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Found 1 result

  1. Well, apologies in advance if this post is long winded and has some whine and cheese. Me and my friend and weekly gaming opponent came back to Warlord after a lil' hiatus where we played our first love, Chronopia. We have played 2nd edition Warlord a number of times and enjoy it, but tonight was a little soul crushing and a bit of a downer. In my excitement over great models, I put together a Warlord force of Bathalian goodness. My Primarch captain led his four Exarchs and two Centurions into battle, with a book of tactics and a luck stone. To add to the fun, there was a band of four Spawn of Mashaf, ready to tunnel forward and wreak havoc. The sweeperback showed up too: a Devourer of Mashaf. I hurriedly basecoated my army and prepared for tonight's battle in advance. Dalton brought the Dwarves. Swiftaxes, Miners, Halberdiers, Freya with a Mighty hammer, a burrowing caster with his miners, and all the pain. My frustration came first from the unfamiliarity of my force. I forgot how the disable worked, concentrating on the Nauseating SA, and spreading my force too thin. It was over quickly, and so fast that we had time to run it back for round two. What I didn't realize was how crazy the Dwarves were against my entire army of large base models. They gained +1 to their MAV and +1 to their DV against my whole force. It really seems stacked against me. Add insult to the base size, the Miners are another +1 against my Burrowing models, and got the gang up bonus too. The Nauseating SA worked a few times, but the high discipline of the Dwarves pretty much ignored it, and even with the Bathalians being immune to gang up, they didn't last long. The second game was a little more satisfying knowing what I did wrong the first time, but these odds seem pretty steep. If I have to rearrange my list every time I fight the Dwarves I'm wondering if my cool models will ever be fielded against them. I've beaten the Dwarves very seldom. Mercs did it, and my Reptus have, but many games of Reven being killed and now my Bathalians I'm starting to wonder if only an army of small bases will win. I'm already planning to get rid of one Bathalian and swap out the squad of Spawn for some other units, but it's depressing knowing that every large base model is affected by the Doctrine of Giant Slaying. Got any advice on this, or should I just fight the Dwarves with a force at a less steep disadvantage?
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