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  1. This was a speed paint repaint from last year's con. Specifically, paint by die roll where he ended up mainly purple, green, and pink. I figured the least I could do for his (their?) dignity was a repaint in nice browns and flesh tones and make him table ready. I left the green hair, though. Didn't think the original base was stable enough so I decide to rebase on an old Secret Weapon base. Getting the guy of the original base was a PITA though. This new plastic shatters like resin when I try to cut it with clippers. I couldn't get a hobby knife through it. Maybe I could if I wanted to destroy my hands.... Anyway, one foot came apart in 3 pieces and I had to glue it back together before basing. Much prefer the softer Bones material.
  2. Not my best, but I learned from some mistakes. Also wish this didn't look so glossy. I figured since it's a troll I may as well leave it like that, but the glossy finish was intended.
  3. Can't seem to find any info on this guy. From Bones 5 Kickstarter I think. Been procrastinating on how to paint it, but finally just dove into it and see what I could do. Came out lot darker than I wanted, tried to get a high contrast look, but got a bit muddy after the third pass, but overall I'm happy with it. Using this to show off different basing styles for a new base size at Litko Game Accessories. Ultimately will be joining my collection of dungeon monsters for a heavily customized version of Heroquest.
  4. I just submitted this for the RCL large group challenge. He clearly fits into the fairytale theme! His weird musculature made some of the highlighting challenging, but the opportunity to try a stone axe made it rewarding. I’m trying to push my contrast by focusing more on the dark side, and I can see incremental gains, but it’s still very much a battle against my tendencies. As always, your comments and criticisms are welcome!
  5. Svartwood Troll Hunter - Design : Artisan Guild Base : Txarli Factory 3D printed on my Elegoo Mars Part of my Horde of the North Project WIP HERE: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79398-horde-of-the-north-glitterwolf-paints-barbarians-and-mammoths/page/10/#comments ******************************** Snorri Grudgehelm was so angry he didn't feel the freezing cold, it had been two weeks since Brunhilda had rejected him, her brothers had laughed when she turned him down. The humiliation! He had shaved off his hair, braided his beard and headed for the mountains, he would show them! Brunhilda would certainly change her mind when he would bring back a Troll's head and her brothers wouldn't make fun of him then! There! Just a little below him he could see it! A large Troll! Gripping the twohanded axe he had inherited from his father he let out a warcry and attacked!!!! ******************************* Trogg casually walked back to the Horde munching on a dwarf's leg. It wasn't every day that such a meal presented itself like that! And he also got this fancy axe of the stupid little dwarf! This day couldn't get any better! ****************************
  6. Ain't no party like a troll life party, 'cuz troll life regenerates! The more I look at these guys, the more I see them as an adventuring party...Rogue, Warrior, Barbarian, and Warlock. So much green. So much skin. The "rogue" (caught mid-backstab, just missing a victim in front of him) was one of the roughest. I didn't quite get enough difference between the Jade Green and the mix to bring out the highlights. He looks almost "cell shaded" because of that. I'm not sure if those spots on the side of his mouth were supposed to be tusks or jowls, but I painted them as tusks. The "warrior" probably could have used a bit of Grass Green mixed in with the Jade. The transition is a little more stark than I would prefer. I don't think there's much to say about the "barbarian" and "warlock." I used Black Green as the base, and there may not have been quite enough difference between that and the Forest Green. And, of course, I just noticed that I missed the barbarians belt decoration on his left side. I'll have to hit that with some metallics the next time I'm working--a two-minute fix. The Warlock's eyes are Fire Orange, Marigold Yellow, and Sun Yellow to give that "otherworldly"/"possessed" feel. I think the bases all came out well. I'm very grateful that Reaper has been experimenting with molded bases. It really helps tie them all together. Total time spent is about 12 hours done over four nights. Pretty good considering that when I started, I was sure that I had forgotten how to paint. I honestly had moments where I felt truly lost. Thanks for stopping by!
  7. I challenged myself to paint more of the larger (bigger than human) sized figures this year. This was one I thought came out relatively well. The pig gives you a sense of how large he really is.
  8. These guys were among my first completed miniatures from Bones 5 because, well, they were easy. Not much too them, and a simple paint-job at that, but dang, they sure are fun! For whatever reason my metallic paints seem to go bad more quickly than everything else, so it ended up being more challenging than I expected to even get the paint on the model. It was a good opportunity to experiment with a tarnished and greasy brass look, so I made it work. The reaper bases were great here because I was able to nest the built-in bases inside and just match the texture with GS rather than go through the hassle of removing it. for quick sessions shortcuts like that are crucial or it bogs down the whole process.
  9. Here is the troll from Bones V Dungeon Dwellers Expansion. He was easy and fun to paint - I kept trying to make his hair a dark green, but it didn't feel right - so the orange hair!
  10. Painted this guy in an aquatic theme.
  11. This is the bones version of 3761, and I think it has not made it into the store yet. I painted it like a big orc, or like the title says, half-ogre/half-orc. I don't normally paint blood, but this guy needed a little extra to emphasize how mean he is.
  12. This was my entry for the quarterly contest. I decided to paint him as though he was in a cave with maybe some luminescent crystals or mushrooms. I love the sculpt and will probably eventually get another to paint "normally". Or maybe not since I have hundreds of other minis to paint!
  13. I really like this chap's air of melancholy as he trudges through a cold, damp marsh.
  14. Black on black, your standard sci-fi street-runner. Gave his coat a touch of purple just to give the eye something to look at.
  15. This is my contribution to the RCL trios category with @Evilhalfling and @Kuroneko. I decided on a Hampshire pig instead of spots. I love how much character the faces have.
  16. Continuing to paint the various rve stuff. This time, a kilted troll.
  17. When Stonehaven started doing their kickstarters, they usually released their version of a troll or two with each one. Since I liked the variety of elves, dwarves, and other smallfolk in the kickstarters i tended to get the completionist so i found myself with a bunch of these, even though resin is not my favorite medium to work with. I did a few and the rest sat... until i needed giants for my Runelord campaign. I needed hill giants and i dont like hill giants as depicted by the typical miniatures for them, but the trolls were cute and they fit the size i was looking for and the legend that hill giants have tails was born. Anyway, here are the latest 2, it brings my total now to 5 hill giant/trolls and one broccoli Ent. the party has faced 3 of them previously and it was a mixed success: they won, but they went looking for a place to heal and rest immediately afterwards! (come to think of it, Stonehaven makes up a rather large part of the party, the Kobold ninja, the grippli paladin, the half-orc barbarian and the dwarven cleric are also Stonehaven sculpts) anyway for your viewing pleasure:
  18. Lardgulp I painted for my FLGS's painting club.
  19. Still trying to cover all my basics with this classic troll design. I'm trying to get better with my basing, this time incorporating sand and some broken up wood chips.
  20. This guy has been sitting in my unpainted minis pile for a while, looking forward to eventually getting to use him in dnd.
  21. After completing my Reaper training kits, I'm ready to start tackling my old 80s lead minis from my youth. I tried painting a couple when I was twelve years old and failed so miserably I literally thought there was no way I would ever be able to even attempt this hobby and it was just better left to others with more talent. Thanks Reaper for making the awesome training sets and helping me try again after over 35 years. So without further ado I begin digging into my vault from the 80s. Apologies if this forum is for Reaper products only, no insult intended. So I think this baddie might be a Ral Partha Hill Troll, but not sure. Anybody have some insight?
  22. For your consideration, I present Kallaguk, Troll King. This model was painted as part of a theme back in March 2020 where green needed to be the primary color for a Twitch streamer I follow. I had a lot of fun with this one trying my best to only use various shades of green. Happy with its result. C&C welcome.
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