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Found 4 results

  1. I found tutorials to paint confederate and union uniforms: Painting American Civil War Confederates and Painting American Civil War Union and for Horses (but with Humbrol colors, I must check if I can get the same colors from vallejo) These paint schemes 10mm miniatures and I'm planning to paint 28mm minis. I hope the scale makes not really a difference in what colors I should use. It is possible that I need more colors or not? Ok, I could use white to get different shades of the same colors of the mentioned paints. A friend of mine will paint Confederates as rebels for our western campaign. I think we will use the ACW 1 Plastic American Civil War Infantry and ACW2 Plastic American Civil War Cavalry from Perry Miniatures. I think I will take some of them and paint them also, but as Unions. There are also Minis for ACW 90 American Civil War Artillery and ACW 70 American Civil War Zouaves, but in theses I'm not interested in the moment. They made also this box: ACW 80 American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65 I do not understand why they made an extra box for Confederates Infanty, if they could be made out of the ACW 1 Box... I know that Zouaves are used by the US and CSA, I would like to know which colors they were wearing on which sides. Example Pictures from the Perry Site:
  2. I believe I have posted one of these before, but I have re-based her, to match the 32mm of the others.:
  3. Here are some gnasty gnolls for your enjoyment! Tried to do some work on groups with an army/matching uniform look... ... And some highlighting on raised areas (the gnoll's left knee). The lighting isn't super great in these pictures (sorry!) but I promise you all they DO have spooky red eyes, as per the usual evil hunters. Next post will likely be a return some bigger minis (I just can't quit my demon lords!). Until then, take care of yourselves! -E.E.
  4. I just thought of using Mounties in a Western Campaign. But found out that they where founded in 1920 by the merger of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the Dominion Police. So I was happy to see a painting of a NWMP Rider wearing the same (or similiar) RCMP uniform! But as the name of the NWMP tells, they are mainly working in the north-west. Not even nearly the US. So I was looking for uniforms of the Dominion Police which roles would even better fit to find a reason why they are working so far from home. But I could find nothing about them. I know that here are some canadians in the forum. :-) I hope some of them could provide me little more informations about the DP Uniforms. Some updates about some collected informations in this Thread: More about people from the NWMP/RCMP like Sam Steele or Colonel James Macleod you can find here: Here is a list of commissioners on wiki and a List of some Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers. If you know some special anecdotes about officers, please post them. Some notable comments are already in this thread, if you know more or even have ancestors of the early periods of the mounties, please tell more. Here are few links of minis mentioned later in this thread: Mounties from the companies Tiger Miniatures (NWMP era) and Pulp Figures (RCMP era). Riel Rebellion Minis (NWMP) from RAFM Reaper's Dirk Goodspeed RCMP About the uniforms: It looks like the mounties didn't like the pillbox at all and put them aways whenever it was possible. So on most Skirmish missions it should be no problem during the NWMP era if they wear Stetsons. For example the Pulp Figures would have the Lee Enfield rifles used in the 20th century (this would not stop me to use them as NWMP) If you have more minis which can be used for NWMP or RCMP, please post links of them! I know there are some british officers minis not meant to be mounties, but still possible to use them for it. If someone has links... A post of a movie and series list you can find >>here<<. This is only a very small summary, please read the complete thread. For me it is growing to be one of my favorite threads. I like the Mounties.
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