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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to Thrym's Works in Progress. I won't post pictures in here. I'll just make a new post when I make a new WIP and update the first thread for review. Moderators are welcome to remove older posts to keep the post total down. 2013 4th Edition Talisman Figures - Still in Progress and taken over by my sister Mercenary Mage - Run over by golems. Mechbay :: Dire Wolf (Daishi) Battlemech - Assembly and priming only - conversion and sculpted base Sauteed with Butter - Custom sculpted mushrooms. Daughter's Birthday Jabberwocky - [show off] Stone Golems :: Marvel Team Up :: Interactive WIP - [show offs: Thing, Hulk, Juggernaut, Colossus, Dr. Doom, Thanos, Hulkbuster] Project Crockpot - Restoring some old miniatures. Mr. Bones Trick or Treat - [show off] 2014 Dark Maiden ... RPC Song Contest Idea ... "Flood" - an diorama piece Morland Studios :: Order of the Stick Minis - A WIP for my Son and his OotS minis. Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin for Reaper Winter Exchange - Offsite WIPs: 1 | 2 - [show off] Kagunk - Ogre Chieftain - on a spalted oak round base with a frost shield [show off] More to come. Hit the "Follow this Topic" to ride this rollercoaster. LOL
  2. dedicating this section to my OLD Wip's and stuff just so I can find them without having search for half an hour through 70 pages of forums carrion-crown-pcs frp wip bathalian Kain from final fantasy pirate ships aka I have a habit of leaving stuff half way finished for a year. allosaurus raptor lox jarg gnoll pathfinder big #$@%@#$ map bending your bones video well that's most of them. --------------------------------------- so as busy as the forums are getting I decided to locate all my wips to here. starting off are going to be 4 minis for my gf based on the walking dead. starting with rick The Frp Wip http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48527-bunch-of-crap-from-frp-wip/ carrion crown pc's wip http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48878-carrion-crown-pcs/
  3. I decided to just create a topic that I could add to, instead of creating a list of topics like I have been doing. The the past several weeks I have been working on ONE Miniature. It has driven me to distraction. I can't imagine me being the first person frustrated with a miniature. It came close to being tossed into the lit charcoals on more than one occasion. IT Survived. I have taken 35 photo's of it since I started. I'm still not happy with it, but time to move on to something else. I take solace in that fact that we learn little from our successes, but a great deal from our mistakes. I have learned a great deal on this Miniature. So here are a few photo's:
  4. Hello everyone! After publishing a post about my first mini here, I listened to your precious advice and started gearing up for a new mini: the Mermaid (03554). It took me so long from the first mini to this one because I tried a few things on it... I first added a little starfish on the rock beside the crab, just because. And I felt her mermaid tail was a little boring, so I added little fins on it! Took me ages to manage to stick those tiny things on there, and it was my first time with green stuff. Yeah, lots of first times on this mini! Later I added some sand behind the rocks to give them more texture. And here is the finished product! More pictures of the primed and finished mini on this page, but WARNING!! She's a topless mermaid, you will see nudity! I played around with UV gel (yeah, for nails) and a nail polish top coat to add some real gloss to the water and fins, and I used matte on the rocks and a bit on the parts of her body that would have "dried" while she posed like that. I really tried to add depth and shine to this mini (compared to the other), so I used washes this time along with the dry-brushing method. Thanks to all of you who gave me tips! I used my brand new size 3/0, size 0 and size 2 Series 33 Pure Kolinsky Pointed paintbrushes for this one and I loooove them! :D Next mini: a simple dire boar, to take a rest from this adventure... Feel free to leave your comments/encouragements/tips, because it really helped me improve last time!
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