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  1. I made today a small modification on a Bones Mini: I still need a Ram Skull. I know there are such skulls available in 28mm, but I think this modification will need a while. What I need is Panthor. Does anyone know this Barbarian (and the others) from Mirliton? Are these 2 minis or a one piece mini? I thought this one could be big enough, even if it is a sabre tooth tiger and not a panther. I will make my next order in a shop where I can get these barbarian tiger riders or some North Star Sabretooth Tigers. They have also this Leopard from North Star Miniatures, but I'm not sure if the size of it is good: But it is possible that I found a panther just, now: Does anyone know the size of this mini? ------------- I got also from Reaper: 02316: Brom the Barbarian 03570: Sabertooth Tiger I saw already a modification of these minis to He-Man and Gringer. :-)
  2. OK, let's do this. I've been taking about doing a WIP for quite some time. I've been painting off and on now since the mid-80s when I was introduced to 40K (Rogue Trader the only edition I actually played) and found a group of guy that actually used the little Grenadiers and Ral Parthas in a game. My work doesn't really reflect the longevity due to the stop and nature of things. I basically do ok tabletop and while I have lots of theoretical knowledge (spending way too much time reading the forums), I haven't put in the practice to actually apply this knowledge. I finally made it out to Reaper Con this year and not only did I have a blast, I had the opportunity to take a few classes and caught the bug to see how far I can take this painting thing. Plus I promised several people that I would enter the paint contest next year, and dire things will happen if I don't. So this WIP thread is to help keep me accountable, display my progress, get feed back and allow others to critique my work. So feel free to comment, pick apart my work, make suggestions or just make fun of me in general. I don't get embarrassed, take things personally or get offended. So be as honest as you are comfortable with. I will start by showing some of my in-progress work that I have with me (I'm traveling and just have some travel supplies and minis). Buckle in, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
  3. This seems to be the "in" thing these days - a single, centralized thread of one's progress, both to keep from cluttering up the forums and to document improvement. I could probably use something like this; I keep thinking that I'm not getting better, and then I look at minis I did a year ago and shudder. So, here we go. I can't promise to keep it up to date, since my schedule's usually pretty hectic and I have a bad habit of forgetting about or neglecting projects in progress... *guiltily shuffles the Armies of Anhur out of sight with his foot* ...but I've been somewhat active lately, so we'll see how it goes. Previous WIPs: *Learn To Paint Kit 1 *The Armies of Anhur *She Got The Booty! *There's Something Rotten In The Pumpkin Patch...
  4. EDIT: As per the new rules, I needed a theme to keep this thread going. Thanks to RB's clarification the theme can actually be nice and broad, so I am back to painting up the heroes and villains (and mooks) that I can make use of when I am running a game. Alas, that means I can't post any space marines or any of those kits that are the size of a small child. Fortunately, I don't own any of those either. Now that I have a few minis under my belt, it seems to be a good time to start a WIP of my own. Of course, for my first entry I stopped to take pictures but not to post them so here it comes all at once. So far, every mini I've painted has been Caucasian or something completely fantastic, so for today's mini I decided to try something new - dark African skin. For the sacrifice I have chosen 77134 Hajad as he has two excellent qualifications: a) lots of exposed skin, and b) he's a pirate and thus will probably never be used at my group's table. Whether the paint job turns out good or bad, he will spend his days residing in a drawer somewhere. For a first attempt I wanted to try something simple so I went with the simplest recipe I've seen - basecoat in black and then highlight up to dark fleshtone. And here we go. I started with pure black and layered my way up to the fleshtone, undercoating some metal along the way. He's probably still a little too dark, but any more highlighting will have to be selective or else he will get too light. Pirates like bright clothes, but there's not much of the vest showing from the front so here's the back. Red is a popular choice for pirates because it doesn't show blood. Note that bright clothing is the requirement; color coordination is optional for pirates. The sash is a little flat, but I already know how to fix that thanks to the Trista I painted earlier. I am simply choosing to be lazy. The wood is also a little to close in color to his skin, but that can be fixed. I tried an off-white for the pants, but it didn't turn out as I would have liked. However, since I have no plans to actually use him for anything there's no need to take the time and repaint them a different color. I also stopped darkening the leather bracers before they really started to blend in. They already do a bit more than I would have liked. Hypno-Pirate... Obey me!!! Put down a few layers of dark metallics as a base for the steel. Right. I kinda just slapped paint on here and there to finish him up. Well he was just for practice, so good job Hajad! Now to take some decent pictures... Tips, tricks, and constructive comments welcome!
  5. [EDIT: Split from another thread: GCB Paints: 77192 Kaladrax. I'm resurrecting this thread because I'm finally pulling the Hydra out to finish!] Inspired by tonight's episode of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", and the final week before the season finale, I settled on this mini as my next project: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/hydra/latest/77191 Hail Hydra!
  6. And here we go.... My eyes were getting tired by the time I got to the drybrushing so not sure how it turned out. I will see as soon as I grab the pic to put in this post. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3 & 4: So it looks like I may need to go over it again with white to bring out a bit more highlight before I start on the bow, quiver, and grass. Hopefully I can continue with this in the next day or two and finish him up.
  7. I was asked to paint a few Reaper miniatures up to fit in with an undead Mordhiem army. As this is outside of my comfort zone I thought it would be a good idea to do a WIP so I can get some feedback on them. The three figures are Reaper's 03345 Ridley Darkedge sculpted by the incredible Julie Guthrie, 03496 Castrus Vile sculpted by the great Guy England and 0390 Ilkhand the Bloody sculpted by the wonderful Werner Klocke. I hope to included lots of photos as I paint, but unfortunately I sometimes forget. So to start I prepped Ridley tonight and boy did he need alot of work. I spent alot of time removing mold lines first with my scalpel, then with files and finally smoothing him out with some fine grade sandpaper. Then I washed him in some soap and water, after gluing him to a square base with a start of some sand I primed him gray. After I saw him primed almost as always I saw a few issues which needed corrected. So since this is a WIP I shall share all my mistakes in hopes it may help someone avoid them. Here he is all primed with a few issues which I will fix before painting. The area behind his arm I will use some liquid greenstuff and level out, after it is dry I will use a bit of brush on primer. The tiny speck of either dirt or metal flash I missed on the cloak I will simply take my scalpel and cut it off and prime as well. The sword since it is so tiny and I don't want to spend the time with liquid greenstuff I figure a bit of superglue applied carefully with a toothpick with fill in the tiny pit mark. Although since I only primed him tonight I want to let it cure until tomorrow until I mess with it as it will help keep it stronger and that way I do not risk gumming it up. I will take an after photo before I lay some paint down. To help visualize a color scheme I printed out some black and white photos of the mini from Reaper's site and applied paint to it. This helps me get a better idea for my base colors and allows me to make notes as to what colors I used to start with. Here is a quick iphone picture which does distort the colors a bit but it should give you an idea. I learned this trick from both Derek and Marike and it certainly helps me with color as I sometimes really struggle with picking colors. We settled on the colors in the second picture. The cloak with actually be a base color of P3's coal black and will hopefully have some freehand added before he is finished. That is all I have to share for now I hope to have time to paint tomorrow and will post more then.
  8. Hey all! I'm so happy to have found this great forum and community! I was introduced to the world of miniatures almost 10 years ago and used to love painting up hoards of monsters and soldiers, but eventually fell out of love with it. Recently I have been getting back in to tabletop gaming, and I decided to take a different approach to minis, sculpting my own instead of painting! So here is my first creation, a Gibbering Mouther! I figured this amorphous creature was a good place to start so I could get a feel for sculpting in this scale and material. It is still a work in progress, and I know that I need to add more mouths in order for it to live up to its name! I am sculpting with an epoxy from smooth-on, and am really loving it! The pictures aren't the greatest, I know. And theres a bunch of paint specks that got in the putty from the surface I was working on, but please, comment and critique! How would you paint it when it's done? what would you add/change? do you know any resources or sculptors I should check out? Thanks in advance! - Jonathan
  9. Yesterday evening I decided to take the plunge and start work on my Kaladrax model. Last year I participated in Powered Play Gaming's Kickstarter for their light kits and I knew I wanted to use one of them on Kaladrax. I spent Friday night and most of Saturday putting the two together. My first step was to remove mold lines so I won't have to worry about them later. Then came the careful process of planning out how I would install the light kit on Kaladrax for best effect. I knew I wanted to make use of both the base and Kaladrax's belly to keep the kit components. So, the first major effort was in separating the two halves that make up the belly, as it was glued at the factory. With some strategic bending and the help of a long necked flathead screwdriver I was able to separate them. I knew I wanted to light up the eyes and mouth, and eventually settled on using two different colored LED lights, one for the eyes, the other for the mouth. As the light strings from Powered Play Gaming's alpha kits come as a pair of lights, this meant using two different strings and only one light of each string. What to do with the other light of each pair? Leave them in the belly to provide an additional light source, this one to suggest some powerful animating force originating there. So, how to get the lights up to Kaladrax's head and minimize exposure of the wires? By carefully cutting up the neck into several short sections, then a combination of drilling and digging out a series of holes big enough for the LED lights and the wires to pass through from the belly to the back of the head. Then, drilling into the head, both in the mouth and in both eye sockets for the lights to show through. The mouth was easier than the eyes. For the eyes I ended up cutting two short lengths of fiber optic cable from Powered Play Gaming's fiber optic kit (the 3mm cable size) and then inserting one into each eye socket, making sure that the inner ends ended up fairly close to each other so that a single LED light could be the source for both cables. Test mock-ups showed great promise in this strategy as it made the lit eyes more focused and defined with just the round end of the cable carrying the light through. I knew I didn't want to keep all the light kit components in the belly, as I wanted the switch and the battery pack accessible without having to open the belly to use them. So, this required some careful drilling (and digging) into the base to provide a hole for the wires to pass through from the inside of the base to the belly. I carefully chose the spot for this hole to minimize the length of wire exposed between the base and Kaladrax. I also got the idea of mounting the switch to the base so that it could be accessed from the outside instead of having to lift up the base to get at the inside. I chose one of the flat stone surfaces on the backside of the base as the location for the switch, you can see it in the pictures and on the YouTube video. Now, in order to get the neck back together and strong enough to hold up, I decided to drill a series of holes along the top side of the neck and ran a brass rod through them for support. Finally I was ready to put it all together for a dry fit before gluing anything permanently and make sure it was working as planned. So far so good. Now time to glue the neck parts back together (with the brass rod and LED wires securely in place) and then use some epoxy putty to fill gaps and cover the seams between the neck sections (since I used a hobby saw to make the cuts, they were not a perfect match when I put them back together). So here is where I am now, before any painting, with the light kit installed and Kaladrax glued into several assemblies to make it easier to paint. Here are some unlighted pictures of my assembled Kaladrax, followed by a couple with the lights on: Here is a link to the video I uploaded to my YouTube channel showing the lighting effects: http://youtu.be/bDFRQGz0tp4 If I can figure out how to embed the video, I'll see if I can do it. Next step: Painting!
  10. I've been painting for nearly a year now, but I've never been happy with the TMM work I've done. This community has been really helpful in giving advice on some other pieces I've done, so I decided to pick out a handful of mini's with a lot metal on them, and put up a WIP. Hopefully, by the time I'm done I'll be much better. The finalists are: From left to right - 77055 - Anval Thricedamned, Evil Warrior - 77094 - Trista, the White Wolf - 77168 - Battleguard Golem - 77023 - Barnabus, Human Warrior - 77058 - Almaran the Gold, Paladin I've started prepping Almaran, hopefully I'll get some time to paint this weekend and be able to get some pictures up. References: http://mainlymedieval.com/ozpainters/viewtopic.php?t=878 http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1232-painting-metallics http://monkeyman7x.com/articles/metals-silver/ [edit 5/16/2014: added references]
  11. Howdy all, It's been about 6 years since i've posted any figures. It's time to get back in the game! Any advice or suggestions (good or bad) is always welcome.
  12. Given how helpful I found my Pathfinder Red Dragon WIP Thread, I've decided to start a new one for my next large project: Ebonwrath! Here he is assembled: And here's a base. I started with a Renedra 120mm Elipse platic base, then built it up with cork, glue, sand and bonsai stones. Here's the final assembly: I added a little more corck to support his feet, as he doesn't sit perfectly flat, and added green stuff to his joins and the base. For a colour scheme, I decided to stick with making him a panther-like black dragon, but I wanted to experiment with lighting a bit. I've settled on an obsidian theme - high contrast, gleaming skylight from above contrasted with gold and red lava flame from below. Here's a mock-up I did in Photoshop: Next step: Base coat! I'm glad I bought a spare bottle of Pure Black...
  13. I started a thread yesterday in the advice forum and one of the members suggested I start a WIP thread. So here it is. CC welcome, I'm looking to get better. I'm going to start with most of my current collection. Many of these guys have been played in games and stored in a box together, so some paint might be wearing off (see wraith). I'm not sure if this is how pictures are suggested to be uploaded, so this first post is extremely pic heavy. My apologies. The Red/ Blue girls are my main (she has multiple personality disorder...)
  14. Okay! I'm starting this post to keep track of the miniatures I've painted in one place. Just ignore if you've seen them already! 1. Barrow Rat (LTPK1) Finished (11.14.2013) 2. (Actually don't have this one on this board! LOL!) 06023: Anhurian Swordsmen ??? 3. 02924: Bertok, Barbarian (LTPK4) Finished (11.18.2013) 4. P02741A: Nymph (LTPK4) Finished (11.21.2013) 5 & 6. 02811: Dain Deepaxe & 02823: Rasia, w/Spiked Chain Finished (1.29.2014) 7. 14536: Varaug, Orc Warlord (Alternate Sculpt) WIP & Finished (2.16.2014) 8. 14645: Bladesinger Sister "Phoebe" WIP & Finished (3.4.2014) 9. Jazzy's Garden of Eden WIP - Liriel Finished (3.27.2014) 10. The Picnic or Something Victorianish... WIP & Finished! (finally!) (4.12.2014) 11. Winter Miniature Exchange: Stonehaven Dwarf Rogue Partial WIP & Finished! (4.19.2014) 12. 14321: Bow Sister "Nubian Princess" WIP & Finished! (5.1.2014) - Special WIP! Building A Better Bowl - Basing tutorial 13. 03473: Khesh Blackscale, Dragonman (Sorry! I got WIP lazy ) & Finished! (5.17.14) - Redemption! (sorta): Lazy Basing WIP 14. Stonehaven Miniatures Gnome Hoplite (a.k.a.: Pocket Achilles) Finished! (5.26.14) 15. 02689 Kurff the Swift (a.k.a.: The Hero of Speiburg) FAIL! WIP & Finally Finished (11.09.14) 16. 02981 Lonnia, Female Duelist or "The Fair Spansh Lady" WIP and Finished! (6.23.2014) 17. 50180: Mega-Mutant or "The Fly" Finished! (7.14.2014) 18. Bombshell Miniatures HS38 Rocket Bike & GhNT Security Bot or "The Race" Finished! (9.7.2014) 19. 14600: Kaya the Reaper or "Year of the Giants: Part I" WIP and Finished! (10.4.2014) - Year of the Giants: Part Deaux! WIP - Year of the Giants Diorama: Mothers Finished! (12.31.2014) - ReaperCon 2015 Silver!!! Yay! 20. 02902: Slithe Queen or "Low Tide" [Fall Exchange Mini] Partial WIP & Finished! 21. Hasslefighter 2014 WIP PAUSED (11.8.14) - HFGGL4 Fist of Golgo (i.e.: Billy) - HFGGL8A Bobby Van Li (i.e.: Williams) - HFC008 Kado 22. 01325 Bailey Silverbell Finished! (11.8.2014) - Official 1st Anniversary of Painting Mini! Yay! - ReaperCon 2015 Silver!!! 23. Target Acquired: Hasslefree's HFSF 109 "Smudgester" WIP & Finished! (11.21.2014) - ReaperCon 2015 Bronze! 24. The Freaking Dungeon!!! (a.k.a.: Super Dungeon Explorer) WIP 25. Dr. Who Diorama (Present for Haden) WIP & Finished! (12.24.2014) 26. Bones Beauty Pageant: "Little Friend" (Cassie, Gnome Wizard) WIP & Finished! (2.7.2015) 27. "Never Toss A Dwarf" or 60004: Harsk, Iconic Male Dwarf Ranger WIP & Finished! (3.2.2015) 28. "She Be Queen!" Spring 2015 Exchange Finished! (4.16.2015) 29. "Speedy the Gobbo" Exercise in "speed" painting Finished! (4.20.2015) 30. Will's Dino Guy or Maj. Johan Emigholtz WIP & Finished! (6.8.2015) 31. Cowboys!: Roland Deschain or 59007: Gunslinger Finished! (4.5.2016) 32. Spaaacccceeeeee Woooollllvvvvsssssszzzz!!!!!! WIP 33. Dragons of Fall Latecoming or Marsya's Really Late I'm So Sorry It Took So Long And I Should Be Ashamed Project Finished! (4.2016) 34. Icewind Gail or Winter Witch 60149 WIP & Finished! (4.9.2016) 35. (ish) Some hood from Hasslefree.... (um, Joe!) Practically Finished (9.11.2018) Running Total: 40ish Miniatures Completed! (+ a TARDIS!) ( #10 required 2 minis; #18 required 2 minis; #24 required 2 minis + a custom TARDIS #29 required 3 minis ) (Please note that the Running Total tabulates actual painted miniatures. The numbers indicate individual projects, some of which may have not been completed.) Also, a list of my continuing struggle of photographing these guys can be found here and here.
  15. Okay, so I really wanted to participate in the Painting Excuses: Paint Into A Picture Challenge contest but I just couldn't find the time to get anything done ... until today ... the day before the deadline. Well, after some dithering, I decided I'd still give it the old college try and started working on it today. Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to complete it in time to submit it to the contest since my plan has always involved major mods to my KS1 Bones version of 03547: Juliette, Female Wizard and, as I'd never actually used Green Stuff before, I didn't realize how long it takes for it to cure enough to be sanded and painted (4-5 hours, according to the instructions that came in the tube, with 24 hours to reach full hardness). In any case, since I'm waiting for things to cure up, I figure I would start this thread and post the photo's of what I've already done. First, here's the photo that the finished Juliette is to be placed into. It's kind of large, so I'm hiding it behind a spoiler tag. What I'm doing is converting Juliette into a Japanese Geisha Fan Dancer. My first step was to cut off most of her hair and then use green stuff to turn it into something more like a Geisha's hair style. Then I removed the scroll in her right hand and the scroll pouch hanging off the right side of her belt and used green stuff to smooth out the rough patches left behind. Finally, I decided to give her a high collar and change the top of her blouse from a "keyhole" to be an open, low cut neck line. Next I created two fans for her to hold. I did this by using short wire segments to serve as the ribs of the fan with a thin layer of green stuff laid over them and sculpted to suggest an open fan. So that's what I'm waiting to cure up, but I believe I have shortened the wait a little. I found some advice online noting that green stuff cures faster when in an warmer environment so one can accelerated the process by warming things up a little, even by just aiming a desk lamp at it from a close position. It also noted that some professional sculptors create a little "green stuff oven" using an old coffee can and a desk lamp. Not having a coffee can to hand, I McGyvered something together by lining an empty plastic container with aluminum foil (shiny side visible), putting the figure and the fans in there and then placing my desk lamp right above it. So hopefully things will have cured enough for painting in maybe another half an hour to an hour (I stopped "fiddling" with the various green stuff bits around 5:00 PM PST and it's 7:31 PM PST as I'm typing, so two and a half hours have already
  16. A cloaked zombie by Studio 2 Publishing. Taking pics when a mini is nearing completion helps in spotting problems that might otherwise be missed. In this case I've redone the right eye and touched up the one hand since these were taken.
  17. After I did the Ezren, Iconic Wizard from Pathfinder, I decided to do the Amiri (in my "I will paint one mini of each sculptor" list of what is next...). So, I opened my Pathfinder Book and started it. Information: 89005: Amiri, Iconic Barbarian by Derek Schubert in BONES. Paints so far: - Skin. Vallejo Model Color 70.815 - Basic Skintone Vallejo Model Color 70.860 - Medium Skintone Vallejo Game Color 72.099 - Cadmiun Skin - Hair. Vallejo Model Color 70.846 - Mahogany Brown Reaper´s Master Series 09137 - Blackened Brown - Cloth Vallejo Model Color 70.846 - Mahogany Brown Reaper´s Master Series 09137 - Blackened Brown (to get the Turquoise color) Vallejo Model Color 70.844 - Deep Sky Blue Vallejo Model Color 70.838 - Emerald Holy paint mess Batlips! Now that I Zoomed the face photo I see the "ecce hommo" job I did on it. Hopefully some small work and glaze make it better... I am very messy in my paintings, I go forth and back some times to correct slops and mishaps and ups strokes.. Stay tuned to next episode...
  18. Every since the first KS and the addition of Cthulhu I knew I had to have him. And when he arrived along with the rest of my Bone-y goodness, I got it in my head that I HAD to paint him with dry pigments instead of paint. Having followed the efforts of Katheryn Loch over on CMON and some Google hangouts she hosted to explain the process, I decided that this big guy was going to be colored this way. I have been using pigments on bases for a while now and had been experimenting using them for weathering but... this is something new. The only part that really worries me is the face/tentacles as they are the softest part of the model but we'll see how it goes. So far he has been washed, heavily sanded, glued, puttied as I was worried the gaps would be too obvious with the pigment build-up in them, sanded and washed again and primed to hide the putty and to give some better tooth for the pigments to adhere to. I also cut up his base and mounted it to a very large GW one with some cork on it (still not decided what will happen to the base exactly). To describe the process of the pigment application, it is applied with a brush or clay shaper with a reasonable amount of pressure until the area is saturated. Compressed air is then used to blow off any excess and then a fine coat of matt coat is applied to provide a base for the next layer and protect the previous one. Repeat until the desired finish is obtained. You work from light to dark as you can't lighten up your previous layers though you can tint them. Pigments I have are from Earth Pigments. Colour selection to follow in next post once I make up my mind. Fair bit of putty work. I hope the dragons have less obvious gaps in them... Drying after the final touch up of primer.
  19. In imitation of all of the big boys I'll try starting one of these myself. Index of finished stuff: 77004 - Cave Trolls 77009 - Werewolves 77029 - Unicorn 77005 - Ogre Chieftain 77011 - Fulumbar 77048 - Mocking Beasts 77043 - Eye Beast 77032 - Oxidation Beasts 77185 - Large Earth Elemental 77168-71 - Vampire Package Golems Random stuff: Cheesegear, clockwork rat
  20. So, since people actually look at my WIP threads, I thought I'd start a consolidated one. Here are my current projects: Eiryss, Mage Hunter Commander My Retribution of Scyrah army is a low-contrast army. They're painted as Drow, and are kind of supposed to look like this wave of darkness sweeping across the battlefield. They're primarily done in purple, dark gray, and a dark metallic (Martha Stewart's Black Nickel). Raluk Moorclaw, The Ironmonger Raluk, though a Mercenary/Minion model is going to be painted up with the same color scheme (and basing) as my Trollblood army, to include a tartan and snow. When I get around to painting my Greygore Boomhowler & Co, they'll be less Trollblood-y and more Mercenary-y.
  21. So I am working on the items i got for Christmas starting with Burbon Street Sophie Right now I am debating the color for the wings Flesh color or something else.
  22. New Year, new WIP thread! This is a place holder for links to my old WIPs and one of those snazzy index things, when I get around to them.
  23. In tandem with actually posting in my own Show-off thread, I decided to post pictures of one of my most recent endeavors, A stone golem. Using the Bones mini, but going with okri's painting tutorial.
  24. I've been lurking on these forums admiring everyone's work, and I think I'm ready to start posting mine! I painted a couple of minis over 15 years ago but didn't get back into it until recently, after receiving the first Bones Kickstarter. There is such a wealth of information and inspiration here - I definitely felt overwhelmed starting out, but this forum has helped a lot. Now let the picture posting commence! Dain Deepaxe #77074: Started working on him about mid-December, still not done. Base coat: Washed in black, then layered back up:
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