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Found 116 results

  1. I get to work with some of the best folks. This couple wanted a diorama on their wedding cake- the two of them as fantasy RPG characters battling a dragon. After showing them a few of their dragon options, they decided on Nethyrmaul the Undying. (He was my favorite as well). So, here they are all together:
  2. My Bones Zombies with some reposing and headswapping: A Ral Partha Ghoul (11-434) painted at the same time: And since I love group shots, here is the horde:
  3. This is the first of my Iron Zombies from Malifauxs University of Transmortis set:- If I'm going to start using the Show-off thread again, I'm going to have to get better at taking pictures! You can find him here in my WIP thread (although there's not much to see, kept forgetting to update my progress on him) Pretty pleased with how he turned out even if I couldn't do the job I wanted on his hose-pipes (they're harder to paint than they look), and I'm getting better with making bases out of greenstuff, although I can still only make bricks and things at the moment. Any comments and criticisms are most welcome.
  4. I picked up a pack of nine of these shuffling, twisted undead from Red Box Games, and just finished the first four of them. I really love these sculpts, probably the best zombies I've seen, and they were a joy to paint. I was thinking of maybe experimenting with some blood effects on them, but I'm not sure if I want to or not and will just leave them like this for now. Photographing them made me notice that the highlighting is pretty rough; I do think they look a bit better in person. I also think I may have used a too bright background for the photography, apologies for that, I'm kind of experimenting with that as I go as well. Anyway, hope you like them, and comments and criticism are always welcome! As all Red Box miniatures, they are rather small and very delicately sculpted. However, as gaunt, shriveled corpses, I think they work quite well with other stuff on the tabletop. Here's a shot of them swarming up on my Goldar. I couldn't quite decide how to do the eyes on these guys, so I tried two versions. Which do you prefer? The milky white dead eyes? ...or eyes painted normally for a more alive look?
  5. All work and no play makes me a dull boy. So I try to make time to do some painting in between. First up: Bones Zombies! The good: the bad: and the chorus line: I swapped the head of one of them, as it had gone wrong during casting or something, and mostly resembled an egg. So I used a spare mantic zombie head to see what it would look like. Slightly too large it turns out. It seems fantasyworld also has its cases of Hydrocephalus. Anyway, they fit ok in the Mantic zombie regiment i also did: Zombies are fun! Also easy-peasy to paint. Scruffy, ragged, dirty, blemished and full of gore and unmentionable stains. I used a black undercoat, uneven basecoats in differnet skintones, gore and details here and there, wash with army painter dark tone (the watery ink, not the dip), quick drybrush with a dirty bone tone, maybe some more detailing and voila! I have put the reaper ones also on Mantic bases. The integral bases they come with are very easy to cut down to fit in the 10mm hole of the mantic base. You know what inspired the blue-in-blue eyes. (hint: not their spice addiction). C&C welcome
  6. Well I finally got some painting done again. 3 Bones Zombies 1 of Tre Manor's Zombies from his first KS Tre's Zombie beside the Reaper ones
  7. So, I've decided to try my hand at batch and speed painting... First post here is of the raw product after warp corrections. Zombies, mummies, and skeletons from the 2012 KS...
  8. Finch

    Heresy Zombies

    The first of my many unpainted Heresy zombies has gone under the brush. Moved to action by the continuing Zombtober project.
  9. So, maybe it's The Walking Dead, but maybe it's The Hunger Games, but lately, I've seen quite a few cake toppers using arrows and bolts rather than bullets. Some couples are in agreement about silent kills, but there are some couples where one of them didn't really get the memo and brought a shotgun. In any case, here's the latest from the zombie survivor wedding front:
  10. Finished just in time for Halloween! This fella was painted in a similar manner to the Bones zombie I did earlier, drybrushing and inks/glazes for the most part. Adding a red glaze to the stitches was something of a last minute idea, but I like what it added to the figure. Also, more people should paint this guy up and post in the inspiration gallery. There's no pics of him! I got an extra set of golems in the KS, so I think I might convert the other one into some kind of sci-fi atomic monster, an atomic superman with an octagonal shaped body that sucks blood... Ahem. C&C welcome.
  11. I'm getting some proper photos of the minis I've painted on my holiday this last week and a half, now that I can finish the bases and have access to a real camera. So, here's my Bones zombie: Nothing very fancy, but I wanted to see if I could get a good scheme for batch-painting. Mostly drybrushing and washing, with a light purple glaze at the end. I'm pretty pleased with the result, even if I did end up botching his right eye when I tried to "fix" a tiny little mistake. You know the ones that are almost imperceptible, but you can see them because you know it's there, and you assume everyone else can too? The ones that can screw up an otherwise perfectly fine mini when you try to do something about them? Yeah, one of those. In the end, I didn't think one little zombie was worth trying to keep re-fixing my fixing, so I called him done.
  12. You can't spell Additional Projects without ADD so I thought I'd build a Gundam Kit last week then cruise smoothly into some Zombie board game pieces. I started out with 12 zombies from the Zombicide (original) game. These are sort of a proof of concept too see just how "messy" I could make these and still be happy with them. Turns out, pretty messy. I have a board game prejudice in that, while I like to game with painted minis, I just don't like to spend time on something that will get handled that much. So, I speed paint (still not too speedy) and use Army Painter Dip brushed on when applicable. The coat protects the paint so I feel that its dual purpose makes it an acceptable tool in board games pieces. As most people will tell you, "they look better in person..." well... they mostly do. Here they are in their natural environment, a Zombicide game tile. I've tried to keep the clothes mostly random since there are 8 of each pose in the box. The above are four each of three poses. Like most zombie mobs, I think the affect gets better as you add more to the shamble (or whatever a group of zombies is called).
  13. Fellow hobbyists, tabletop gamers, and rpg fans, Firstly I'd like to introduce myself as I am new to the forums. My name is Paul and i like painting and building miniatures and terrain along with designing game systems. If anyone is on the miniwargaming forums, board of the living lead, dakka dakka, or rpg net i go by the same name [oddeye]. This may be a unusual post in the WIP section as most people are posting up only painted miniatures, I am posting up a work in progress of a entire game that I have been creating in my free time over the last 8 months (100% free to download, i do ask for any feedback that you may have though so i can improve on the rules, link is provided below). As the title states my game is based around surviving hordes of zombies with many different armies available with a fantasy and modern version, some armies available to play are: us army, ww2 wehrmact, survivors, knights, hordes of undead, zombies, pirates, dragons, and samurai just to name a few. There are many pictures of fully painted miniatures, custom terrain and artwork along with some youtube videos already available for your viewing pleasure. I am also working on a full role playing pen and paper version as well based off the table top war game versions. You can download the rules here for free and there is also a link to scribed.com to view the rules online if you don't want to download. There are also many posts with pictures and miniature links in the other sections of the community page. https://plus.google.com/communities/108863897726135327206/stream/96e11d1b-6e44-4604-9860-5929bcc4f8ac Youtube channel with videos https://www.youtube.com/user/Scheitelpunkt If you are interesting in joining the google community or subbing to the youtube channel feel free to do so, I really am looking for good feedback, comments, and ideas to help improve the game system and rule book. I appreciate all feedback good or bad! Thanks and happy gaming!
  14. I finally got my Kickstarter and got a chance to try my hand at painting minis. This is my first one ever. Overall, I am happy with the results. It looks way better than I ever expected, as I have no artistic ability. Not happy with the way the ground turned out, but I can always change that. I also wish I had used a different color on the pants. All in all, I am very happy with the result.
  15. This is a zombie group that the adventure group encounter in the RPG adventure game. These are metal figures from the old Citadel fantasy figures line and are game playing pieces.
  16. I have been out of the hobby for ages. Here is another one I painted in an earlier life, when drybrushing was king. It was drybrushed over a black undercoat as far as I remember, mainly old roundpot Citadel and "Miniature Paints by Gamecraft" (smell exacly the same, I belive these were made by the same manufacturer, what today sells as "Coat D'arms". Some of these paints I have with price tags dated 1998 and earlier. And they are still perfectly usable (!).
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