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Found 11 results

  1. Yup, we're doing this again. Anyone else who's planning to drive may feel free to chime in; we'll be rolling down from Washington, but wherever you're coming from, welcome to post! More details as plans evolve, of course.
  2. This is a bunch of minis in one. I was looking at my pygmy mammoth mini a couple of months ago and I just felt the need to dangle something from its tusks. I found some little bottles I had bought years ago from a Michaels or Joann and the rest of the ideas followed smoothly. I chopped some phosphorescent plastic from a little dino model you find in Fred Meyer and put those in the bottles and they do glow in the dark. I wasn't able to take a good photo of that, alas. I first saw the idea of a large pack animal with lanterns on it, traveling into an uncertain world, years ago when I saw this ar
  3. In just a few hours, I'll be flying out to meet up with my mother, and then come Sunday morning, we'll be spending 18 days in Japan! Ergo, my presence on the board will be sparse, and I'm missing ReaperCon. With the travel group, we'll be going to Tokyo, and then go south. With stops at Mt.Fuji, Nagano, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagasaki, Kobe, Hiroshima, and several other places. I plane on bringing back oodles of uniquely Japanese souvenirs. I'm particularly curious about their 200 flavors of Kit Kat bars. If I can find myself a nice nakiri vegetable knife, I'll be ha
  4. I have reached the point in my life where I am a bit tired of work travel. While it's nice to be away from the office, travel is disruptive to my personal life. In an effort to make some lemonade from the lemons, last year I started to assemble a kit that I could squeeze into my carry-on bag, so that I could get some hobby work done even when I wasn't home. I just got back from a trip last night, and had been posting some progress pictures to another forum. Since people over there were interested in the mechanics of the kit, I thought that I'd share it here too. So, here is where
  5. So as I am gathering things together to take to Reapercon, one of the things I pretty much need is a travel light.... I am looking at Ott lights, because I love how they work at home on my painting desk, and I have seen most of the members of NEMPA bring them to paint days.... So I am looking on the River site at the OttLite 290089 LED Handheld Task Lamp, and am wondering A- can I also use an AC adapter power source with this? (The page lists on in the bought together, but it is from Nokia? ) B- are the little LED lights better than / worse than / equal to the 13w fluorescent bulb
  6. Ludo

    Home Safe

    Figured after ShadowRaven's adventures last year it would be a good idea to post. If you were traveling or know of forumites who made it home in one piece feel free to post. I got home without incident 45 minutes ago.
  7. Title kind of says it all. looks like I will be in the Northern Houston area for Thursday evening/Friday morning due to some conflicting schedules. If anyone is around, drop me a PM if you want to show off or hang out. Roo
  8. Now that the wedding is out of the way, it's time for the wife and I to start planning (and saving) for our overseas honeymoon the the USA! The only two fixed events at the moment are ReaperCon at the start of the trip and seeing Blue Oyster Cult in Reno at the end. We've hashed out a plan of where we want to go and at what times, so I'd appreciate any advice on things to see and do in those areas. First of all we're looking at heading straight into Texas, stopping in Cross Plains before RCon to see the Robert E Howard museum (we're both big Conan fans). Then it's on to Lewisville and the co
  9. I find myself considering the logistics of travel to Texas. What were people's experiences and how did they pan out? I am a rather poor traveler, prone to vertigo and epic motion sickness if I am not extra diligent. But I do love visiting places. I have not flown on a plane since September 3rd, 2001 (and I would rather not go into that at the moment, thanks), but I have discovered some wonderful and far-flung places via automobile and train and boat. So how did people get There and Back Again, and how did it work out?
  10. So, the week before Reapercon, I find out the Monday and Tuesday before I leave to drive to Reapercon, I will be driving 6 hours each day to Lexington KY for a 2 hour meeting on Tuesday afternoon. On my drive home, my boss texts me that I had better check my email before I head out. He had tried to schedule me for meetings on Tuesday, only to find out the I already had meetings scheduled, in Lexington for the Tuesday after Reapercon... When I don't get back to Greenville until Monday afternoon.... So, anyone in the Lexington area up for dinner on Tuesday night?
  11. So the husbandish and I are trying to make plans to come to RC '14 and I can't find any of the informational threads about RC '13. I assume they were deleted or archived which means I need some help from you guys. What hotel(s) are used by most people attending? What hotel was used by Reaper for some of the events of RC? When does check in start? What is the start time/day of activities? When do most people get there? What is the end time of activities? It's looking like we'll be able to make a 2 week vacation (road trip) out of the con so I want to make sure we are looking at
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