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Found 146 results

  1. She's been done for a little while now but now I'm finally posting her. This mini will be pulling double duty for me. First she'll be a centerpiece in My warlord Kargir force and then she'll menace my Pathfinder players as "Maw" Hooger, the fierce matriarch of a clan of ogres my players will soon be dealing with. Talanka front in snow 1 2 The first few were taken a few weeks ago when there was still snow. Wanted to see how the snow base looked against the real thing. Touched up nose Tried to touch up the nose a bit but messed up another part of her face. will have to fix that. I was fairly proud of the frog's belly here. Edit: linked to pictures from front due to wardrobe malfunction. Slightly embarrassed by the oversight. New edit: Updated tags and links
  2. Thalia is the third Extra-solar Human colony. Humanity had found a precious treasure. And endless problems. I arrived to Thalia by accident. It would be my crucible, my home, my fight... "Where there is richness we'll find greed. Where there is greed we'll find war." - Sunder C Class Wardroid - Free Citizen
  3. Hey Guys! It's me again, TheBeardedEagle. I took a lot of your feedback from my last miniature and tried to apply it to this second miniature. This guy had some armor pieces and different styles of metals as well as cloth pieces and jewelry. I had a ton of fun with this guy and again cant wait for the third. I think it is a lot stronger than my first but I feel there is still a lot of room for improvement. Again I would love to hear what you guys think and criticisms are always welcome. Cheers!
  4. Bobby Jackson's Darkshade Raider. Thought this mini was so cool; had a beast of a time painting it. But yeah. Still love her motion et al. Also turned into my first messing around with basing, such as it is. Saw this stuff post-Christmas at Hobby Lobby, all marked down, some Santa's Village kind of stuff I guess, and thought it'd be useful for something. Didn't buy it, though. Then my wife went back the next week, saw it marked down even more, and snagged it for me. I married very well. Anyway, it's just a roll of felt-y plasticky whatevery stuff. I disassembled all but the top layer with the actual paving stones and then just glued it on, cut a hole for the tab, and bam. Democracy. Or something. More crappy pictures (still the same batch as before with all the trouble I was having), and of course poor painting. But a lot of fun. Thanks for looking!
  5. Flamehawke

    14528: Rageclaw Slayer

    My Rageclaw Slayer. For some reason I wanted a black lupine in shining armor.
  6. Flamehawke

    14183: Aysa, Necropolis Solo

    I did her in more muted to colors just to see what I could do with them. I also decided on red eyes as I did not want her to be so warm and friendly in appearance.
  7. I was wondering when the Bones figures would be entered into the Warlord Army Creator and Search Databases on reapergames.com? With the low cost of Bones, Warlord armies can be made relatively inexpensively. I think being able to see the Bones listing as well as the metal listing in the Databases would do wonders for folks trying to assemble an army. Thanks!
  8. Hello friends, I've officially finished 2 of the figures I started painting a week ago at Starbucks. Here are photos of the Beastman of Reven, and the Wraith Harvester. Both figures were speed painted with the Beastman getting about 4.5 hours of work, and the Wraith about 4. Both were also painted using only 6 colors, the same six for both figures; Brown Liner, Red Shadow, Worn Navy, Brilliant Green, Splintered Bone, Sun Yellow. I used my Reaper Round #1 for some details, but mostly just used cheap utility brushes for the 90% of what I painted. These weren't painted to perfection, I just wanted to see what kind of results I could get with 6 colors and to get it done as quickly as possible as a personal challenge. Feedback always welcome.
  9. The army creator on the reapergames.com seems to be down. Does anyone know anything about this? I keep getting this error message: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
  10. I was wondering if anyone knew if this figure comes in pieces in the boneyard or if it is cast as one piece? I would love to have a couple of those shields, and possibly the rider to mount on something else... the beast.... I am not so enthused about...
  11. For the exchange I was given a pretty wide latitude on what to paint (or some might argue, a general lack of direction ). I decided to go with the "try something different" suggestion. Let's see... First mount. First milliput slurry fill. I also tried tried using sealer as a fill in a few places. First water at the edge of the base needing a form. First water effects. First icicles. First wooden base. First moss First flowers First use of a jewelers saw to remove some horns. Second snow base (the Almaran I posted awhile back was the test subject). Tried a new "cold green" layering for the skin. I wasn't sure how well it would work, but if it didn't I wouldn't have to look at it anymore. I also tried making use of gloss vs. matte effects. I was going for a spring thaw look, so I tried leaving the snow glossy so it would look like it was melting while making the mini, flora, and rocks matte. I also like wood to "glow," and tried to cheat it. And yes, I did paint the grass. So to show off my progress after almost one year of painting minis we have the Kargir Tundra Beast Rider. I also took a few pictures before sealing just in case I screwed it all up. Now I have a benchmark to look back on once I reach the end of mini painting year 2.
  12. dsmiles

    14044: Uru, River Troll Chief

    Finally managed to get these up. 14044: Uru, River Troll Chief Also in the Inspiration Gallery, and I have updated my Index post. As always, C&C welcome!
  13. I wanted to make a thread for the miniature I painted for Fishnjeeps for the Fall Exchange. I had alot of fun painting him and felt he turned out well. Fishnjeeps hoped for a Dwarf miniature with a long beard. After going through my collection of unpainted miniatures I had several to choose from, and like always decided to go to the Game Store just to see what they may have. Normally I would then come home with a few more miniatures just in case my mood changed on what to paint. This time I only came home with one, Reaper Miniatures King Thorgram sculpted by Werner Klocke. When I saw him I thought he was perfect as his beard was very regal and he even was wearing a bear pelt cloak. When I got home I opened him up and immediately scrutinized the miniature looking for mold lines that may pose problems and to my satisfaction the sculpt was very clean with no major flaws. After deciding to paint the King I was torn between two color schemes. Since a few of you have called me "The Mistress of Crimson Tresses" I of course wanted to go with red hair. With his bird I pictured him being used as a druid or ranger (sans bow), so ultimately I settled with green and brown, with gold accents. I wanted his main focal point to be his face and beard and his bird to be secondary. I wish I could get his hair to show better in the photos as I put alot of work in adding depth and variation to it. Only fishnjeeps could tell me if I succeeded in that, as he now resides with him. I really enjoyed painting King Thorgram and I hope that shows with how he turned out. Presenting King Thorgram Dwarf Master of the Forest. Here is a closeup of his bird C&C welcome
  14. dsmiles

    14440: Vincente, Onyx Chevalier

    Well, this makes me 2/3 complete in Warrior, Maiden, Monster. The Monster is just having some curing issues with his water effects. Vincente, Onyx Chevalier Plain basing, for now. His broccoli looked like rocks, so he got rocks. As always, C&C welcome! Also in the Inspiration Gallery.
  15. Auberon

    14540: Crusader Casualty Marker

    Here's a quick paint that's getting posted as a "complete for the moment" piece. As you can see, there's plenty of room on the base to add some scenery; I just don't currently have what I want. He'll at least get a dropped weapon, maybe a shield, and of course some grass and such. I didn't want bucket fulls of blood, so he just got a light application of red around the entry/exit wounds.
  16. So I took a short break to fix the wifes car and have now gotten back to painting again with a new figure. My previous incomplete WIP's will get some love again soon enough. I've been wanting to paint a Dwarf now for some time and this is by far one of my favorite Dwarf sculpts. He has a TON of little details on him and I am hoping to pick them out without making everything look too busy. I'll try to remember what paints were used as I go though many of them are limited edition or sample paints from reaper. I began by cleaning off all of the flash (there wasn't much) and spraying him with Krylon duo primer in white. I was going to pin the axe hand however I don't have a small pinvise and the large stationary pin vise i have was burried. So I superglued without pinning. Should be OK since I don't use these for gaming much. On to the Paints. All my colors are thinned down approximately 1:1 with water. For the face, I used MSP HD Suntan Flesh. These HD paints have become my go to for flesh tones. They cover nicely with 1 or 2 coats even when thinned. I did add a couple more coats in the areas of the face I wanted to be darker. I will eventually go in with a darker color to bring the contrast up a bit but in person you can kind of see it already. The bags are Painted in 2-3 coats of MSP Snakebite Leather. This color is starting to grow on me a bit and I am finding new uses for it. I may go back and paint a few other leather Items with this color later. I'm using 2 different leather base coats to diferentiate the different layers of leather on the figure and to keep the colors balanced somewhat. Finally I base coated all of the armor and metal areas that I intend to be brass or bronze in a thinned coat of MSP Brown Liner. I've been using brown liner for a while now as a metal base coat as it gives a better look than black does. It really helps with golds and bronzes, but it also gives silver a bit of a grittier look as well. I am trying a new bronze technique that I came up with myself so we will see how it goes. I'll have more pics tomorrow. As usual, any critiques are welcome.
  17. fishnjeeps

    Durin Dwarf Pathfinder Sgt. (14465)

    Another finished mini! I feel that this is a different level of painting for me. He has close to 14 hours of actual work in him. I have a WIP post here : http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56398-fishnjeeps-paints-durin-dwarf-pathfinder-sgt-14465/?p=947468 His left eye presented a bit of a challange in the way it was sculpted, so I gave him a scar there. This mini has a LOT of little details and I feel I piced them out well and still kept the figure's colors in balance. With all of the detail he has, I didn't feel he needed a fancy base. So I used some Army Painter black fine gravel and some of their static grass and tufts to give a more barren feel to his base. In hindsight, I think I would have liked a more dwarven base like those made by armorcraft, but I didn't want to try to unglue him halfway through painting. Anyway, may I present, Durin Dwarf Pathfinder Sgt. Also known as Glarif the Impulsive Dwarf in the pbp in my sig. Enjoy! And as always, spay & neut... Wait, I mean Comment and Critique!!
  18. Citrine

    Reaper Sylph (14552)

    Quick paintjob of the Reaper Sylph (Warlord 14552), with clouds added with greenstuff to make it look like she is above the clouds.
  19. Logrim Battlefury leads his patrol through the wastelands of the sandhills. Abandoned buildings of what used to be a small village sit nestled in the valley. A'arrock, Logrim's griffon companion streaks through the sky to the far side of the village. Logrim advances his patrol, muttering "That fool bird is gonna get killed one day flying too far ahead!" Suddenly, A'arrock plummets to the ground. It did not look like his normal stooping dive, so Logrim double times the patrol to see what's up. ******* Uru, the River Troll was leading a motley crue of misfits into the barren wastelands. Why did Khong-To want him out here? There was little water to be had, and the troops were always complaining about not having enough water. If Khong-To wanted them out here so much, why did he poison the well at the village they were approaching? What's this? Scouts are reporting a griffon approaching above the village. Reading his patrol, Uru has Ssudai attempt to ground the bird so it can't report his presence to the Dwarves. From hiding, Ssudai successfully brings down the griffon on a small hill just this side of the village. Uru's archers open fire while his ground troops charge up the hill to engage the griffon. The griffon puts ups a good fight, wounding a few of his troops, but is only able to kill one of them before dying. ******* Logrim and his patrol reach the far edge of the village, only to see the griffon go down, surrounded by a reptus patrol. Logrim's scouts have not reported any enemy troops in the area, so this is a bit of surprise. Issuing the advance command, Logrim's patrol engages the Reptus patrol on the hill. Crossbowmen take down one of the wounded soldiers, but before the dwarven soldiers can advance, a giant river troll leading more ground troops comes out of the tree line. ******** My son and a good friend of mine wanted to learn to play Warlord, since that's pretty much what I have been talking about since Reapercon... We built two 500 point armies from my two vampire packs. My son just had to have a griffon... 20% of the total build... My buddy chose Reptus, since those were the "cool" models in front of him on the table when we sorted out all the figures. Both were gung-ho when they started, talking smack about how fast the other would be going down... 2.5 hours later, just having finished the second turn as we spent a lot of time talking about tactics, mistakes in placement (after it was done), how one set of my dice is "fickle" and the other set seems to be "loaded" for my boy, but definitely "counterloaded" for my buddy... They each killed a few of the soldier level mobs, didn't really get into casting much. Made the mistake of not having a healer in my son's troop, which might have saved the griffon... All in all, we had a great time! Son had so much fun, he started asking at breakfast on Sunday morning when we could play again. We played so long on Sunday afternoon, I missed the first 35 minutes of the USA vs Portugal World Cup Match! That AAR will be posted soon!
  20. Mutilatedlips

    Moandain, Necropolis Warlord

    Lot of fun painting this one. He appeared to be a lost and corrupted king, very sad story. So I wanted him to have more of a royal look to him and gave him yellow/gold and purple which for some reason I always think of when I picture royalty. Hope you enjoy. :)
  21. EvilJames

    Black orc squad bones and metal

    My first post in the Show off subforum. This is my squad of black orcs. Most are from the Vampire box(77059: Orc Berserker, 77056: Orc Sniper, 77051: Orc Stalker, 77045: Orc Hunter, and 77042: Orc Marauder), but I have two metal ones (03489: Black Orc Warriors)as well. The eyes on the stalker ended up being a little wonkey and big and the faces of the bones orcs were a little hard to paint due to the softness of detail (except for the berserker, his face was still pretty solid) but I'm otherwise happy with how they all turned out. Their leaders and a few recruits are still being painted right now. Also these guys are my secend attempt at basing and my first attempt at snow affects on bases. I had some varying degrees of success with that.
  22. I am trying to get a head start on a theme game for Reapercon 2015 using the Warlord Rules and the RAGE system. I think the "monsters" can translate fairly well for what I am thinking. However, to use minis like the Nova Corp, who have ranged weaponry, can melee up close, etc... How would you translate that or What datacards would you start with to not totally imbalance the game. Issues I am seeing... using soldiers with ranged weapons isn't as "hit or miss" as archery and spears. The soldiers should hit (MAV) as frequently as knights in combat, not the 2s and 3s for ranged combat, I was thinking more like 4s and 5s... but that would overpower them to have 4s and 5s for melee... or should those be reduced to 2s and 3s... Spell usages... combined with technology, replaced by technology, or just not existant? replaced means casters are RPG carrying folks with different types of grenades... Healers are medics, but need to be within X" to help (versus a spell just needing LOS)? Am I getting too bogged down in the mechanics? What are your thoughts?
  23. Bonwirn


    I can't seem to find the Halfling Beta list for Warlords. Anyone see it hanging around? I searched the three Warlord forums, looked under a faciton heading for Halfling, and even went to reapergames and looked in the card data search engine... please help my search fu!
  24. joshuaslater

    Reven vs. Tembrithil

    Gronkelfibbits rode nervously into position, unsure of these Elves his scouts reported. His guards were quickly formed up into a battle line. Nine orc swordsmen, nine orc spearmen, and two ogres moved into a line to protect their warlord. Ombur and Gonda moved in the back ready to lend their magics to the battle. Greka stayed near them, while the Hill Giant, Knuckles, moved to protect the left flank. The right flank was the speed of Urga, with six beastmen, and Traeg, full of fury and ready to take the fight to the enemy. These Elves approaching seemed different. They had large Owlbears moving against both flanks!! They had Satyr warriors mirroring the Reven Beastmen!! They moved through the forest with ease, and brought archers to bear almost immediately. It all seemed so sudden as the Hunting Cats and Satyrs broke through the woods and were ready to lay waste to the Reven. The Elf archers were sapping the strength of the Orcs, and their Ogre support. The Elf warlord unleashed chains of lightning and it seemed the Reven would not be able to muster a counterattack. Magic was the key. Gronkelfibbits and Mazak, with Reven ferocity, moved into position to cast a lightning bolt into the Elven ranks. Greka cast Iron Skin onto Knuckles, and he swept up against the Satyrs. Urga and his troop axed two Owlbears and some of the hunting cats. Only Traeg survived to continue to harry the enemy but the Beastmen earned respect for their skill and bravery. The attrition was terrible. Ombur, Gonda, Greka, cut down. It was Gronkelfibbits going toe to toe with the Elf warlord, in a climactic battle to the finish. Both thought they had the other beat, but both fought on, until Knuckles finished the battle. Only an Elf sniper lived to skulk off, while the Reven took the field. The losses were replaceable, as the Reven is a horde, and Gronkelfibbits and Mazak left to mend their wounds and continue their campaign for power. Great game, and a rare victory for me. :)
  25. Hello, My friend and I played the Dungeon Crawl game at ReaperCon 2014, and it was great fun (with an amazing dungeon layout!!), and our first exposure to Warlord. I have a few questions, though, and I was hoping to get some insight. - The rules used were just the regular Warlord rules, but in a skirmish format? - Would it be possible to get a copy of the warband sheet? - From where are the monster stats? - Would it be possible to get copies of the random tables used? - Is the playing card initiative a Warlord thing? I really liked that. The two guys running it were very helpful, but it was still extremely chaotic (no fault of theirs). I'd really like to introduce this to my kids and my gaming group, and it is really getting me in the mood to start casting more Hirst Arts blocks. I bought the Warlord book at the con just based off of the game we played, but I'd really like to just duplicate the experience if possible (thus the questions above), and not go overboard or overcomplicate it. Thanks for running the Dungeon Crawl!