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  1. I just started my Stonehaven Gnome Wizard and was hoping for color advice. I didn't plan out my colors in advance for this one as he was intended to be a quick paint up for an upcoming character for D&D. And now I am a bit stuck for the colors of his shoes, and they are quite the shoes for this little guy. I sat and stared at his shoes for about 30 mins mind you while I should've been actually putting paint on him. I was thinking a dark brown, but I am not sure. What do you guys think? Oh and since we are on color advice what opinions does everyone have on his flame and crystals? Without further ado here is the state I left him in for now He is going to be a forest gnome illusionist hence the green and I plan on making a forest base with tiny mushrooms. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi All. I paint for Fun, I guess to what you'd call a tabletop standard. I'm pretty new here, and it only seems fair to share what I've been working on. So here goes. Comments and helpful critiques appreciated. I'm a s l o w painter and I've only got about five weeks before my Friends and I get together for our only game of the year. I'm not sure but I think I've got about twenty figures I'd like to have finished by then ~ or at least finished enough for us to use! I'm hoping this will help to keep me motivated and on track. 1st up is going to be my reward for getting through as many of 'em as I can. A gorgeous 1988 Tom Meier Limited Edition Elf, #33 of 92, that I got on eBay for my birthday a couple of years ago. My True Love ~ Classic Tom Meier 25 mm Ral Partha Elves and Dwarves, mainly circa '77 - '79, and a couple of GW/Citadels ? I'd appreciate any help identifying figs, so please feel free to chime in! I'd cleaned and primed them with <shudder> Krylon Grey about thirty years ago. I've gotten them off of their old tile bases and stripped 'em with Simple Green. Now they're freshly washed and ready to go. Got my glue ready ~ love Locktite Gel, but hate the packing! These are lead so yeah I wear rubber gloves until they're primed. Got my gloves on and then I noticed some flashing I'd missed . . . >sigh< It's back to cleaning . . . and then I saw Furongian's http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49920-curating-your-collection/ and I decided to go ahead and take some more photos and make notes about these guys! While I'm getting my lead ready for basing here are a couple figs I've been working on recently. They still need finishing. Mainly touch ups and bases, sealing, then flocking. (I'm only cropping and using Auto Fix in PSElements.) And a little Reaper Love just for scale . . . Hope you Enjoy!
  3. Ogre Chieftain from bones to hopefully break my painting slump. Here he is brownlined.
  4. I decide Anval Thricedamned deserved his own WIP. This is a re-post of what I did on Arc's Crafting Table. Your C&C are always welcome. After reading Monkeysloth's WIP and getting VERY motivated I have challenged myself to slow down and use more layers. The base is attached to a coin and the gaps are filled in with spackling. 1 23 45 6 7 8- Playing around with lighting *All photos are taken with my Nokia Lumia 1020 and then edited with the program GIMP: Crop, white balance, re-size, etc.*
  5. Okay, I'm game. Let's see how well I can keep up with one WIP per 'project.' We'll start with my Relic Knights minis, and from there, we'll zero in on The Doctrine. (Especially since they're the only ones that are mostly based.) So, Kisa and Scratch, Special Edition Codifier Kisa and Scratch (who fell on the floor and needs to be re-glued), and Super Dungeon Explore Kisa: Delphine and Ekhis: Hasami, Fiametta, Cosplay Zineda, and Codifier Togen and Cecelia (who need a base): The Prefects (a little more work needed here): The Academy Guard: The Librarians: And last, but not least, the Novitiates: I'll be focusing on the Kisa and Scratch models first, since they will share a common color palette. I'm leaning towards something resembling the 'stock' color scheme, but we'll see. I do know that her relic is supposed to look like obsidian, and for this, I have chosen blue obsidian. Wish me luck, I'm going in!
  6. Found this old mini, I started the base but never finished it. I think I will finish the base and leave the mini as is. I know what it is, do you?
  7. After a few years of almost no painting I wanted to start again with a new project. The mouselings looked fun to paint. After I received the set I started thinking about making a display for the mouselings. The plan is to make the interior of a tavern in a box. On one side the bar and on the other side a stage for the musicians. The front of the box wil be two stories high with a sloping ceiling to the back. This is the test layout.
  8. This will be my thread for my entries for the painting competition at Gateway at the end of the month. Those of you who were looking at my consolidated WIP know that I did two entries, a fantasy large and a fantasy single, for Gamex at the end of May. Gateway is part of the same convention circuit as Gamex and I plan on entering the same categories. My single entry is the Female Anti-Paladin with Sword and Shield from Darksword. This was the first miniature I got from them and I cannot wait to start on her. For now she is primed and ready to go. My large entry is Reaper's Frost Giant Jarl, Boerogg Blackrime. He is prepped and ready to as well. As some of you know I was not sure what shape base to use for him and after not being able to locate a hexagon, I went with the oval. I also decided to do a simple rock and snow base.
  9. Hello all, Since I have registered on the reaper forums, I have had nothing but a great experience. Finally got pictures of my crafting area, and some miniatures that I am working on. Well here it is and I look forward to continuing this thread for a long time to come. I'm always looking to improve; comments and pointer are very much welcome! Here is my work station. Starting out is my office where the epicness ahppens: - 10 points to if you can find the LED Binohead Magnifier that Galladril recommended. My first project was a light box, I think I may make a smaller one in the future. ________________________________________________________________________________ 77019: Orc Swordsman (3) This was my first attempt at using the program GIMP that was recommended to by ub3r_n3rd on this thread.Base coated: Washed with diluted ivory black and the armor plates washed in diluted black ink: I have recently added eyes to the orcs: Yellow with black dots and since I've NEVER done eyes before, this was a HUGH jump! - more to come... ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. 77055: Anval Thricedamned, Evil Warrior: The base is attached to a coin and the gaps are filled in with spackling:
  10. I think I am following the guidelines of the board by setting this up as a new thread. I am sure a mod will tell me otherwise at some point. Anyhow this is the first set of Arcworlde models I have got round to painting. I have based them using some milliput and sand. I will add more detail once they are painted. I have taken a few pictures of the full group I am currently painting. As always comments and suggestions welcome.
  11. New Year, new WIP thread! This is a place holder for links to my old WIPs and one of those snazzy index things, when I get around to them.
  12. I've been working on this guy for a while, but am giving him his own thread under the new WIP guidelines. I base coated a few more bits, but now I'm stumped. I want to make some of the metal bits of his gun NMM brass, but I have no idea what colors I should use. Any suggestions?
  13. Hey all! I'm so happy to have found this great forum and community! I was introduced to the world of miniatures almost 10 years ago and used to love painting up hoards of monsters and soldiers, but eventually fell out of love with it. Recently I have been getting back in to tabletop gaming, and I decided to take a different approach to minis, sculpting my own instead of painting! So here is my first creation, a Gibbering Mouther! I figured this amorphous creature was a good place to start so I could get a feel for sculpting in this scale and material. It is still a work in progress, and I know that I need to add more mouths in order for it to live up to its name! I am sculpting with an epoxy from smooth-on, and am really loving it! The pictures aren't the greatest, I know. And theres a bunch of paint specks that got in the putty from the surface I was working on, but please, comment and critique! How would you paint it when it's done? what would you add/change? do you know any resources or sculptors I should check out? Thanks in advance! - Jonathan
  14. This is my first shot at painting a fig in way too many years... I dont have a light box for pictures as well as limited skill. I hope you can provide some pointers on where to go next with it.
  15. I decided I would create a WIP thread, because I've painted a whole bunch of minis since my first posts, but just haven't had the chance to post the photos I've taken along the way. I'm not going to post those ones (unless requested), but I'm hoping to take advantage of my impending down time in a few weeks. I also hope to post more regularly with a thread to manage. So here's the next batch of minis I'm working on. Another werewolf: this one a grey one Another translucent ghost: this one I just want to try a quick drybrush in ashen blue the bones ghost and the LTPK 4 models I figure the werewolf will be faster a second time around, and both the ghosts will be relatively quick, leaving me time for the lining experiments. I have another dozen or so minis on hand for when that's done.
  16. I've been lurking on these forums admiring everyone's work, and I think I'm ready to start posting mine! I painted a couple of minis over 15 years ago but didn't get back into it until recently, after receiving the first Bones Kickstarter. There is such a wealth of information and inspiration here - I definitely felt overwhelmed starting out, but this forum has helped a lot. Now let the picture posting commence! Dain Deepaxe #77074: Started working on him about mid-December, still not done. Base coat: Washed in black, then layered back up:
  17. So, since people actually look at my WIP threads, I thought I'd start a consolidated one. Here are my current projects: Eiryss, Mage Hunter Commander My Retribution of Scyrah army is a low-contrast army. They're painted as Drow, and are kind of supposed to look like this wave of darkness sweeping across the battlefield. They're primarily done in purple, dark gray, and a dark metallic (Martha Stewart's Black Nickel). Raluk Moorclaw, The Ironmonger Raluk, though a Mercenary/Minion model is going to be painted up with the same color scheme (and basing) as my Trollblood army, to include a tartan and snow. When I get around to painting my Greygore Boomhowler & Co, they'll be less Trollblood-y and more Mercenary-y.
  18. Orcs! Gotta love orcs. While I didn't actually order the Orcocalypse add-on, we all get at least one copy of each orc in the Vampire package, so anyone can join in on this WIP. I figure this is a good one for an open WIP since there's probably about a 100 different approaches and color schemes to use on these guys. I picked out 2 of the 5 orcs to start with. As a big fan of Blizzard and Warcraft, I plan to paint these guys up in that style. Depending on how these turn out, I may try something different on the others. First step, washing, gluing, and basing: I removed most of their integrated bases, glued them to a round base, and then used Liquiditex Resin Sand to fill in and give texture. This stuff is great; fills the job of molding paste and texture in one go. I could have probably saved another step by just mixing my base color into the mix. It's white here as I had just put it on, but it dries almost completely clear.
  19. I've decided to create a unified WIP thread for my WIPs which don't have their own thread. I started painting this old Mega Minis scorpion black for use in fantasy gaming. I quickly get bored of that and decide it should be a robot scorpion with machine guns. A bones IMEF solder gives up his weapon for this noble cause. The black undercoat gives it a somewhat mercury-like appearance, which I like. I practice my drybrushing techniques on some Mega minis bears I primed ages ago, and with a little too much primer I think. A bones skeleton with paintjob inspired by a certain famous cinematic robot. Starting the basecoats on a mini to represent my Undine PC in PFRPG games.
  20. Hello everyone! After publishing a post about my first mini here, I listened to your precious advice and started gearing up for a new mini: the Mermaid (03554). It took me so long from the first mini to this one because I tried a few things on it... I first added a little starfish on the rock beside the crab, just because. And I felt her mermaid tail was a little boring, so I added little fins on it! Took me ages to manage to stick those tiny things on there, and it was my first time with green stuff. Yeah, lots of first times on this mini! Later I added some sand behind the rocks to give them more texture. And here is the finished product! More pictures of the primed and finished mini on this page, but WARNING!! She's a topless mermaid, you will see nudity! I played around with UV gel (yeah, for nails) and a nail polish top coat to add some real gloss to the water and fins, and I used matte on the rocks and a bit on the parts of her body that would have "dried" while she posed like that. I really tried to add depth and shine to this mini (compared to the other), so I used washes this time along with the dry-brushing method. Thanks to all of you who gave me tips! I used my brand new size 3/0, size 0 and size 2 Series 33 Pure Kolinsky Pointed paintbrushes for this one and I loooove them! :D Next mini: a simple dire boar, to take a rest from this adventure... Feel free to leave your comments/encouragements/tips, because it really helped me improve last time!
  21. A friend of mine is running our group through the Pathfinder adventure path "Reign of Winter" Because I am a sadist, I decided to try and paint up something as a present for him in appreciation of running such a long series of modules. In addition, I am working with the folks at http://impudentmortal.com/ to create the hut (while I will be sculpting the chicken leg base). This thread is to kick me in the pants so that I actually finish it! First up is my "inspiration" shots on my corkboard... I find it helps to have visuals up that A: kick me in the pants whenever I walk by and B: give me some help whenever I think, "Hmm... what color should I do her babushcka?" and other random questions... so — inspiration board pics:
  22. This seems to be the "in" thing these days - a single, centralized thread of one's progress, both to keep from cluttering up the forums and to document improvement. I could probably use something like this; I keep thinking that I'm not getting better, and then I look at minis I did a year ago and shudder. So, here we go. I can't promise to keep it up to date, since my schedule's usually pretty hectic and I have a bad habit of forgetting about or neglecting projects in progress... *guiltily shuffles the Armies of Anhur out of sight with his foot* ...but I've been somewhat active lately, so we'll see how it goes. Previous WIPs: *Learn To Paint Kit 1 *The Armies of Anhur *She Got The Booty! *There's Something Rotten In The Pumpkin Patch...
  23. So, here's my plan. I'm going to start this WIP thread, so I can track my progress from "terribad" through to "less terribad" I've been painting a few months now, and I've come a fair distance from where I started. Already progressing from "ludicrous-bad" (which I like to call "Plaid") up through "ridiculous-bad" and into "terribad". All of my progress so far has been a little bit of brush control, and a lot of knowledge that I've gleaned from the internet - thinning paints, washing, dry-brushing, and just recently attempting some layering. And I think with a lot of practice, and a lot more determination, and a even more help from you wonderful people, that I might actually be able to turn myself into a decent mini painter. Bear with me, it's gonna be a rough ride.
  24. I made today a small modification on a Bones Mini: I still need a Ram Skull. I know there are such skulls available in 28mm, but I think this modification will need a while. What I need is Panthor. Does anyone know this Barbarian (and the others) from Mirliton? Are these 2 minis or a one piece mini? I thought this one could be big enough, even if it is a sabre tooth tiger and not a panther. I will make my next order in a shop where I can get these barbarian tiger riders or some North Star Sabretooth Tigers. They have also this Leopard from North Star Miniatures, but I'm not sure if the size of it is good: But it is possible that I found a panther just, now: Does anyone know the size of this mini? ------------- I got also from Reaper: 02316: Brom the Barbarian 03570: Sabertooth Tiger I saw already a modification of these minis to He-Man and Gringer. :-)
  25. Every since the first KS and the addition of Cthulhu I knew I had to have him. And when he arrived along with the rest of my Bone-y goodness, I got it in my head that I HAD to paint him with dry pigments instead of paint. Having followed the efforts of Katheryn Loch over on CMON and some Google hangouts she hosted to explain the process, I decided that this big guy was going to be colored this way. I have been using pigments on bases for a while now and had been experimenting using them for weathering but... this is something new. The only part that really worries me is the face/tentacles as they are the softest part of the model but we'll see how it goes. So far he has been washed, heavily sanded, glued, puttied as I was worried the gaps would be too obvious with the pigment build-up in them, sanded and washed again and primed to hide the putty and to give some better tooth for the pigments to adhere to. I also cut up his base and mounted it to a very large GW one with some cork on it (still not decided what will happen to the base exactly). To describe the process of the pigment application, it is applied with a brush or clay shaper with a reasonable amount of pressure until the area is saturated. Compressed air is then used to blow off any excess and then a fine coat of matt coat is applied to provide a base for the next layer and protect the previous one. Repeat until the desired finish is obtained. You work from light to dark as you can't lighten up your previous layers though you can tint them. Pigments I have are from Earth Pigments. Colour selection to follow in next post once I make up my mind. Fair bit of putty work. I hope the dragons have less obvious gaps in them... Drying after the final touch up of primer.
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