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  1. Ok, this is the 3rd stage of the ranger from Partha 3-stage that I'm painting up to be my captain of the guard. I have the other 2 painted and plan to post all three when this is done as a kinda 3-stage progress meter. I decided to start him as well as I had extra skintone left over from fixing Tyden and the Bones wench. This is a 25mm figure and a Tom Meier sculpt (Yea Lost Mini Wiki). I'm not sure if I can get the eyes any better. Have 3 projects going. This will be my resevre projects while I try to finish up the other 2.
  2. While fixing up Tyden's Scrapped knee I had extra paint so I decided to get started on finishing up the Wench. As an experiment I plan to only use the color's from LTPK3. Her dress is Ashen Blue shadowed with a mix of ashen blue and mahogany brown. I'm think the whole thing needs some further blending. But the color's are blocked in. Oh, and to further my NMM practice, I intend to paint the mugs metal NMM. Gold was a thought, but I feel I want to practice metal more.
  3. I don't want to lose momentum after finishing the previous WIP project, I'm starting another right away. This time, I'm doing something "smaller": the Bones Large Earth Elemental. Just to get started, I attached the arms and head to painting sticks (repurposed chopsticks) with a hot glue gun, and then primed them with a spray of thinned FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic (Bark Brown). While that dried, I turned to choosing a color to paint it. My paint box contained both Redstone Highlight and Redstone Shadow, and I thought it would be neat to paint the elemental to look like he was made from desert rocks. But I didn't have the Redstone mid-tone. I debated how long it would take to order that color and get it in the mail; I didn't want to wait, so I gave up the idea and painted it grey instead. No, I lie. I just mixed the two together to make a mid-tone and based the elemental with that: (Wow, the fluorescent lamp sure made that color look pink!) And that's it for tonight!
  4. 02785: Sabertooth Tiger Man Brothers Of Tooth And Claw ___________________________________________________________________________________ Here is the conversion of the Sabertooh Tiger man's base and Buckler. *First picture was white balanced and is WAY brighter than what it actually is. the other 2 pictures are not balanced and are closer to what it looks like* A lot of Wet blending (my first attempt - it turned out well). BACK: Highlight Orange mixed with a little GW: Vomit Brown (3:1) Transition:: GW: Vomit Brown CHEST: Pure white mixed with GW: Vomit Brown - just a touch to dull the white. Next I will be washing it with Reaper Brown Wash.
  5. Well I have 12 Reaper Chibi so I decided that I will attempt to paint 1 a month this year. My random draw for january, Jack Pumpkinhead, He is primed and his head base coated photo'd with my cellphone.
  6. I'm tossing down the gauntlet again! Same thing as the last thread I opened up for the DSM Stephanie Law figures. This is a GROUP/OPEN thread for all the awesome figures that Tre "Trebeard" Manor has sculpted for his line through kickstarters Looking forward to painting mine when they are in hand and I really hope to see others posting in here their WIP for these wonderfully sculpted figures. Please NO CHATTER outside of these figures, lets keep it to the figures themselves and questions about them if we need help/feedback from each other. Let's do this! ETA: Changed title, lets make it any of Trebeard's sculpts from any/all his Kickstarters as not all of us have gotten in on all 5 thus far.
  7. For my first ever WIP and my first ever entry in the Reaper yearly contest I thought I'd start with... This guy http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cyclops/sku-down/14396 He will be on... This thing I made I started making the base for the pathfinder red dragon who was going to be painted up as a swamp dragon. Well,that never happened. I've decided to use it for this guy and his goblin friend instead. I'm not quite finished with it. I still need to add more stuff, swamps are full of stuff. I'm also thinking it could use a tree with some vines behind were the figure will be standing. So far, the mini is in several parts with most mold lines removed. No need for pics of that at this point. :-) I'm sure I'll need lots of advice for this, thanks in advance! I've only put together one metal multi-part mini that I needed to fill in joints so I'm pretty new to that. In fact, I'm pretty new to basing as well. Thanks for looking! As always comments amd criticisms welcome and encouraged.
  8. 02753: Werebear Brotherhood Of Tooth And Claw ______________________________________________________________________________________ I filed down his neck a bit to put his head at a tilt. Then Green Stuffed and blended it with the pattern of the fur. Washed in Reaper Brown Wash. Finished the eyes and working on the mouth. C&C Welcome!
  9. So with Willen on his way to Vegas right now as I write this to vacation, we talked about a painted figure exchange. For his, he wanted something to represent his old TTRPG/D&D type character "Willen" and told me the story of how he was from Rivendell, an outcast who was good with the sword and with magic (both lightning and ice being his preferences). I found Dayln Talas, Elven Sword Mage on the Reaper Site, which we both thought was perfect. I did an alteration to the sword since the PC had a longsword instead of a curved blade, used some files and got it straightened out. Starting out, I went with the base first and I'm currently working on the figure. We meet up on Sunday to hang out, paint, and talk, so I'll probably be able to finish him up by Saturday night. It's all about that base... that base... that base! (WARNING: Picture heavy!) First off, I took a piece of 2 inch x 2 inch wood to use as the base, then I took some plasticard and cut to size over it. Next, I used some Secret Weapon broken columns and placed them on the base, then I used cork to build some old stairs. Between the columns, I used some small rocks and PVA glue to put them in to look like broken rubble between the column base and what broke off. The red/pink stuff is Vallejo Red Oxide Paste, it's basically a very finely ground pumice paste, I used it to give more texture to the base. You can see here I took more plasticard and cut out some Elven Runes to place on the side. Here you can see I've got it mostly primed up and then used a few secret weapon washes to get some definition to show. Skipping ahead a bit, I've painted it and stained it with washes to get it to look like what I wanted it to. Inspiration struck me in the middle of this, and I added even more rubble to the area at the bottom of the top stair. I also added a Hirst Arts piece that Bonwirn sent my way a while back, it's the urn/vase at the top. The figure will be on the 2nd set up, approaching the urn.. I decided that I wanted a creature to be in the center, but not a whole creature. I have some creature parts and decided to make it submerged in brackish water. This is just realistic water with secret weapon washes Dark Sepia mixed with Dark Green. I used a bit of silicone to make it so that the realistic water wouldn't leak out around the area I wanted. Skipping ahead a little bit more, we have the nearly finished base. I've added OSL to the runes, hit the base with some more staining. Then after the pics, I added more water effects since the stuff likes to shrink and added some more color and texture (not shown yet) by putting in some tufts of grass and flowers, to give it the feel that this ruin has been overtaken by nature. C&C are welcomed and appreciated!
  10. With most everyone having received or receiving in the next few days, I'd like to open up a thread for EVERYONE in a Group/Open WIP thread. Although I won't be doing mine until after the current projects are off my desk with time constraints, I can see quite a few of us really wanting to paint these up. This is open to EVERYONE and ALL the new DSM Stephanie Law Masterworks figures. Feel free to post up your WIP here and most importantly... HAVE FUN!! P.S. Let us keep chatter to a minimum and only about these figures.
  11. I've been hearing about Scale75 paints for awhile now, and after watching Willen's video I put them on my Christmas list. No one bought them for me though, so I had to go and pick them up myself. To start I decided to go with their Flesh set. Overall I like my Vallejo, but some of their skintones look a little orange to my eyes. Of course I can mix what I want, but a little variety is never a bad thing. Their sets also come with a small painting guide. If it wasn't for having four languages on it, the guide could have been printed on an index card. It's not going to outdo Willen's video, but here's my little unboxing. Aside from the paint you'll notice some tape and a pin vise. The tape is a little trick I learned at work; it keeps cheap ink from rubbing off of bottles. There's no point in covering the whole thing, but a strip over what's important can save some confusion later. Interestingly enough, the labels on a $3 bottle of paint are not really higher quality than those on a $180 bottle of similar size. While the bottles themselves are not as rounded as the Vallejo ones they do use essentially the same tip, with one important difference. The Scale75 is not drilled out at the factory. If you take the cap off and squeeze it'll be a bit messy. Vallejo's openings are about 1.5mm, while Reaper's are about 1.2mm. I actually like the slightly smaller opening so these got drilled to 1.2mm. Now that I have some new paint, I need something to try it out on. At first I was thinking bones, but I've already painted most of these in the box that were showing a bit of skin. Then I remembered that I had the Kingdom Death Pinups box just gathering dust on my shelf. Pinups it is! Back in like Jr high I used to do a bit of modeling. While most of what I had from back then is long gone, I did still have a bottle of polystyrene glue that I'd kept. Does this stuff last for 20 years? There's one way to find out! That's right, cut a couple of ends off the sprues and glue them together. It made a nice bond so on to the first mini. I didn't fully assemble the Twilight Knight simply because that cape was going to get in the way of painting. She'll be painted in two sections and then glued together at the end. Drilling out for pinning isn't really necessary but I went ahead and made a hole in the body just so I didn't have to worry about clipping my paperclip holder off completely flush. I also drilled out her heels so I could pin her to whatever I end up using as a base. Now for a color scheme. I don't really follow the fluff for KD, but I though the colors on the included card were kind of boring. Since she's a twilight night she should have twilight colors! A quick search turned up a few that I liked. At first I was thinking the first image, but now I'm leaning more towards the second. To start, the cape. It's the single largest item on the mini so I decided to go with blue. Now I'm not going to paint a sunset on it or anything, but I am thinking about a dark to light transition on it. I based it with the appropriately named Night Blue, but in the process discovered that it wasn't a good choice due to it being a bit transparent. Lesson learned for next time, but for now after many layers I have something to start from. And now, time to watch more football.
  12. This is continued WIP that used to be part of my gigantic continued WIP. It will essentially be for the basing of the 77045-Orc Hunter (Spear), and 77051-Orc Stalker. Both by Tre Manor. I'm mostly done the basing, but I thought I'd create a new thread for that before I post in show-off (hopefully on the weekend). I just need to get dinner started and convert pics, so stay tuned for posts showing basing progress. I will be using a similar basing technique with my other orc berserker.
  13. With all this talk in the Painting Tips & Advice Thread of NMM vs TMM I decided to throw my caution to the wind and give my Learn to Paint Kit #5: NMM a go. While I finish the final touches on my bones barkeep and finish painting my bones blacksmith I'm going to start my prep work on my LTPK figures. They need to be cleaned up and primed. I need to read over the instructions a few times as well. So here is a shot of the figures. I'm going to be painting. Should be a challenge I hope to be up for. Edit: for title correction
  14. Here are shots of the sandworm project seen finished here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/57999-worm-sign/?p=1001382 It was a lot of fun, and I am very happy with the result. It was hard not to start a second one, but I am not sure where I would keep them if they started to multiply.
  15. Next Project in my bones journey is the blacksmith. Painted up the eyes. Decided to try for a brown eye color with RMS intense brown. And for those who might be curious I used a Raphael #1 to paint the eyes, except for the white dot. Then I put down a base coat of tanned flesh. Thanks for any advice or comments in advance.
  16. For the D&D Game I'm running right now, I'm going to attempt to speed-paint a few figures. Told the guys I have a lot on my plate right now with some dioramas that need to get done before xmas, but I usually spend way too much time on individual figures to make them look really good. These are the two I'm working on right now for the character who plays a dragonborn paladin. The paladin is his main PC, but he also has a squire named "Ned" that I gave him who is non-combat, and there to carry his stuff around. Paladin Dragonborn - 77060: Dragonman Warrior Ned the Squire (aka packmule) - 77141: Townsfolk: Oswald the Overladen Even though I'm going to be speed-painting and taking a lot of short-cuts, I still like to customize the figures for my group if possible. To this end, I've converted his sword to an axe (a bit from RBG) and changed his shield putting the symbol of his god on it. I cut the arm with the shield off here, then cut a piece of plasticard to size and covered his original shield design, after that I took a piece of art for the head of Bahamut (his god), printed it out to size, then traced it onto a piece of cardstock, then traced that onto another piece of plasticard and glued the cardstock/plasticard together and flipped it over so that the cardstock was attached to the shield and fit better. It was originally facing to the left, this just flipped it to face right so it'd fit the shield size better. A couple of WIP pics of the paladin himself - Back to the shield - Oswald (Ned) is currently slathered with brown liner and the paladin has some more paint on him, just forgot to take pics late last night. C&C Welcomed and Appreciated!
  17. Here is 77161 - Ghost King. Base coats applied on armor, cloak, and weapon. Next I'll get to his face, gem on the sword, etc. Feel free to comment.
  18. Even though I didn't post pictures on the forum ahead of time, I still had WIP pics throughout the build process for the Fall Exchange Project that I entitled "Showdown at McFiggin's Tavern". Show-off thread is located here. This is pretty picture intensive, so I'll break it up a bit with the first couple of posts. Starting out, I'll show you all what I did with the tavern/base, then the orc and then finally the dwarf. I followed this tutorial on how to do the bricks/cobblestones. They were super-glued down in place, I added very fine sand to between the cobblestones and then covered the whole thing with a few coats of reaper brush-on sealer to seal it all down. The door was kindly provided by Bonwirn, this is a Hirst Arts piece, it's actually a wardrobe, but I liked it for the door. The wood around the door is very light weight balsa wood. I measured it out and cut it with a sharp hobby knife. The "McFiggins" sign was from the Oathsworn Dwarves kickstarter, I just got the bases and the scenery pieces. After I had the balsa all glued together and the door placed in, I filled the gap around the door with wood filler. I then cut plasticard to size to make it smooth and put "resin sand" from liquitex over the front to give it the stucco look. The top was another thin piece of plasticard, I took out a bunch of popsicle sticks and cut their ends off to size and super-glued them down in layers. The sides of the roof are also popsicle sticks that I cut to angles. Here's the base with more detail, just used some secret weapon washes mostly 'baby poop' and 'sewer water' in the crevices, and used stone grey and rainy grey RMSP paints with some rainy grey/ghost white mixture for highlights. More details added here.
  19. Okay, new project! Last weekend, I based C'thulhu with FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint (thinned with water and airbrushed), which I've found really sticks well to Bones and MSP sticks to it. I chose Thicket Green for the body and Bark Brown for the base. I chose to use the Moss Colors Triad as the main colors for the body. I sprayed Jungle Moss for the undercoat, with Highlands Moss sprayed as zenithal highlighting. I then drybrushed the shadows with Highlands Moss, and the highlights with Pale Lichen. Nice... I haven't really decided what to do with the base yet, but I like the idea making the main colors of the model green and purple, so I started the base with Violet Shadow. ...and that's where I ended for the night.
  20. I'm painting this for The Ghoul, The Bad and The Ugly. I primed with Brown Liner and then got to work on base coats. The skin is Pale Olive/Splintered Bone roughly 1:1. Pants stayed Brown Liner. I then made a wash of Pale Indigo and covered the flesh. After that I made a wash of Blood Red and painted all of the stitching. The pictures were taken just using light from the window so they are washed out. Hopefully I'll have some more pictures this weekend.
  21. I'm starting this thread for all of those who attended this year's Reaper Artist Conference so that you can post pictures of the work you did in the hands-on classes. We're all curious to see what everyone else was able to make, and what can be done to improve/complete our own creations. Post it here for fun and feedback!
  22. So since I have to wait to finish up my diorama I decided to start constructing some "3d" dungeon tiles for our next podcast season Forge of Fury. Here are some WIP pics, please let me know what you think.
  23. Hopefully one part of a small diorama for the Halloween contest, here's a WIP for the Undertaker. Thus far, he's painted as if lit by moonlight; a much stronger OSL will come from the lantern in a bit. So the back and face are pretty much done, but the front needs much more work.
  24. Let's see if I can manage to update two WIP at the same. While I was waiting for my gnome to arrive I started another character for our D&D campaign, since he is a Reaper mini I felt it was a perfect opportunity to do another WIP. He will hopefully be a quick paint job overall, however I decided to use him as an experiment in using more colors in my flesh. While we were gaming Friday my friend did a quick weapon swap for me. Today I worked on his flesh for about two hours a bit more time than I wanted but I was playing with shadow colors a bit. First step of his flesh was simply tanned shadow. Then I mixed tanned shadow with Reaper's Jungle Moss, another well with Reaper's Burgundy Wine and lastly P3 coal black. Ultimately I found out the Jungle Moss did not work so I went with both Burgundy Wine and Coal Black for my main colors in the shadows. I tend to work a bit sloppy but here he is with my shadows blocked in. After shading I revisted my midtone and cleaned up my shadows a bit. For my highlights I wanted to go warm so I selected Reaper's blonde highlight. First I mixed tanned shadow with tanned highlight for my first highlight. Then progressively worked up tanned highlight mixed with blonde highlight, and blonde highlight as the highest points. Here is my palette for my skin at this point. And his skin although I accidentally broke his spear and had to reattach it which I did after painting tonight so he can sit for a day or so and cure better before I put more paint on him. Here is my final picture for tonight how I left him. I added his eyes and lips. I will add some head dots and I haven't decided if I may add a tattoo or not. I think the flesh is working so far but I do need to refine it a bit perhaps some more glazes, however I plan on moving onto his clothing and judging his flesh after I have some more completed on him. Any comments or critiques appreciated, and of course suggestions on tattoos or such would be awesome. Thank you
  25. Here is the start of the second Stonehaven Gnome Wizard I am painting. After I finished my gnome I was asked by another gamer to paint one up for his character. Since I enjoyed painting up this tiny gnome the first time I look forward to painting him again. I doubt it will be the last time as I still would like to do a very dark color scheme with a very strong osl flame with gray hair in the future for myself sometime. This time he will look much warmer with lots of browns and worn clothing. I started doing a few mock ups of colors to see what he liked. Here is the ones I came up with. The first one which also was the first one decided against, as overall he had a cool color scheme that did not fit the personality of the character. Although the patchwork and freehand became a staple and will be included on the finished miniature. Then we narrowed it down to these. At this point I preferred the brown and green with red hair combo, but the recipient liked the blonde hair better. So after some more refining this is what I am looking at as a solid starting point for when I receive the miniature. Here is better look at the main colors. The umbrel umber is a chocolate brown which will be highlighted with a orangish brown then a final highlight with a touch of blonde hair added in for the highest spots. It will be used on the hat and cloak. The red stone will be used on his under robe and be shaded with a little purple. I was thinking the molten bronze metallic for his ring and hair tie on his beard as it is a nice warm metallic that will show up nicely in the blonde hair. The violet will be his gems brought up to white in the highest points and shaded down to a deep violet the high contrast will make them look like gems. The aged bone is the one I am uncertain of it would be used for his pouch and possibly tie around his hat. It would be shaded with brown and brought up to a warm white. For the base I was thinking lots of mossy greens and browns with purple glazed in spots. He will be based on a larger base than my gnome going on a 30mm round so I will have more room for creative basing. I also intend to use pigments to give his cloak a worn dirty feel. So what do you all think? Any suggestions or ideas welcome I will be getting the mini in the mail this week if all goes well. And hope to put paint on him soon thereafter once prepped of course and will try to put lots of progress shots up for everyone's input along the way.
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