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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, While checking the Bones KS3, I saw the available option of "Kyra & Lavarath". This really enticed me to have a dragon rider right now (and not when Bones 3 KS ships). So I kitbashed a quick saddle and made Verocithrax (from Bones 2) a ridden monster: I'm imagining Verocitharx's rider to be Evil aligned or undead. But I haven't found/made such rider yet. So, a mountless High Elf Dragon Mage out to do for now: The flexibility of bones material (and the metal tree provided as a support) really make the dragon bend forward quite a bit. Which is not really a bad thing. It looks like Verocithrax is about to swallow from above any unwary adenturer. Look Up Sir Forescale ! C&C Welcome
  2. I have boiled him several times, drilled a hole to pin, and talked very nice to Verocithrax; but his wings will just not stay up. I have been trying to get this to stay since he arrived with the Kickstarter 2 package. There is pressure now in the game I play in, after lots of Role Play I have a bonded Black Dragon; so this needs to happen. Has anyone had the same problem with this mini? Any advice?
  3. I've been fiddling with my Verocithrax as of recent. His base was extremely warped so I had to fix that and make it nice and flat, but now I'm trying to pre place the tree in the notch and it's difficult getting it under the tail properly, and when I do it's all crooked and the base is being forced to warp again. I'm trying to make sure the tree isn't being bent, I don't want to accidentally break it. Am I doing something wrong, is anyone else having these same problems?
  4. The story goes something like this. My wife signed up for a sale booth at our local art fair and then had the opportunity to go to Okinawa for two weeks at the same time. "can you watch the booth this weekend?" So I got to sit and watch knitting. They did, however, allow me to paint, as long as it was, and I quote, "something impressive". So I dug into my mountain of metal and pulled out Verocithrax and T'Raukzul because I apparently thought I needed some weight lifting this weekend. The really good news is I got a bunch of Ooohs and Aaahs on the dragons nearly completed T'Raukzul and did complete everything but the new base for Verocithrax. T'Raukzul I will post in a day or 2 after i finish some final polishing, basing, and some shading work that i needed some paints I just didn't have over the weekend. But without further ado I present Verocithrax for youir viewing pleasure. He was a surprisingly fun dragon to paint and had a few surprises in the sculpt that I wasn't expecting. There a small chip in the paint on the back of the wing that I didn't notice, but other than that I had a great time with him! As always C&C is welcome, Enjoy!
  5. OK, so Verocithrax has been sitting on or near my paint table for about three years without getting any additional paint. Before that, he was in a box for about a year on a shelf, and before that, he spent almost another year in the back of my flgs, all without getting any love. About six years ago, my flgs started a weekly paint night. It was awesome, loads of fun, and I brought the big guy there, leaving him on a shelf each week and then spending some time on him during paint night. Paint night happened regularly for about two months, then petered out to a monthly thing, then died altogether. Verocithrax sat in their stockroom, we moved apartments, eventually I collected him, we moved apartments again and I put him on the windowsill next to the new paint table. Where he continued to sit. Over the last three days, I've touched up a few highlights, deepened a few shadows, glued his head on (somehow didn't lose it in all that time!) and decided to call it done. The color scheme and base show my concept of him as a Stygian Dragon, living in the memory-sapping waters of the River Styx deep in the hells. I'm probably about two years away from running it in my current campaign, but this is an encounter I've had in the back of my mind for a while. PCs will bargain with a ferryman to get farther down the Styx (this is one of the "easy" ways they can use to get to another level of hell) and then this guy will attack. Several hundred feet of VeryBadToTouch water on either side, a fairly small boat to stand on, and a dragon at home in air and water. The party will be 16th or 17th level by then, so it should be more fun than impossible. Anyway, here he is. He's better-than-prepaint quality, better known as the classic GetThisOffMyTableNOW standard of completion, but for all that, he's pretty impressive on the table. . A close-up on what the adventurers will be primarily concerned with, and the sickly waters of his habitat: . And a shot with a partially painted bones bathalian (Sir Garrick Forscale the Bold was downstairs as I took these pics). . Thanks for looking! C&C always appreciated!
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