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Found 7 results

  1. I finally had a fairly bright day, so I took final pictures of this miniature which I'd done previously about a month ago, I think. The first one is on the display board I made for my Gremlins. C&C is always welcome! I have a tough time with blending and I'm trying to perfect it. At least on this mini I feel that I got the highlights in the right places lol And I realize there's a terrible mold line especially on the pig :( I just couldn't get it to go away and it's in a very awkward spot for later fixing. Anyway, pics:
  2. This is the second version of the Razorspine Rattler from Wyrd Miniatures (SKU 20315). Its kinda unsettling looking, kinda wyrd in fact I practiced washes on this thing, it ended up with not enough contrast in the end, so I had to lighten it up on top using highlights, at least it was a good exercise. The spikes were a real pain, so many of them! And after it was finished one of the cats knocked it to the floor, amazingly even if the model broke in one spot, none of the spines broke. I guess that plastic is stronger than it looks.
  3. So this was an interesting little project that I worked on this month. it really drove me insane with some of the details. Even had to break out some new brushes. used some size 10 brushes, the bigger 1 and 0 brushes that I usually use simply would not work here. I am mostly loving the details that i was able to bring out. The only one that really gave me a headache though was baby kade. he came in three parts and none of those parts were keyed very well so the glue wouldnt hold him together. It required a couple of strategic pins. one for his head/tophat and the other for his arm holding the dollie. overall i really do love the models and the way that the paints came out. do wish though that i could have put a little more time in to getting a better effect on candy's face, but it is decent enough for now.
  4. This mini is a very limited release from Wyrd- similar to their event minis, they also only sold this one to minions who work at promoting Malifaux officially. I was very happy to have secured one (especially since I don't work for Wyrd). So I decided that it was a good idea to paint her up for this year's Gencon competition. She took first single miniature for Wyrd. I've posted her up to Coolmini for anyone who cares to vote. Anyway, here are the pictures
  5. This was my first Malifaux figure. I really like the attitude of her pose, but she was sure fiddly to assemble! Also, it turned out that her face was lopsided! In the end, I think I'm pretty happy with her. -Melissa
  6. -The Goblin Gunslinger- In the dead of night the Goblins invade the sleepy little town of Sandpoint, unleashing howls of glee and lighting fires as they come rushing in on their war dogs! Raphael LaCroix and another of his companions spot what appears to be easy prey, a female walking alone on the streets looking around worriedly. They quickly dismount their dogs and rush forward to attack, the female pulls forth a weapon of some sort, it flashes and a split second later there's a loud BANG! LaCroix's companion falls to the ground in pain as blood wells on his shoulder, the goblin shrugs and rushes in, his weapon cutting a vicious line of red into the human's leg causing her to squeal in pain. They trade blows back and forth, she keeps trying to aim the weapon at him and he keeps moving and dodging, finally he is able to cut her down... He takes her peculiar weapon and rushes back out of the city and into the night.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Model: Raphael LaCroix Manufacturer: Wyrd Miniatures, Malifaux Material: Pewter Scale: 25mm WIP: Can be found starting here. I painted this guy up for one of my Pathfinder group members, the story above tells how his Spellslinger PC died at the hands of this Goblin and the GM in a moment of inspiration decided that since he got killed by a lowly goblin that he'd get to play this NPC turned PC as a gunslinger. I went for high table-top quality and hope that is what I achieved with this attempt. C&C Welcome and Appreciated, thanks for looking!
  7. IN THIS CORNER ... HAILING FROM PRIVATEER PRESS ... WITH FISTS FULL OF FLAMES ... THE PYRE TROLL IN THIS CORNER ... HAILING FROM WYRD MINIATURES ... WITH THE FROSTY STARE ... THE ICE GOLEM There may be a diorama down the road, but if there is, it will allow the minis removal. I cleaned up and assembed these two miniatures. Pyre Troll's ahead with a primer coat of Brown Liner. The Ice Golem had some major pinning with the arms which required superglue and green stuff. The pins are angled to get the pose for each arm. Green stuff will require some sanding and shaping before priming. Felt good about it last night and really wanted to at least assemble them. I did leave off the belched fire from the Troll. It looks weird and don't think I need it. However, that does mean have a spare fire effect. Nice. Enjoy the show!
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