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  1. Finally back. Feels like forever since I posted anything up here. So this is what I have been up to the last couple of days. I started with blocking in the main colors and making sure that the red and black switched placement on miniature at the right times. I am not thrilled with what I've done with the face, so I'll probably fix that soon if it drives me crazy enough. For the accents I'm planing on a golden yellow color. [C&C always welcome.
  2. Here's what I'm working on. I apologize the pictures were taken with my phone. This after about 2.5 hours of work. Initial Purple tones laid in with airbrush. Then I toned the purple and did some spot highlighting. This will be for the table top not competition.
  3. I received my Bombshell Babes from Patick's Kickstarter and I must say I love the miniatures. I backed the kickstarter when I saw Dusty's concept art, so once I got them I wanted to paint her up. To help me stay motivated and to get some advice I figured I would make a WIP. So here she is as out of the box She had some flash and minor mold lines to take care, but overall her details are perfect for the sculpt. Since she is overall simple I hope to have her finished up fairly quickly at least for me. I will try to show the mistakes I make also if I remember to snap a photo of it, to help some of the newer painters that have joined the forums as I know I learn from others when they share there mistakes. Which right away I started with missing some flash after I had her primed and glued to her base. I noticed it so I took to shaving it off with my scalpel and applying brush on sealer to help even it out. If you look close in this picture you can see the flash on her left hand by the fingers and the uneven spots on her coat by her left leg. Here is the after picture you can see the bare metal covered by sealer, I also put some super glue on her right collar to even out a soft mold line I missed also.
  4. So I mentioned in my WIP thread for my mohawk dwarf that I was working on dwarven chieftains for the other main clans in the world my husband has created for D&D. I figured while I was taking pictures of the mohawk dwarf (Chieftain of the Erdunir Clan Emerald) that I should make a WIP thread for the rest of them too. First up, chief of the MagmaFist Clan, (14561) King Axehelm of Kragmarr. He's a mountain dwarf. Chief of the duergar SteelSilk clan, (14324) Herryk Aesir. Chief of the Thumbbreaker Clan, also mountain dwarves, (14042) Thorgram. Chief of the deep dwarf Dulvine Clan, (02472) Thain Grimthorn, with weapon modifications. Chief of the hill dwarf Longfang Clan, (02229) Brag Ironballs (te-he!). Last, but not least, the chieftain of the derro dwarves (whose clan name I can't remember..), from MegaMiniatures. That's a lot of dwarves...
  5. Here are my next two minis, Wood Elf Archer in Chainmail w/ Plates and Wood Elf Noble Lady in Traveling Clothes from Thunderbolt Mountain. They're 30mm but they are very small so this is probably gonna take a while. Here they are primed (I see I missed a spot): I'm anxious to see if I can paint their teeny tiny details, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
  6. I picked this one up for one of my players who is playing a Mwangi (PFRPG African) ranger who fights with spear and shield. Unfortunately that player had to drop out of my game, but I'm still going to paint up the mini the way I originally planned. First he got de-elfed. Chopped off those pointy things and shaped the helmet ear-holes so it looked more-or-less normal. Here's the base coat. I've been struggling this winter with my paints - the low humidity drastically changes how they work and I'm not yet skilled enough to adapt. I tried mixing paints with more matte medium to avoid chalkiness, but ended up with thick-looking basecoats. With regular water, they look chalky and dry out quickly (I know, I know, get a wet palette). Anyway, here he is. I painted up another warrior with the same skin color - I'll post her soon, once I get her basecoat finished.
  7. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46419-tsr-drow-by-ral-partha/ So from this WIP above, here are the final results of the four drow elves from Ral Partha that I've been painting since November 11. I finished them actually about two nights ago, but just finally got around to working on the last pictures. I'm pretty well satisfied how they turned out, even though I can also see a few issues as well. I think a little too much matte finish got put on the one with the shield because I can see a lot of glare with the photograph, but oh well. I actually enjoyed doing this and liked doing a complete set of figures as opposed to random individual figures. I'm pretty sure that I somehow saved some time by doing four similar figures. If it took about six weeks to do four figures, and normally if I'm working at a regular pace of a figure every two weeks, I saved two weeks of my life that I would have otherwise spent in painting radically different figures. So I just gained two more free weeks of painting time (in theory). I also think that by working on the WIP and documenting progress, I tried to actually make progress and post it, not letting the figures just languish as sometimes hapens. So anyhow, here they finally are. Enjoy!
  8. Here is the project that started the thread about painting granite:
  9. Hi everyone, I just started working on this beautiful model. Leorelex was sculpted by Geoff Valley and was released in 2004. For now, I only started working on the putty base. I want to make it look like it's an eroded sea shore. I'm mixed between sculpting waves or using realistic water effect. Should I sculpt green stuff waves like I did for my Karkarius or Scuttlebones, or should I try using realistic water to creats a more transparent aspect?
  10. So, over in this"]http://www.reapermin...ge__st__75]this thread[/url] I was drawn into a segue about "...schemes (I have) in mind for an island conquest campaign, loosely inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic..." There really wasn't much more to it than that one line, since I haven't even talked my player group into it yet - I picture this as something of a refereed game, where each group starts out as a "nation" shipwrecked on a mysterious island, and must explore and battle each other for dominance. This was pretty much directly inspired by a HoMM campaign I played years ago, and should probably go research before this thread goes much further... ANYWAY. Panzer_Engel jumped in with, "Interesting. . . . How big do you envisage the bands getting, and do you plan any HoMM - style resource gathering/management? Or troop recruitment from settlements in conquered territories?" To which I was forced to actually start putting some of the vague ideas I had into words. "Not sure about the band size, depends on the players and how the game goes. Probably stick around 3 to 500 points. Yes on reinforcements from the cities; having local support would be required, really. Resource gathering would be along the lines as outlined in Gold & Deeds, with other post victory/ territory control bonuses" Him: "Hmm. . . . And fortifying and/or garrisoning your settlements?" Me: "One of my big desires is to see rewards for playing, without the whole process becoming unbalanced by Avid Wargamer Who Always Wins* playing a dozen games when everyone else can only fit in one or two, building an empire and wiping everyone out completely. At the same time, like I said, rewards; I'd like to see everybody's nation-states grow stronger and more awesome. So there'll be some checks and balances involved as far as resource rewards. What I'm thinking right now is that you get a certain amount of points total, and you can assign those around; say 1000 points for your nation, but your maximum roaming war-band can only be 400 (ballpark numbers, bear with me). So, you can have two warbands at 400, or three at 300, and then those leftover points can be troops back at home. Another option would be using the stats for city militia, which are low-grade troops, as a freebie - say, 100 or 200 points of militia guard the cities - and then depending on your last moves, your warband might be home when the enemy comes raiding. Or maybe you can buy garrison options from your resources. All of these are things that can be hashed out, but we should probably start a separate thread for that.." Which brings us here, to a brand spanking new thread. I put it in General Fantasy because, well, it's going to be a fantasy setting; although most of us are previous Warmahordes players, or at least have plenty of Privateer Press made models, so I'm willing to throw in gunpowder, treason, and plot* as needed, and maybe even warjacks if we can find decent enough rules for them.** Thus far this is entirely speculative; I haven't even pitched the idea at my players yet, I'm still trying to woo them into the loving arms of Song of Blades and Heroes. When you add in the fact that we're all pretty distractible, plus I'm a merchant mariner with a habit of leaving the country for months at a time... well, it's all fairly speculative. Still, could be a fun mental exercise if nothing else, and maybe somebody else out there will get some good out of it. So, here we are. *It's Guy Fawkes Day, this was required.
  11. So, I think I've got my first warband for Song of Blades & Heroes just about ready; Four human warriors and a magic-user for back up. Here's young HaldirHalmar, after work at last night's Paint Night (I also did the Tanned Shadow basecoat for my ghouls/ghast). Rosy Skin for the flesh, P3 Skorne Red for the robe, and Linen White for the sleeves. I was originally planning on using the Linen White as a base, then putting Sun Yellow over top, but I actually like the red and white together. And here we are with the flames being worked on; Blood Red for the base, then a mixture of Sun Yellow and Blood Red (in an attempt to make orange) over that, and then Sun Yellow above that. It's... a work in progress. I'm attempting to use my actual camera (Canon PowerShot IS) for these pics, rather than my camera, and I'm having some issues being... not blurry. =/ There's a bunch more pics attached to the end of this, for comparison.
  12. Hello everyone, This will be my first WIP post. While I've been painting minis for a while now, I've never been too creative when it comes to basing. Because of this, I recently went on a shopping "spree" and spent 5 bucks on small wooden bases! I seem to have the cart before the horse as my actual worm model is *almost* done. I tried a couple new things on this mini and did them out of order, so now I have to go back and fix some things, but for the most part you can see where I'm going with the mini. New stuff I tried on this mini: Inks & Drool. I used my matte sealer after affixing the drool and now I have matte drool . Oh well, live and learn right? This post will mainly be about basing this guy, and right now I'm stuck between a desert or jungle base. I'm leaning towards desert even though the colors don't really match, because I think it will be easier. And while I'm not against challenging myself, I want to have the base be of sufficient quality to match the mini. Well, what do you guys think?
  13. Conversion of 65105: Talanka, Female Ogre Shaman into a hill giantess. The club is from the staff that was originally in her left hand. The drinking horn started as one of the tusks strapped to her back.
  14. I like Monsters and since I couldn’t find much painted version of Bob Olley’s 02564 Giant Scarab Beetle on the forum or the Internet, I decided to not only paint one, but also convert it so it will be very original. You’ll see on the first photo, I want to make it like it's flying or at least taking off. To do that, I filled the bottom part inner body with green stuff and sculpted the abdomen and metathorax. I cutted the top part shell to form the "elytra" forewings. As for the hind wings, I first wanted to make them using transparent plastic sheets. But, since the material I found was too thin and very easy to scratch, I choose to use P02744B Cichastuc Wings.
  15. So this is my first attempt at painting a miniature and just wanted to get some feedback. It's not completed yet as I'm waiting for a new triad to come in. I haven't spent any money on miniatures but a buddy of mine gave me a couple from his stockpile, this one caught my eye. I just wanted to paint so i haven't looked up any photo references or anything so the color scheme is completely different than it is supposed to be. I don't play 40K, at least not yet, playing with minis is getting me interested. Took these pics with my phone and it made me realize i should probably set up some sort of light box or something as the current lighting probably makes the colors look off. With a box i can use the nikon for some better pics...
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