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Found 7 results

  1. I searched through the forum to see if it already had a game review thread, but if it does it's not coming up on my search. For some reason I thought there was one, but my memories of days long past must be faulty. Thus I'm creating one for video games. A few years back my game playing slowed way down, but I've put away some of those distractions and have decided to work through my backlog of games. Obviously these will have some age on them, but they'll be new to me! Note: "Finished" is a relative term. If you've played for three hours and decided the game is horrible and you'll never play it again, then it is finished for you. Feel free to post and save others from the horror. God of War: Ascension (PS3) The God of War franchise was a big money-maker and Sony wanted to see that money keep rolling in. But the trilogy had already been completed, so what do you do? Create a prequel! Easy right? Well if they had made Ascension before GoWII it would have been fine. Unfortunately they made it after GoWIII which is the best game in the series IMO. The graphics were great and the gaemplay was everything you could want out the genre. The second problem the game has is that it came out after GoWIII finished its story. Seriously, in GoWIII Kratos scaled Olympus to do battle with the gods. How do you get more epic than that? Sadly you don't. He can't actually fight any of the gods in Ascension because he'll be fighting them later (chronologically) in the other games. That leaves us with a short list of Greek mythological figures to play the role of bad guys, and none of them can be as awesome as the gods. So to start the game already has a mark against it with the concept, but what about the gameplay? In that area at least GoW:A does fine. It's pretty much a formula by now; combat mixed with puzzle solving mixed with a bit of exploration and a few “interactive”action sequences. If you like the other GoWs I think you'll like this aspect of the game. They have made a few tweaks to make it different, such as removing the various godly weapons and replacing them with elemental enhancements, but overall the game remains mostly the same. It does have some death by camera angle that most consoles action games seem to have. It is a short game. I finished single player in 10 hours and could have shaved an hour off of that if I wasn't so rusty. Fortunately by the time I picked this game up it already had some age on it and had gone through the price reduction sequence. If you pick it up cheap the dollar per hour still isn't bad. Recommendation: Play, but pick it up cheap.
  2. One of the most amazing discoveries I did during Reapercon 16 is that one of our beloved painters is covering the Overwatch Soldier 76 collector statue with glorious reaper paint and the current result (with just about 10% of the figure complete) is glorious. won;t post pictures because I begged her to post some in progress shots, but I was amazed by it! Which got me thinking, are there any other Overwatch players over here? If you are interested in playing with other Reaper folks please include your blizzard id and any preference for role/time. Not sure we can do organized play (we should be painting!) but at least we can have some new friends on our list! So, me first! Platform: PC HenryRequiem-1307 Lvl 82 Have mic, but rarely use it on Quick Play I literally play every character except for Widowmaker (I can't aim to save my life), so I'm usually good at filling holes on team composition. On QP I let the system pick the character for me as practice with random characters. The ones I'm more effective with /pick when I'm interested in winning are Reinhardt or Junkrat. I do play a good enough support as well when no one does.
  3. My son and I just found this series on YouTube: Man at Arms: Reforged Great series where a team of people at Baltimore Knife and Sword make various weapons from video games, comics, books and movies (among other things) and occasionally historical weapons, and show you how they make them.
  4. So here I am, playing a point and click adventure game from Artifex Mundi on my Kindle, ("Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker"), and someone familiar popped up in the background: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/viking/latest/03385 I think they overestimated the size of the Bryangles, though.
  5. KS was created as a means to help people get funding for things they couldn't afford to produce themselves. We all know how it's evolved, for better or for worse. Divinity: Original Sin was a KS success, and I think that most of us who followed it expected that when the devs were ready to begin work on their next video game, that they'd return to KS for funding. Instead, not only are not going to do that, but they're not doing it for the right reason. ""I don't think it would be correct to go and fish in the pool of crowdfunding investment again. I think that there's others that could use that investment." Pretty cool. http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/09/08/divinity-original-sin-studio-boss-hopes-to-avoid-crowdfunding-for-its-next-game/
  6. New Expansion just came out for Battlefield 4. If anyone would like to join me on the Xbox ONE. GT: Arc 724 Click on my signature for The Grey Guard if you would like to join My platoon as well. I'll be playing off and on all weekend.
  7. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/susanwilson/9-year-old-building-an-rpg-to-prove-her-brothers-w?ref=friends_backed
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