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Found 13 results

  1. I spotted this table of goodies at a science fiction convention last weekend. The proprietor makes, among other things, a wide variety of soft LARP weapons -- and shrunken head trophies. He gave me permission to take pictures and post them online. I note the goblin heads are the proper orange color. Ruler included for scale:
  2. I have noticed that for many of the miniatures for sale the models can be seen holding different weapons if there are multiple pictures. A good example is this cleric pictured with a hammer, sword, and mace in different pictures. https://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03427 I am wondering if this mini comes with all 3 weapons which can be changed once purchased/ just one weapon and there is a way to choose which one you want/ these are modifications that have been made by users to the base miniature. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Did this Hive Tyrant yesterday/today. He is magnetized to be able to switch between legs and wings. The 'not alien' head is from Epoch Studioz. Overall, I am really happy with this one. Edit: Updating the post with the based miniature. It has some drool, now, too! Alternate version, with all magnetized parts switched out:
  4. Would there be a problem showing pics of real medieval weapons in forumite possession on these forums? Would people be interested in seeing and or showing off their weapons? Thought I would ask before posting real pics, I can always come back and edit, and if it is not okay, they can state that and lock the thread... George
  5. So I started a dragon a couple of days ago, and I have been having a little bit of difficulty with it. After reviewing some of the other works in progress posts I noticed that, in some cases, people don't assemble the pieces until after it is painted. Is this a common practice? For example, if I am painting a dragon with wings that are not sculpted on, is it better to paint them before putting them on? Does it really matter? Thanks! CAH
  6. I'm reading the fifth edition D&D stuff now. And I find myself drifting back in reverie to the gaming of years past. My first experience with RPGs was the Holmes basic set and the first edition Player's Handbook. And I remember some of the serious confusion my friends and I had upon reading a lot of this stuff. We were isolated -- little bitty cow town in the middle of nowhere -- and consequently, we didn't have anyone to TEACH us. We had to figure this stuff out OURSELVES, with nothing more than an unabridged dictionary and the knowledge of clueless adults. Our cleric wielded a Lucerne Hammer, because clerics could use hammers, yes? And the Lucerne kind did the most damage. We had no idea that it was actually a polearm with a piercing tip; we just thought it was a special kind of hammer. He wore his slung from his belt, and smote many an undead with it! Our ranger had a crossbow. It shot arrows. We had no idea what "quarrels" were, but why would we want those when arrows were better? Our warrior used his glaive-guisarme to carve his way out of a Purple Worm. We had no idea what it actually WAS, but it did some hefty damage, so he wanted one. We had no idea that the thing was twelve to fifteen feet long, and would have been a hell of a trick to wield in close quarters, much less inside a Purple Worm... Eventually, bit by bit, we realized that we'd kind of messed up just a little. Bit by bit, we corrected things, and we had a good laugh. And nowadays, any kid who plays a game that doesn't quite explain all the cutlery can just look it up on Google Image, or the Palladium Guide To Weapons And Armor, or any number of things I didn't have when I was a kid. Anyone else here have any misconceptions brought on by oddly written rules?
  7. 2ND BOOTH...This is the 2nd open air booth in my Renaissance Fair project. DATA...It is a small weapons booth...scratch built on ceiling tile...size (5" x 4")...again shown from concept drawing to complete finish. The Reaper figure is just to show the scale of the finished piece. Again; I hope that you like this simple little piece. Paul (Catdancer)
  8. sculpted by Tre Manor. Rather happy with this.
  9. Posted are booth #5 (Valiant Arms), a small weapons booth & booth #6 (Kissing Booth)...also posted is a small wooden stage for the required dancing girls at such an open air event. All are part of my farmers market & renaissance fair tabletop (RPG) game board for the shire. Left to do are the addition of selected signs & standards. A member asked me to add a miniature figure to the posting of my booths...so that is the reason for the miniature figures in the photos.
  10. This is a dwarven battle squid that my adventure group can encounter on the (RPG) adventure game board; they are friendly and will help the group if they are paid enough gold...otherwise they just get drunk with my group at the overnight camp site.
  11. When the adventure group encounters skeletons on the tabletop game board...they have to make sure that there isn't a necromancer on board (36" LOS) of the battle; because if there is...the necromancer just re-animates the fallen skeletons...this is how they appear coming back to active status...this process continues until the enemy necromancer is killed or driven from the game board...I have (6) such markers done for adventure game play.
  12. I am the (GM) for two RPG groups...I scratchbuilt this camp site from my (bits & pieces) parts box. The adventure group(s) use this piece when they bed down for the night (this is a game playing piece).
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