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Found 1 result

  1. Well, after lots of sweat, tears, and glaze upon glaze, I offer you "The Picnic." This small diorama contains miniatures from Bombshell Miniatures, specifically Victoriana and HLpR Bot. This piece, especially Victoriana, has been the most difficult for me so far. Essentially, the HLpR Bot is my 10th mini to complete, and Victoriana my 11th. They're 32mm scale, a first for me, and while HLpR's chunky build wasn't too difficult, the elongated (and smaller!) features of Victoriana gave me fits! I will be thankful to get back to Reaper miniatures.... The base itself is a small wooden disk purchased from Michael's and stained with wood stain from Lowe's. The gear contained in the piece was purchased as part of a wooden decorative set from Hobby Lobby, in the jewelry department I believe. This piece was made for my wife to use in our Munchkin group from time to time, so she chose the gear. Most of the paints are Reaper MSP, while the base was painted with a combo of Reaper, Vallejo (brass and gold), and Scale 75 (the green set). The foliage is a combination of Army Painter tufts, flowers, and a small piece of ivy vine. The leaves are from Secret Weapon. The red mushroom is an experiment with greenstuff, and my first attempt at something other than pinhead mushrooms. Finally, the two backdrops are from Hangar 18, and the photographs were taken with my long-awaited phone upgrade, a Galaxy s5. Yes peeps, I will stop whining about cameras... In a bit! I tried using a borrowed Canon camera, but I couldn't get it to focus at all, either manually or automatically, which leads me to believe that something, somewhere isn't set right. I don't really have the time or urge to mess with it until it works, as I'm completely happy with the Galaxy s5 pics! I used Picasa to up/download pics and color correct them. Please leave comments on this piece and how I could improve it. I did find it difficult, but that means that I definitely learned something! I hope you all enjoy and thank you for taking time to view my little area of the forum. -K Backdrop: A3 Northern Sky from Hangar 18 Backdrop: A3 Green Gold P.S.: I need to play with the distance of the mini to the light sources, or start playing with a photo box. The light skin on Victoriana really washes out. She actually has a nice blush in person, and the HLrP Bot's eyepiece is much more green. Let me check the price of a box.... P.P.S.: I had some greenstuff that leaked under my masking tape job on the wooden disk. I considered trying to cut it off but figured I'd end up lifting the entire job up from the disk... Luckily, again, it's not as noticeable in "real life" but something I need to be wary of in the future. Of course, this is my first greenstuff base. P.P.S.S.: The agonizingly long WIP for this piece is found here. What can I say? I love to write... or talk to myself... or both! LOL!
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