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  1. Sculpted by Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi. Painted as "blood men" (a ghoul variant) for a game I planned to run.
  2. I got this set for Christmas, and was excited to paint them. Then I started prepping and got less excited. Even with the wax tool this was looking like hours and hours of extensive mold line work. After a while, it started to look like another mound of grey. At this point, we had enough play sessions under our belt to square up priorities: survivors will get cleaned up and painted as we get ambitious/inspired, as well as abominations. Walkers, runners and bloaters, however…. Here’s the walkers: I figured I’d use up some long since boxed materials: citadel primers in rattle cans and AP paints through the airbrush. This was actually a good exercise in airbrushing, especially WRT aiming. Airbrushing the rim was especially good practice. I gave up on the AP stuff pretty quickly- even thinned 5:1 they would inevitably cause the brush to cough up a hairball. I hit a few highlights on some with a brush afterwards, and then gave a flesh wash to the skin. Oh, and some blood. That’s it. With prep, priming and painting, it was probably 3-4 hours, most of that was spent moving them back and forth. Next up, runners! They’ll get yellow rims. note: they need washing - paint barely stuck without it. Tossing in boiling water for 2min, however resulted in warped bases. I’ll stick with soap and warm water next time.
  3. Bones Zombie Ogre SKU: 77284. Gravestone-Greenstuffworld Part of my Children of the Night Project WIP: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/page/29/#comments ********************* Zombies are a nightmare, they keep coming no matter how much you try to hurt them. What's worse than a zombie? A Zombie Ogre! *******************
  4. I got four of these guys in that same undead sampler pack I mentioned in my post about the Damned Company. It contained a few different parts, so there was room for a decent amount of customization (there's a ton more parts I didn't even use...into the bits box they go!). For the sake of variety, I ended up using some zombie heads (from the same sampler pack) on two of these guys. So...they can read as zombies or ghouls on the table. I go back and forth on whether or not I like the various spikes they have shoved through their bodies. Overall, I guess it looks okay. I do wish they were made of a *slightly* softer plastic...I'm super-worried about those fingers snapping off at some point. Anyway, I kept the paint jobs fairly basic on the clothing for easy identification during play ("blue guy," "brown guy," and so forth). Blue guy: I think the blue guy is my favorite. They knocked it out of the park when sculpting that particular head. Brown guy: I didn't realize until I'd started basecoating that this guy had half of his face ripped off right down to the bone. Another very cool head sculpt. Green guy: I struggled to get decent pictures of this guy. The camera doesn't seem to like that hunched over pose. Dark Gray guy: Nothing much to say about this guy. He's a guy...he's wearing dark gray...he really needs to see to that exposed brain in the back of his head. Comments and criticism welcomed.
  5. Running a Ferratonic Furnace is dangerous work. It exposes you to all sorts of radiation and heavy metals. Who knows what those combinations can do to the human worker?! Well, the Company sure does. And they sure don't like paying pensions any more than they like losing a worker on shift. There are ways to save on replacement workers and expenditures already invested. A lot of workers don't bother reading the fine print on the medical section of their contracts. Hard radiation will kill a body and liquefy flesh, but that's no excuse to call in sick, not for the Company at least. Notably, the contract does NOT specify that it expires on the signatories' death. The Company can never touch your soul, but legally they can repossess (possess?) your body if the debt isn't paid off. We should note at this point that the Company-issued radiation-proof suits are, at this point, as much to keep radiation in as out. Inspectors and supervisors want no part of this! Of course, nothing lasts forever, especially not in these conditions. When a post-mortem worker degrades past the point of functionality the Company plan allows them rest in a nice, VERY thoroughly lead-lined urn. This one is getting close. Remember, cadets: Always read the fine print, and don't take a job on Xipetotec unless there's absolutely nothing better! *** These sculpts from Wunkay are delightful and I need to order more. I think that spliced with the Haunt (02837) they would make a spectacular NASAghast or ghostronaut. Will have to get another set and experiment. Enjoy! Extra pics:
  6. Finished painting Dr. Puke and his Zombie Beast from Warlord Games "Project Z" game. The good Doctor allows you to change the zombies in the game from an obstacle to a faction. Lots of nasty tricks in his bag! 😜 Fun pair to paint. I Americanized the Beast by converting his sign from round to octagonal. Course that meant I had to freehand the STOP part! Should have pencilled it on first! Ah well.
  7. Mantic Zombie Horde from the King of War – Mhorgoth Rising box :
  8. KS : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/zombicide-undead-or-alive/ Safest thing is to pledge $1, wait for the Pledge Manager, check shipping, VAT, and other charges, then wait for the base game at half the KS plus shipping price during a holiday sale.
  9. Kid is super obsessed with "Scary Flying Shark" and zombies so I'm doing thr next best thing and painting the zombie shark. This is by necessity a quick paint. Started with priming last night
  10. Design Great Grimoire Base Design CastnPlay. Printed on my Elegoo Mars ( basic but still going strong!) This is the first Zombie Deckhand for my Vampire Coast Army WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97971-vampire-coast-army-and-other-pirates/page/2/#comments
  11. I've been working on this guy for the better part of a month and just finished him tonight. He was a blast to paint, and I'm pretty happy with the finished product. The green wrappings could have probably used some more intense highlighting, but I'm not gonna lose sleep over it. Initially, I wasn't a big fan of the vultures (I put them off until the very last phase of painting). But, one I got some paint in them, they grew on me.
  12. The Zombie Horde from Warlord Games Project Z game. Skin was airbrushed with a mix of Garage Kits USA Predator Flesh and Light Green, then washed with Secret Weapon Concrete and highlighted as necessary. I'd picked up three sets of Pro Acryl paints, including the "Transparents" and decided to try those out on these, and the rest of the Project Z figures. I'm guessing that the transparents are their version of Contrast paints. They worked really nice, and the transparent White turned out to be really useful in altering the tint of the other transparents. Sped things up quite a bit! All of these are painted to a "Three Foot Fabulous" demo/tabletop standard.
  13. I was focused on speed, not detail. This was trying to work them with as few colors as possible. The more I look at them, the more they look lik ea value sketch more than a painted model, but I'm looking for where to go with them. Another thing I need to know, is what do you all do with eye sockets? How do you paint them or what do you do with them? For the woman zombie, I used an ink pen and am kind of miffed that it turned out than other eyes I put way more time into. I know I can use this in conjunction with painting, but just dotting it came out pretty believable. I think some of that is the fact it's a dead stare, so of course, just a wash and a dot does fine. I would be curious to know how any one else uses the pens and paint in combo.
  14. From left: Lisa Lambaste, security guard Ken (painted as a Vermont state trooper), Red Raine, and Beth.
  15. One the past few weeks I have been working on the Zombie Dwarf Thanes from the Bones 5 "The Dwarf King's Crypt" Encounter set. I ordered two of these Encounter sets, as I wanted doubles of some of the scenario pieces, as well as double the 3 zombie figures that came with the Encounter. To help make their appearance seem more varied, I swapped a hand between Thane #1 and Thane #2. I also trimmed the circlets off some of their heads to try and make them look more like average Dwarves. (Edit: For some reason he photos uploaded out of order, so the backs of Thane #2 are shown after Thane #3 fronts, and the backs of Thane #3 are shown after Thane 2's fronts.) Thane #2 Thane #1 Thane #3 The whole shambling gang
  16. It's the weekend and that means it's time to paint! Got two zombies up for some WIP. I'll just start by saying - leave me any feedback you've got. I'm open to hearing and improving from it. BATTLE REPORT! #1 - Buster Jaws Wins: * Really taking to this whole wet blending thing. I used two colors further apart from each other in value and tried to test myself to push them together. There's two different sets of this in both the pants and the shirt. * I am trying to keep the 'mother color' as I've heard it called in mind. Since it's Halloween month, I figured orange would be a good one. It was hard to add it in to nearly all the colors, but it did come out well. * Trying to push the bloody look on his shirt with some Magenta ink looks nice and fun (and gross). My daughter was not fond of these two, which tells me I'm on the right path. * Setting a goal of about 30 minutes for this was a tough one, but I think given the time I tried to do it in, limiting my palette, and pushing the colors worked great. Misses: * Skin color. It's just not dead enough. Need suggestions on your favorite zombie and ghoul skin recipe. * Hair. What the hell does dead hair look like? How can I make it look more "fresh out of the grave" and less "fresh out of the salon"? * I attempted value sketching with ink and then overlaying a really lite wash of paint. Not sure I dig it, but it worked. Barely. No pun intended. You can see the value sketch below. Mr. I Suck At Dabbing Wins: * This was actually the first of the wet blends so it didnt' get pushed as far, but the blending still worked great. Speed, speed, speed! * Knowing I have to give up a little of my detail to get a faster result is a good balance. * I learned that this was where I could watch where the folds in the clothing were and step up the highlights in those area, which I applied to my following model. Misses: * Eyes, hair, and skin again. Not sure what I should have done different, but I know I should have done something. Here's the progress pictures (numbered) \
  17. I made this piece of scenery for whenever I get around to playing some kind of zombie game. It's just foamboard, dowels and coffee stirrers. The image was downloaded, printed, stuck on, and then ruined with lots of washes and the blunt edge of an X-acto knife (Quatro was a soft drink sold in the UK in the 80s; I wanted a bit of a retro look). I added some random graffiti to the back. It was mainly painted with cheap craft paints. The junk on the base is by Reaper, TTCombat and Debris of War, as well as a couple of stones from my drive.
  18. Finished the Muumuu Zombie. Was going to do just a oozy decomposing effect to the mini. But just kept that to the wound on the back. Decided after doing a quick scratch built base with a blood pool that she'd be standing over. That she needed to look like she'd just fed on some juicy morsel.
  19. So I finished the Undead Regiment. Background story.. the Vampire Queen lost a big battle, fled to a swamp/jungle area. Subdued the swampfolk and now faces a rebellion. Some swamp creatures follow her, others oppose her. Here is the full regiment. Mixed Manufacturers. Mixed types of Undead. I will post them separatly or in smaller groups for better pics of them all. I will try not to flood the forum, so today the regiment and the first solo/smaller groups. The rest will follow shortly. The Vampire Queens heraldry is red and purple so all the Undead have this colours somewhere. Also as a sign she is mistress of the swamp, her heraldry has a snake in it, variations are found on the shields and banner. Now the horde:
  20. Greetings & Happy Halloween!! Bonnie would like some candy.......... Thanks for looking!
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