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Found 4 results

  1. My girl and me like to hike, stroll, walk... We often follow trails that lead through rural areas, nature, forest or historical sites. I would like to share a few pics, so I can show you what the Netherlands look like aside from the big cities and harbour. Yes...we do have tulips and windmills...but not everywhere. I hope you guys and girls and creatures like it. These were made today, due to Liberation Day I had the day off ( not everyone has a free day but the Military does). An Anthill, A Windmill and Tulips, some nice mushrooms attached to a tree and a statue of BACON.
  2. Hello everyone, I’ve been asking myself if this is the right place, but as this project has been the one that kept me busy for most of my recent time and is very dear to me, I would like to present it to you. The whole idea to this was born during the time when I nearly stopped painting miniatures and doing wargaming. I had some pretty bad experiences with some guys and communities in Germany and my overall motivation to do some painting and building stuff was down to almost none. I even stopped writing which normally is my preferred method of relaxing. In short: A midlife miniature crisis. Read some more about the background over here: Gallia to Arms - original blog entry During that time a friend of mine bought the miniature kit of the Edelweiß tank that became available just then and later also purchased the kit of the Shamrock tank. That was the moment I decided to also make a small miniature project within the world of Valkyria Chronicles which I had known and liked since I first came to know the original game (or rather … its soundtrack). I had a lot of 20mm figures left and some 1/72 scale tanks, which I figured to be perfect for my plan to recreate the equipment and figures of the game in small scale. They don’t need much space, are easily convertible and they don’t cost as much as 28mm figures and vehicles. As some of my friends continued to do wargaming on WWII and I had so much stuff left, I soon decided to create a small force of Gallian troops for WWII skirmish games. Unfortunately it turned out that the game rules they were using rendered the Valkyria Chronicles scenario almost useless (due to balancing issues). So I continued creating models just for fun, using the whole anime scenario to set up the amusing story of a guy doing weird stuff. It somehow got out of hand … My little builds caught the attention of some guys organizing an annual local tabletop event called “Do or Dice” – and they asked me if I’d like to present some of my miniatures. I thought – wow – what an honor – but … it’s a tabletop event, not a miniature showcase event. So … hm. What to do? Right! Create an own scenario. Luckily I had acquired some left-over scale train terrain from my late uncle – and there were two grass mats measuring 100cm x 70cm. Perfect for a small skirmish game. Reason enough for me to tackle that challenge. Fortunately I’ve like 8 month or so left. Well then – Let’s Make … Gallia to Arms! Creating a scenario set in the Valkyria Chronicles universe requires certain elements. As I plan to use this thread as the main thread and create threads for the single elements of the game – Gallian Forces, Imperial Forces and Terrain – consider this as some kind of register for the different threads. I will frequently update the different sections, so stay tuned. What do we need? Gallian Forces Gallian Army WIP Thread Imperial Forces Terrain Terrain WIP Game rules and scenario setup Game supplies Well then Let’s make this: Into this: Or at least something that looks like it …
  3. Thanks to Pochi's awesome WIP http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68003-cottage-wip/ (Check it out, it's so adorable! ) With out it I never would have known about this amazing company. I've been looking for affordable terrain pieces like these for awhile. For the quality of these, the price really can't be beat. Seriously, not one of the pieces I ordered has a mold line or flashing of any kind. Top notch. In coming wall of text. First up is the cottage. I got so involved painting the stone, I forgot to take pics of each step. Oops. A couple things I would do differently next time. Prime in black. Grey is my go to primer color but with the deep cuts of the stone, I would have saved a bunch of time just priming black because it ended up black after trying to get into all of the nooks and crannies anyway. And I normally brush prime everything but again with the amount of detail this thing has it was difficult to get into all of the spaces and it kept bubbling up on me so I'll spray prime next time. Colors used. Shadow and wash Scale 75 Necro Grey Base- Scale 75 Mistatonic Grey, Scale 75 Tindalos Red, Reaper Golden Brown, Reaper Terran Khaki. Highlights for Terran khaki- Pure white/ Terran khaki. For Golden Brown- Terran Khaki/Golden Brown. For Mistatonic Grey- Pure White/ Mistatonic Grey. For Tindalos Red- Terran Khaki/ Tindalos Red. Final all over Highlights- Added more Pure White to the Grey. To do the stone- I did an all over wash of the Necro Grey ( this is where the black primer would have come in handy) I then went over the entire thing with thinned Mistatonic Grey. Then, I just started randomly picking out stones with the different colors going back and forth between them until I was happy. I didn't worry too much about full coverage for these. Another very very thin all over wash of the Necro Grey. I then went back over each stone with their original base color by loading the brush then tapping the paint onto the stone with the side of my brush. Highlights for each stone were done the same way, making sure to lightly hit the highest points of the rocks. The final highlight of the pure white and grey mixture over all stones to tie them together. Comments and Advice always welcome! Thanks for looking :-)
  4. MINIATURE...Windmill/water pump...scratch built...prototype...1/72 scale...14" tall...built out of scale wood lumber & brass...Cow figure is Preiser. RENEGE...I promised that I would not post any more (non-fantasy) nostalgic pieces...I extend my deepest apology to all the members who may not want to see these, but I have to renege on that statement...My wife asked if I had posted the (3) pieces that are on the shelf in our den (in bell jar glasses)...I told her that I had completely forgotten about them...I wanted to share them with the members...so here is the (1st) piece. HISTORY...Many years ago (some decades back)...I was approached by a model firm who asked if I would build a country windmill/water pump as a prototype to see what it would look like because they were thinking of producing one for the market. I built this...sent it to them...they bought the one time rights and produced a product based on this piece...The product they produced was all metal and about 5" tall. NOTE...The fan blade on my piece is scratch built out of brass (cut to size and soldered)...the fan blade actually moves (turns & pivots).
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