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Found 18 results

  1. A noobish question, should I thin down reaper washes? Or are they ready to use out of the dropper? Sorry if this has been asked.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a totally novice painter. I got tired of staring longingly at all the painted minis online and then at all my plain boring unpainted minis and finally decided to give it a try. I'm working my way thru both LTPKs (and all the similar looking minis I have) and I have this issue with washes that I couldn't find an answer for in past topics (I could have just missed it, apologies if that is the case) I follow the directions in the LTPK, for example when painting Anirion the Wizard, I base coated his hands and face in the flesh tone and then it says to m
  3. Hi all, It has been a while since the last post, but here is a quick, step-by-step painting guide to the Silver Death Fish for DeepWars. This model is suspiciously similar to an ancient Xiphactinus fish, but has slightly different fins, with a few finlets near the tail like a tuna. This model was primed in white and painted using the techniques very similar to the Dire Fish-Lizard from the AMG painting guide, Painting Scaly Beasts. The key was to use washes and glazes to give it the basic colors, then lighten sections with thinned white paint and make edges pop with pure white. The majori
  4. This troll was painted using almost nothing but washes. It was quite the interesting process. I managed to get a great skin tone by layering various washes on top of each other. Overall, I am quite pleased with how he came out. I tried to make the pustules on his back look infected and pussfilled by costing them with a gloss varnish. I think it worked. Gratuitous booty shot CAH
  5. Hey folks, I just got 2 bottles of Secret Weapon Washes, Soft body Black, and Stone, and I am wondering if people use it straight from the bottle, or thin it. If you are thinning it, what with? The Les B. You Tube stuff shows him mixing it up with just flow improver and Matte Medium, so I wonder if adding water is a good, bad, or indifferent idea. Can some anyone relate their experiences with this stuff please? Thanks George
  6. 09785: Washes I Triad Anyone know what three washes are in here? ...almost done shopping.
  7. When you are painting a mini, do you have steps that you ALWAYS use, or does the mini you are painting determine what you are going to do? For me, I have a pretty specific formula that I use. I start with the largest bits and move to the smallest bits. I almost always save faces for the last, as I can get hung up on trying to get flesh tones right and such. If the model is not a humanoid, then I usually just start with the largest areas first, moving into the smaller detailed areas. But, I do the whole model at once, which is sometimes problematic. Do you layer sealers/primers when pain
  8. Hey all, SO, I've been scouring the forums here, on CMON, and Dakka; looking into how to mix washes and glazes. I have come away from this a bit confused and little overwhelmed with information I must admit. I completely understand the respective uses of washes and glazes, but, specifically whats confusing me is how I would go about mixing them. Everywhere I look there's a different answer, some people use only water for glazing, others use glazing medium, some matte medium, then some say forget medium it's cheating, and to only use flow improver+water/water alone. Then conversely the
  9. Okay, I have a couple of different washes (well, one's a wash, and another's an ink). I have an old Pro Paint stock no. 19106 Flesh Ink. I also have an MSP9253 Flesh Wash. What's the best way to utilize each?
  10. Hello all! I'm fairly new to the hobby (mostly play soccer & jog) but I picked up a Reaper Bones LtPK back in November and now I'm an addict. I need some advice for the griffin I'm working on. The wings are painted with a blend technique of light colors but I'm not sure what color to wash them or how (considering they blend). Maybe there is another technique I should try? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I applied a black wash to the griffon body and dark green feather (pic not show as It was done later) and it came out kind of 'eh'. I know I will have to go back and touch up
  11. So just because I had them all lined up last night, I just thought I'd throw it out there. I'm working on three new figures, and I've started them all off with the base color of tanned highlight. Here are all the paints I used from the base colors with various washes all the ways to walnut brown and then from tanned highlights up to white. And my only other comment, rather unrelated, but my next step: the only bad thing about painting a three headed giant is the fact that you have to paint six eyes.. Luckily they're giant eyes, so it gives me some room to work.....
  12. Yo, folks. Questions: 1. When using a wash, how does one decide what color to use? I'm working with the Reaper triad, and I also picked up three Citadel shades the other day. Reaper's black I think I get. It gives a lining sort of effect and black shadows, in my early experimenting. The brown seemed to do pretty much obvious stuff with the mini I've tried it on--dirtied it up, gave it some shadows not quite so dark as the black but entirely noticeable. Would it be an avenue to explore for weathering/aging/whatevering wood and/or leather? The flesh wash--should I be trying to hi
  13. I was just wondering if alcohol inks were safe to use with minis painting. I've found a way to get some extremely cheaply, but I wasn't sure if it would work well for miniature painting. Basically, it's ink suspended in 70% isopropyl alcohol. Would that strip any of the paint off? Is sealing the paint job with testor's dullcote first necessary? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello all, As Reaper doesn't include any descriptions (that I could find) on the properties of their Liners, Clears, Inks & Pastels, does anyone have a good knowledge of their characteristics? Like what are they primarily used for, are they more fluid, more dense, brighter, translucent? I think they are used for more vibrant and flowy washing effects? I'm thinking of buying $35 worth of Reapers' Ink & liner triads and maybe a clear and a pastel and some other different/special paints in order to get a free gift Sophie. Recommendations on these and other of Reape
  15. Hello Fellow Fans of Blue! I love Bones, because they're cheap enough for me to use to demonstrate some fun stuff. I know a lot of newer (than me) painters have lots of questions about color, light and paint mixing, etc, so I was hoping to put a bunch of that stuff here. My goal is to walk through a monochrome blue miniature, using a Kickstarter Mini, Kickstarter paint, and some simple/intermediate techniques while doing some "teaching" on color and light. Er, not ambitious at all! I get to practice while doing it, so we're all having fun! First, the players of our little game: For
  16. I'm currently painting "Boudicea" from Stormtrooper Miniatures. Love the piece thus far, and am trying to paint her as accurately as possible. In most of the artwork I have seen of her, she's got on an orange-red dress, which I mimic in the miniature itself. I've shaded it already before I start the next part of her dress, which is plaid-ish. Right now, though, it's in desperate need of a wash. My question is, what color should I use? I don't want to do red because I don't want the dress to appear red. Right now I'm leaning on brown.... but am definitely open to other thoughts and ideas.
  17. Anyone used the SW washes straight on any of the bones figures yet? I'm looking to order several and wondered what the experiences have been.
  18. The other day on Beasts of War I noticed that they interviewed a paint manufacturer I had never heard of . . . PrismGaming: http://www.beastsofwar.com/events/gen-con/gen-con-2012/prism-gaming-gen-con-2012/ Has anyone tried their paints? They mention some really cool things in the interview (twice the paint at less than twice the price, no additives that cause the paint to dry, four times the amount of fluid in washes, other general awesomeness). I was just wondering if anyone had tried them before . . . I've been a diehard Vallejo Model Color since 2006 (Citadel before that, but t
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