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  1. While Red Box Games is my favorite miniature line the trend is that I just buy the miniatures without painting them. Frankly because they scare me. The detail is smaller than what I'm used to and I'm afraid to screw it up. It's much easier to pick up and paint other miniatures because it doesn't really matter as much if I do screw them up :) But every once in a while I do gather enough courage to pick one up and finish it. I painted this one because of the same reason I painted Birgir. I was going to participate in a DnD one shot at the local gaming store. I didn't know if it would be usi
  2. Any Reaper fan will know of Tre Manor, and the wonderful sculpts he does for Reaper. He also has his own range of models, called Red Box Games. The models are smaller than the heroic scale stuff out there, and sized exactly to the 28mm scale that Kev White over at Hasslefree does. His Kickstarter is to retool his range to a new space age plastic, as metal is too much for what he wants to accomplish. Throw him a bone. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1103158358/red-box-games-helsvakt-horde If this is deemed inappropriate by the mods, no worries. I just fired this of
  3. I picked up a pack of nine of these shuffling, twisted undead from Red Box Games, and just finished the first four of them. I really love these sculpts, probably the best zombies I've seen, and they were a joy to paint. I was thinking of maybe experimenting with some blood effects on them, but I'm not sure if I want to or not and will just leave them like this for now. Photographing them made me notice that the highlighting is pretty rough; I do think they look a bit better in person. I also think I may have used a too bright background for the photography, apologies for that, I'm kind of
  4. Here's Svetlana, a limited edition Kickstarter mini from Tre's first KS. My first attempt at a more display like wood base, also my first use of grass (blah). Bark rocks, might be cherry, not my usual ash (I just hunt around the woodpile mostly). Very enjoyable sculpt to paint despite the casting issues. WIP here.
  5. I wanted to see how far I could take the Bones up to as far as painting levels are concerned (low table-top, high table-top, display etc) and this is where I stopped. Probably high table-top level to just edging display (if I had done a base and worked more on the fish attached to his belt). I went with the RMSP Olive Skin triad for his skin. I used two different washes on it. First was Agrax Earthshade and the second was Army Painter Blue Tone. I worked the skin up to almost white and then glazed it back down with some Army Painter Strong Tone. The metal was painted GW Gunbolt and highlight
  6. I decided to start a new thread for the various other Orcs I'm going to be painting over the next few months. I'll probably do some comparison work here too. This way I can have accurate tags. If I do any more Marauders or Swordsmen, I'll update that thread. Orc Berserker - full shading treatment. I plan to do three more of these with different painting techniques.
  7. I was going to post this in Bones, but since I couldn't post pictures there, I figured I'd do it here. I'm one by one making an orc warband (no good reason, I may play them in something one day, and at any rate they'll be great for tabletop RPGs.) I love Tre Manor's orcs - the problem is they're a bit too big to fit on a 1" fender washer and if I put them on a 1 1/4" washer I can't fit them into my smaller miniature case. Besides, they'll be a bit big for our grid. I went over how I fit my first Tre Manor orc, a Marauder, in this particular forum post: http://www.reapermini.com/f
  8. It has been awhile since I painted in public, so here is a WIP to push myself. I chose Krug since there is lots of skin to work on smooth blending, plus he is the biggest model I have attempted to date. I assembled him some time ago, but never got around to working on him. Now that I have a few hours invested in painting, I wish I had done a better job in the prep phase - better smoothing of the green stuff in the joints, better scraping/filing/sanding. Next time... The first 3-4 hours involved priming and getting the base coat down. The skin is oriented around the RMS tanned skin t
  9. FINALLY finished up one of my own minis last week. Happy to say it was one of Tre' Manor's! Love his work.
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