folds in the comparison on this miniature. The figure is very dynamic, and trying to interpret that movement with paint was a lot of fun and experimentation. I will post six photos (that hopefully will show what I have been doing).
  14. I started prepping this Miniature yesterday, got him primed and attached to a large binder clip. I started thinking about colors, and just cracked up ! The Red Knight kinda precludes something in the name. Soooo, gonna have a lot of Red, and some black, and some silver. Sculpt also has a horses faceplate on it, that might be a bit of fun to toy with. Maybe a Ruby color ? The scabbard is also empty, so instead of a lance, I'll be using a sword in the Right hand. Note the dynamics of this piece. Incredible movement. Here is the Red Knight on Horse Lined in Brown Liner.
  15. This has been a bit more challenging than usual. I almost got myself permanently attached to this miniature. New Super glue flows a lot faster than I realized ! I used the Joker from a deck of cards to make the tile floor ! Every Minute of painting this has been a joy.
  16. Since I complete my last mounted Noble Oak Guard I needed to find something to paint. Fortunately, six more figures showed up yesterday, and I started cleaning up the Red Knight. He's been filed, primed, and I decided that I was going to do something different than I normally do. I left off the black lining, and started layering in a dark pumpkin mix of dusky flesh, and fire orange. Then added some brown to make a richer brown undercoat, and painted it onto the figure. I will gradually add reds to fulfill his name, but this is learning, and playing. I really like where this is heading. So, a new beginning! And I can make a real base for him on the standing figure
  17. Completed the Mounted Noble Oak Elf by Tom Meier. This Miniature proved a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Had to paint most of the elements separately, then glue them together. I found balancing the colors, and keeping dark areas in control hard to do when things aren't attached. The camera isn't doing credit to the gray blending into the shadows. They're there. So.. Here is the finished Elf.
  18. This is the last of the Elves I have (I have some dupes, but I'm holding off painting them). With all the horses that I have been playing with; I decided to do a Gray. Of all the colors, a gray horse is going to make you work very hard for your color. Its either TOO dark, or TOO Light.. Realize then when you start. So I have painted the horse Gray already. I just have to glue the rider onto his Horse. I may do some independent painting on the figure before I attach him. I have lined the rider at this point. I'm thinking of Blues, and Silvers, with Reddish/brown oak leaves on Horse, and Riders Cloak. Beyond that it is my beginning premise !
  19. Just Based and Photographed the Compliment to my prior showoff posting. This is the Mounted Version of the Elf Champion. This has been a labor of extreme joy. I will post six photos (since I learned my lesson the last time)..chuckle. Hope my enjoyment of it shows, and you let me know what you think.
  20. Here is my attempt to paint the Elf Champion by Tom Meier. The incredible detail, complexity, and beauty of this work is daunting. It is a challenge ! With all that said; keep in mind it is 30mm. Here is my attempt to do it some sort of justice. Here are three more photos... Sorry, I can be as dumb as a rock sometime. I added 039 which shows the landscape on the other side of figure.
  21. Tom Meier, legendary founder of Ral Partha and currently running Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures, does not just sculpt exquisite elves and stunning French and Indian War minis. Oh, no. He has a collection, called "Savage and Sparkle," of extremely eccentric little things which seem to have been designed by a couple of young relatives of his. One such is "Slug Eat Your Face." He is a little over an inch tall. I'm afraid I painted him faster than I would have liked, to be ready for a game with our children. I also did not give him a matte finish, as I felt the shiny look conveyed slime better.
  22. Spinward Bound's thread, http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47632-wood-elves/?hl=%2Bthunderbolt+%2Bmountain , alerted me to the excellent Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures, sculpted by Tom Meier, legendary founder of Ral Partha. These are jaw droppingly beautiful (if a little small by modern standards). I have started working on the Wood Elf Lord and Lady in Traveling Clothes. My usual method is to prime the minis with white acrylic paint, then wash with thinned down burnt umber to be able to see the details. On the male figure (on the right), his entire outfit except for his boots and cape are still on the umber wash. They are really tiny, especially their faces. Here's the lady elf next to Reaper 03566 (also a WiP) for comparison: And here are close ups of those tiny, tiny faces:
  23. Here are my next two minis, Wood Elf Archer in Chainmail w/ Plates and Wood Elf Noble Lady in Traveling Clothes from Thunderbolt Mountain. They're 30mm but they are very small so this is probably gonna take a while. Here they are primed (I see I missed a spot): I'm anxious to see if I can paint their teeny tiny details, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
  24. Here is the Wood Elf Lady. I had a lot of trouble with the eyes, kept missing and building up paint deposits that wouldn't go away. Over all I'm ok with the paint job, considering my skill level and the detail of the mini. Once I get my bow sprues I'm going to put a bow in her hand. WIP: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47632-wood-elves/ C&C welcome.
  25. Tom Meier did a lovely job with this but I couldn't figure out what he had in mind with the eyes. I thought I should change them to get what I could paint. One of the painters at ReaperCon spilled the beans and let slip the most important clue since paint brushes. Brush on Sealer! Unfortunately I ran out of time and was unable to change the pigtails or add the rodent coming out of the barrel. Everyone knows anime school girls have LONG flowing pigtails. They don't hack them off like is shown here. It's just NOT done. I'm going to saw them off and cast some new ones. It should be reasonably easy to glue them on. The weapon is described lovingly on their web site: "Behold the 54mm Scale Anime School Girl. She comes complete with something every Japanese school girl carries: the "HAM-HAMMER 3000" Let others dwell on the problems of the past, ACME corporation looks to the FUTURE! The new HAM-HAMMER 3000 represents a quantum leap in rodent delivery technology. Improvements include: - A 30mm barrel nearly eliminating tube-jam and greatly reducing the risk of blow-through or backfire. - Teflon coated acceleration chambers for easy cleanup. - DIAL-A-BITE, now, with the press of a lever you can set the exact masticatory parameter you need from a warning nibble or a determined gnaw to ... well!" Enjoy, and happy New Years!
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