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  1. Continued from here Robert of Carlistle Wall roughtly basecoated. Buidling highlights on the armor. Some shading on the top tabbard. Highlight on the coat. Ready for the floor polish dip! And here he is in the Show Off forum
  2. Similar to my Dain Deepaxe, this is an old paint job that I re-based and lined recently. My desire to clean her up more is battling with my desire to move on, but there are some pretty gaping holes and my recent lining was a bit sloppy. So, since I'll likely spend more time on her - I'll consider her a WIP. Front Back
  3. Been itching to paint up a human mini. I had this figure primed up, so I decided to start up this figure. I got the flesh base coated and the face painted up. Looking at it right, now I think I need to fix the eyes (Sigh). I think I'll keep going and finish up the skin tone and hair and see how I looks. Here is where she is at the start:
  4. Spamming more WIPs... I've been busy... I did this paint job a while back and just decided to base him. I went back in and did some lining, which helped, but now I'll need to clean up a bit.... hoping I didn't open a can of worms. front: back:
  5. Ok. So I wouldn't say I'm stuck here, but I think I need a little inspiration to finish so I'm posting her. At this point I am open to any and all suggestions. TODO list: sword, metal shading and edge highlight sword, gem skin, belly scars skin, face coloration lips and cheeks skin, purple vein highlights on mutated arm hair, something? take some better photos. ha! EDIT: Somewhat improved photos
  6. So, I'm pretty happy with the paint job so far. The darker skin needs some highlighting and the hair needs attention. However, it is the base that I'm dragging on. I've just been throwing excess greenstuff at it after I base other minis and I have no direction. Maybe a lava stream in front of him? Water? Suggestions appreciated. :) Front: Back:
  7. So my mass upload of current projects continues. I have to admit, I don't really like this figure (for painting), but it was chosen by a player in my Pathfinder group to represent his druid. I think the hawk turned out well, but I need to detail his medallion and wand as well as clean up and highlight his under clothes. front: back:
  8. The onslaught of WIPs continues... I know that KS3 deliveries are naught but a distant dream, but I'm sitting on a good number of unpainted minis and want to clear the backlog before I am swamped forever. Story with this mini: Was going to use him as a PC in an upcoming game, decided to switch classes... motivation to finish will be hard to come by. Front: Back:
  9. While I'm fussing about with the basing of the Frost Wyrm (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62594-gcb-paints-77183-frost-wyrm/?p=1163070), I decided to start a few more projects, which I'll post as I make progress on them. The Faceless Horror will be interesting practice, to be sure, since it has (as I've heard) about 140 eyes. I'm painting it green, instead of the usual flesh color -- the more toxic looking, the better. I was going to disassemble this and paint it before reassembly, but the top was glued on too well. So I chose to airbrush the outside first and hand-brush the interior after -- backwards to be sure, but masking the inside is almost impossible and I didn't want to go back and touch up the inevitable overspray. After a light priming spray with FolkArt Multi-Surface Thicket Green, I sprayed the shadowed areas Peacock Green, and sprayed zenithal highlights Leaf Green. I then drybrushed the shadows with Leaf Green, and the highlights with a 2:1 mix of Leaf Green and Moth Green. Personally, I think it's too dark yet. I'm going to spray a lighter zenithal color and drybrush pure Moth Green over it, then maybe put a dark green wash in the shadows.
  10. Hey all, here's what I'm currently working on. I got a shipment of some more Bones in on Friday before I had to leave town, got back last night and have been painting a bit today. I finally got around to getting some green stuff for filling seams, and I'm trying it out on my Jabberwock. I'm also going to try out base coating in a few different colors rather than hitting the whole mini with a coat of plain black first. I painted Feiya plain black everywhere there wasn't exposed skin or hair. I'll be base coating those later, probably in dirty bone since that's about the only off-white color I currently have. I also got a ton of work done on a Holy Vindicator. I think I'm about 75% done on him. Really just need to get his face, hair, and base done. Base coat was Reaper pure black. Cloak was done in multiple layers of Reaper pure black mixed with increasing amount of dragon blue. The base color for the plate armor was Vallejo Model Air gungrey mixed with a tiny amount of Vallejo Model Air burnt umber. Plate highlights are straight Vallejo Model Air steel. I used Vallejo Game Color burnished copper for the scalemail/chainmail areas, and the hip and shoulder pieces and the angel pattern on the shield were undercoated in burnished copper as well before I applied Vallejo Game Color polished gold. Leather straps/belts are equal parts Reaper harvest brown and leather brown. I also applied a black wash over the whole figure, then went back and re-applied gold and silver to some areas that it darkened too much (mainly the gold areas and the sword and shield).
  11. I'm going to try to paint this guy over the next week: It's going to be interesting, because I'll be painting something mostly blueish-white for the first time. It might be a challenge to keep pale colors without losing contrast or completely blowing out the highlights. To start with, I primed it with a thin coat of FolkArt Multi-Surface Ocean Blue, followed by a base coat of MSP Blue Flame, with a little MSP Dragon Blue added to enhance the color. Then... Well, I know I want it to be white and ice blue, with hint of blues and purples mixed in. After that, I dunno. Maybe metallic colors? Time to steal, er, research color schemes!
  12. I decided to do some additional work to my Hydra, which is the first miniature I tried painting about a month ago. The first picture is the initial paint scheme. Additional photos are updated paint. I lightened up the "banded" scales on the legs and underneath, since it's a different texture than the sort of triangular scales on the back and sides and reapplied a brown ink wash. Also did a darker brown ink wash on the tongues and crevices of the mouth (a mouthwash?), and I think that really helped with the kind of monotone look the mouth interiors originally had. I also attached the figure to a base, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do for that yet. I'd ideally like it to look swampy, so maybe some moss-like flock or something? I'll have to think about that some more.
  13. So I'm currently working on this awesome sculpt of one of the Pathfinder iconics for a Pathfinder game that I'm playing in starting next week. I'd like some feedback/suggestions on where to go from here. I'm somewhat happy with the progress I've made, but I'd like to add some more detail. I'm also not quite sure if I like the robe robe color on the gauntlet/bracer parts. Any tips on painting fire would be appreciated. I tried going with a red base coat, orange first highlight, and yellow final highlight but it didn't quite turn out how I had it in my head. Also, advice on painting light hair colors would be awesome. I went for a blonde color originally, but unfortunately I base coated the whole figure in black and it ended up showing through way too much so I went with a dark brown that I mixed up from some black/brown/gray paints instead (which I actually like pretty well). I'll also take any advice anybody cares to share on basing, since I have never based any miniatures before. I do have some (GamesWorkshop?) small bases, but I don't have any gravel/sand/flock or anything yet to pretty them up. Also of note, third miniature I have ever painted, all of which have been from the Reaper Bones line. Also the first mini I haven't done an ink wash on.
  14. I thought that I try my hands on another WIP thread to tackle my (triumphantly shrinking!) collection of unpainted miniatures. One of the reasons is that I want somewhere to proudly proclaim "Done!" when the whole thing is painted but it might also be usedful to pick up some tricks and suggestions :) So firstly I'll present what I'm up against: The shelf of metal minis. The two shelves of Bones, Plastic and some metal. I also have a plastic box of RBG miniatures (most of my aelfar and dvergr minis + some of the minis from the first kickstarter), a box of some Darksword Miniatures and Reaper Miniatures, a small plastic bag of old minis and my bigger Bones purchases tucked away in the KS box. So I've got my work cut out for me :) The positive news is that I'm currently ahead of my main goals for 2015, to bring the metal pile under 375 miniatures and my plastics (bones included) under 450. This has mainly been accomplished by cutting unnecessary personnel but now I am at the point where all minis are starting to become essential. So anymore trimming will have to be done by the brush! Edit: To comply with the forum guidelines I've limited this thread to august.
  15. Right! May is here! While I am working on a dragon (no, not that dragon...,) in the meantime I have an idea for the upcoming horror theme of next year's Reapercon. Time for a new thread. I'll link the old ones here in a bit. But, my plan is to recreate Odalisque by Ingres (linked due to nudity) but with a gruesome twist. I'm looking for the perfect miniature for her. Has anyone seen something like it somewhere? I'm willing to do a bit of converting, but my searching so far has been unhelpful. Thanks in advance!!! More soon! I'll get up photos of my Narthrax in progress when I recover from the Plague.
  16. So after failing to complete Cthulhu last year when I was coloring him with dry pigments, I'm trying again though this time using regular paint (air and regular brush). While working with the pigments I got the flu and... coughing and sneezing while working with super-thin powder is certainly not ideal. And while I was happy with the how he was turning out, after getting some of the wrong pigment on the wrong part of the body, I had a hell of time trying to correct it. While mulling solutions over, our Lord and Master Cthulhu got relegated to the shelf. I will try the pigment approach again in the near future but on something smaller... But I heard his call again! IA! IA! IA! Cthulhu!! I started straight over the pigment (the yellow/tan is still pigment) and have been working on the main body color with an airbrush. Base coat and shade added. More pics and details later. Thanks for looking. Edit: Added pic of wing and head at this stage.
  17. I'm waiting as patiently as I can for my Bones order to get here... In the meantime, I'm practising with a bunch of minis I have kicking around from a brief (and very ungood) attempt at painting minis back in 2009/2010. I was digging around in my stash last night and found some barely-started Black Ark Corsairs. I've included two of them. The one on the right of the picture is untouched, exactly as I left it 5.5 years ago. (By my standards of the day, the bits that are painted are actually very well done....) The one on the left of the picture has seen a bit of a touch-up. I put a basic grey gradient on the sword, as the first step towards attempting NMM. I also changed the hair. Instead of just painting it all flat white, like the guy on the right, I re-based it with a grey, then added a couple layers of highlights to bring it back up to white. Now I should probably basecoat the rest of the mini and start doing it properly, but mostly tonight I wanted to experiment with adding some layers to the hair, to see if I could do it. I'm sure it could be better, but I'm happy with it.
  18. New rthread for a new month. I'm still determined to clear my painting queue this year and doing these WIP and getting C&C from everyone really motivates me to keep pushing through. So on to the fun. I was stuck for a few days deciding what to start with so I grabbed a few bones from my collection to get my gears going. First up is Goldar. I had started this guy a while ago in metal but lost motivation after his axe snapped and I had a difficult time keeping it reattached. But I've always been fond of the figure and thought it had a lot of character. I did take some WIP pics but they were super blurry since I'm still taking photos with my iPhone, so here is where he stands now. The next figure is from bones 2 heroes and villains option i think, the female spartan. Started with the reds this time since I tend to have issues blending it the way I like consistently. I think I'll be painting the armor silver with some antique gold highlights and I'm not sure about the stone yet. Maybe an earth tone? As always C&C welcomed and appreciated.
  19. Here we are with the crazy WIP of how Slaying: Monday came to be. Be warned, this is very intensive and picture heavy. Show-off set up by CW here. First off, it's a bit of an inside joke between those of us who frequent the Randomness Thread(s). Chaoswolf (rping his wolf) and me (rping a coffee chugging barbarian) have set forth on an epic quest to slay the vile "Monday" who ruins their weekends. I set forth on my own quest to make the scene and used the White Dragon Tavern (as Flamehawke's establishment) complete with a wanted poster for Monday (who we don't have any idea what it actually looks like) and one of her kobold minions as a server. 1) Reaper SKU #03362: Kjell Bloodbear, Barbarian, sculpted by Matt Gubser with weapon swap to an Axe and skull mug (made from a creature skull) 2) Dark Sword Miniatures SKU #DSM5064, Greywind Dire Wolf, sculpted by Tom Meier. 3) Reaper Bones Kobold from SKU #77010 (had a spear and sword), I converted to holding a Hirst Arts mug and a platter/bread from Hirst Arts as well. 4) Reaper Bones Eldritch Demon’s Head only (sculpted by Jason Wiebe) SKU #77113 with some Reaper Creature Componets (SKU #’s 03440 and 03334).
  20. Been working on a few things today, the only one I can show since I'm doing my Summer Exchange at the same time is this guy who represents my D&D Group's Goliath Barbarian "Drhogath". Figure: Loratham, The Lost and Then Found Manufacturer: Enigma Miniatures Series: Massive Darkness SKU: ENM3029 Sculptor: Raúl García Latorre Size: 38mm to the eyes, 40mm to the top of the head Material: Metal Here you can see I had already put him together as his weapon is attached at the wrists (I pinned and superglued them followed by liquid green stuff). His leg is also super glued on and has liquid green stuff to add more stability and fix any gaps. I also added a little set of 3 skulls that I had on hand, I think they are from Reaper. The base is built up out of cork board and then I added Red Oxide Paste (Vallejo) to give it more texture. I primed with SC75 black primer and then lightly dry-brush reaper brush-on primer to bring out details. I'm going with the color scheme that the player wants here, he wants stock goliath from D&D which means I went back over his skin with blue liner and then went to work on skin tones using various grays, whites, and blues to obtain the look I wanted. These included: Reaper MSP HD Dragon Blue, Rich Indigo, Concrete Grey, Blue Flame, and Solid White and SC75 Eclipse Gray. Added eyes and hair colored to an off-white and then hit with some Solid White Reaper HD to do some highlighting. I used some SC75 Sahara Yellow for the skulls/bones, added in some Reaper MSP Graveyard Bone, some shadows with Reaper Brown Ink. I just kept going back and forth mixing these in different amounts until I got the color of bones that I wanted. Anyhow, this is where he stands right now, including the base build, I've spent probably 2-3 hours on him so far. Kind of hard to gauge when doing it in conjunction with other projects. C&C are welcome, encouraged, and appreciated!
  21. I think these are what's next for me to practice on. Only way to get better is to keep putting paint to mini!
  22. For posterity, as he's already finished I'm posting up this thread to show my WIP pics I took of him. I finished this guy up late Friday night/early Saturday morning for one of my D&D buddies, here's the WIP of him. Total time taken about 5-6 hours, calling it right at about TableTop + for me. Figure: Sir Conlan, Crusaders Sergeant, Reaper SKU #14037 Sculptor: Bobby Jackson Material: Metal Show-off Thread Black primed it all. Used Red Liner to get a deep rich red going for the shadows and base of the cloak. Also got his face done here and little itty bitty eyes placed inside under that hood. My buddy wanted some free-hand done and some kind of runes along the bottom of his robe there, so I did my best in trying to get it to look decent. I also used some shaded metallics to get the metal a dark steel. Cloak is all worked out here - amped up that red with some Reaper Brilliant Red HD and SC75's Inktensity red ink, more details done. His basing, I used greenstuff and one of my new Basius 2 pads! That's it! I was in a hurry so didn't take as many pics as I usually do. Thanks for looking! C&C are greatly welcomed and appreciated!!
  23. 03698: Tengu Rogue by Derek Schubert This miniatures was done for the miniature Summer Exchange 2015 for Marineal. I tried a new masking technique with this one and used yellow (instense yellow) to back the bands. Colors in, now time for shading The base are two wood disks of different size bought from Hobby Lobby. I then glued them together and used a hole saw to crave out the spot for the MDF base. Greenstuff and sand. Made the large plant and log by hand.
  24. With most everyone having received or receiving in the next few days, I'd like to open up a thread for EVERYONE in a Group/Open WIP thread. Although I won't be doing mine until after the current projects are off my desk with time constraints, I can see quite a few of us really wanting to paint these up. This is open to EVERYONE and ALL the new DSM Stephanie Law Masterworks figures. Feel free to post up your WIP here and most importantly... HAVE FUN!! P.S. Let us keep chatter to a minimum and only about these figures.
  25. The other day I introduced a friend to mini painting. This was the one that I worked on. The photo showed me a few spots I'd missed that were invisible to me by eye.
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