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Found 18 results

  1. In the spirit of the holiday, some angry Pilgrims... Turkey Spirits beware... With the headband and knife I figured this guy was Rambo's ancestor. (Rambo 7, the prequel: Pilgrims vs Werewolves, coming soon...) An active senior interested in doing his part for the common good. A local youth looking to earn the right to grow a beard by fulfilling the community service requirement. When you're only paid per heretic hung, you're probably going to be somewhat proactive in your duties. What a work ethic!
  2. I've been working on these since last year, a couple figures at a time. I hope to eventually put together an entire army of them but redneck sculpts aren't that easy to find. The chronoscope zombie hunters/survivors and the new hillbilly are next on the list of acquirements. The car is a 1/32 scale 1970 Plymouth Road Runner from Jada Toys Fast and Furious line. Somewhat over scale, but it looks close enough and is easy to take apart. I resisted the urge to Mad Max it as I wanted it to be more along the lines of a car left in the barn for some years before TSHTF. I chose to use warmer colors to match popular 70s shades and to give it a hint of the General Lee. These two are the first ones I painted and the freehand flannel isn't the best but it give him the look of a regular farmer. The one on the right is a combination of Darryl from the Walking Dead and Rambo. Both are from Wargames Factory Apocalypse Survivors:The Men. Next are Westwind's Redneck Militia. They were fun to paint, especially the cans of Hamms. Berkeley was done as a homage to Ash from Army of Darkness. I freehanded more flannel on Billy Joe and it came out much better than my first attempt and the flag on his hat came out better than I expected. The flock on his overalls was an accident but I'm leaving it as it suggests the white lightning in his jug caused him to stumble a bit. I also am happy with the freehand on his rag. Bobby Jo is the one that I think came out the best. Eventually I'll get them another vehicle and some plasticville mobile homes.
  3. Here is another selection of models for Eotd and IHMN games. The models have been under coated for some time and I am looking to clear the backlog. There is a set of four with guns and a hulking Mr Hyde style character. And the groupshot. As always comments welcome.
  4. In my ongoing quest to paint a lot of models to play war games with this year I decided to paint a few more Victorians for an upcoming In Her Majesties Name campaign. This is four additional models I have painted over the last week. There are a few more that will be posted here in the coming week or two. First up is individual shots followed by a group photo. As always comments welcome.
  5. To save producing three new topics I decided to group them together in one thread. All these are by Westwind Minatures and are still part of the EoTD Kickstarter (yes I still have 20 to go and will do for quite some time!!) First up is another victorian gentleman, I attempted something new here and tried to paint tweed, this isn't too bad for table top standard but I would need to practice if I do this again. Next up is either a man servant or page boy, this model is shorter then most of the 28mm models. I have painted him in a simple scheme. And finally a criminal from the Holmes Nemesis set, I think this guy is supposed to portray the fugitive from the Hound of the Baskervilles. (Can't think of his name at the moment) As always comments welcome. I have 4 more of the current EoTD models to finish and then it's back onto some Bones.
  6. Here is another completed Westwind Miniatures EoTD miniature. Here is from the Victorian Nemesis Set, and so that is why I decided to give him a nice evil look. I'm quite happy with the red cloak and the clothes. As always comments welcome.
  7. Here is a second completed Victorian Gentleman from the Empire of the Dead range. Once again this will be another citizen NPC in the game. Or he could play as an evil arch villain hiding in plain sight. As always comments welcome.
  8. Here is another completed model from the Empire of the Dead range by Westwind Miniatures. I attempted to add some detail to the waistcoat, it doesn't look too bad. The photo shows up some superglue vapour which I hadn't spotted earlier. This is going to be another NPC in the game. As always comments welcome.
  9. Here is a further model model from the EoTD Kickstarter by Westwind Miniatures. This is another generic victorian servant/gentleman to add to the NPC's for the game. As always comments welcome.
  10. Here is another of the ongoing set of Victorian characters for Empire of the Dead by Westwind Minatures. This has been painted to a good tabletop standard. I have forced myself to speed up a bit as I need to get more finshed for a game. As always comments welcome.
  11. In my continuing attempt to paint enough models for a wargame, here is a few shots of a further model from the Empire of the Dead kickstarter from Westwind Miniatures. As always comments welcome.
  12. Here is another model from the Westwind Miniatures EoTD kickstarter. I really like this chef/ cook model and think I have done a alright job on the paint job, I decided not to make his clothes spotless as I doubt hygiene was as well understood in these days gone by. I also really like the sculpt, especially the face, it looks like he is someone who really enjoys his work. As always comments or suggestions welcome.
  13. Here is a recently completed model of a victorian butler from Westwind Miniatures Empire of the Dead Kickstarter set. I am still going though these models slowly and I am still happy with the level of detail I can put on the models. The base is one of the original master I made for others out of resin. As always comments or suggestions welcome.
  14. Here is the third and final model I am posting today from the Empire of the Dead Kickstater. I am still going through these models, and I am enjoying getting them finished. This is a generic Victorian Gentleman, and can be used as part of an angry mob or bystander. As always comments welcome.
  15. In a continued attempt to clear all (some) of my models before I start on my Bones 2 delivery I have pressed on with some more prepared models. Introducing another two of the westwind models from their Empire of the Dead range. I still have quite a lot of these to paint. The eyes on these were a pain to paint, but I need to keep practising. As always comments welcome.
  16. In the continuing saga of clearing my shelf of shame prior to starting on Bones 2 models I would like to present Professor Erasmus, a limited edition model that comes with the EoTD Rulebook. For some reason I lost the inspiration to finish this model a while ago, but have pressed on to get it done to tabletop standard. The model is on a base I have made myself. As always comments welcome.
  17. I have started getting into a bit of roll with these models recently. This is another model that has been sat on my shelf for quite a while so I am happy I have finally finished it. I do quite like the model especially the pipe and violin. As always comments welcome.
  18. Here is a selection of Bones I have painted so far. I bought five original ones prior to the bones being shipped to see what they are like. Here is the ghost. Here is the werewolf, I quite like how he came out. My Ogre Chieftain Here is Garrik the Bold Here is Fimbur the Dwarf This is the first lot. More to come as I have now finished some of the Vampire set. If its ok to post directly from the IPhone? Update11/9/13 - I have just posted the right links for the pictures to appear. Also seen some of the pictures aren't great so will replace at some point. Update 2/1/14 - have now combined this as compendium of all the models I have painted.
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